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Go Where The Answers Are

I was bouncing some ideas off my friend Brian, a while back, about what would possibly be the worst kids meal toy you could possibly get. Now, I said socks. They're much easier to draw. Brian however, came up with Golden Girls Bobbleheads before I was done even uttering the original question. So I give Brian some joke credit on the winning toy concept. HI BRIAN  *waves* Golden Girls Bobbleheads Betty White could probably sub for Barbara Bush with that iconic outfit, though this is what she was wearing when I referenced images from Google. Sorry, but I failed to remember senior fashion from the 90's (other that those "power shoulders.") Another thing I asked a few people about, was something I wanted some secondary opinions on. The site is doing great. Those of you on my Facebook page saw my post where we finally topped over 2500 regular returning readers. For this, I can't thank all of you enough. In August of 2012, I was at 27. So that's an incredible leap in less than a year. Thank you for consistently coming back and enjoying this comic I toil and stress over weekly. For visiting, for emailing, for asking me questions, and commenting. Everytime I get an email alert on my phone saying there's a new comment, it absolutely makes my day! Do you ever read a comic for ages, and just never really know how things are going? Or anything really behind the scenes? Some artists are pretty inclusive, but there are many that aren't. One thing I thought many of my regulars would like to see is some of the search inquiries I get from my GoogleAnalytics. But I will give you my disclaimer first: ***** If you are the originator of one of the search entries that you see, do not be embarrassed. The readers don't know who you are.. I don't know who you are. This is not to alienate anyone over one or two particular searches, but the humor in all of them as a whole. I don't care what you like, or how you got here. Just lol at these and keep reading. =) ***** There was something close to 500 search inquires since the site started in 2009, so add in the fact I don't know when these searches were even submitted. I did omit quite a few that were not interesting. Like someone typing in "wrangler jeans" and somehow Google displayed me, and they clicked. Who knows. There are some obscure ones for sure. Now these are typical, run of the mill Google searches I get 9 times out of 10. Nothing weird. Sometime the searcher will include other terms like "ellie" with the site name, just incase a site with a similar name might show up instead. You can see which inquires get the most hits into the site under the "Visits" column. You can then see how many average pageviews that type of inquiry accumulates.
Keyword Visits Pages / Visit
Typical searches:
(not provided) 7158 6.35
shotgun shuffle 4097 5.69
shotgun shuffle comic 359 4.90
shotgunshuffle 308 7.20
http://shotgunshuffle.com/ 288 2.13
shotgun shuffle webcomic 165 9.47
shotgun webcomic 143 11.26
http://www.shotgunshuffle.com/ 113 1.85
shotgunshuffle.com 105 4.70
shotgun shuffle rusche 100 1.72
shotgun shuffle ellie 87 3.87
shotgun shuffle comics 47 4.38
www.shotgunshuffle.com 31 2.00
webcomic shotgun 27 7.70
shotgun shuffling 14 1.00
shotgun shuffle.com 12 9.50
shotgun-shuffling 11 1.55
shotgun shuffle 9 4.89
shotgunshuffle com 9 14.56
shotgun shuffle comic strip 3 34.00
www.shotgun shuffle.com 5 2.80
shotgun shuffle comics ellie 4 17.75
shotgun shuffle. comics 4 3.00
shotgunshuffle.com/ 4 1.00
ellie shotgun shuffle 3 12.67
rusche shotgun shuffle 1 4.00
  This is where it goes downhill.
Don't worry, I can't spell either:
shotgun shuffel 80 5.79
shitgun shuffle 12 1.75
shotgun suffle 9 3.22
shootgun shuffle 8 3.88
shut gun shuffle 8 15.75
shogunshuffle 7 2.14
shogunshuffle 7 2.14
shotgun dhuffles 6 4.33
shotgunshuffel 6 45.33
shot gun shuffle 5 7.20
shotgun shuffl 5 2.00
sotgunshuffle.com 4 25.00
shogun shuffle webcomic 4 26.50
shutgun shuffle 4 7.25
hotgun shuffle 3 2.67
shotgu shuffle 2 1.50
shotgun shufffle 2 5.00
shotgun shuffles 2 1.50
shotgun shufflew 2 3.00
shotgunsuffle.cpm 2 5.00
shoutgun shuffle comic 2 3.00
sjotgun shuffle 2 2.00
shjotgun shuffle 1 1.00
shogun shuffle 1 25.00
shootgunshuffle 1 7.00
shot gun shuffles 1 14.00
shot gun shuffling 1 1.00
shot gun shufflw 1 1.00
shot gunshuffle 1 3.00
shotgum shuffle 1 1.00
sotgun shuffle 1 7.00
shutgunshuffle.com 1 42.00
shptgun shuffle 1 2.00
shtgun shuffle 1 1.00
shtogun shuffle 1 10.00
shotugn shuffle 1 5.00
shotugun shuffle 1 6.00
shotunshuffle 1 7.00
shoutgun shuffle 1 1.00
shotgun shiffle 1 1.00
shotgun shoffle 1 21.00
shotgun shoffule 1 1.00
shotgun shuf 1 4.00
shotgun shuff 1 2.00
shotgun shuff;e 1 3.00
shotgun shuffe 1 6.00
shotgun shuffke 1 2.00
shotgun shufflde 1 2.00
shotgun webcommic 1 91.00
shotgunn shuffel 1 1.00
shotgunshiffle 1 1.00
shotgunshuffle.xom 1 6.00
shootgoonsshuffle   (my favorite) 1 4.00
shotgunsuffle.com 1 1.00
  The next few are actually some of the best searches you can get if you run a site. Someone liked what you did, and wants to come back. It was Uzi Mambo, right?
What's the name of that website again…
shotgun comic 24 10.96
shotgun web comic 5 4.20
two girls webcomics shotgun 1 59.00
web comic ellie 1 52.00
webcomic + shotgun 1 28.00
webcomic fast food 1 39.00
webcomic hot mcdonalds girl 1 2.00
web comic hot girl food service 3 1.67
quinn and ellie webcomic 2 1.00
comic roomate walmart mcdonald's 1 30.00
blind guy 1 12.00
blonde fast food webcomic 1 128.00
webcomic ellie shotgun 2 128.00
webcomics about wolves 2 1.50
shuffle ellie comic 1 5.00
webcomic hot girl 2 95.50
rusche shotgun 1 3.00
shuffle webcomic 4 2.00
"ellie buckingham" 1 3.00
the webcomic shotgun 2 2.00
ellie quinn alex eagan 1 5.00
Looking for some other type of comic (I think)
hot girl comics 6 29.67
hot webcomic 6 55.17
webcomic with a tuesday update 5 12.40
urine comic 2 3.00
urine comics 1 4.00
tuesday update webcomic 1 3.00
time travel webcomic 1 7.00
sugar glider webcomic 1 106.00
"the urine" webcomic 1 1.00
amazing gun webcomics 1 103.00
comics that argue 1 1.00
comiks obey your parents 1 1.00
expecting baby webcomic 1 14.00
desperation webcomics 1 1.00
hair down webcomics 1 8.00
having a baby webcomic 2013 1 10.00
webcomic about a sales man 1 4.00
webcomic ironman 1 7.00
webcomic pilot 1 1.00
webcomic update tuesday 1 2.00
webcomics tuesday update 1 62.00
www.shuff comic.com 1 9.00
sprite comic template 1 1.00
pregnancy webcomic 1 1.00
proximity comics 1 1.00
pumpkin comics 1 1.00
pilot webcomic 1 5.00
no skills required webcomic 2 1.50
t.s. adult webcomic 1 2.00
baby webcomic 1 1.00
backorder comic 1 1.00
hot webcomic girls 1 1.00
hot women comic 1 105.00
shuffle comic 2 7.00
aim webcomic 1 1.00
impact comics the fly 1 20.00
time travel comics 1 1.00
www.gerizm comics 1 1.00
  But then there's good too. Like when people search for specific comics I've done.  That means I've made an impression.
Looking for specific comics I've done:
break maximizesd 43 4.26
http://shotgunshuffle.com/?p=77 41 6.37
be kind reload 35 5.09
forrest gump star wars webcomic 18 3.61
walking dead hershel pepperidge farm cookies 6 5.83
comic hamster wheel quinn 3 5.33
http://shotgunshuffle.com/?p=948 3 4.00
judgement shotgun 3 19.67
never forget cat 3 38.67
shotgun shuffle hot girl 180 3 1.00
trial by fryer 3 1.00
breakfast club shotgunshuffle 2 1.50
hot girl 180 2 2.50
http://shotgunshuffle.com/?p=470 2 16.00
http://shotgunshuffle.com/?p=482 2 6.00
http://shotgunshuffle.com/?p=906 2 2.50
http://shotgunshuffle.com/wig-party/#.uvc32byg1wu 2 4.50
life is like a box of midichlorians 2 9.50
shotgun shuffle breakfast club 2 2.00
http://shotgunshuffle.com/?p=270 1 1.00
http://shotgunshuffle.com/?p=864 1 3.00
http://shotgunshuffle.com/?p=874 1 2.00
http://shotgunshuffle.com/cold-shoulder/#.uwrcflwg1wu 1 3.00
http://shotgunshuffle.com/just-cause/#.uwrmj5og1wu 1 2.00
shotgunshuffle.com/?p=941 3 5.50
ohcrapohcrap 1 1.00
paradox bedazzled 1 1.00
please be caind relowded 1 1.00
quellie 1 2.00
the hotgirl 180 1 28.00
cache:http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/main/exactwords 1 1.00
cache:pgqbo3iwjukj:http://shotgunshuffle.com/+shotgunshuffle 1 75.00
http://shotgunshuffle.com/?p=841 4 65.00
bedazzled stickers 1 1.00
breakfast club 2013 remake 1 4.00
breakfast club comic remake 1 10.00
breakfast club rage comic 1 1.00
gigaboops 1 2.00
hamster flakes 1 2.00
harassment so much to me 1 5.00
shotgun shuffle breakfest club 1 2.00
shotgun shuffle ground rules 1 1.00
shotgun shuffle piano 1 1.00
shotgun shuffle pretty sure she's fired 1 3.00
shotgun shuffle taylor swift 1 6.00
shotgun shuffle kids 1 1.00
shotgun shuffle latest comic 1 3.00
shotgunshuffle everyone's had that boss 1 33.00
the hot girl 180 2 44.50
  But then...
I did ONE comic about a crossdresser, and this is what I get:
web comic crossdress 2 56.00
crossdress webcomic 1 1.00
crossdresser pics 1 2.00
crossdresser store 1 2.00
crossdresser webcomic 1 10.00
crossdresser webcomics 1 92.00
crossdresser wonderful 1 2.00
crossdressing webcomic 1 2.00
what are the steps to be a crossdresser 1 4.00
webcomics crossdress 1 3.00
webcomics crossdressing 1 2.00
wonderful crossdresser 1 1.00
archive crossdresser 1 2.00
  Now, those are all pretty specific to either my site, or some particular site they're looking for. I also get hits from searches that probably don't have anything to do with webcomics.  
General searches linking in
hot girl 81 6.96
harassment 45 3.93
crossdresser 16 1.69
but wait there's more 18 3.11
how to shotgun shuffle 8 2.50
i've got a bad feeling about this 7 1.71
sneak hug 6 1.33
blondes 5 1.40
hotgirl 5 1.80
time travel 5 13.40
brought lunch 4 21.50
that's why all blondes are so 4 1.50
88mph 2 1.00
webcomic 2 25.00
  Nothing unusual... right?... Oh wait, but then this happened.
шафл телефон 1 1.00
who knows what adventures they’ll have between
now and the time the show becomes unprofitable 1 1.00
shotgun deaths 2 2.00
translate だから歌や演技が下手でも許される感じがあった。 1 1.00
site: shotgunshuffle.com pee 1 1.00
site: shotgunshuffle.com toilet 1 1.00
shotgunshuffle.com pee 1 49.00
july 1st 1867 want ads 1 1.00
keith urban nicole kidman 1 1.00
lesbian motivational poster 1 2.00
"get some tail" 2 2.00
"plastic blowtorch" 1 1.00
“heya! i just wanted to ask if you ever have any trouble with hackers? 1 1.00
giant tumor 1 2.00
girl stripping while shuffling 1 1.00
god of the salesman 1 1.00
gun them style shuffle 1 2.00
hot.garal.idiya.iemag 1 2.00
i forgot how to cat 1 10.00
hot girl on girl 1 70.00
stupid people stupid people everywhere 1 2.00
shotgun deaths in 2009 1 1.00
i'm dj schizophrenic no you're not yes i am 1 1.00
    Then you have some that deserve a personal response.  
where is lakeland fl 1 1.00
Pretty cool when inquiries for your own hometown lead to the site. I'm also on Lakeland's Wikipedia page.    
shotgun shuffle characters sexy 1 1.00
That's actually pretty ego-boosting. I always try to make the girls cute, no matter what moronic thing they're doing.    
shotgun shuffle ms paint 5 3.20
site:http://shotgunshuffle.com drawn 5 8.80
Anyone who takes an interest in how I make the strip is telling I must be doing something moderately 'right.' I'm certainly not perfect at what I do yet, and as any artist will tell you about their style, even my own work drives me nuts sometimes. It's never as good as what I want. Luckily, the scenes get closer and closer to what I imagine in my head.    
shotgun shuffle bad webcomic 1 41.00
Either a defender of the comic, searching the net for ill-will... or probably this guy.      
who is the creator of shotgun shuffle 14 8.07
I don't think you want to go down THAT rabbit hole.    
fat ellie shotgun shuffle 1 6.00
I always thought the "skinny character gets fat" routine was bit overplayed. Maybe not. =P    
shotgun shuffle porn 7 19.00
shotgunshuffle porn 1 3.00
Five words for these people: "I can't find it either."

50 thoughts on “Go Where The Answers Are

  1. Hi Chris *waves back in the manliest way possible*. I kinds like the ShogunShuffle one. That there is some vivid imagery.

  2. Also as a bit of Golden Girls trivia, Bea Arthur (Dorothy)was actually two years older than Estelle Getty (Sophia) in real life. She wore a gray wig on the show to appear older. Her hair was actually red. Google “Stop or My Mom will Shoot” starring her and Stallone. Crazy right?

    1. You mean “Stop or my mom will shoot” really happened? I thought it was just a bad dream spawned by a weekend drinking binge with my friends that ended with us sneaking into the dollar theater for a round of “whatever they happen to be screening tonight.” Huh…

      1. That has to be worse than just going to Physics class because you don’t have anything better to do.

  3. Testing the waters to see what I get with the randomizer… *crosses fingers*

    I like how you didn’t actually show Alex’s face but that we all know it’s him (or is it?). Is he back from the rebound already? Or just trying to intel gather? The thot plickens.

    And… painful fast food flashback moment… I do NOT miss nights of being “stuck in drive-thru.” The random flickers of amusement that could be gained from eavesdropping on customers rarely made up for the rest of it.

    1. Oh, that’s Alex 100% We’ve got the hair, the shirt, the Ellie interest, the “Um…” followed by a question he should already know the answer to; it’s pretty cool how even a dirty hippie support character is so recognizable with just the bit we’re given here.

      Now, the real question is this: will he get in his car before going to the drive-thru, or will he forgo the vehicle for a quicker, foot based approach?

      1. I’m totally betting he walks through because rule of funny. I also like how we’re all already assuming he’s making a bee-line for drive-thru.

  4. hahaha! some of those searches were freakin’ hilarious!
    i started reading shotgun shuffle 3 months ago, and i enjoyed it very much. i have an ipad instead of a laptop so i have to touch the screen to switch tabs. you have your very own tab that i never change. but my finger twitched a few weeks ago and i accidently closed your tab. i was freaking out because i didnt remember the name of the comic. some of the searches with the bad spelling were mine, since as soon as i got to the website my finger would twitch and close the tab again.

    anywhos, to todays comic.
    i have a few theories to why alex was there.
    he wanted to just akwardly talk to her
    he wanted to ask her something related to quinn
    …i forget the other two….

    but i bet the next comic or two will be alex going through the drive-thru just to talk to ellie

    1. He wanted to know why neither her nor Quinn showed up for the night time art class to show off their figures for $18.00 an hour. (wasn’t it $18.00 an hour?)

      1. Oh Jesus, don’t talk about art shows. I go to an art college and I’m terrified about the BFAs next week.

        Yes I think it was $18

        1. Don’t worry about it. Look at the positive aspects of your works, and build up on them. Isn’t an artwork a study of an aspect of the model through a representation of your abilities and interpretation of said model as well?

        2. yes, but depending on how well i do is how much money i get for scholorships. and i can only afford another year if i get 7k or over

  5. I’m posting a new comment here just to trigger an email alert on your phone and make your day. You’re welcome.

    Love the idea of indifferent meals, by the way. I would order such a thing if it existed. Well, I would think about it at least. Maybe. Meh.

    1. ding ding ding ding ding. email alert, email alert. Warning, incoming IT packet.

      Shields up, Red Alert.

  6. I’m usually indifferent when it comes to fast food meals too. Haha. Also, I hope Alex doesn’t make himself look bad by trying to hit on Ellie right now (maybe later, but not now). However, He might just want to talk to someone. DUDE NEEDS A FRIEND RIGHT NOW.

  7. I do have a question, is this the same night where Quinn gets out of the guys car and says, “She you in Physics” right?

    1. Yeah, It’s sometime after, but the same day. It’s obviously not clear yet if he just ditched school or not to talk to her, but I’ll clear that up in another 2 strips.

  8. On that coll of the haunted dork, I’d take a baseball bat to his web domain, but I don’t have the Atypical Tron Interface Unit to allow for the job.

  9. Big fan, and only been reading a month, but I went back and got caught up. Oddly enough, came here from an ad on Girl Genius . . .

    1. I think Girl Genius is about the 4th best in reader retention when I run an ad there. Every comic is different, as well as the reader. Some sites will give me great hits with an ad, but the readers never return. Just depends on the demographic, but yeah, GG has been good to me. Welcome. =)

  10. So, this is my first time posting, and i just found this web comic less than a week ago. Gotta say, I’m loving it! (no punintended) Rusche, you are a great artist and a wonderful writer. Keep it up! I love laughing to this!

  11. I remember the tragically defunct comic Mac Hall once discovered they had a bunch of people finding their comic because of searches on digimon porn, and could never figure out why, but did a few comics mentioning it to get higher in the search results for those terms anyway.

    At least most of your search results kinda make sense. I actually don’t remember which comic it was but some artist recommended you in a comment on their comic and that’s how I got here originally. Not a link on the page but actually saying something about “hey here’s a cool comic you should check out”. a quick scan of the archive says I started reading on August 21, 2012 or there-abouts.

  12. Mmmmm I dont think Alex is there to talk to Ellie, he knows she and Quinn dont get along or at least they arent friends. I would HOPE he isnt so dumb that he would try to use her to get back at Quinn either. Ellie has proven that she isnt stupid, and that she doesnt really like Alex, so that wouldnt work.

    As for the time this is happening, as per my style I’ll post a link that gives the obvious answer, even though it should be kinda obvious:


    Regarding the serch results, the only thing I’ve found to be a little odd is that you dont have a page on TV tropes yet, though you do have a few mentions (servel Snarker I beleive, thats how I found your site in the first place) even more odd though is several characters from your series are listed at various palces, but there are no links to your site on those pages.

    1. I love tvtropes. Pretty addictive site. I know Quinn is listed under “deadpan snarker” and I think Ellie’s cat was under “Fat Cat.” I wasn’t aware there were others with no links. That kinda stinks considering people go there to look at those kinds of things. =P

      Kenju, I always enjoy your comments, even if I have to hand-approve each one. lol

  13. The picture in response to “who is the creator of shotgun shuffle” made me think of the Machine of Death story “Torn Apart and Devoured by Lions” (which is probably my second favorite).


  14. Dorothy: “Get to the point before I die of old age.”
    Rose: “I just don’t understand.”
    Blanche: “I haven’t been this excited since Medicare started paying for Astroglide!”

    Fun fact: Sophie’s toy was going to say “I don’t have enough time left to listen to your prattle!”, but it was changed so they could use shorter, cheaper voice chips; the basic sentiment was instead used for Dorothy. The Blanche voice chips are longer because they were purchased in bulk from a bankrupt sex toy company.

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