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FOMO Pt. 8

Final FOMO

baby born
one year old and newborn keep waking each other up
house too small
can feel brain leaking from ear
need sleep

next comic sketched
long tho

itchy tasty

27 thoughts on “FOMO Pt. 8

  1. Can’t help but think Elle has more than once turned away a guy because of genetics outside of his control :p

      1. That’s just a list for what is likely to be a worthwhile date. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t turned down a few guys who lost the genetic lottery.

        1. See, I doubt that. You remember back to “Small Town Saturday Night,” and you’ll find that most guys never asked Ellie out. They couldn’t “work up the nerve” to do it and she spent most nights at home playing board games. I doubt she “turned down” a lot of guys when WoG makes it clear they never asked her out.

  2. Hey guys, trying to post through Firefox. Haven’t been able to say anything through Opera since the upgrade.

      1. Not as far as I know… Still having to use Firefox to post here. I keep getting an error saying that I need to type something in the comment box… even though I’ve written a freaking essay in it. It only happens when I’m using Opera in Ubuntu… not sure how the Windows version of Opera is handling the new site.

  3. I hope Dodger gets to be a recurring character, man has lasted half a day around Cinnamon and seems to be getting along with dad.
    (also chubby men are precious whenever i get to see them in comics )

  4. Got to love that last panel. That’s got “no.” written aaaaaaaall over it. Showing Cinnamon who’s boss. :D

    Though I admit I’d be concerned. That cannon would be over 150 years old, depending on when exactly in the Civil War it was cast. Maybe he uses a really light load.

    1. Herb technically only offered *loading* the cannon, not firing it. Even a neighbourhood accustomed to the Buckinghams are ready for that.
      Oh wait, Tarra is known to be fond of BFGs, maybe they *are* used to it….

      1. True. But “loading” usually implies more than “drop the round shot down the barrel.”

        But it also occurred to me he’s in a pretty tightly-packed residential area so there may not be any firing.

        It ALSO occurred to me, though, that he’s in Florida, which has been known to see gunplay inside car washes.

        There are a lot of possibilities herein.

    2. This is a surprisingly common thing in the south. Well maintained, a civil war era canno0n will still fire just fine, but for legal and safety reasons you generally use at most a quarter load and it usually requires special permissions for demonstration purposes. Herb being the Chief of Police I think it was, would have no problem even if he didn’t have the permit beforehand, since he could likely get one in a matter of half an hour most places. Heck, in some areas Rosemary might be able to authorize the permit on the spot.

      1. I’d give good odds he keeps a few pre-authorized forms in his lockbox, or wherever he stores important papers.

  5. Not that Quinn and Ellie aren’t entirely 100% wrong….

    But i’m a bit saddened at the fact that both girls are assuming that all Pumpkin’s (especially the girls) are now jealous of her developped and still developping physical attributes, luck and wealth. And they all left because of that and not because they had legitimate good reason to leave.

    That all the ones that are left are only there because they want to benefit from her by increasing their social popularity by beeing with her, by exploiting some of her possession or by trying their hand on her curves and in her pants.

    They seem to have so little faith in the normal “good will”, rationnality and friendly friendship of normal peoples. :(

    1. Well mind you, this is the same Pumpkin who started ditching said friends entirely just to hang out with Quinn; the same Pumpkin who didn’t even want to see any of them on her own birthday and would have rather streamed a game for… 1 person. The same Pumpkin who always “seemed” to have a “normal body” due to wearing baggy clothes and (unknown to them) taping her chest, who on her 16th birthday just HAPPENED to grow out a pair of Mega-Melons… but, they’re not stupid, they know that’s just one more thing she’s been hiding from them.

      Pumpkin is really self-absorbed and probably doesn’t value her friendships as much as she should. In fact, that’s probably a lesson she’s in the middle of learning. Hopefully.

      I mean heck, do any of the Buckingham sisters have any other real friends? Taragon was supposedly the “popular girl” but, she lives alone, and is absent-minded enough to leave someone to die in her apartment (granted, there WAS a bit of an emergency). Ellie was supposedly the “popular girl” as well, but, we’ve never seen any of HER friends; she and Quinn knew each other, but, no need to reiterate the entire comic up to this point. Juniper lives in a dumpster half the time. Anise and Cinnamon we haven’t seen enough of to make a determination, but I’d assume much the same. Ginger is a happily married mom, but, that’s all we’ve seen.

      The rotating side-cast is work-mates, internet people, conspiracy people, and people who want to date/fuck our main characters. No actual, meaningful friends.

      Maybe Pumpkin will finally break that mold? Who knows.

      1. You know what, that’s an incredible valide point you are making there Steele. Not only on Pumpkin, but on all the Buckingham girls. I agree.

  6. …y’know, if this goes badly, I’m going to really start feeling bad for Cinnamon.

    She ran off a convention. Then she ran off a serial killer. Now she’s about to run off the bum with a heart of gold.

    I understand that most of this is because she’s pretty much incapable of learning from her own mistakes, but…damn…you know?

  7. So…ah…it’s been itchy and tasty for the last six weeks. Everything okay out there? It’s clear new baby mayhem and end of school phenomena–not to mention the possibility of having to pack up some of the kids to visit the Firefly Clan again–have thrown the wrench into life.

    I still remember some of those stories. Shuddered so hard I nearly threw myself out of my chair. Rob Zombie’s movie work is a nightmare, but at least he gave us great shorthand for a family group of semi-inbred horrors like the former in-laws.

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