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Fun Probability Checklist

    Another fan art by Banena. Her most ambitious yet. Entitled Girls Night Out. Banena is also pursuing her own webcomic in the near future, so any and all encouragement from the peanut gallery would be appreciated (mostly by me.) girls_night_out

94 thoughts on “Fun Probability Checklist

        1. Trust me. I prefer cologne to body spray and I prefer body odor to body spray. All the guys I know wear way too much body spray. It’s overwhelming and makes my eyes water.

        2. Yeah, the commercials suggest that if you use body spray, hot women will want to have sex with you. In libraries, retail stores, or even the local public park, wherever.

          Sounds like a totally realistic scenario to me.

    1. Cinnamon looks much nicer with a soul, ans Anise looks a lot classier without Santa around. Nice work!

      Hopefully, more fun doesn’t mean something like food poisoning… Danny’s prospects are definitely looking up, ar least until his partner sees the bills.

      1. But she’s committing the cardinal sin. Don’t look at the camera. You’d think that an actress would know that… or she’s so good of an actress that she’s tripping up the audience with her off screen performance.

      2. Not sure how the Canadian tax system works, but most of this can probably be a tax write-off. Of course, you need income to write off against, but travel expenses can be tough to counter.

        1. 1. Start a business.
          1a. Target the audience through targeted media marketing campaign (s).
          2. Travel to places where cord groups of the target audience are likely to congregate in concentrations exceeding 25 ppk.
          2b. Do NOT assume that a chain store will have the floor space nor accommodations necessary for step two unless a book signing or plushie give-away might be taking place for sick and hospitalized children.
          3. Write off travel expenses and per diem as part of public relations.
          3a. Do very little personal stuff during this time. Wait until after the event is over.

    2. So.. if I could afford Red Lobster, then I too might be able to have a date where I could hold hands with, gasp, a girl!?!?!?!?!?!?!?/&&/€$\_4_! €”&€/&#£&#8!&

      Sell all my comic book orders. Buy me a shirt, paint and shave my knees with little wiggly happy fishies. Burn my car, no wait a sec. Transfer ownership to the California Mr. Blue corporation. Report it at a loss. Then sell it to the Florida corporation for a gain.

      Go to Crazy Eddie’s and buy dad a tie cake because it’s the same mold as the Fudgie the Whale cake.

      1. Yeah, and to be fair, any guy that’s actually asking out the girl better get the tag in confidence. That’s tough to do, you know.

      2. Whoa whoa whoa! Get a hold of yourself, Mr. Blue! Don’t sell anything and don’t spend anything yet. You gotta work on those communication skills first. Do you wanna know who’s gonna understand what you mean when you ask, “Hey, would you care to join me for a night of making a few crustaceans wonder what happened to their loved ones?”

        Me. That’s it, just me, and I’m a guy. I’m pretty much the only person who catches your meaning at least most of the time. Your communication situation is truly that dire.

    3. Meh. That’s not the key to her pants. It’s the key to getting a date with her, because she likes seafood. I’ve got a hunch, judging from the check-in strip, that we’re gonna be seeing a crotch-kick situation in the near future.

    1. Don’t you know all the Buckingham girls have scouters installed at birth?

      Now, we’ll know his power level once we see where he’s taking her, and if he can pay.

      1. Are you saying Terminator wanted to go out on a date with the fuel tanker truck? Because that’s what it sounds like you’re saying.

        Not that I’m objecting, Terminators need lovin’ too.

        1. I think he is saying that at heart all women are like Terminator units.

          Ironic since just last night ex Gov Arnold announced the title of the upcoming fifth film for the series lol

        2. Who has two thumbs, a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range, and got some of that sweet tanker truck out back? This guy. *clank!*

    1. You’re really liking the guy who wanted the hotel rooms without the door between? The guy who is spending his partners money on a date, without even the suggestion of consent? And hasn’t owned up to the fact his partners told him NOT to pay her and send her home? You like the guy who suggested “more acts of random fun” after dinner?

      Personally, when he gets to the “random fun” portion of the night, I’m expecting him to get his testicles lodged up inside his body cavity by a red leather shoe. Ellie can take care of herself, and it’ll be fun to watch.

      But I may be wrong. He may be redeemable.
      5 cents, at the nearest recycling plant, I’m thinking.

        1. Michigan would have to have been willing to take a deposit on him in the first place. Though he does look better with the shirt and no hat.

      1. Yes. I am really liking Danny. And I am entitled to my opinion, which I would appreciate you not trashing.

        1. The tone may have been more aggressive than necessary, but Sean’s points stand pretty well. The only one that I don’t think is a problem is the ‘random acts of fun’ bit–at least that’s being honest about this being more than just dinner in his mind. The bit with the ‘broken door’ thing was damned creepy, though.

  1. Rusche, you are cruel and evil, I caught that bit on the checklist lol


    Why, that seems to be an ‘or’ situation from the looks of things lol

    1. Of course Danny might be sad to find out that Ellie’s “random acts of fun” after dinner all have to with board games.

      1. The funny(er) part being that the cologne joke made me pretty much overlook how funny “the thing with the sleeves” comment was in the panel before it. Either one of those jokes would make a great comic. Both in the same comic elevate this strip to God-like heights.

  2. Lol. That thing with the sleeves. At least Melvin Udall had to leave his date at a coat and tie place to level up class wise. Danny just has to go to the hotel’s mini stores for people who had their luggage lost by the airlines, stained by the horrors of Walt Disney, those who had too much to frolic in the quarternary sediments found in Florida’s soil, or too much flop sweat from having gone from the icy arctic glare of the power boardroom to the tropical blast of non-arctic subtropicalaly humid climes and clammy pits.

  3. Evil genius hand-clasping in panel five, Ellie how could you not notice that?

    @Banena – That is a nice fan art. I like the drawing style, and look forward to secretly reading your secret webcomic.

    1. Thanks Boog, I appreciate your kind comments :D

      Also, don’t get too excited about this “secret web comic” Rusche is messing with all of us. lol

      1. What? No! I needs new webcomic! Preferably something in a Tuesday / Thursday; my reading schedule’s light in that block anyway.

        And with art like that, it could be quite the comic indeed.

  4. Ellie’s response to Danny makes me think of the SNL skit Lower Expectations, except that Ellie looks much better than any character depicted in the skits.

      1. That just shows you how much attention I pay to the title of the TV show I am watching. They are both comedy sket shows; that good enough for me.

  5. I heard Red Lobster is in big trouble financially….i hope its not closed when they get there….you know…that guy looks alot less sleazy with a real shirt on….lets just hope he’s not a complete creeper like Alex.

      1. I hope they’re still accepting gift cards. My parents have several sitting around and Red Lobster is practically the only restaurant they’ll go to that’s not locally owned ( boy, that was a great vacation driving past lots of other restaurants looking for a Red Lobster…).

  6. Without his hat, Danny looks oddly familar. I dont know why, I spent the last day thinking about it in the back of my head, but he just looks…I could swear that we’ve seen him before somewhere.

  7. Awww. This looks like it might not work out terribly. See, I am an optimist?

    Not really, but I try.

    And Banena? Follow your dreams baby. If you want to make a webcomic then there is nothing stopping you. Make it happen and bring your dreams to life!

  8. Dammit, there’s more half visible text.

    to Ope
    to Lo
    Daily A

    I have no idea what that indicator reading is.

      1. Well, she’s also got what looks like a regression graph and several chemical diagrams in there so she’s either analyzing him for fun or checking for explosives.

      2. I love the insight into the process you get from webcomics in general, and from you in particular. It’s fun!

  9. Wow. He actually cleans up nicely. I am surprised. I really just hope he doesn’t turn out….rapey. Rapier. He is a little….eeeeh. But hey, if he legit-ly pays for things (Because I dunno, it did not look like he was financially…stable earlier…) and so fourth….I’d ship them.

    1. He wears a knit cap and a wife-beater. He drives an ice cream truck that looks like a rolling crime scene. His first words that we knew of were “Wait by the loading dock as naked as possible.” This is a man who might believably SWEAT Rohypnol.

      1. I don’t think so. Quagmire sweats Rohypnol. This guy was way to overwhelmed by the way Ellie looked. Not quite the cow jumping over the moon stuff, but he had enough altitude to replace tinkerbell in the almost logo look of Walt Disney Co. I think that this one knows where the line is and will waltz up to it just so. Alex didn’t care about the line, just who could he troll into bed with what worked for him in the past. Now, I also think that he might have thw the money to cover his date on his own. And having Caleb pay for the eye candy is just icing on the cake. It lets Danny play with office relationship politics in a very unethical way.

  10. You know.

    He doesn’t actually look that creepy with a shirt and minus the knit cap of creeping.

    We know that he’s kind of a slobby person, it’s implied he has an odor of some sort, and he’s still being dishonest about Ellie’s pay… but all in all, at least it’s not Dirty Art Hippie territory or anything.

  11. I’d love it if Danny had to read the instructions on how to use the cologne.

    1) Shower/Bathe for at least 15 minutes. Use soap and water; do not shower/bathe in cologne.
    2) Dry yourself off.
    3a) For salesmen: Apply liberally by pouring. If your eyes begin to water or you have trouble breathing you have applied enough.
    3b) For everyone else: Apply conservatively by dabbing with your fingertips. If you can just barely smell it, stop applying cologne.

    1. Can we put those directions on the ladies’ cologne, too? There are some ladies at church that wear enough cologne to make your eyes water.

      Now my daughter does vanilla body spray, so she smells like marshmallows. It would be great if it didn’t make me hungry.

  12. I like that Ellie’s perimeters for an acceptable date are “Boy / Non-Sister”. They don’t necessarily have to be a boy, they just have to be either a boy or not her sister. This leaves some tiny possibility for the Ellie/Quinn boat to ship.

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