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  1. Thank you for this page. I actually got a little teary eyed at this one. I’m like Pumpkin. I’ve never been attracted to anyone before, and many people see my lack of interest in guys and think that it means I’m gay. To see Pumpkin describe my feelings almost exactly was kinda a relief. Somebody else gets it.

    1. I’m glad this meant something to you. That makes me happy. This comic took days and days to write, and required much reading on my part. The most useful sources on the matter were forums where people express the same feelings. I’d suggest look through a good few of those if you need some more relatable reading material. :)

      1. As someone who has been traumatised in the past by the pressures of a society that insists on shoving sexuality down the throat of anyone who grows up in it I can only mirror the thanks of Miss Anne Thrope. So often the narrative is presented that if a guy/girl is not interested in anyone of the opposite gender they are almost certainly gay. In the instance that they aren’t simply gay they must be bi or genderfluid or curious in some way.

        I personally hate a lot of the pride movement since for all their talk of tolerence and acceptance most people I have talked to either don’t acknowledge asexuality as legitimate (“you just haven’t found your type yet”, “maybe you should try x”); don’t accept that there has been a lack of acceptance; refuse to believe that asexuality is possible (my own experience suffered due to this); or simply ignore it and turn the conversation to how they are mistreated cause they’re gay. (sorry for the rant)

        Again, thank you its nice to see a representation of the fears, confusion and misunderstandings that go hand in hand with not having sexual desires.

        1. Do you actually give a toss about being accepted?

          Reminds me of a weird, brief conversation I had on a University field-trip when a bunch of the other students were going on about sex… as they do… and I cut in to remark “Personally, I’d rather be playing games than shagging”.
          I think it was Matt that said “You just haven’t had good sex yet” … and I replied “More like you just haven’t played good games yet”… and wandered off.

          I know for a fact that all of them were staring at me like I had a third arm growing out of my forehead… but so what? People always do that sort of thing for one reason or other.

  2. I’ve been a fan of Shotgun Shuffle for the past few years and never felt compelled to comment before, but I can’t not tell you how excited I am about this strip! I’m asexual myself and have been secretly hoping Pumpkin would turn out ace this entire storyline (excellent job hinting at it, by the way ^_^), but I didn’t think it would actually happen because a lot of people haven’t even heard of asexuality. I cheered audibly when I read this strip! Your portrayal/explanation was pretty accurate, well done! Though just as a note, Pumpkin sounds like she might be asexual *and* aromantic. (asexual = not interested in sex, and aromantic = not interested in dating, in a nutshell. Dunno if you already knew that or came across it in your research, but wanted to point it out for the record :) )

    Also, go Quinn, just generally being *awesome* in this strip! Solidly cemented as my favorite character once again. :D P.S. She seems *suspiciously* knowledgeable about asexuality…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMM…

    1. That’s really funny timing for this comment, since both the aromantic possibility and Quinn’s knowledge of asexuality (or sexualities in general) will both be answered in the next Patreon comic up sometime this weekend, number 35.

    2. For all that I oddly relate to this one myself (which is rare)… I don’t really see the point in the whole “THEY JUST DESCRIBED ME” type comments. Well of course they’re gonna describe someone. If a webcomic is trying to depict a real human situation then obviously it will apply to some real humans out there.

  3. Super excited to see this discussion of asexuality and a possibly asexual character! Less excited about “only remaining sex” which ignores intersex people.

  4. WOW! Really great writing here, Chris. Now that I can see the work involved with these, and the quality of this story line, I truly feel guilty I haven’t taken out a Patreon membership to help fund this. My promise: when I can scrape up some extra cash for everything else going on with the family, I will be more of a financial supporter. Keep up the good work and PLEASE consider publishing this!!!

  5. I agree.. WOW. Smart discussion, non preachy, totally acceptable, succinct… I doubt many could write all of this, so well, in such a concise manner!

    Kudos on dealing so well with such a difficult subject.

    And yes, just WHEN are those books coming out? These deserve to be published… YOU deserve to be published (well, the web IS publishing, but hardcover is forever, at least in my library … Easy to loan out, get others addicted. Will be Sharing this, btw)

  6. Why does everything need a freakin label anyway?

    You got yer Hets who take their hetness for granted.
    You got yer Homos who take being either homo or het for granted.
    You got yer Bis who take being attracted to one, the other or both for granted.
    You got yer occasional Asexuals, who don’t generally get identified because there is something illogical about being identified by what you lack.

    And then suddenly there are all the sub-divisions. The Kinsey Scale nonsense. The Pansexuals. And of course the various scales of Asexuality that again tend to get marginalised because the one thing all the real sexualities have in common is actually wanting to have sex.

    So while it seems sensible that there are far too many combinations and subdivisions for labelling to be appropriate… somehow that does not stop people wanting to give names to loads of them.

    This is the point where I start face-desking.


    But then I’d probably be just fine with the idea of clear-cut sexuality discussions if my own position didn’t tend to be horrendously ambiguous and variable. Whatever impractical remnant of sexuality I have is too impractical to classify, so I usually just stick with “asexual” because it is easier than trying to explain that what I’m attracted to is physically impossible.

  7. … Quinn here is the one in this storyline actually acting like any “SJW” I’ve ever met. Even the toxic ones are more likely to act like this than to rant about how exploiting children is their right and you’re a bigot for not letting them.

    1. The thing about labels people can choose to use to identify themselves is that very different kinds of people can choose them and so wildly different experiences and interactions then follow based on the sample of people that chose that label that you’ve been around versus someone else. Also sometimes the degree of conflict changes people a bit and someone who may be quite reasonable in friendly circumstances may go a little far when challenged.

      There are horrible people of all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, backgrounds, political bent, and whatever other categories you might want to slice people up by (other than “Horrible people vs not horrible people” as that goes to the definition). If you haven’t happened to meet any horrible people from a specific carved out group, good for you, but I wouldn’t recommend placing any wagers on how long that’ll continue.

  8. This was me in high school. I dated cause I wondered what all the hype was about. No huge attachment until years later when I met my husband. Then it was like I was on fire! Yep. Just hang in there t you find the one. It is so worth the wait. 18 years and 4 kids and still going strong!

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