Kyle doling out the sage advice concerning the Buckinghams. Probably a little prophecy, too.

53 thoughts on “FOMO Pt.5

    1. Maybe, but he is really playing a long game here. And really, he’s not entirely wrong either. Family history etc is pretty damned important.

    2. Also a littttttle too concerned about looks (I nearly forgot about the tank top on a teen comment, too)? Could be my jadedness, though; he seems nice.
      Kyle’s putting off worse vibes, though; kinda feel like he’s just looking for a girlfriend? Again, I could be reading too much, so if I’m wrong on any of this, my apologies to everyone. ^^;

      1. I’m pretty sure the tank top comment was referring to Tarra.

        And in regards to Kyle… I mean, we did see him attending a singles convention, like, two days ago. So obviously he’s interested in finding a romantic partner.

      1. Hey mR. Blue! Good to see you. Didn’t realize till now that it’s been that many years since we talked. I’ve been here all along, I just got quiet for a long time. I forgot that when Bunnies are still, they’re low key invisible.(except for twitchy noses)

      1. also helps that there is not a single buckinham in the frame. america is greatest country with best healthcare and proves socialism sucks. as long as you don’t look at scandinavia

    1. He is, probably. For certain definitions of “safer.”

      It’s the difference between getting hit in the kneecap with a ball peen hammer and with a Buick. Your leg is trash either way. But you MIGHT recover from the hammer.

  1. Kyle congratulates himself on his common sense, but then is seen hanging around at a party for a teenager he doesn’t know, long after said teenager and her guests have left …. to chat up a random guest?

    1. The Dodger’s still there. So too is pretty much everybody. And Pumpkin’s guests haven’t really left yet; go back two strips and see most of them are still there having cake.

      1. *scratches head* You are, of course, correct. I got ‘party’s over’ from watching Ashliii et all grump away before Pumpkin drove off. Ah well.

        1. Waitasecond – the “anthropomorphic paint brush” singer-songwriter with the three first names is still there! His fans left, but he’s still there eating cake. (This day feels like it’s lasted years, y’know. I don’t blame him one bit.)
          Does anyone remember, we all wondered what was going to happen when David showed up, with his connections to (at least) three Buckingham sisters and possibly Herb too?. For all the drama that’s played out today, that’s one we haven’t had.

        2. An excellent point. I’d certainly forgotten David was going to show up. Given that this birthday party will have been going on for three years this June, this is not surprising.

        3. I never expected him to show up. Could be seen as inappropriate to go to a student’s birthday party. He probably won’t come around the family (willingly, who knows what story twists could bring him there) until Pumpkin is out of his class.

        4. I don’t think that it’s a much as going to a student’s birthday party, but that it would be more along the lines of he’s there to pick up the sister of the birthday girl who possibly may have been a former student of his. However, given that the sister didn’t know if the backstop means nothing. Especially if David hasn’t said anything to anyone.

          But that gets me to wondering at how well has David managed to keep so many compartments of his life from spilling over. I imagine that since the 52 is looking for him thinking that he’s got one of the general’s projects in hand suggests high level security clearance in the military. And I think that David did mention something to being in the military. So I’m guessing two things, he may have been transferred to a military hospital after the accident in order to protect anything he might say while under anesthesia or coma. And if he did his rehabilitation at the VA or a military hospital then no one in Lakeland would know about putting the seeing David with the blind David. Especially if he’s good at keeping quiet, about most things besides talking to his dog about desperation.

  2. Huh. Lots of disgruntled Tarragon in the Patreon sections today.

    Hopefully those of us on this side of the paywall will see updates again soon.

    1. Either Tarra is having a bad dream where everyone has bigger boobs than her, or they got into her stash of magic boob-growing tanktops.

      1. Ooooooh, a little “How I Became Sister X” foreshadowing, huh? Neat. Almost forgot Sister X was a thing.

  3. Yay, new site theme.
    Tho if I am honest I liked the previous background color more. The rest of this theme I’m not sure if it works or not, and the coding might be bugfree or it is wonky.

    Wait and see, I guess. I will not shoot down Mrs. Claire_the_babyfactory_Rusche’s work before giving it a chance to grow on me.

    1. Do a hard refresh on mobile to clear your cache. Comments should now display first at full-width on mobile, followed by the sidebar content, also full-width.

  4. …huh. Site redesign.

    A little disconcerting. Nifty logo. Not sure I’m into all this red, though.

    Meh. A couple weeks and it’ll probably feel like nothing changed.

    1. What exactly do you mean by the Login is off? Do you mean the math problem captcha it asks you to solve?

  5. Nice new design! Claire, can you bring back the RSS feed? It is very useful for knowing when there is a new update.

    1. Thanks, I will add this to my to-do list. The comics use a custom post type that doesn’t automatically get added to the default wordpress feed, so I’ll have to write some code that pulls that type of custom post into the default feed. In the meantime, you can use this URL in your RSS reader:

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