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  1. I think if Pumpkin asked Ellie not to share this matter, Ellie wouldn’t. And I’m sure she wouldn’t yell at her like she imagines in panel 1.

    But perhaps Pumpkin is just a pinch worked up and fears the worst.

    That Anise image is hilarious, BTW. I can’t look at it and not laugh.


  2. To be honest, I don’t tend to give a shit for people trying to confide their problems in me either. I’ve tried being soft with people before, telling them in some pseudo-diplomatic manner that it is something they have to solve themselves… but they just carry on, completely oblivious.

    So the only option is to straight up tell them “I don’t give a shit about your problems.”

  3. Re-reading this for the N-th time I realized that the arrow from Juniper goes straight through Cinammon’s head.
    It’s details like these that make this strip even funnier than it already is and worthy a second (and third… and fourth…) read.

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