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Games People Play

Before you ask me how that cat could possibly play Twister...

154 thoughts on “Games People Play

      1. Commenter jeffepp’s current gravatar shuffle shows Ellie, so I’m willing to accept that the commenter licked Blind Guy first.

        I’m sure that’s the only question you could be requesting additional judges for.

        1. Nnnnnoooooo. But a blind ruling about locking the blind guy first as a stand in is not grounds for first firsts without the ten word minimum.

        2. Jeffepp did not declare “first” and, as such, is ineligible. Therefore, I motion that Jeffepp be granted first on the grounds that the race for “first” was subverted which is all around a very fine thing indeed.

        3. I would suggest that jeffepp specifically aimed to nullify first for this comic, which is also quite a valid thing to do. I’d hate to second a first when the true intent was to make zero firsts.

        4. But he didn’t meet the ten word minimum. The conundrum to be addressed was that he was attempting to make a valid nope as speaking for Ellie. The joke is valid, but there were no subcommittee meetings on the Erf First for a comment in meta textual presentation.

          Technically, Chris gets first because of the way the buttons are labled. But ever since he flipped the sub committee on kiddie pools pool and sub , it’s been deferred to the Senate intelligence committee for cartoon economics.. which was just assigned to the Senate comiittee for agricultural development of sustainable artistic architecture.

        5. A deliberate attempt to avoid the ten word minimum while being the chronologically first comment and using the rule of trying to use the term “first” suggests the possibility of attempting to deliberately avoid being dubbed first, which to me sounds like a nullification vote for first for this comic.

        6. But, but… shut up.

          The Feds don’t like nullification. The only reason the DEA hasn’t nuked Colorado is the Air Force Academy.

        7. A beautiful thing about the USA gov is that the DEA doesn’t have that authority and ordinary citizens don’t actually need to care about disapproval on that level from the federal government.

        1. Alternatively, The Wanking Dead, but that’s a porno and I’m pretty sure that’s not what darnil ment.

    1. I would like to let you know that if the first first doesn’t qualify as a first then you are in the running to he runner up for the forst first of first, as the first first appears to be somewhat of a possible meta quote on Ellie’s behalf. While or does seem to be applicable to the comic, it lacks the required ten word minimum length to be first. We await the judge’s ruling.

      1. Query, does leaving Lovejoy together, without even going in qualify as dibs in an unspoken manner? Even to survive what must be headlined as “Lovelorn deep, looking for love destroys Lakeland’s newest luxury hotel.”

  1. Is it me, or is Quinn getting more “well rounded”? Not complaining, just noting. Ellie has that effect on those around her.

    1. I know there was a statement about her being a bit underfed due to roommate situation cutting into her cash flow at the start of the comic, and that after Ellie got a job and started paying rent that she deliberately filled out a bit. Past that, not sure how much of any changes are imagination, art style change, or deliberate for her age (which isn’t completely filled out yet for every woman).

  2. Right, what keeps this romance from being creepy and manipulative is his jawline and pecs. Not sure how that went over my head before.

  3. I am starting to wonder where Ellie finds he clothes. She’s definitely not shaped like a normal woman, and her clothes are super form-fitting, so they probably aren’t off the rack at Get-Mart. Latex paint? Custom jobs by Pumpkin?

      1. Why do people always say “just relax” in situations like these? A lot of us kick the tires, inspect the joins and welds, and pay lots of attention to the man behind the curtain–not because we are uptight and are trying desperately to find faults and flaws, but because looking at details and taking them to their (sometimes) logical conclusion is *fun*. We are doing it for the joy of examining the craft. And the Comments section should be a safe space to do it, since comment sections are where the small minority of people with a deeper interest in a work gravitate to. If you cannot analyse a work here, then where?

        1. Sorry, sorry. Did I use too many words and lose you? Let me shorten that up for you:

          “Why you no like talking about comic in place where comic is talked about?”

        2. It’s hard to behave when someone tells someone not to fret about something and the other person goes on a rant about how “WE NITPICK! IT’S WHAT WE DO!”

          Had I been here and not at home enjoying my time off, I would have taken Iron’s side and asked, “Why would you want to ask those questions in the first place?”

          It’s a comic – I just look at pretty pictures and enjoy the dialogue. Like TV and anime, I don’t expect things to make sense in a real world context (although I love the detail in the backgrounds … amazing).

        3. Quinn’s clothes are also a bit unrealistically tailored, though to a lesser degree do to her proportions compared to Ellie, so it is just artistic license in terms of shirts fitting well with those differentials and not being MUCH more stretched out or less form fitting at the waist.

        4. In episode 2F09, when Ellie plays Quinn’s skeleton like a xylophone, she strikes the same rib in succession, yet she produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is a magic xylophone, or something?

          Ha ha, boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

        5. Why would a man whose shirt says ‘Genius at Work’ spend all of his time watching a children’s cartoon show?

    1. Right, see, that’s something to worry about, not why the cops aren’t at her door to investigate the demolition of an entire wing of a hotel due to a love convention.

      1. She got fired before the hotel blew up and was several blocks away. A quick call to her dad mentioning that and that Tarra was in the building was certainly enough to clear Ellie.

        Though that does bring up the question of what percentage of the royalties on all of Tarra’s patents go to paying for all the damage she causes everywhere she goes.

  4. Also, considering how much effort many women put into their appearances, it might be pretty convenient for “the lazy one” to fall in love with a man who she doesn’t need to get dolled up for? Worrying about which shoes/purse/dress/makeup go well together goes out the window, unless she’s worried about impressing people besides herself and David.

      1. And now the news, in other headlines today, Ethel Merman jams Russian Radar.

        The Russians replied, “What the Hell was that?”

        1. …raspberry!

          There’s only ONE MAN would DARE give me the raspberry!


          LONE STARR!

    1. I’d like to see a montage of their dates where Ellie continuously lowers the bar due to this non-essential requirement.
      Date 1: Dress
      Date 2: t-shirt and jeans
      Date 3: faded and worn Terminator 2 t-shirt and jeans
      Date 4: burlap sack…

      1. It looks like she’s doing this already. Space Invaders polo & khaki shorts? I’m pretty sure she has generally dressed up more for dates…like, a dress.

        1. She’s wearing matching underwear, do not underestimate what this means to a feminine mind.

        2. While I think I know the intended suggestion, with her being the Lazy One, it might also be an agreement with my own lazy philosophy (batch clothing choices to minimize required loads of laundry, buying more clothes to have enough to balance out batches and be lazy as needed).

        3. Whats more, shes matching her underwear for a blind man. Sadly, its more likely she just has nothing but complete sets

      2. But they already did that with “Family Guy.” Besides, I think that Ellie may take Owen’s advice and think that he’s awesome because she’s with him.

        1. Actually dress up and be arm candy to make people think that David’s awesome because she’s with him. He says it after they am scary from the movie.

        2. I think my confusion here is whose perspective this is coming from. I remember the part on the date with Owen, but it was Owen saying that. Coming from him, it’s a compliment to Ellie. Coming from Ellie, it would make her sound like a narcissistic jerk.
          This: “I get to feel awesome because you’re beautiful and you’re here with me.”
          Vs: “You get to feel awesome because I’m beautiful and I’m here with you.”

    2. It’s possible, but considering Ellie’s favorite passtime at the start of the comic, I think she feels competitive at times with other women. Also walking around with David she also likely wants to unobtrusively chase off other women trying to move in as well, and paying attention to her appearance enough that the other women don’t view her laziness as an opening is one way to try to mitigate there.

  5. Well this was a pleasant Monday surprise.

    I think this throws a wrench into Miss Andi’s theory that Quinn and David know each other. Although I’d like to think it offers support for the idea that David passively influences the minds of het girls.

    Also, I would say Ellie shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses in regards to noticing David is blind, but Quinn did cost her her share of their electronics store credit by buying stuff for her not boyfriend so I can’t deny her some harmless ribbing.

  6. The tail. FatFat still has a tail waiting for a spot

    Also, wipe off that smile, Ellie. You make MY mornings look even worse :/

      1. Cinn. Definitely Cinn.

        She’d probably return it as defective a few times before someone asked her enough questions for her to figure it out too.

  7. You know some day there will be a time I’ll look back on ellie-and-quinn-wakey comics with a sudden sense of nostalgia. But right now, today, this feels like a visit to a sunny beach.

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    1. I don’t think she minds letting good-looking strange men into the house. It’s the douche-bag weird ones she knows to keep out.

        1. I guess he’s not really a “stranger,” but still. He’s strange enough to be on the “Hmmmmm” list.

        2. That is such a stripper song, btw. I never get a request for it unless someone is intending to take off their clothing.


          I was trying to get a thread stated with responses to the “he’s so strange. ” haven’t you ever heard of match game? That’s it. I’m going to put a banana in your trail pipe

      1. It’sa not a Holy Shitteaa. Not even a Holy Crap on a Cracker.

        It’sa alla da Holy Water I slip into his coffee eacha day

  9. I do have a question for you Rusche, did Ellie name her cat Mr. Fatty McFatFat knowing that she was going to overfeed him or did the name come after he became morbidly obese?

    1. Just in case Rusche doesn’t reply –

      He was born that way. You just knew by looking at him as a kitten that he was going to be as round as a professional basketball.

      (Not really, I have on idea, but it sounded good in my head)

        1. I mean recently. Would he fit through the hoop now, after he keeps eating and expanding. Eventually that cat is going to have its own weather system.

    1. She caught him before he made it in the building.

      She couldn’t show her face too much in front of potential dates that have seen her, so he was safe in that regard.

  10. Just spent two days reading every single one of these >.> Great work! And I wish I remembered this webcomic way back when I found it lol

    1. We still welcome you to the readership and comments.

      As an old man commenter, it’s my privilege to present to you a laurel and hardy handshake.

      Your gift basket is in the mail. I’m pitching in a pair of gym socks Anise occasionally used before the operation to your gift basket. Steve, mR. Blue and others will likely have more contributions.

    1. You got me, I didn’t notice that at all until just now.

      Welcome and for your gift basket I’d like to contribute three metric tons of hair shed from various animals that Ellie has fed.

      1. Uh, here’s two half glasses of Rum and Coke that I had left over from my gig last night. Sorry that the ice has melted and watered them down a little.

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