Apologies this took so long. I did get Covid again.
Yes, AGAIN. For the 3rd time.

The price I pay for 4 kids in public school. I can only assume it was the Omicron Persei 8 kind since I already had Delta in September/October and then whatever dumbass version existed back in June.
Guys... they are the newest Pokemon and by God I gotta catch em all. I'm going to get them all graded and sell them on eBay!
Delta was definitely the worst. Omicron was easily the mildest, but it keeps and keeps and keeps. As a diabetic it wrecked my blood sugar for literal weeks.

Also, we did have a hiccup with the new computer. I was working on the next Patreon comic.. four days worth of work done on it.. saved it.. left it up like I used to do on the old PC (and old version of Photoshop) while I hit restart.

On relaunch my original file 'Rumors 8' disappeared and in its place I got 'Rumors 8 - copy.'
Opened it to get this:

Naturally I freaked out and looked everywhere for a back up maybe I had saved transitioning all my files to the new PC.
Nope. This was it.
Then I panicked and thought it was an issue with the new computer. Like oh great, here we go again. Claire, in tears, spends hours trying to recover all the lost work to no avail (and also thinking she screwed up somewhere in the new computer's assembly.) Turns out it's a common occurrence with the latest version of Photoshop which I now run. Red garbage at the top and all..

Some of you probably already knew this. I didn't. I've been living under a technological rock for 12 years. Apparently if Photoshop is saving during a crash this is what you get in return. My save WAS complete, so it must have been in some weird auto-save when the restart triggered a crash. I honestly don't know. I wasn't reckless with my save, but I obviously wasn't cautious enough either.

Anyway.. file lost. Had to start from scratch on some 20 panels, AGAIN. Huge setback on an already late edition but.. what else am I gonna do? I AM certainly glad it's not an issue with the new computer. I'll just have to save my own manual backups as I work and be ridiculously more circumspect. 

Hope the comic looks okay. Been playing around with tons of brushes. Trying not to do too much, but also not too little. The gradients are way smoother in this version of Ps. This comic was done start to finish with it. Panel two was me putting myself through a gauntlet with detail to see what kind of results I could get with my shading.
I'm shooting for Friday with the next strip. Wish me luck. 


21 thoughts on “FOMO Pt.3

  1. Looks great, like they always do!

    That’s the WORST part. It’s kind of hard to gripe about the glacial slowness of this comic when it always turns out looking like this. It’s like complaining about tennis elbow at a plumber’s convention. Yes, I’m sure it does suck, but given how many people in the room have destroyed their backs, it just doesn’t work.

  2. “That tank top tho.”

    The Dodger has put it quite succinctly. And I DO wish to subscribe to his newsletter.

    And yet…suffocation. It’s not fun. No matter what David Carradine might tell you from beyond the grave. Shut up! I am NOT contacting dead celebrities on the Astral Plane. I SWORE I’d stop after Bea Arthur’s head told me about Betty White being a Highlander.

  3. Really sorry to hear about your personal troubles. You’re in our thoughts.


    Aww, looks like Tarra managed to lose the catch of the century. There goes the comic’s power couple. XP

    Also, given what we know of Doger’s romantic history I don’t think his judgement on such matters is especially good.

  4. A long time ago we had to use Photoshop on the mac. A very hard lesson to learn was to save the file once, and then save as a new file name each time. image1.0.psd then image1.1.psd then image.1.2.psd. Every so often someone in the lab would scream, yes literally, and everyone would wait for the ‘backup loaded!’. For anything important these days I leave a trail of backups, copies, saves just in case the main one dies. You can’t have too many backups.

  5. I wonder how long it’ll take before Anise catches scent of fresh cake and blitzes back into the house to get her fair share. . .

  6. I heard that one of the first lessons CAD to the designer crowd goes like this: Have them be a good while at it, then hit the main switch. Everything goes down. “ALRIGHT people, who DIDN’T turn on autosave?”

    I didn’t know about save-in-crash goes red bar. For a big name program like photoshop that’s a good reason to downgrade (for you) and hot patch (for the vendor). But if the thing can autosave, make sure it does. And, well, test that the autosaves aren’t red bars up top either.

    Also have external backups, like a NAS or something, gathering all the data from everything computer-y you have, write-once-from-the-network and versioned so some ransomware can’t clobber it, and regularly back up that to yet another external disk, normally disconnected… and back that up to tape, somewhere off-site. And test restoring, including from bare metal. It’s lots of work to set up and automate, but if using a computer is a hard necessity for making money… you do want a recovery plan in place rather than panic and tears any time something goes badly wrong.

    This is my experience as a sysadmin speaking. If I was currently running a shop I would have kept an eye out for issues with programs I knew were important to the company and if that list included photoshop I probably would’ve known about the red bar issue. But I am not so I don’t, and perfectly happy for not knowing, and not needing to know. To finish with a more useful note, there’s a big pill by Limoncelli, “Practice of System and Network Administration” that can help flatten this learning curve.

  7. Chris, man. I’m so sorry you got it again. Hubs and I have the sugarbetes as well. I’ve been isolating from my grandkids because the oldest is in first grade and Missouri is the land of no mandates. Your nod to Sufjan Stevens raked my heart. Please heal well and stay with us.

  8. Damn, going for the Covid-19 3-peat?
    That’s horrible, hopefully you recover quickly.

    The comic looks fantastic as always, though it sucks that Photoshop did that.
    I used to run Adobe Illustrator and it crashed on me, so I just went “screw it. I’m done.”
    Been running Clipstudio ever since because I determined Adobe and I can’t get along.
    For me it’s been a godsend.

    (Feels the glares)
    I’ll go back to my realm now.

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