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Fool Me Thrice

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117 thoughts on “Fool Me Thrice

        1. I’ll admit I don’t think I’ve ever even tried to figure out how to tell lobster gender (referencing Lola).

        2. Look at where you’ve got two of them getting along, and look for the one with the bigger claw. The other one is the male.

        3. You’re the one who mentioned The Kinks, I’m surprised you didn’t respond in verse from the song.

        1. I could see that but for some reason he’s more than likely got Vu as a significant other, so he’s just treating them like business associates.

        2. He’s keeping eye contact more than I think she’s used to also.

          But I’m also not seeing this as flirting on either of their part. Ellie has some flirty habits which I don’t think she necessarily means anything by. I think Ellie’s relaxing somewhat and is in a good mood for generally believing herself to have won this round. Caleb wants them in a good mood and to be agreeable about the whole contract thing and I suspect is just being his version of friendly/gallant.

        3. I’m honestly of the thought that Ellie is not flirting, but is actually having a conversation of sorts with someone who isn’t with her based on her looks.

        1. Oh, yeah. I’ve never had the occasion to throw my word salad producing device at a wall… *lies, damned lies and statistics* ;P

        2. You would probably have to explicitly state that it doesn’t contain any syrup of ipecac.

  1. To everyone freaking out about the Back to the Future date…it’s in October. October 21. L2snopes. Folks have been freaking out since like 2010 with fakes dates lol.

    1. Although I must subtract a point fir going to Red Lobster and not ording a seafood item (and he can’t say he is watching his cash since that is a steak he has order).

        1. At Red Lobster, the steak probably still has marks where the jockey was hitting it.

        2. Oh, and that joke works for any place that serves steaks and either has a low grade from the health department, made you sick, or you just don’t like them or the chef.

        3. I’m talking about: You go to Red Lobster and order the steak, you go to an Italian Restaurant (Get Shorty) and order a N.Y. Strip, but you can’t enjoy it because of a bunch of loud mouths. And you can’t get one at the sports bar, because everyone is espousing on the games and beer instead of the beef.

      1. I can’t really hold that against him- my mother can’t eat most sea food, but will still go with us to Red Lobster and will eat the steak while my husband and I gorge on crab legs and my father gets whatever the seasonal fish is.

        The contract says “The blonde gets Red Lobster”- that doesn’t sound like he wanted to go, but is rather making the best of the situation.

    1. Toby? Toby Wong. Toby Wong? Toby Wong. Toby Chung? Fucking Charlie Chan. I got Madonna’s big dick coming out of my left ear, and Toby the Jap… I don’t know what – comin’ out of my right.

  2. I say, when he isn’t in “destroy money stealing fink” or “prevent any legal ramifications” mode Caleb is quite the pleasant companion. He hasn’t been rude to the girls at any point in things (a bit firm with the terms of their mutual NDA and with Ellie signing her name to it) and has been quite accommodating in everything since then. I know since he’s on the cast page we’ll be seeing him for a while (this is a good thing methinks) but I just wanted to officially give my support to Caleb not betting an egg-beater or electric mixer to the no-no’s.

    I can’t help but wonder exactly what his & Vu’s connection is, and if him & Ellie getting chummy is going to lead to ramifications/future complications.

    And now, to await the side story’s page :-D
    (Oh, other side thing: since I did get a sketch, and did get the one with the mystery character, I’m happy to report it is #l£~%58l and their face is a hand…it’s kinda crazy)

  3. As the native Mainer, there are people here who keep lobster as pets. And we don’t get the world’s fascination with the large bugs, but we’re more than happy to sell what used to be food for slaves in Massachusetts to the rest of you.

    Things we do with lobsters in Maine:

    We sell them live in grocery stores, public markets, and Walgreens.
    We mix them into mac and cheese, chowder, and sandwiches.
    We throw them out of airplanes on special occasions. They gently float down to the waiting arms of people.

    We don’t allow Red Lobsters.
    Actually, that’s not true. Red Lobster can’t compete, so they left the state. When McDonalds once had lobster rolls up here, a place selling native food at Idaho prices just can’t compete.

    Come to Maine, Ellie. We’ll teach you how a lobster is meant to be served.

    1. Didn’t realize you were from Maine. I have in laws up that way and visit every few years. First time I saw live lobsters for sale at a wal mart in Maine my mind was blown

        1. A pastie?

          I’m going to go with “what strippers use to cover their nipples” or “a mispelling of how people describe our skin color.”

        2. No no…that’s a PAY-stee. I’m talking about a PAA-stee. Had to use the phonetics for this one.

          The pasty got its start in Cornwall, though Ireland has a claim on them too. They jumped over to certain other regions, particularly ones that involve mining. They’re huge in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, sufficiently so that there’s a festival devoted to them in Calumet.

        3. These are the things that are sort of like a pot pie right? I ran into them somewhere while traveling but can’t remember where, it’s been years.

        4. Wife concurs, says “a bit similar”…. But in Oz there are pies you can eat by hand that aren’t pasties. Not to mention sausage rolls.

        5. After conferring with my better half I confirmed it was Michigan where we ran into pasties. Not the UP though, way up in the LP.

        6. I admit the line does start to blur the closer you get to the bridge, yes. But trolls are still trolls, just ask any Yooper who lives above the bridge.

        7. Pasties? You need to go to Cornwall for real ones, mate. The only true pasty is a Cornish one: they were developed there, after all. ;) Where you get tin mines and fishing fleets, you get exported Cornish miners and fishers. *shrugs*

        8. Just so. But the Cornish pasty was exported to lots of mining countries. And one thing that’s huge in Yooperland is iron mining. Thus the connection.

        9. Now, as people might already know I’m Swiss. But in the town I live, there’s a team that goes to local markets and various fairs, especially the village fêtes. They make an assortment of real good Cornish style pasties.

          Gotta say though, that I could go for pretty much any kind of such small pies or pie-like dishes from anywhere on the British Isles. Tasty little things and perfect for a snack. Or small lunch if you get two of them.

  4. So I have a feeling all the good will Mr. McVie had with the girls at this point is about to be flushed by that “Third times the charm” comment. Has he done something similar on company money before and remained employed?

    1. Maybe he just had an unkind comment about the queen. Or about maple syrup. Maybe he once referred to Tim Horton’s as an inferior donut chain. These are all punishable offenses in Canada, last I knew; the queen one is punishable by a stern look and five full minutes of finger-wagging. If it’s Tim Horton’s, you have to write a letter of apology and read it in front of the capitol building in Ottawa. If it’s disparaging maple syrup, they kill you. That’s the only death penalty offense in Canada.

    2. Hard to say.

      To me, Ellie looks like she kinda’ desperately wants to get out of the apartment. Recall her trying to tag along for Gump Wars, her talk with Blind Guy after making it to manager training, and her check list about Danny after the first con. I could see her wanting to ignore it now and just file it for later, though I could certainly see it going the other way too.

      I can’t tell how much Quinn would be likely to jump on it or just want to get this whole thing over and done with by now.

      We also don’t know how much Caleb told them about his history with Danny, so they may know that he’s fired him twice before.

  5. Shotgun Shuffle and the TWC rankings.

    Okay, so Shotgun Shuffle so far this month has 643 votes to place it at #42 on the list. This is a daily average of 49.46. Down from the previous tally of 50.18. So the difference? Miniscule, or: 0.720279, not quite Pi, because then it just repeats. So, I’ll just repeat.


    1. Stand Still. Stay Silent, or as Juniper calls it Stand Still. Stay Sober (From what I know, she didn’t accept any squirrel cookies.)

      Still occupying the #7 spot, SSSS has a vote total of 4,053 for a daily average of 311.76 people voting. I like wondering where the percentage of the person comes from. It seems illogical.

      1. Stand Still. Stay Silent has jumped up one spot on the TWC countdown to the end of the month to #6. With a staggering vote total of 4,227 in 14 days for an average of 301.9285714285714 people voting. Heh, that’s crazy. I don’t even know what that would be a fractional representation of. Too bad the schools are out, I could ask a 5th grader. Oh, yeah. The link: http://topwebcomics.com/vote/15772/default.aspx

        aspx. aspx. aspx.

    2. Coming up in the middle, A Redtail’s Dream.

      With a vote total of 722, aRTD is #39 in the TWC list with a daily average of 55.53 voters. A difference of 2.73 voters. Someone has been slacking off here. And there, and a little bit everywhere.

      Really, the NARS group is trying to fill in the stop gaps, but it’s not working somewhere.

      1. Hey- Tucson’s doing it’s part! My two friends that I’ve gotten hooked on both strips are voting every day along with me and when we get the chance to be at multiple wifi points we vote there too! (That would be more Dubhain than Bri or I since he’s got a job that has him driving round town, but we’re doing what we can! ;) )

        1. Your dedication is an inspiration to us all, even though we have no idea who Dubhain and Bri are. :D

        2. They lurk both here and SSSS- Sabrina’s commented once here if I remember correctly, back during the ComicM!X tournament, and Dubhain’s commented 2, maybe 3 times in SSSS- mostly about how much trouble he’s going to have keeping my husband sane when he was asked to give the birth announcement there in a bit less than a month when I have my son.

          They enjoy the comics a lot, but they just aren’t the type to spend hours chatting about them and they tease me a little about where I find the time to comment with how much is on my plate between the pregnancy and the gamestore.

      2. Coming in at #37 after moving up two on the Top Web Comic’s today is A Redtail’s Dream with 761 total votes. That’s 54.357 people per day hitting that button. I don’t know how many of them have to select the the little box, the little radio icon button or just able to click because they have an account. Oh, yeah. The link.


    3. Okay, okay. I’m not perfect. But Shotgun Shuffle seems to be doing better than I. Did I do that right? I’d better ask Count Imperious. Anyway, coming in at #42, the Shuffle is occupying the same position as it did yesterday. With 672 total votes 14 days in relates to a total of 48 people voting per day.

      Okay, let’s see. Mr. Blue walks off while counting off letters in his head. http://topwebcomics.com/vote/14850/default.aspx

    1. If you’re talking the green boxes, 1-4 were listed in comic Go Set A Watchwoman (currently dated 01 June 2015). The car was #4, actually.

      1 was return iNimbus to factory settings, 2 was removing all surveillance gear from the girls’ apartment, 3 was shaving Danny’s head.

      Quinn did mention the drug charge. Not sure if that’s an enumerated item or a side note somewhere.

      1. Actually, it was Caleb who mentioned to Quinn that Danny boy would be getting arrested on a minor drug charge instead of anything that he did to the girls.

        1. Caleb wrote into the contract, but Quinn is the one who said out loud that “getting Danny arrested on a lesser drug charge” was part of it (ref comic Dijon Ketchup , currently post date of 25 May 2015), so I was crediting Quinn for having said it, though it was apparently entirely Caleb’s idea.

  6. Having a red lobster is sick dude, just lugging a corpse around like that. Lobsters are green and only turn red upon boiling them alive.

    1. If I remember correctly, the red comes with boiling regardless of in what state the lobster meets the hot water. Which means I’d rather have the lobster on my plate showing a red shell, really.

  7. Hey what happened to those “meta” girls? The ones who’d impersonate the sisterhood in the comments section? Haven’t seen them in a while.

    1. I think Rusche said they were different IPs, so not one person posting multiple, and they apparently coordinated time-wise so they’d all come off on a conversation thread together. Getting a lot of people to coordinate is a pain, so I suspect that was part of it.

      Meta-Juniper & meta-Quinn seem most likely to show up on their own to respond to people, though I’ve noticed the others upon occasion as well.

      1. I was going to say it seems odd that Quinn and Juniper would be the most prolific but from a meta standpoint it makes sense. Quinn isn’t really one of the sisters and Juniper is the least attached to the others so those two would seem to be the most free to post solo without coordination from others.

        1. If I recall correctly, they both came later than the others too and didn’t go for the same style gravatars, so I don’t know that they’re part of the group that was doing the others or just other fans deciding to take unused characters for meta-posting.

          Juniper and Quinn are good characters for inserting separate side comments into other conversations, though.

  8. This exchange makes me more confident in the theory that Danny and Caleb go back a long time, with Caleb carrying Danny through several misadventures out of a sense of friendship. Hopefully this incident will end the enabling.

    1. See, I’m thinking it’s the reverse. I don’t think Caleb can stand Danny in general. I suspect he gets pissed off and fires him and then has to swallow his pride and call Danny to fix something a few months down the line and that’s how Danny keeps getting re-hired. We don’t know what skills Caleb and Vu possess, but Danny has to have some degree of technical ability to get all those cameras placed and a decent looking website up and working as fast as he did. It’s possible Caleb first hired Danny to get something working for his site and neither he nor Vu have ever bothered to understand it and it breaks on an autoupdate so they have to keep re-hiring him.

      That or Caleb hires someone else in Danny’s place and they don’t put up with Caleb long (or possibly Vu, we don’t know how agreeable or disagreeable she might be), and getting tired of the churn is what puts Caleb in a position that he re-hires Danny again.

  9. I love that they’re all bonding over their disdain for Danny. If Caleb meets Alex before he returns to Canada, these three will wind up BFF 4 EVER.

  10. Y’know, I kinda feel bad for Ellie, if she links Red Lobster is the height of fine cuisine. I would expect her to be acquainted with better seafood if she’s living in a place like Florida.

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