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Foolish Games

Pumpkin's real present from Quinn is a shiny silver medal. 

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    1. Tie for first without having used the word first in describing an element in the comic while having more than ten words minimum criteria met. Please be to share the prime award of First Prime. So, in order of prestige in ranking:
      -True First – a statement of ten words minimum with the word first describing an aspect in reference to an object or individual’s item/attention/or action;
      – Prime First – First statement statement made with a minimum of ten words while describing an element in the comic while not using the word “FIRST”;
      – Casual First – First statement of the current webcomic that I includes a ten word minimum statement with a possessive statement by the comments author attributed to same author of statement, without the use of the word “FIRST.”
      – Meh First – someone just says, “First.”

      1. My God, all these rules for first. I can’t keep up with them. Why must we have all these rules to follow. Why can’t we just be. I wanna go home now…with Quinn.

  1. I love Pumpkin, but I sure do look forward to when she gets bitch-slapped. The whole ‘youngest child syndrome’ only gets more and more obnoxious the longer it goes on. That girl needs a reality check.

    1. Meh. The ex-friend (who broke Pumpkin’s heart by friend-dumping her in order to hang with a man-child who possessed an obvious lack of redeeming features) has now shown up at Pumpkin’s house (for a party which exists for the purpose to celebrate Pumpkin’s continuing existence in the world) with no apologies or signs of regret for the shabby treatment she gave Pumpkin at their last meeting. Pumpkin is well within her rights to slam the door in Quinn’s face, so if she is willing to dish out a little pointed and accurate snark before letting the matter drop, I think she is acting less like an obnoxious youngest child and more like a saint. YMMV, obviously.

      1. Pumpkin *was* getting a bit possessive/obsessive, even if not in a sexual way. Quinn probably shut her down harder than she deserved, but she did need to be set down a peg, and she did not seem to be in a mood to take that news quietly.

      2. I really can’t help but wonder why you would think that that snotty brat behavior is saint-like.

        Pumpkin is being a dick. Quinn was pretty harsh on her, but that’s just how Quinn can be, and Pumpkin really was getting overly invasive and clingy. Their whole friendship started when Pumpkin showed up out of the blue and demanded Quinn’s time and attention because she was going through a little crisis and didn’t want to talk to family or friends her own age about it. Seriously, that comic is even titled ‘Another Grand Imposition’. It’s great that she ended up having someone she could talk this stuff out with, but then she just kept showing up and demanding more and more of Quinn’s time and attention and then things started getting weird and Quinn got scared so she cut ties. It’s rough, but sometimes life is messy and awkward and unfair like that.

        And the bitch-slap thing sure wouldn’t be just over something like this. Let’s just say I expect this party to get real ugly, and also expect Pumpkin to disappoint us all real soon.

      3. S..shabby? Quinn treated her shabby..?

        Pumpkin was so obsessively creepy. I don’t even have more words for that. Its been a long time so maybe we need to refresh our memories on just how creepy Pumpkin was acting during that entire friendship.

        Definitely agree with the needing a smack. She needs a good reality wake-up call. Somehow.

  2. But Quinn is still considering Pumpkin a friend because it seems that she’s giving Pumpkin a script of some sorts,(fan?) And has shown up for the party. And she’s yelling at Pumpkin.

  3. Has Quinn gotten hella thicc lately or is that just my imagination? She went from Gwen Tennison to Jessica Rabbit since the beginning of this comic…

  4. Well, at least someone Pumpkin invited showed up outside of the three friends she went to comicon with.
    Also, I haven’t read the Patreon comics but it seems that the Ian/Quinn arc ended horrifically. So…that might be why she’s on edge about it.

  5. Hmm, so it looks like Pumpkin has finally stopped binding. That’s some character growth I think we can all support.

    1. She wasn’t expecting anyone to see her then suddenly there was a party. If she had known people were coming over she might have still done it.

  6. So what’s the present? I seem to recall a while back we learned about a fanfic Quinn wrote, but she didn’t deign to share it with Pumpkin at the time…

  7. Sooo what did I miss? Cuz everything going on in this page, save for the fact that it’s Pumpkin’s birthday, is completely foreign to me.

    1. Pumpkin and Quinn were briefly spotted hanging out together, following a heart-to-heart talk at Quinn’s apartment whilst Ellie was away, thanks to a mutually-shared love of comics. Quinn was keeping hers quiet, and also didn’t exactly have the cash for such a fondness, until Pumpkin introduced her to the commonly-liberal comic shop policy.

      This led to Pumpkin going a mite overboard. Things got weird, and Quinn expressed her open regret that she’d spent any time with Pumpkin at all. This was also the site of Quinn’s latest car death, which made things double awkward.

      Find these events in the first Patreon series, which was uploaded to the main archive about four and a half years ago.

        1. Actually, that helped a lot. Didn’t realize at first that you meant it was this archive, one I can read. Which I did. So thanks again!

    1. She’s talking about what a younger more immature version of her would do. I’ve certainly seen my kids do that when excited or shy. (and no, it’s not always a potty dance) So it read to me just like she was being playful. (see also: Goofy grasping his hands together and saying “Garsh”)

  8. I just realized, Pumpkin gave Quinn the invitation to her birthday in the first Patreon storyline, saying it would be in a month. That was in 2015. So for four years of reliable and consistent updates with very little (if any) hiatus, only an estimate of thirty days have passed in the narrative?

    1. If you think that’s bad, Dumbing of Age as been running daily for since 9/2010 and they’re STILL in the first semester of Freshman year!!

      1. That’s not that bad, really. Assuming a standard four panel comic, and using D&D rules of 6 seconds per round/panel, a 5 minute conversation that took place during any one day in-comic would take just shy of two weeks to cover (12.5 comics at 7 comics/week), so in a year of comics (52 weeks) you’d cover a hair more than 26 days (or 20 days if it’s only 5 comics/week). With the average semester lasting 15 weeks, and getting between 3-4(ish) weeks per year, that’s about a three year minimum. If you have more than one story line going on per in-comic-day, you could easily stretch that number out to 9+ years and still be within the first semester.

    1. It’s “supposed” to be Tuesdays and Thursdays but it’s never been consistently so. Past few months its been once a month or at most twice month. So I actually think we should move the update schedule to the first of the month to be a monthly comic. I read two other monthly comics, they still get my viewership. And it seems like once a month is something Rusche can handle with his hectic life.

      1. It actually was twice a week for a while. And pretty reliable, too. Then things started happening as is their wont and the Rob Zombie movie family that is the other side of the Rusche kids’ family tree stepped in to make chaos and that slowed things half unto death. Then the move, then this, then that.

        We may get back up to two a week again, some day.

        1. According to the Archive; back 2015 and prior to 2015 yes, he did upload twice a week. For the past 4 years though it’s been maybe one month out of the year getting 2 a week, followed by mostly once a week (2017 and 2018) or once to twice a month (this past year since April). So for the past 4 years it’s been inconsistent. I’m not being hyper critical, just stating fact. And when he did post more he was always worried about deadlines and rushing out work. Which is why I propose just going to monthly comics rather than continuously putting pressure on him.

        2. He also had an excellent run in early 2018 and early 2019. But the second summer hits and Rusche has to take the kids back to the Firefly clan, disaster strikes.

        3. True, but only really Jan and April. I wouldn’t call that’s very consistent in the scope of the whole year. Considering that it’s been officially a whole month since last update, my point still stands.

          Though hopefully it will signify a trend that we’ll see him more next month after the holidays? Fingers crossed.

  9. Wow. It has definitely been a while since we saw Quinn. She’s got a nice body on her. If she wasn’t such an obvious narcissist I could easily see her landing better ranked dudes than Ian.

    1. Oh, no! You jinxed it! Now there won’t be a comic until (hmm.. was going to say January, but the I’d be jinxing it.)… a long time!

        1. Honestly, I’ve had excellent results with a simple Vizio sound bar. Of course, it has wireless surround and a subwoofer, but still, I’m pretty happy with the performance thus far.

      1. Just the idea of monthly updates! ;-P But moving house and blending families is time-consuming business, so it is what it is…

      1. Zimbabwean dollar!

        I was actually the guy who supplied the flavor text for that item in Forumwarz, if you remember that game.

    1. Dont blame you man. I really cant talk as I’m not a patreon, so any update is fine with me, however long it takes. But I feel bad for the people who actually do pay. Maybe he’s doing patreon stuff I just dont know about, if so that’s fine. But if nothing hasn’t happened for over a month for them, that’s pretty messed up. I get people are busy during this time of the year, but I mean, c’mon. If he stopped making money from this and had to get a real job like the rest of us, he’d have a hell of a lot less free time.

      Again, dunno if he has done patreon stuff, but if he has, that’s cool. But either way, I personally am not a patreon, so any content, even if it takes a year, is just fine by me.

        1. I’m a paying patreon and have been for a couple years now. I never really cared about patreon updates tbh, I pledged for the main comic to continue because he was going to quit since ad revenue wasn’t enough to support it. BUT no main comic AND no patreon? It’s a little much for me. Others are cool with supporting him no matter what and they can certainly do that. They can do what they want with their momey. But for me and my patreonage I’ll only support him for maybe another two months or so of hiatus if we don’t get another comic or at least an update post.

        2. Oh, I agree, people can do what they want with their money. Absolutely. And I am not a patreon, so any updates, however long is fine by me as he doesn’t owe me anything. But for those who are paying and expecting content in return, and for the author to not draw anything in almost 2 months, for them, I think is pretty messed up for him to take their money. I get drawing is a skill, but you cant say that you have no free time for 2 months to draw one page. How ever short. I dont know if he’s lost interest, or lost the desire to work on the comic, but I’d respect him more of he just came out and said “hey, look. I’ve lost interest, this comic is dead, good bye” and cancel his patreon, and stop taking people’s money knowing you arent doing anything in return, then to simply just vanish, and stop doing anything, yet again. I’m sure many are afraid to stop being a patreon for fear he will abandon the comic. But if that ship has sailed, say so and stop taking people’s money! If not, cranknout a damn page already. I’m not trying to bust his balls, on my behalf. Just saying for those who do support him. And I think we are a little past “being busy with family” cop out. And if something serious has happened, then I truly feel for him. But at the same time, an explanation to those supporting him would be nice. I mean, if something catastrophic happens, and you stop showing up to work for a month, they’d fire you after a few days most likely. But an explanation, even an extremely vague one would suffice for most. Even if all he says is “Some serious family stuff going on, expect big delays, I’m truly sorry” would go a hell of a long way. Again, I’m not trying to sound angry, just stating a fact that I’m sure most are feeling at this point. I’ll continue to hit that refresh button every other day or so, and I hope he comes back, and that everything is okay.

  10. As much as we may have enjoyed this toon, we can’t in the end, care more about it than its creator. His creativity in the early days was matched by his own curiosity about what would happen next in the world he was creating. While his artistry became very refined, it looks like his life has taken him to other places. Sayonara.

  11. I could be annoyed about the comic (I’m a Patreon supporter too) but at this point I’m more concerned about how he’s doing – especially given recent move and ongoing drama.
    I’d rather have a brief proof of life update than an apology or a comic. I know I’m not the only one here who feels that way.

    1. If it weren’t the first Christmas season at a new home with a new family, I’d be right there with you worry-wise.

      Though, a “still alive” would also still be appreciated by me too.

      1. Ha-ha, subtle snark noted. As Chris has indicated previously, he’s got a lot on his plate right now, and I’m sure the holidays aren’t helping much either. XD In all honesty, given experience with past beloved comics simply dropping off the face of the earth, I can’t help but feel a slight sense of foreboding.


  12. Ah, Scotland had it coming. Speaking of New Zealand, Meri Kirihimete from me to all of you, a Happy (continued) Hannukah, and best wishes for the New Year!

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