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Go Set a Watchwoman

I'm doing 10 Patreon giveaways this round, and for anyone not familiar, pledgers of $5.00 and up have a chance to win. The higher the pledge, the higher the chances of winning (Patreon gives me a downloadable spreadsheet where I have the pledges sorted and weighted accordingly, to be selected by a random number generator.) I'll announce the winners a week from now. I offer you a chance at the following:

Set 1 a1 a2 a3 a4

Set 2 b1 b2 b3 b4

Set 3 c1 c2 c3 c4

Set 4 d1 d2 d3 d4

Set 5 e1 e2 e3 e4

Set 6 f1 f2 f3 f4

Set 7 g1 g2 g3 g4

Set 8 h1 h2 h3 h4

Set 9 i1 i2 i3 i4

Set 10 j4 j3 j2 j1

183 thoughts on “Go Set a Watchwoman

      1. Do we even need to say first?… Is it not already obvious… Is there a prize?

        How made up the rule of ten words for stating First? Is he or she qualified to set standards? Was it Mr Blue? Who seems to require paragraphs for what the rest of us can say in a sentence? If so then a few words speaks volumes.

      2. I say put him on probation. If he behaves, he’ll get his first comment recognised. If not, it’s time to get out the socks and soap.

        1. Make like a pile driver operator when installing a 200 foot pier and say, ‘I need a 3/4″ 2-1/4″ 3/4 tpi-10 1/2 ton screw.’

      3. Back in my day we always had to call first or it didn’t count. Like Uno or no punch-backs. Don’t guess I’m hip enough any more to hang out in you youngsters’ comment sections.

        1. Back in my days, we didn’t even have comment sections!

          You youngsters and all your new toys…

  1. A list of things I love about this post:
    1. Danny’s discount haircut
    2. Fight Club reference
    3. The reappearance of the whisk; Alex must be breathing better now that is has been removed from him
    4. Quinn passing out on Ellie’s….um…..pillows.
    5. Everything else I didn’t mention.

    Keep up the Awesome!

    1. I really don’t think that all the bleach in the world would have gotten the girls to pull that thing back out, if that’s where it went. Even if it didn’t, I don’t want it.

    2. Tis another whisk. She had a spare and THAT one will probably never be seen again until he tries to go on an airplane.

      1. Like I’ve said before, I have 4 whisks and don’t even 1) use them that often or 2) have them as my FF theme weapon. It’s just that when you need to use a whisk, you often need one or two more for stuff you’re making at the same time or for helpers to use. They’re also cheap.

    3. You forgot the first one. But I mentioned it later. But does such a blanket coverage as #5 cover blatant movie references as the one that was made?

      1. Nah, Quinn’s easy response to any drool stains is to ask Ellie her guess if the shirts of hers that Ellie stretched out were fixed by washing them or not and then tell her that she’s still one up and to leave it be. Or as I remarked below, she could always go with the “they almost killed me once” as justification for “I get to use them as pillows when it’s convenient.

        Seriously, though, given the choice of resting on Ellie’s boobs or Danny’s couch, I can’t imagine any 100% hetero female that wouldn’t take about a thousandth of a thought about Danny and make herself comfortable on Ellie’s chest instead. Not that I think Quinn made a conscious choice here, but I think given those choices it’s the choice she WOULD have made regardless.

    1. Of course where Quinn has her head resting is actually more across the collarbone, which means she’s lying on an area where most of the boob padding isn’t.

  2. Now, why would Quinn want Danny running around naked. Especially when he’s up on a ladder and that puts things at eye level. (Shudder). Anyway, awesome. Now, let’s launch that monkey!

    1. It’s probably about the humiliation aspect. Of course, for this to work Danny would have to have some shame in the first place.

  3. AWWW! I would love to have that last frame blown up full 8.5×11, it would make a lovely wall paper ^^ Would have been cuter if Ellie’s head was resting on Quinn’s, but still a 9/10 as is. That aside, love the punishments and Caleb’s quip lol

    Though I worry the girls won’t get their cars :(

    Still all things considered a nice way to wrap up an arc if I do say so myself. The daws and feelz are strong with this one!

        1. I thought it was “adorkable”, but then I am neither young nor hip.

    1. Not falling asleep while lying on top of someone else is probably something instinctive in the Buckingham household. It’s to easy for someone to get upset and/or play horrible practical jokes on you.

      1. Take it from someone that comes from a large family. When you have that many relatives who are that close and live together or spend that much time together, ‘personal space’ doesn’t exist. Likewise pranks or blackmail pictures are suppressed by MAD (Mutrally Assured Destruction) as everyone has dirt on everyone else lol.

        I think what happened was the momentum from Quinn falling onto Ellie pushed her towards the side.

      1. I think that qualifies as fan service as the meaning of the two words together and not in the way people normally seem to mean it on the Internet.

    2. I suspect they’ll get sufficient cars that Caleb trusts they’ll consider it worthwhile not to claim he didn’t live up to his side of the bargain.

    1. If it weren’t for the circumstances under which they met, Quinn and Caleb would go together quite nicely. They’re both dedicated to their goals, have little tolerance for nonsense, and both enjoy injuring Danny.

        1. I have at least two friends that I’ve found “this is too close for us”. One is a former college roommate, the other is a former competitive dance partner. Both descriptions were the “too close” relationships in question. Both are people I miss and would be very happy if the wind happened to blow us living in the same general area of the country again.

          Not the same apartment/house, though. Definitely not. Might be able to manage down the street. Maybe.

    1. Back a few pages they mention a website fullyclothednudes (.com); he might have been in involved with that.

    2. Not necessarily. He could be the inspiration for the Dave Attell bit about what fear looks like.

    1. I don’t think she’d do it, but I’d like to see her wake up, stretch, notice where she’s been sleeping, and tell Ellie the phenomenal sleep she just had makes up for them trying to kill her and she’ll call it even.

    1. Girls being pals while doing a whole afternoon’s bake-a-thon? (With brand new whisk. A brand spanking new whisk. I hope.)

      1. I’d prefer any cooking of Quinn’s that required a whisk which I was going to consume to be done with a whisk which hadn’t partaken in any spanking.

  4. I would think that putting expensive electronic devices in the freezer like that would void the warranty.

  5. 10 sets this month? I like my odds (and, if karma/universal balance is a thing, getting into an accident [other drivers fault, and I was a passenger] last week should help those odds skyrocket!)

    I’m kinda surprised Danny didn’t get something shaved into his hair, which would either require him to finish the job himself or get someone else to complete the shaving (thus either increasing his potential pain [cuts self shaving head] or increasing his humiliation [why would you have THAT shaved into your hair?])

    Quinn looks so comfortable & content in that last frame :-D

    1. If you win the first one, tell the rest of us if the censored one is a character that hasn’t been shown yet as of today or why it’s censored above.

      1. If I’d have to venture a guess, that censored one is probably Vu (if that was her name). Celebs friend from up in the frozen north, who seemed to have as equal (if not greater) disdain for young Mr. Danny. Plus, the grouping leads me to think they’ve got some connection, and it does look to be a lady back there.

        1. My first thought was a future comic character that we hadn’t seen in-comic yet. I was thinking Camille (the cousin in The Royal Buckinghams picture), or completely unnamed. However I think you’re right. The hair around the censor does appear to be Vu’s pattern, and it would be a grouping (if a much later or earlier grouping unless Danny gets a wig to sew into his hat).

          I credit that question as answered without receiving said print. Nice job.

        2. Heh, it’s all part of my mystic ability to know about things I know nothing about.

  6. I was thinking it was especially cruel of Ellie to shave off one of Danny’s eyebrows, but then I remembered… He burned that off in some sort of freak accident, didn’t he? And that’s why he keeps the emo bangs?

  7. Hey hey people. Mr. Blue here, possibly filling in for Lars_B on the vote drive.

    whoops. That was the cut and paste over on SSSS. But I’m fighting for the SSSSSS overall. So Sue me?

        1. Now you’re just making me wish I was good enough to adapt a verse to the tune of “My Favorite Things” to be about Batman.

          Considering the Patreon arc, Quinn would probably appreciate that. Though I suspect she’d be too proud to sing along with Ellie watching.

        2. You had to say it, didn’t you? Now I have to exercise it from my brain. (I’m trying to use the space for a game design I’m working on…)

          Jet-powered autos and ropes to go climbing,
          Shuriken shaped like a bat and good timing,
          Power-mad villains that go rampaging,
          These are a few of my favorite things

          Bat-signals flaring out over the city,
          Thugs who are half-right when they think they’re witty,
          Delivering bad guys to Arkham each spring,
          These are a few of my favorite things

          … dammit. Now I have to come up with the chorus. CURSE YOU, TOG!

        3. … exorcise, not exercise. I can’t even blame the auto-corkboard since I’m not using my phone to post.

        4. I absolutely took the nature of the Internet into account in posting that.

          Also yes, I dearly love being an ass in ways that irritate but don’t actually harm people (and I was very tempted to leave my initial typo of “ham” in place of “harm” on purpose because it was funnier even if it wasn’t particularly clear).

          If you think it’d help exorcise the first one, my mental picture from the homonym mistake of the same word was an SNL-type parody of a video of Hall & Oates’ She’s a Maniac with an unnamed person on the Internet coming up with song lyrics.

        5. As a note in case the length of the list of movie titles didn’t give it away, I live my life with a joke or two that I should keep to myself floating through my head for the vast majority of my life. I’d call it a problem, but it’s fairly entertaining and I’m generally good at talking my way out of trouble.

  8. I really hope there’s a bit of cash involved after the dealership… I mean, I KNOW this is a comic, but there’s little things like auto insurance…. gas… seat covers… steering wheel covers… stereo/speaker upgrades… new rims… tires… oil changes… more gas… I mean, this isn’t the Price is Right… but still…

    Danny performing tasks naked… Let’s reverse this… even if a guy wasn’t particularly attracted to a girl, the idea of her being nude?

    No judgement from me regarding that statement Quinn… I try not to be hypocritical…

    And whisks are cheap.

    1. I’m not sure why it’s generally considered less bad in the female suggesting male nudity for humiliation direction. I think part here is that everyone despises Danny, but part of it’s cultural farther than that. I don’t know if it’s the “men want sex and women don’t” stereotype or the “men have a better chance of physically overpowering women” (which I don’t think is true for Quinn & Ellie against Danny, honestly).

      The suggestion is certainly in character for Quinn to float (probably not really want it to be carried through with). I don’t blame her character, or think anything about Rusche putting it in. But it is a weird bit of social tendency.

  9. As much as I think maybe they won’t get the cars, I feel like since they signed the contracts Caleb will stick to it. He strikes me as having a bit more integrity than Danny ever will.

      1. Agreed that integrity better than Danny isn’t setting the bar high. However Caleb wrote up that contract for a reason, and it’s to get something he wants. I think he has no intention of breaching it for that reason. He may even want to make sure they don’t want to breach it. That would probably rely on the cars, as the other items there are all “done” in a way that can’t really be undone. Basically something to hold them to wanting to not sue him if someone else comes out and releases a bunch of things publicly about the site, something that he can threaten to take back if they breach. Only other real threat is publicity, but he doesn’t want that either.

  10. I ship that last panel. I would ship Danny with Quinn too but now that he looks like a cancer patient Quinn won’t have none of that.

    1. I think I’ve had one comment deleted a while back when I was arguing about morality standards in terms of body parts with Pat (I think that was before Black Friday so it was Pat as opposed to Mr. Blue).

      There are a lot of others I don’t know about. I’ve caught at least one of them where I had left the browser window open in another tab and eventually noticed I had typed a comment but hadn’t hit post. I sometimes wonder how many of the ones I remember typing are moderated out versus just forgotten.

      1. It’s all good. Spoke with someone else about what I’d typed and realized that it could be taken in a way that I wouldn’t have wanted it to. “We’ve all got our blind-spots,” or so the saying goes… :-)

        1. Yeah, I don’t know for certain I remembered to post the one I feel certain was moderated away, but I also think, in retrospect, I was getting a bit too into arguing that point and it was just as well for it to never see the light of day again. Sometimes it’s a blessing for the Internet to choose to let something pass from consciousness.

  11. Mr. Blue spies with his eye, someone at the Lakers’ game, court side seat, and that person rode on the back of a motor cycle before he was killed.. in that movie.

  12. So is there a betting pool yet on whether Caleb tries to beat-feet the second the girls nod off? I’m picturing McFatFat catching them in a Kirby Vortex should they try.

    1. Sounds like some people are thinking that.

      I’m of the camp that since Caleb wrote the contract, he’s intending to abide by it. I even could see him deliberately choosing cars that he expects to last long enough and be reliable enough to have some leverage over them to hold to their end of the bargain. Though we don’t know that he’s not just planning on using the Alex beating video, though counting on that could backfire if Alex or Tired Guy are already going to use it, as then he’d have no real leverage if he skips out on the cars.

      1. The flaw in that plan is that Caleb (and everyone else) would have to admit to how they got the footage of them beating up Alex. Caleb risks jail time, Tired Guy could face charges of illegal voyeurism (it doesn’t matter if he paid to see it from someone else, the site was illegal), and Alex would have to testify why the girls beat him up to cops, who’s police chief is Ellie’s dad (aka the “I’m going to get my ass kicked by the law” move).

        The only people who could have used that footage as leverage were the girls and, as long as Caleb fulfills everything in their contract, they just signed the right to do so away. So, to make that contact effective, Caleb HAS to do everything listed or he can be taken to court for breach of contract AND then the charges of the illegal site which would come to light after that.

        1. I don’t know about that, considering that neither Alex nor Tired Guy had anything to do with setting up the site. They could feasibly claim that they had no reason to believe that the site was illegal, and Tired Guy definitely would be honest about that (Alex potentially knows Quinn well enough to have to lie to say that, though).

          I don’t think the fact that it was collected by an unrelated third party engaging in illegal activities would necessarily prevent it from being used as evidence in an unrelated crime, though I’m certainly not a lawyer and I suspect there are a lot of jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction-type things that could alter that outcome. I think if you had someone illegally record a reasonably severe crime (murder, rape, assault, etc) they witnessed with their phone and then post it on YouTube, the police would still be able to use it as evidence, and this seems similar to me.

          I think Alex, as the victim of easily medically provable assault, and Tired Guy, as a neighbor concerned about activities near his home who discovered the site by his nephew mentioning that the apartment looked like his, would have a certain degree of sympathy from judge on admitting that evidence. Getting it squashed would seem more likely Herb or Rosemary calling in favors in a slightly shady way than anything else, to me, and that probably wouldn’t work for civil court (not that you could get jack for damages from two broke girls anyway).

    2. I would imagine him sticking around if only to prove he’s NOT like Danny.

      Also, while the girls are apparently will to settle for an out-of-court….settlement. If he fled back up north they’d have little recourse except to sue him for real. He’s smart enough to realize that I think and not want to risk the fact that they’d want to keep it a secret more than they’d want compensation.

  13. As a man who’s wife is similarly endowed, that is the single most comfortable way to sleep sitting up ever. Only topped by using the same pillow effect laying down.

    1. Can your wife sleep with you laying on her boobs like that, or is it more a temporary thing and/or her staying awake for some reason?

      Most D cup and above women I’ve talked with about such things have told me they find breathing more difficult laying on their back even without the added weight of a human head.

      1. Yeah, totally. When I get a night off and can sleep at home, she forces me to sleep on her chest. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Plus, sitting up she likes to stoke my hair. So that position comes natural. Of course, my wife does have some mega strong lungs. Yelling in arguments with parents for years seems to do that for you, I guess.

        1. Being a back sleeper as large boobs are growing and have grown would probably help too. A third of her life with the extra repetitive weight lifting with every breath has got to help.

          I’m now wondering how much some of the women I talked to switched to side sleeping in their teen years as opposed to “working through the pain” as apparently your wife chose to do.

  14. I hope they get more than all that. Doesn’t seem like much. I also don’t think Caleb will ditch out, just wouldn’t be in his best interest, I wouldn’t think.

  15. First time in my history of reading webcomics where the cliffhanger is literally; “So… do they get a car or…?”

  16. Now to see if the guys DO try to run off while there’s a chance. I’m actually betting no, but have no evidence to support my opinion.

    1. Danny would, and should, try to run away as there’s really nothing good waiting for him no matter what. He’s just cooperative to avoid the beating. He can still ride the coattails of Caleb’s desire to avoid any of this seeing the light of day to avoid prosecution even if he’s gone.

      Caleb’s the one who has a motive not to run.

  17. Wait I just got it! Quinn’s suggestion that Danny uninstall all the cameras in his birthday suit isn’t punishment for HIM, it’s a punishment for all the people watching the cameras!

    1. Heh, I could just imagine everyone watching.
      “HEY, the feeds are back!”
      *clamoring over the internet*
      “But where are th- WHY IS THIS HERE?!?”
      *site implodes from everyone logging off at once*

        1. Drink all you like, but no amount of brain-bleach will get that image out of your head now!

    2. Yeah, that should be their punishment for that. And close ups for the people who bought the memberships. I think that if that happened, Winterthur would wage war against that kid’s town.

      1. Don’t make fun of that! We’re Swiss! There’s like an assault rifle in every third or fourth household! And we are a good 110’000 citizens to our town. And that doesn’t even factor in all the other weapons lying around!
        (Just you wait until you see our halberdiers marching towards that poor little town!)

        It will be a massacre, I tell you, a massacre! They won’t even hold out a whole day!

        1. Not if they marched from Switzerland. Marching across the ocean floor across the whole Atlantic will take the fight right out of them.

          I mean, even if you’re all much more amphibious than I suspect, it’s a really long way.

        2. Well, they could march up through Belgium to Denmark, through Sweden to Norway and hit the Arctic Ice and march across that way. Couldn’t they?

        3. Though it would moreof be marching through Germany than Belgium (which would require a march through either Germany or France first and back over Germany, possibly with first a bit of the Netherlands into the mix afterwards anyway).

        4. The kid should deserve whatever happens to him.

          By the way, did you get that shipment of kitchen whisks that I ordered for you? Same make and model authorized and signed by Ted Drewes.

        5. I’ve already sent them to the troops for training. Soon, we will be unstoppable! *evilhandwringing*

        6. Besides, that kid in California who has Tired Guy for an Uncle bought that paid membership for the lego girl in Switzerland. Isn’t that enough to attack his town for having to witness Danny boy’s junk as punishment?

        1. Yeeees, and I did search for, find and vote already … I think we were commenting more on a site feature that changed and were wondering if it were intentional or if some trickery were afoot.

        2. You mean because Blue’s links sometimes come with just a button for each possible name to press and sometimes (as the standard link) with the need to first click the button right to the respective name and then the submit button?

        3. No, because the site lost a feature with no logical explanation. I’ve never needed to follow a link when there is a handy button that gets the job done. A handy button which is now gone.
          I guess I will either search for the voting site or just grab it out of my history and bookmark it.

        4. There for me now and I haven’t noticed it gone. Though other things have been weird for me lately browsing-wise.

          @Lukkai – I think a lot of Mr. Blue’s links are from a mobile platform. I think the mobile vote goes for character name buttons instead of radio button and a submit button.

        5. That’s quite possible an explanation. Don’t know why they don’t make the mobile version the standard though. It’s much more efficient.

          And I haven’t noticed anything like a vanishing voting link as well. It’s right up there above the patreon links.

  18. One vehicle per female, eh? I get the distinct impression we’re going to find out how adorable Quinn and Pumpkin look on Q’s shiny new Vespa.

    1. If you’re going to go that route, I’d spring for a full Harley, or failing that at least a crotch-rocket. Something that’s highway legal. Vespa’s a cute but they are kinda limited as far as real transportation goes.

      Besides, you can’t tell me Quinn wouldn’t rock a full leather motorcycle outfit, complete with boots and fingerless gloves.

    1. Eh.. Look at the size and quality he tends to put out and remember that he does not really have a filler, but is basically producing “live”. It takes time to create those. And Chris usually makes up for it with bigger pages.

    2. Basically what happens is he guilts himself to some degree and is optimistic to other degrees. Also the OCD tendency he mentioned last time. Rusche has “growth as an artist” as one of his goals with this comic, and that does end up visible in the timing sometimes.

      One tendency he has is to make the size of his posts what fits appropriately with the story. That’s great and we all support it, but he’ll almost never think that he’ll have trouble managing a double or triple post. Sometimes with a quadruple or quintuple height post he’ll think to post a warning that the next comic will be delayed due to multiple joined together, sometimes not. He also pushes himself to manage those, so doesn’t always get the sleep that would support his immune system.

      The optimism comes from trying to avoid those delays and keep working through to get a post around the right time and keep working through to be just a little later. Presumably dropping from sleep deprivation or other parts of life takes him down at times during this too. Another form of optimism that happens more than occasionally (and you can notice going through the archive) is he’ll be optimistic about the degree he’ll be able to work through illness (see above sleep deprivation) and we’ll get a post a couple of days later admitting that.

      The OCD tendency (which he referenced last post) generally references him getting fairly late in the production stage of a comic and either deciding something doesn’t look right or that he needs to change the dialog and needs to change some degree of the comic based upon that. That can lead to anywhere from one panel to the whole comic (which might be multiple rows high) being redrawn pretty much from scratch.

      Those things being said, Patreon post 35 last week was 5 panels high, which is presumably the reason for the Friday delay leaving these two lumped together.

      I can’t say that I consider it ideal, but my belief is the optimal strategy for receiving the most amount of comic long term is to try to encourage him to relax, get enough rest, and not get burned out. So that’s what I do. I find that the differences between societally-evaluated positive morality and enlightened self-interest are small enough that it works out well.

      From past experience, if he doesn’t at least post a text update on this comic by noon tomorrow I’ll start wondering if maybe something’s going wrong. No updates even with text by Friday either here or Patreon would have me worried. I think that degree of no contact has happened about twice since I started reading, I think once was what sounded like regular flu-type illness and the other time was when his daughter was hospitalized due to injury from a car accident, but I might be misremembering.

      1. I think that you are correct on those two instances. The other late issue was due to the the internet service going down, and the lack of a reliable cell tower coverage and being able to upload that one post.

        There is also the possibility of some other family members having issues as well. On top of that, there is his want and need to feel caught up with his communications. Comments, emails, etc.

    3. But yes. There is some tardiness here. But to reiterate the comments made by TOG, it does seem that Chris is self taught. OCD can be and have a crippling effect on creativity. It took me some time to learn that the cake (groundwork) needs to be made before the icing (flourishes) can be put on the cake. Personally, I watched my at the time cousin’s boyfriend bake a wedding cake for one of my other cousins’ wedding day. His walls were covered with royal icing halfway through the night because of his need to ensure that it was a worthy wedding cake, visually and tastefully. And it was. There can’t be a direct comparison there.

      But this is Chris’ equivalent. And he does seem to have a pattern to his output. Here, Patreon, Here, Patreon, Here. But personally, for me, it’s all worth the wait.

  19. Danny: Compromising photos?
    Caleb: Don’t.
    Danny: But-
    Caleb: No.
    Danny: They took my hair!!
    Caleb: Just wear that stupid beanie you always wear anyway! My anus is whisk-free and it is staying that way!!

      1. I was more thinking that I didn’t think Caleb was that much of an optimist to be certain yet that it was staying that way.

    1. Hi there. Welcome, uhm, bienvue, Guten tag, uhm, Wilkommen. The TWC voting button is on the right side of the screen, below the main comic, and just above the Patreon teasers. There are two of them.

      The button is just two internet interfaces below Launchpad McQuack. And just above the aforementioned Patreon peeks.

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