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Future Prospects

KK's again acting as Ellie's motivator. Once the overseer of morale, always the overseer. Basically the relationship I've had with all my ex-bosses once debossified. UPDATE: Okay, I'm going to have to admit defeat on the next comic. Until Tuesday at least. Been working on it all day and I'm miserably behind, since it is the beginning of LoveCon (copyright). Until then.

73 thoughts on “Future Prospects

    1. Negative, for the use of foul language in the statement of firsting, the firsting for this page has become void and null. In addition, any and all words used in association with foul language has been negated from the word count. As a result, the official word count is nine. However, as a result of the use of foul language,

      who cares. Nobody cares. Try to make something good and people just want to curse on it.

        1. That’s okay. I’ve stepped over that line myself in the past. I honestly didn’t think that by quoting a line from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” would have gotten me a stern reprisal. Not that I’m saying that this is one. I’m in no way the final word on things here. Just seeing what kind of stuff will stick to the wall, so to speak. Like the pickles from that one movie where they pull them from the burgers and throw them onto the windows of the drive in place they got them from.

          I’ve no honest idea why that came into mind.

        2. Well, to be fair, one can curse and keep things PG-13 as long as it’s not every other word.

          Even fuck can be said in PG-13 movies as long as the whole movie doesn’t go over board with it.

        3. I always find that what warranted various ratings in years past to be interesting when compared to today. Though the content gets interesting in that context too (comparing the older [Audrey Hepburn] & newer [Julia Ormand] versions of Sabrina or even just re-watching Blazing Saddles come to mind as examples).

    1. Well, she was a manager at the Burger place for a few weeks before it got condemned so her second Career job.

    2. Oh no. Something much weirder and more poorly understood. She’s going to have a BUSINESS.

      Welcome to the world of quarterly estimated taxes, Ellie! Or, “Paying Taxes on Money You Haven’t Even Made Yet.”

      1. Or more likely not knowing that she needs to do it and no one telling her and she gets a big unpleasant surprise next April (likely after some kind of splurge on something like her phone).

        1. A tax audit. That’s a scary thing. And if she ends up doing any kind of well at this she’ll be a bigger target for the IRS.

  1. And, as philosophized by he who knows the future, because he writes it, Ellie the Lazy will become Business Ellie.

      1. It’s business time. Engage in marketing with your friends. We’ll sell things in very distant lands.

        Fatfat the Cat and Ellie the Human

        Paperwork that never ends! It’s Business Time!

  2. The question is, will Ellie be able to pull this off, or would she need someone to show her the ropes as they handle their party planning business. Considering Ellie’s ability to flip around her laziness and work ethics, could the question be considered moot?

    1. pulling it off…
      someone showing her the ropes…
      party planning…

      Even though I know it’s not going to go there, for a second I envisioned a very different story. ;D

    2. I see Ellie’s primary problem with the role being finding clients and the possible long term retention of said clients (some guys trying to hit on her will get tired, some ladies will have a reaction like Quinn’s initial one, etc).

      She’ll definitely need help with the business side of things, but it sounds like KK is happy to give Ellie advise (like the top level checklist she needs to know for having her own business, such as tax questions), and I suspect Rosemary would be supportive and helpful with advise and legal assistance, along with asking Tarra and/or William (who does work at a family car dealership) to provide additional advise/assistance.

      As for her laziness, she did get the appreciation of putting that aside to work as needed back at O’Jack’s, so I think the primary place that’d hit her as a self-employed/small business owner is the business development part, rather than the execution part.

      1. I’d say that KK found out how to get rid of at least 2/3’s of a person’s work that she inherited if Ellie would take up the party planning to use the hotel as the location.

      2. There’s also the question of whether Tired Guy even takes this business seriously or if it’s just a cover

        1. I think I’d rephrase that question a bit. It’s questionable if Tired Guy set up eSymmetry solely to distract David for a single afternoon or if he had other uses for that particular phony/half-assed business.

  3. I’m starting to get curious about what KK’s character flaw(s) will be. Rusche likes characters to have both good and bad points (with possibly Alex & Kat as exceptions regarding good points), and KK’s going to be a major character.

    So far the only negative I can think of being mentioned was Quinn telling Pumpkin that KK “would not shut up about being bisexual” (originally Patreon comic Suzie Q, currently in main site archives with date January 13, 2015), and a roommate who won’t shut up about almost anything is irritating, but that hardly counts as a major flaw (especially since timing-wise, it might’ve been KK first moving out of her parents house and having more freedom, so a bit of an overcompensation there and Quinn exaggerating out of irritation). That hardly seems like enough of a flaw for a major character of Rusche’s.

    1. Well she did bail on Quinn right before General Nicks was coming by for an inspection. Not that I really blame her considering how difficult to be around Quinn is in general.

      And we’ve only seen a relatively narrow view of her life so far. It’s possible that outside of work she has more foibles.

      1. Hmm, what if KK was going on and on and on and on and on and on and on about being bisexual as a means of passive aggressively getting Quinn to either back off of her high horse or kick her out. Hmm, excuse me.

        and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on etc.

    2. She steals hamburgers. She’s a full-on Hamburgler. Like, Carmen Sandiego levels of theft, just with hamburgers.

      I don’t have any evidence of this. I just think it would be an interesting character flaw for her.

      1. I agree that would be a marvelous character flaw. Though I think with current characters, I’d be more likely to assign that one to Quinn’s brother, Vu, or Summer.

        I’m not sure what in that vein would fit KK. The closest that comes to mind is her being violently passionate about increasing the size of her stamp collection, but that really doesn’t seem to fit that well.

        1. Who’s Summer, again?
          That one guy, did you steer clear of the tanker explosion we had yesterday?

        2. Yep, thankfully wasn’t near it. I actually didn’t hear about it until I started listening to the traffic this morning on my way to work. Yourself?

          @mR. Blue – Short story is wrong way driver going N on I-75 S through downtown Dayton crashed into a gasoline tanker yesterday, one of three lanes was still closed this morning, apparently scheduled to re-open Thursday. Long story – http://www.whio.com/news/local/crash-new-details-released-about-victim-explosion-lanes-reopen-thursday/yqvUkJGZr6PQ7XLBVLko4J/ .

        3. Yeah. I did a news search after I read Snack’s post. Didn’t know that you guys live in the same geographical/political sub division.

        4. Indeed, we both live near the same city, so SnackNStack gets to share Kirk from when Rusche asked commenters to give our general areas of the country for use later in the comic (see The Chain Part III with current post date of March 22, 2015) for Kirk’s appearance and location.

          (I volunteered Dayton when Rusche asked, though I’m just in the general area, not Dayton proper. I’d thought it was going to be a road trip so gave a LOT of completely extraneous details for what was eventually used as I recall.)

        5. …just to keep my archivist hat from blowing away in today’s high winds, I’ll mention the comic Rusche requested home city areas was The Final Con Part II (current post date of March 9, 2015, though looks like actual post date was 22 Dec 2014 by comments). Additionally the author post was blanked and comments suggesting there were some delays around that time. Direct link to my way too long response in the wrong direction may be found here: http://shotgunshuffle.com/comic/the-final-con-part-ii/comment-page-1/#comment-227263

        6. Sorry, missed your first question.

          Summer’s one of the D52. The lady with the black & white color scheme and the gun with a barrel long enough I remember commenting I doubted the bullet could stabilize within the apartment when she joined the ambush for Blind Guy (see comic Terms and Conditions-Part 7 with current post date of September 2, 2016).

  4. OK watch out, excited venting time:
    I’ve been loving this job idea for ellie sence you first proposed it. the idea that she, unintentionally sets herself up for a job like this and then roles wih it is great. party/event planning is a real buisness and it doesnt have to be entirely local either if she starts running out of local clients. clients provide the budget, and she does the work. and this definitely seems like something she would be good at.
    i know im soundign overly excited but from day one it seemed like this webcomic was gonna be Ellie humorously going from job to job without a final conclusion. she started out the lazyy sister, who was all about facebook and her good looks, and she’s only now truely breaking form that identity. i mean i bet she will still be lazy and humerously herself, but this is the perfect kind of job to expand her identity while still allowing her to spend much of her time in her own room (possibly making calls and and doing internet searches for example for her job)
    and this is not to say this is an easy job at all. planning can become incredibly stressfull, especialy when the clients you get are extremely picky with a bufdget that isnt what you’d like for what they want. but i feel like Ellie might be qualified enough for the job, with her social media and internet inspired experiences with what people like and want. and with her various acquaintances and family (especially her very diverse family) she has people to call for advise when an client wants an event with a theme she isnt particularly familiar with. and KK’s perposal here to get her buisness aswell seriously increases how successful this line of work will be for Ellie.
    sorry i get passionate and thorough when i think about stuff like this. strategies of work and stuff, hypothetical situations, you get the idea. pluss when i first started reading htis comic…i was basicly Ellie… and still am. im lazy, I love atention, and my luck with jobs are pretty simular, not to mention a big number of siblings (not all girls though, though my little brother is practically pumpkin). we even look similar (though im not very tall, my hair is lighter, and not to be a perv, but her bust, im prety sure is bigger then my own, though im not exactly small (if you catch my drift) either in that department) so when i began reading this comic, i fealt like i was looking at a funner, crazier version of my life, so when i see this development, i feel realy good, and i hope i find a job i can do that fits me just as well.

    1. Cathy,

      Daily life in self improvement is setting a goal and then taking it one step at a time to get there. I’m going to say that from what you wrote is that Ellie would probably do well at is quick analysis, implementation and then enjoying her down time severely.

    2. Well, to be somewhat of a perv but hoping not to give too much offense, I feel like if on a scale of 1 to 10 you have to say you’re not quite a 12 then you’re still ahead of the curve.

    3. Glad to hear an excited fan, and good luck to you in finding a good fit as well.

      I have a cousin who dropped out of college and has bounced between quite a lot of jobs in his life. He told me a couple of years ago that he finally was finding that his twenty-odd years of seemingly random job experience has perfectly suited him to some new jobs that he seems to really enjoy.

      My brother spent several years trying to assist in propping up a failing business right out of college, wore all the hats along the way, and effectively went down with the ship there. The next job he found was a bit irritating and seemingly stuck, but in about two years he’d moved somewhere else in the company, found the skills he’d gained wearing all the hats previously put him far and away ahead of his peers and rocketed forward and has good reason not to be worried about finding a high paying job now for the rest of his life.

      Sometimes the path to get there is weird and unexpected, but a good work ethic and really paying attention to learn what each job has to teach rather than just coasting seems to lead people to satisfying places.

  5. KK is full of sound advice. Of course, given the nature of this comic, we all already know there is no chance in hell the mixer is going to go smoothly. Ellie probably will have to put out a fire. But it could go over well enough to work.

    1. Long time, no see. I’m thinking, based on your comment, that Ellie is not only going to try to put out the fire, but she’ll be at the epicenter. That, and since it’s a “new” concept to Tired Guy, they won’t know how to contain any potential fallout that would rain down on his illicit actions.

      Does anyone think that David will show up?

      1. I think David wants to lay low and not display his abilities too openly. So I don’t imagine he’ll show up unless explicitly invited, and if he does I expect he’d be helping Ellie put out any fires.

        Though if David AND Tarra both show up, that could be a fire he wouldn’t be much help with…

  6. I want to ask a serious question. Look at Ellie’s belt. It has the eyelets, and then the one or two implied with the buckle fastening the belt.

    Does the way it looks to you, whomever decides to look at it, like the fashion statement of the belt’s three showing eyelets (or holes for the want of a better description) look like she made a poor choice and that the belt as is implies she’s ‘fat’. Or is it a calculated fashion choice on her part to have it that way?

    1. Now that you’ve brought attention to the belt I’m more wondering how it stays in place when it doesn’t go through any loops on her skirt.

      I don’t really know anything about women’s fashion, but I almost think the belt might be a stylized part of the skirt itself rather than a separate piece of clothing.

      1. Definitely seems decorative, and part of the skirt wouldn’t seem surprising. As for it staying up, I think the curve of her hips is plenty to keep it from falling (last panel being a good example of that).

        1. I was more thinking about it riding up above the edge of the skirt. It just seems like she’d be constantly adjusting it if it’s loose like that.

        2. That could be a concern. On the other hand, if the inside of the belt and the fabric of her clothes are smooth enough, it should fall back down in short order too.

    2. I remember seeing that all the time in the 80’s and even up to the mid 90’s. Judging from Ellie’s entertainment choices, I think she might be tapping that era’s fashion sense. Women used that to cover up where they tucked in their blouses so that if they they had a bit of belly, they big belt would hide it. Ellie’s been eating plenty of Red Lobster over the past month or thereabouts so I don’t think she’s exactly starving now. If’n you know what I mean.

    3. Well, there’s the other aspect of buying a smaller belt: that she bought it because she can fit into the smaller size. If she’s losing weight (not saying she needs to. Some people lose weight due to illness, or stress, not because they’re trying.), she might have bought the smaller size recognizing that she wouldn’t need the bigger size.

      I’m not buying that the belt is hiding increased weight. She’s thin above the belt. Anyone thinking a belt was going to hide weight gain is fooling themselves. All a wide belt does is accentuate that area, especially in a contrasting color. If she wanted to hide something, it would be a black belt. She might be trying to draw attention away from her other assets, or just glamming up an outfit that’s fairly conservative (apart from the neckline).

    4. Please allow me to rephrase.

      Does the belt’s design, as she’s wearing it, imply subjectively upon the viewer the possibility that Ellie’s fighting against the belt. I.e., the person looking at the belt may in some way infer subconsciously that she, Ellie, is fat because of the aesthetic placement of the belt’s holes?

      1. Ditto on the subjectivity.

        I also think anyone noticing the holes on the belt would think it a sign of her borrowing it from someone else’s closet or having had it for years while still growing or that it’s just designed that way. I partially think that because the belt’s right there at her waist, which is quite small, especially compared to chest & hips.

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    When I went to vote on TWC, we were at 151. I came back from voting, and we were at 144.

    This is the day to vote, guys. This is when it makes the most difference! So get over there and show our boy some vote!

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