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Free Admission

Something special for Halloween! I thought I'd show you guys how to make something even better than a Jack-O-Lantern: a Comp-U-Latern!

This is really really simple guys. First step, find an old PC you use that likes to crash every half hour or so that causes you to repeatedly lose your artwork and costs you hours upon hours of time. Oh, I have one handy! Compulantern 1 Second step, just like always, you need a tool or utensil  to get the guts out. Anything will do really. Screwdriver... knife... Compulantern 2 Easy, amiright? Okay.. last step: KILL IT WITH FIRE. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  

Now for all of you concerning my Patreon, I will be picking the winners of the sketch drawings on Sunday and listing who won what on Monday! So any of you people still sitting on the fence, you have until Sunday night around 10pm Eastern to throw in atleast 5 bucks to be considered. :))

Anyone who's donated $50 or $100 I will be contacting you this coming week to get together your Cast Page entries. So be sure to check your emails by Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks again to everyone who's donated!

100 thoughts on “Free Admission

    1. And I agree with Elle…this seems a bit contrived.

      And we totally miss what happened with Pumpkin!

      Hope everything is ok Rushce, Keep up the Awesome!

        1. I’d add that if she does have one, she got it either at a discount or entirely for barter, via business savvy.

        2. Well, I can’t say that I would think that my local city hall would conduct business through bartering.

          However, I think that Pumpkin would be able to pull it off.

  1. Fifth! Also: finally we get to see the Hobo Chili Cookoff! This can’t possibly be a place where we just transition to a new chapter! It’s not a horrible tease designed to torture me! :D

    1. While I await the Hobo Chili Cookoff scenes, which will clearly totally happen, I may as well start speculation on what Ellie might buy at a gun show. I kinda picture her as someone who’d carry a collapsible friction-lock baton.

      1. I too, eagerly await the hobo chili cook off. Are they using free range hobos or hobos raised in captivity? There are pros and cons to both of course.

        1. Yeah, they’d just be bos. Still, my mind wanders to hobo chili.

          Delicious hobos… graaaahhhlllll (or however that drool noise Homer makes is spelled.)

      2. Of course, since she and her sisters seem to be able to warp the laws of nature to their benefit on a whim, a mere firearm is probably superfluous.

      3. Gun show purchases for Ellie? I’ll guess a set of lock picks with accompanying instructional video, an MRE to try to determine if there’s anything scientifically believed to be digestible that McFatFat won’t eat, and just before she leaves she’ll find some Hello Kitty brass knuckles that are marked down because the person who asked for that custom work skipped out on it.

  2. New, improved Shotgun Shuffle: Now with REAL shotguns!


  3. Love the Comp-U-Latern [sic].

    I can’t make one, though, because when a computer pisses me off I take it shooting…

    1. Whereas I know, generally, how to fix them.

      I hope you had someone try to diagnose it first before declaring it unfit to exist.

      1. Depends on the problem. A fried circuitboard is a fried circuitboard, and even if you do have the EE background to fix it, seems like it’d rarely be worth the time/effort.

        I know a friend who prefers the firearm method for destroying his hard drives. I’ll admit it’s amusing, though I don’t like the idea of lots of circuitboard shards all over the place for friend/family’s property so I don’t take that approach. The ones with ceramic platters pretty well just powder, though a hammer will do that too. I was amused by the results of the hard drive ram I saw (I believe it was a 20 degree angle bend). That left circuitboard shards too, but those had e-waste recycling for the carcases (though I did keep one as a souvenier).

        1. CLARIFICATION – I’m talking about disassembling the computer and destroying failed or unwanted parts as seems appropriate, which does include the case as a viable part to destroy if it’s been irritating you for various reasons (insufficient drive bays, inconveneint wiring locations, sharp edges, etc).

        1. Information not currently listed on the Material Safety Data Sheet concerning computer spills.

          When a hammer fall connects with the contents of a computer PC and/or mother board, break out the M.C. of the PC because you. . .

          “CAN’T TOUCH THIS.”

      2. He didn’t declare it unfit to exist, just declared that it was more suited to existing as a comp-U-Lantern than as a computer

        Which would make a cool case … I am sure it exists ,but I haven’t seen it. A jack-O-Lantern led case. I am off to google.

  4. Here we are at the gun show! Drawn apparently without reference material…

    In all reality the building looks really good but abrupt scenery changes always remind me of an old Sam and Max comic where they travelled to the Phillipines in between panels. And the fourth wall breaking observation on the Phillipines being drawn without reference material was very astute. I don’t normally explain the obscure references I throw out there but in this case I didn’t want to make is seem like I was bashing the artwork. Wow, this went on much longer than I had originally intended. Anyone else still reading this? Want to go grab a pizza and some beer or something? No one? So if I no one is paying attention I can type pretty much anything now and get away with it right? Darn, now that I have the opportunity I can’t think of anything to write. Other than I guess that this is what it must look like when someone’s brain finally breaks. Ooh, pizza’s done. Later.

  5. Totally unrelated to anything, and this may have been mentioned before, but… is the fact that Ellie’s boobs seem to be increasing in size an unintentional side effect of the ever updating art style or is this something intentional like the slow growth of her hair? Or should I just be called a perv and ignored?

    1. Yes it’s been mentioned before.
      But if you mean the difference between the last image & the rest of the page.
      This time at least, it might be justifiable with the less supportive/restrictive top she is wearing in that last image.
      That, and the different angle we’re seeing her from

    2. While I’ve known a few girls whose boobs have grown in their early twenties, since we’ve already heard that Ellie’s following Tarra’s growth pattern and Tarra isn’t noticeably bigger, I’m guessing she’s not supposed to be actually growing. So I’d guess it’s perspective, degree of attempt to make them stand out clothing-wise, and just normal art fluctuations.

        1. Definitely not impossible, but I’m still betting that size differences are either unintentional or intended as a comment on her outfit as opposed to growth. I don’t see a “Damn it! I’m outgrowing all my bras again” side plot here like in Wapsi Square.

        2. I don’t know which is worse:

          The fact this discussion is happening, or
          The fact that I went back to check differences in boob-size in this comic, or
          The fact that I felt the need to add this comment which serves little purpose other than to announce I’ve spent a portion of the last 10 minutes looking at cartoon boobs from a critical standpoint.

          There is something wrong here…I just don’t know what it is, lol.

        3. I think you’re letting the fact that the topic is boobs get in the way of your good sense. Arbitrary useless research for or against any type of arbitrary debate on the Internet is simply a fact of being human and being around an arbitrary debate on the Internet. We do this on character motivations and predictions on reveals and whatnot too.

          Speaking of which, it’s been a while since we’ve all speculated on the circumstances that Ellie will find out Blind Guy is Pumpkin’s teacher who took her to task for poor quality plagiarism. I’m still pulling for her finding out in a way he doesn’t know she finds out so that she can put him on the ropes a little, as I think the power balance is too far in Blind Guy’s favor.

    1. I think the first shotgun was featured in the comic from 28 Sept 2010 (Please Be Kind, RELOAD) as it’s removed from GetMart’s Union Denial Kiosk by an employee.

  6. Ah, I see you have become acquainted with the ultimate in IT skills: Percussive Maintenance. IME, not only does this cause all other nearby pieces of computerized electronics to straighten-up and fly-right, but it’s also a great stress reliever! :D

    Also, I’m amused that Ellie has breaking out the Mom Voice™ lately, first with Pumpkin, now with “Daniel”. While I’m eager to see what’s going on with Little Chick, I like the combination segue/fast-forward here.

    1. Is that where you try to trace which one is loaded with 00 buckshot and everyone always picks the #8 birdshot?

      That’s some fast hands to pull that off.

  7. That last computer picture looks like you removed some expansion cards. Kept a good video card? This is getting to be the season to get good deals on new replacement components, though. I was considering upgrading a few things myself (though existing works, so repurpose instead of destroy for me).

    1. Actually, that is showing the front of the computer…note the smashed CD drive. You can clearly see the power supply to the right and top of the picture which would denote the top rear of the POS Gateway PC. The expansion slots are to the left/top of the picture with the drive cages in the right/front of the picture.

      1. I recognized the front from back, if nothing else the optical drive is a pretty clear giveaway.

        What I mistook was the rear case fan which is in front of part of the mangled black case exterior and is causing a square area of blackness immediately above the expansion slots and mistook that for an open area indicating removed cards.

        1. My apologies. Didn’t mean to make it sound like you didn’t know the front from the back of the computer. Middle of the day and mind was drifting…

  8. I wonder if we’re going to see the guy from the strip “Product Placement” again at this convention.

    At least here he would actually fit in.

    1. Is good DVD da? Is having entire episode including opening theme song and end credits. You buy episode 2 also and I am throwing in DVD case, with no extra charge.

    2. Actually I kinda’ suspect the Rifles I Own guy would get more weird looks at a gun show for that behavior than at a comic con. “Are you selling that? … No? … Something else? … Oh, looking for other people who’re looking to sell? … What exactly did you rent this booth for?”

  9. And here I was hoping that Daniel got put on a bus as was never heard from again. He’s about everything I can’t stand in a dude without actually crossing the line over to evil.

    1. He’s got a place on the cast page. If he rides off into the sunset this early, he’d just be coming back to surprise you later.

  10. I can’t help but wonder if it was a software or hardware issue. Sometimes a reinstall of Windows would help, though other times it can be overheating.

    Then again, upgrading could get costly. Motherboard, CPU, and RAM upgrades are usually at least $200 for low-end.

    1. You can find a decent barebones AMD system that’ll be a slight improvement from a higher end 5 year old system for $300 if you’re patient (not including monitor, keyboard, & mouse and probably uses onboard video) and then incrementally upgrade as time/money allows. You can notice in the last picture it looks like he may have removed his old video card before smashing (expansion slots showing through to behind) so he may have removed a few other parts to repurpose too.

  11. Glad to know I’m not the only one who takes electronics out to the driveway with a sledgehammer when they stop working.

  12. I know this has to have been presented plenty of times before, but I just wanna check to see if I tagged them all correctly.

    Pumpkin envy
    Cinnamon greed
    Ellie sloth
    Juniper gluttony
    Anise lust
    Tarragon pride
    Ginger wrath

        1. I think you have Pumpkin and Tarra swapped, as that one surprised me. Rusche provided the list in his post comment for comic The Honorary One (22 April 2014).

          Probably too late for you to notice this reply, though.

  13. Ha! Did that with a cell phone once, only I used a .45 because the girl I bought it to talk to …ah, you know what, never mind…

  14. Why does the thought of Ellie holding a shotgun amuse me immensly?

    In other concerns…will we see Quinn’s second roomate? ^_^;;

      1. Jessica, could there be something in the coding sequences between Matt and Gravatarless that causes nature to find a way, or did Newman screw up the systems before being spit on…

        1. I don’t think Gravatarless has anything to do with it. Matt’s comment was chronologically out of order before Gravatarless’ reply appeared, so I think it’s something with Matt’s comment. Not sure what/why, but it’s happened occasionally before, too.

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