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Give or Take

Little UPDATE to the next comic.. While the schedule is slowly getting back on track I had a bit of a hiccup this week. I worked on Friday's comic through most of Wednesday until I got a call my son was projectile vomiting in class. He was fine when I dropped him off, but had some kind of sudden illness onset. I get to the school and I'm practically wadding through ill children in the office, including my son with a tiny trashcan in front of him. I go to sign him out, and I can see the names of all these other kids getting checked out within the last 30 minutes or so. All listed reasons were leaving were: Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick So I take him home and he loses the lunch I made him quickly after. My daughter comes home perfectly fine. So I go to bed at like, 10pm, ready to knock the rest of this comic out on Thursday. Just let Jackson watch Real Ghostbusters on Netflix or something. By 11pm my daughter rolls over in bed and just loses it all over her bedroom. The rest of my night was spent doing all her laundry, sanitizing her room, and taking her rug outside to spray off with a hose. She was sick multiple times after as well. We didn't get back to sleep until about 3am, which I knew would throw me into zombie statues for most of Thursday. So anyway, I'm still working, but dealing with them. Obviously some nasty stomach bug going around school, or their cafeteria fridge didn't meet the necessary temperature for an extended period of time. Also going out of state for Easter (hopefully) if the kids ailments can settle down. I'll definitely be back Tuesday, since a good chunk of this comic is completed, but I'd rather not rush it for quality sake. Preview below. Ellie will be having a brief conversation with KK. I gotta seed a future plot point here, but we will be immediately entering the LoveCon after this.

91 thoughts on “Give or Take

    1. Disqualified:
      * Failure to meet 10-word minimum.
      * Insufficient substance: post’s entire substance is claiming First™ without also commenting on the comic itself.

      First™ is hereby awarded to Charles Dickson by default.

      1. Objection. The First Committee bylaws Article 5 Section D Subsection c Part viii clearly states that in the event of a disqualification there shall be a declaration of no contest excepting for instances of live fire or interference through use of waterfowl.

        1. And you did such a good job. We’re you able to conspicuously place Waldo as well as hide the following: author’s left ear lobe, right nostril, uni brow of a donkey, eye of Newt Gingrich, and the gold of El Dorado?

        2. You forgot the throat, upper lip, bicuspids, right big toe, left pinky finger, and deltoids of Sauron. As well as a parrot that speaks piglatin, the Agrocrag, Carmen Sandiego’s retainer, and a crosseyed mountian goat that likes to hit people in the crotch.

        1. On set actors are explicitly exempt due to the fact that they are surreptitiously first by fault in providing not only the set up but the cue as well for the first firsting. – Alex De’Cokeville Tribeca channel 6, host – Gypparodiey.

  1. Wut, first? Also, the identity of the faciltity manager is supposed to be a big reveal but I don’t recognize her. Not Quinn and no marks under the eyes…

      1. If you can keep your dress’ hem below your ankles and stay off of the subway grates, then no one should be able to see your slip. Even if you are hungry for a snickers.

        1. If Barrel could have done that, then morning shift would have been a hell of a lot more fun. And a hell of a lot more fat lady’s complaining about the cashier’s making comments on their families food intakes.

  2. Dang Chris, why up for so long? I know that I pulled a few long days in my time at college, but mostly just staying up the one night between two days.

    On another note, does anyone else think that we are going to be seeing a certain DJ providing some entertainment?

  3. Great to see the return of KK.

    That sounds like a very impressive hotel. I really hope Ellie ends up working there. I also hope it’s the same brand Danny used during the Con and that it’s the Shuffleverse version of the Holiday Inn, like the Festival Lodge or something.

    Really loving the consistent updates, but not at the cost of your health. I’m almost certain no comic is worth dying over.

      1. As long as you stay even more consistent in staying alive, healthy, and not miserable, we appreciate the effort.

        1. I don’t think I was clear on my statement. We do appreciate the effort, but unless you know you’ll feel pretty good anyway after an all-nighter, we’d much rather have you take a proper rest and get the comic updated a day late.

          It’s the sort of thing that leads to Occupational burnout. I’ve seen people who were dealing with it and it’s not a nice thing to happen to anyone.

        2. Haha, I wouldn’t know that. I just know that by working frequently Overnight with no rest could lead to several undesirable conditions, like a Nigth fever or extreme tiredness In the morning.

          Anyway, unwittingly I started a joke and I wasn’t prepared for it. But I’m satisfied with the outcome after all.

      2. Update consistency will require either consistency by announcing next update complexity and thus target post time, or no longer combining updates into longer posts for artistic and topical reasons the way you’ve done for the past several years. You’ve done several >3x normal update size in a row posts in the past (sometimes both on main site and Patreon).

        Please don’t view this as me trying to discourage update consistency, but big pushes more than rarely tends to lead to the type of burnout that takes a lot longer to recover from, so I think realistic expectations/guidelines/deadlines are key.

      1. No no no no no. Drury convention cetera of Lakeland, Florida. My homeboys need a shout out. But I just don’t know them. I drive by there every once in a while.

        1. That brings up the question of if Tarra is #27, #44, or another red X that’ll be flipped to alive.

          That also calls into greater question why Tarra was running at General Nicks as he was holding a gun on Mr. Radio. I’d assumed she was on the General’s side, but perhaps not (though Tired Guy’s mention of controlling subordinates might mean Tarra defected, too).

  4. KK! I’m eagerly awaiting to find out how she went from O’Jacks to whatever it is she’s doing now. (Which apparently isn’t renting out the old O’Jacks location for spare cash which would be its own brand of hilarity.)

  5. Yay, KKs back!

    (I can’t believe I’m only just noticing now, but Old Guy is a lot bigger than I thought. I always saw him as a spindly little guy but he’s actually tall and has actual weight to him. Huh.)

  6. Congrats on surviving the Art-a-thon & posting a great update. Sincere best wishes for tweaking your schedule to avoid future burnout!

    (Ulterior Op-Ed: You have just experienced the Sleep Pressure, & possibly brain fog, of a person with narcolepsy [PWN]).

  7. Tired Guy – “Is there an extra security deposit or fee for evil? I can always use a good event venue for my other businesses, but those extras add up fast.”

  8. I, for one, feel extremely grateful for the more frequent updates. There are to many webcomics, IMO, that start off with a very interesting story as soon as your get emotionally invested in it the author/artist comes down with a serious case of the “busies” or occasionally even a terminal case of “life”. A webcomic that can update regularly is farm more impressive IMO than one with really nice graphics that updates only when the stars and all the planets align.

    1. Speaking of which, Leftover Soup recently completed it’s run and in the author’s own words:”Exactly 1000 comics, 4000 panels, 50 days in strip time, 6 years, 5 months and 18 days in real time – with no missed updates, thankyouverymuch.”

    2. Heard that! I’ve said it a few times but I’d read this thing if it were stick figures. The plot’s multi-branched and sound; there’s enough here to make a novel.

    3. But doesn’t that apply to webcomic artists who don’t artist as a day job? But then again, there are two reasons that everyone goes through that could derail any and all updates. Death and taxes. The fifth one is Yokogawa Ono.

    4. That fact is what always makes me a little sad at when I find myself enjoying a webcomic made by a college student. Those have a very high dropoff rate after graduation (which makes lots of sense, but is still disappointing from a viewer stance).

  9. Great to see the next page up so soon, along with the previous entries…just please don’t break yourself, Mr. Webcomics Man.

  10. Uh-oh. LoveCon stuck to the wall and is not slipping.

    BTW, sorry to hear about the kids ailments. That many kids getting sick at once doesn’t bode well for the school if it’s not a bug. But then again, you don’t think it was built on an alien race pet cemetery and picnic ground, do you?

    1. Sounds like a stomach-virus to me; we had one that ran through me, my brother, and my dad all in the space of about 12 hours. The good thing is, they don’t usually last long and you should recover pretty quick so long as you stay hydrated.

  11. Rusche – As a side note, sufficient sleep is good for the immune system, so with plague going around your kids’ school right now, make sure you don’t short yourself too much…

      1. Mandrake, have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water?

        (sorry, couldn’t help that quote in response)

        1. Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous Communist plot we have ever had to face.

      2. “Staying hydrated” is not a problem for the vast majority of people in the US – the myths around drinking more water (like the old “drink eight 8-oz glasses of water a day”) have no basis in scientific research. If you are thirsty, drink something, but drinking lots of water has no proven positive effects.

  12. Hey, what a great post I came across and believe me I’ve been searching for this same type of post for the past week or so and barely found it. Thank you very much and will be looking for more posts from you.

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