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Gold Dust Woman – Pt1

(NEWER) UPDATE: I'm furiously trying to get this next comic done. I'm now shooting for May 5th or 6th. Claire started feeling really ill last week so I had to take over all the schooling and meal stuff for the kids. So that threw a wrench in that. She doesn't have COVID-19 or anything, so please don't panic over that... but she has been out of commission with crippling nausea and I have to help pick up the slack with the kids, schooling, meals, shopping, etc. Thank you for all the messages of concern (or criticism.) I appreciate you regardless, and apologize for not answering all of them. I'm just super crunched for time. Homeschooling 4 kids has been total chaos. And it's not because homeschooling on its own is 'chaos.' It's doing the bidding of 28 overly-zealous or vague teachers every day. From theater class projects to 2 hour science lessons to math worksheets with no lesson plan attached to teach the actual math.. every teacher seems to be on their own island with no realization there are other teachers doing the same thing, or getting the concept that some families have more than one kid. Our kids are now occupying 2 computers on a full time basis and I can't have them all fail school at the same time. If you feel annoyed there's not a new comic, I assure you I am equally annoyed. We have to be cafeteria lady, woodwind instructor, PE coach, and tutors for a kindergartner and 3 middle schoolers with 8 periods each. And there's been absolutely no restraint on how much work these teachers are dishing out.  Just hang in there, it's coming. 

282 thoughts on “Gold Dust Woman – Pt1

  1. Happy Two-Month-Mark-Milestone! Still no update or word from the artist, no mention of the money he’s taken, nothing, nada, zilch. Now I’m seriously concerned that the “Rusche is Dead” trolls might have been correct.

    1. Okay. I’m going to try to be polite about this. Please shut up. I personally, have no problem. I have fallen in love with this comic, and I feel that Chris has earned my respect as well as my vote for “Best John Hughes” award.

      1. “I’m going to try to be polite about this. Please shut up.” — I’ll proffer not the puniest pretense to politeness, and instead press you to pee in your own pot. Your personal preferences hold no sway. I was previously not privy to the private pact in which mR.Rusche had appointed mR. Blue his personal hall monitor. Spare us the piteous priggish protestations of piety, Precious.

    2. Maybe you should just leave, then. We won’t mind. In fact, I’m actively urging you to go. Two weeks ago Chris updates that his wife was ill. As it is, they’re trying to quarantine with four kids. When a guy mentions that his wife is feeling really ill during a global pandemic, he’s got more important things on his mind than entertaining a dedicated troll whose Very screen name is a put down to himself. So, be true to your name, Ruche No More. Leave the collective community. Fuck. Right. Off.

    1. Is…is this some kind of threat? Yo Blue! You okay out there? Have the Terminators arrived? Is it Judgment Day??

      1. Here in New Zealand, where rugby is the national religion, we hear about all sorts of things being inserted on the pitch as a way to throw the other team off its game. Fingers mostly (Google “John Hapoate”). But y’know, I’ve never heard anyone managing to carry a dildo out there, let alone wield it. Now the implication that mR. Blue is capable of doing that comes as a bit of a shock. Oh, not the sneaky dildo part. I meant the taking part in a game of rugby part.

  2. 2 month mark passed. Not to mention another week after “communication” saying it is, like, totally coming.

    Looks like arts costing about 800 dollars or so per panel these days.

  3. Is there any news or update on this? Anything? I keep checking back, and nothing. This comic keeps doing this sort of thing, and has been having this problem since well before Covid. I want to keep up, and I enjoy the story and want to see how this plays out, but if there won’t be regular updates then I can’t. There’s just no point. Sad to see this story go. Peace.

    1. “Our” detractors? OK, now I see… you really think this is actually partly about _you_ as well! How… grandiose.

      1. Well, yeah. Mr. Blue (and many of the fans here) and Chris are on friendly terms. Also, Chris’s patrons have been brought up many times by the people bitching and moaning about what they think Chris owes them. So yes, the relationship between Chris and his fans is very much at issue here.

        1. meh. There’s been a history of this since way before the china flu. Caveat Emptor and all that. Do we have any current patrons bitching in the thread? Or just people that used to? Full disclosure: I used to, then my credit card kept getting stolen while rebuilding after a flood and I stopped bothering updating various subscriptions 4 years ago. Otherwise he’d still get the monthly fiver out of me.

        2. It kind of reminds me of that time the Facebook preview of the topless Anise page got a comment calling it clickbait and everyone got defensive except Chris who was able to approach the situation calmly.

          I like to think of it in terms of that one line from Shanks in One Piece, ‘you can insult me all you want but nobody messes with a friend of mine.’

      2. Grandoise. I’m going to be really pissed if I miss the blue falcon/Scooby-Doo movie. Especially if it’s with Scott. And I’m curious to see if Shaggy is still a vegetarian.

  4. To paraphrase THE Neil Gaiman, Chris Rusche is NOT YOUR PERSONAL BITCH. If you are NOT a CURRENT Patreon Patron, STFU! If you ARE a current Patron, the place to discuss that (or to vent, or to cancel your Patronage) is ON THE PATREON PLATFORM. NOWHERE ELSE! TAKE IT THERE! If you have never been a Patron (like me), what are you expecting for free?

    1. Could there BE a more perfect snapshot for entitlement than the people who read this comic for free, bitching that they haven’t had their free update? Then they feel that abusing the artist is going to get their free update faster.

  5. To Chris. Ignore the negativity. I do miss the updates, but I understand. I gave up my military career after losing my wife in a car wreck. Do what you must for you and yours, I’ll keep checking in.
    To all the whiny maggots, what are you providing this world with? If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    1. Which is why I used the phrase, “our detractors.” Makes me think of the people who tore down my church. From the inside. Got rid of a great pastor, removed themselves from a great umbrella of the greater body as it was a planted church and went independent. Split the congregation, drove out the originals.

      Mind you, some grumbling can be stomached as a relief valve.

      I’m sorry to hear about the missus. I hope you are doing well and are in a good place now.

        1. The depths of your knowledge is really breathtaking. You are literally reaching into the bowels of your cess pool of stygian ethos. If anything, it shows how little respect you have for this group. Thank you for that revelation.

        2. You seem to be exceeding the elastic limits of your actual erudition. Perhaps you should limit your attempts at prose to contain words from the “1000 most commonly used in English” set so as to avoid the quiet embarrassment on your behalf that loved ones must feel when you drunkenly hold court at suburban cocktail parties.

  6. HAR; not only is this site getting more moribund by the day;
    now we have frumious vigilantes who want to burn out them whinin’ squatters.
    Gettin’ reel tough and military and yelling in ALL CAPS!! and a-showin’ peeple the door.
    Mighty intimidatin’, these-here Soldiers of The Lard. Think I’ll go git a Coke.

  7. Chris, if real life is preventing you from continuing the comic there is no shame in coming back, thanking everyone for their support, and than closing up shop.

    1. TOZ, that’s a kind, humane suggestion for the spectral Chris to entertain.
      But please don’t lobby too hard for it just yet. I’ll even second your motion
      if you’ll give the SuperLethalTransformer guy Rexhinalt a chance to snort more
      CAPITAL LETTER ROCKETS out of his nose at us squatters. That’s been
      the most entertaining thing to happen during this Great Discontinuity
      we’re going through. Let him flame the Shire one more time, and then
      I’ll happily get behind your gentlemanly hint of an exit strategy for Chris..

      Hey Rexhinalt; you roarin’ n ready with fresh napalm???

      1. Your deranged ass said you were leaving 2 weeks ago. Yet you’re still fucking here. Criticizing Chris for not posting as if he owes something to you, the most toxic person in his comment section. And now you’re tearing into the others in the comment section that just wish you’d shut you’re miserable fucking mouth. Part of me hopes he never updates again because of how much it clearly fucking bothers you but everyone else here is pretty reasonable and understanding that it doesn’t really effect them much one way or the other if the comic updates while it would no doubt take a couple days of uninterrupted work for Chris to actually update it. I’d like them to one day get to see more of the comic.

        Hopefully Chris at least waits out your miserable ass. I certainly wouldn’t want to create anything that made you happy if I was him. The way you scream at him with entitlement, it kind of makes me happy knowing how obsessed and miserable you are to go along with your entitlement. You’ve done nothing but attempt to harass Chris because he ads less to your life than you’d like and you don’t like how he prioritizes his life over yours. You’re an absolutely horrible person, if you were a fictional character rather than a sad reality, it would be hilarious that you think you have some sort of moral high ground.

        Why don’t you just leave? Or at least shut the fuck up? If Chris does update the comment it won’t be because you’re acting like a childish bitch down here in the comment. No one does anything out of concern for the needs of toxic assholes that think they can tell them how to live their lives.

        Maybe apply some of this to the rest of your life as well as I’m sure you’re making everyone who knows you miserable as fuck if they can’t get away from you.

        1. ZOWIE! There we go! More SuperhighCoQ10 Dudgeon crashing into Us Loathesome Undeserving Squatters! Good-hearted effort for sure. Though it lacks the CAPITAL LETTER ROCKETS launched earlier by our Grand Champion, the SuperLethalTransformer guy Rexhinalt. Let’s hope you get together and form a Dynamic Fearsome Front, defending our empty spaces here from Squatter filth and despair. Amp up the production values a bit: Technicolor, SurroundSound, Heavy Reverb, A couple Cherry Bombs and Silver Kings! Maybe a DrumLine! Do it! It’s In you! We’ll stand by while you pull it together.

  8. So through trying to find a subreddit for Shotgunshuffle, I just found his wife’s subreddit. She’s healthy and fine, playing Animal Crossing, but apparently pregnant. I won’t reveal her name but just wanted to let those who were worried for their health.

    1. Ummm guys… Rusche said back a couple months ago they lost the baby. Just my thoughts here, but on top of everything else going on, that could contribute to no being able to post right now.

        1. That’s even more reason to stress then, if she’s pregnant again then this could very easily be a high risk pregnancy for her.

        2. Man, just love the fanboy speculation about a fictional “wife” the (deadbeat) author is claiming exists. You people are so easily manipulated, so bought in to your fantasy about this artist being “family” to you. So sad and lonely.

        3. Better than feeling the need to talk down to total strangers for a two minute superiority high.

  9. Hey folks, don’t worry about Chris being dead. Magus, Outlaw, and I are working on reanimating him as a lich, and we’re almost done. We’ve been using a boob stress-ball as a phylactery for the time being.

    1. Great nooz! This could be a real breakthrough! Are you going to splice in any new features? Like social sensitivity? Time awareness? Say-Do Connectivity? Let us know when you plan to jolt him alive!

    1. Nah, not yet. A lot of grade schools run into June. High schools included. Basically anything but colleges.

        1. Not really. Dont see how a half serious joke is trolling hard. Or in this case, stating the obvious. Trolling hard would be telling people I’ll have a comic page in a few days, taking their money, and disappearing for a few months. Or maybe that’s just stealing? The 2 can be indistinguishable it seems. Have a nice day bud

  10. I just wanna throw out there, life happens people. We’re still in a pandemic with different states, different cities, handling things differently. Add that to the daily routines of life, especially with parenting multiple children, by the end of the day you’re drained. Even when you really want to do something, you may not have the energy for it. Also look at how much the art has changed, yes going back to the original style maybe quicker as far as time goes, but as an artist it’s not as satisfying to post something when you know you can do a better job.

    1. Yes, its understandable.
      Yes, things are a mess.
      And yes, there are reasons.

      But there will always be something. A car dying. Someone getting married. A child gets sick. A funeral. The plumbing broke. The roof leaks. You’ve moved. There will always be something. So, while being a little late with a reasonable excuse is fine, if you want the online comic to be successful, you need to treat it like a job. You need to give yourself realistic due dates and keep fans apprised of those dates and keep them. I think given his complications in his life, he needs to try to get himself sorted out. Maybe do an update once a month and always try and stay a month a head. Updates don’t have to be full blown comics. He can put out sketches or pin ups or copies of commissions or even old art studies. He needs to show he’s not ignoring his audience.

      1. And therein less the rub that is the basic difference between a plebean job and a patron with a patreon account. If in need of further definition, look up James Joyce. If I’m not mistaken, he was an Irish wordsmith who had patrons for his works of literature. And I also believe that he wanted to be funded by the State instead. But what do I know.

    2. At the end of the day, hes drawing a comic. Each page wont take but a few hours. Whatever the reasoning is, it’s not because he doesnt have the time. I don’t care how busy you are, you cant tell me you have zero time to do something that’s making you quite a bit of money a month. Mr.blue, screw you. How dare you tell people to shut up because you have a boner for chris. People are free to express their opinions on the matter weather you like them or not. And the fact is, he’s being really shitty to his supporters. I’m sure alot of people are afraid to pull out because they assume the comic is coming. The expectation is that the next page is coming out soon. I get stuff happens. But if I just dont show up for a real job, you’d get fired in a heartbeat. If he came on here and just said “I dont know when the next page is coming, maybe a few months”, then cool. If people want to support him then, no problem. The fact is, hes lying about the dates to keep people from pulling support. Doesnt even have the decency to update the comment after the promised due date to say why. I dont support him, so to me, it doesnt matter how long he takes between comics. He owes me nothing. But some have said that people can support him if they want to, which is true, but the problem is, that they are supporting with the promise of comic pages at a certain time. If he just said, that he was going to be a few months, or he just doesnt know how long it will take, then cool. The irony is, if he was just honest about not knowing when the next comic will be, or simply, that the next page is unknown, I guarentee hardly anyone would be mad, and I would even be willing to bet more people would have kept supporting him. It’s great he’s built this large following. Just strange to see him destroying it because he simply wont admit he doesnt know when the nest page is coming.

      1. Free speech applies to two things. One a public forum, and two, someone listening and well, three things. Feed back.

        1. You do not have free speech 24/7/365 because at some point, you’re going to be in an area that may have a sign that says, “sit down, be quiet. Or else.” This, Chris’ comic is a private forum publicly presented on the Internet. An Internet that not every one has Acces to, so it’s not a newspaper and doesn’t have to have a comment section. So this section is a privilege and not a constitional right.

        Two, I’m sick of hearing all the yapping, nipping at Chris’ heels and belabored attempts at fiscal SJW’s because he’s carrying for his family. You wield a baseball bat such as ‘if I didn’t go to my job I’d get fired.” While saying that you took off your financial support ages ago when you sold your Microsoft and Apple for MySpace and Yahoo stock IPOs.

        I’m saying that if your guilt trips get to the level of Negan and Glenn, and causes Chris to give up. .

        I’m not going to finish that thought and leave it to G-d to take care of.

        And number three, most of the feed back towards your supposed free speech has been to STFU, GTFO, and make like a tree and get outta here. Don’t bother with the red or white zone snafus because you’ve been stepping on so many types that the welcome mat was ripped up, shredded, diced, and served to you in a Tom Collins glass, neat.

        I learned in high school that free speech has a price. It seems that yours came with a side of moronic idiocy.

        1. Frankly, I couldnt care less if Chris gave up. He pretty much has already! Your logic goes both ways. I dont give a crap about what you are sick of hearing. You wanna have chris’s cock in your mouth 24/7, that’s fine. But when hes LYING to his supporters, promising to bring the content they are paying for, but doesnt deliver, that makes you just as big of a piece of shit as Chris at this point. Try and rationalize it however you like. The majority of the comments are against Chris, so this is not a lone opinion. Hes not building a rocket or an engine or doing any actual work. It’s a comic with mediocre art. The fact he wont spend the 3 or 4 hours to make his fans happy, especially the ones supporting him, shows what sort of person he is. Shit happens, get over yourself. Frankly, Chris SHOULD give up, and delete this whole website. Better then the theiving prick stealing everyone’s hard earned money with empty promises. If he would come on, like a man, and just say “dunno when the next comic is coming” most would be okay with that. What sort of example is he setting for his kids??? But no, I suppose to you, not wanting to hurt Chris’s poor sensitive feelings, is more important then the people’s money hes stealing. And dont give me that “People can spend their money as they want” bullshit. Its stealing when hes taking that money in exchange for something, but doesn’t give that something. The fact you have the audacity to defend a theif shows what sort of person you are. Screw you, screw chris, and screw this comic.

        2. Look at how the likes have been turning out. People definitely agree that the situation is ridiculous.

        3. I’m not trying to be an ass or a troll. Just saying what everyone is thinking. And based on the 10 likes (so far) on my 2 comments, and the zero likes on Mr.Blue’s comments, it’s pretty obvious that people feel the same way. Chris, I’m not trying to bust your balls for no reason, just do the right thing and tell your backers that the next page isnt coming anytime soon. If they decide to keep backing you, then cool. Atleast it wont be on false pretenses.

  11. This comic has now been moved into my not updating folder. I will check monthly from now on instead of daily. In two months I will delete. Thanks for what you have done to date. Good luck going forward.

    1. So for those who are to lazy/failed middle school English, and can’t understand that life happens.

      To paraphrase a simple line from there. Chris Rusche is not your bitch.

  12. Eh, you take your patreon money, you owe your supporters something is my thought. But as support hasn’t wavered, so clearly that’s not the case. I’m with Minky- I’ll put it back on my ‘inactive’ comics list I had it in previously, and I will check back in a year or so to see if anything has changed, and catch up on what accumulates between now and that point.

  13. I’m reading these comments and hardly believe how self-centered some readers are. I there wasn’t so much immaturity and resentment, I’d say readers’ impatience was a testament to the quality of the comic. Whether the author carries on or not, I have so far tremendously enjoyed reading this story. Whether it made me laugh, cry (no, not really, I just have strong allergies), or scratch my head, it has always taken me into its own world, and for that I will always be grateful.

  14. Marking today, the birthday party has been officially going on for 1 year (first page of chapter 7 – Going Public – was released May 28th 2019) at exactly 1 month per page rate.

    Gonna need another party right after the current one ends.

  15. As a matter of perspective, another comic I follow (Dresden Codak) just entered the 10th year of it’s storyline, and is only at 99 pages. That includes the chapter title pages. That averages out to less than one page per month.

    It’ll update when it updates. I’ve got other things to do in the meantime. (Like reading the shitshow in these comments, hahaha)

    1. Has Aaron Diaz taken money from patrons and not delivered, in similar fashion? Is the situation actually commensurable, or merely superficially similar?

      1. Do you mean has he had a patreon running for supporters of the comic? Then yes, he has been taking money from them. No public commentary on his pages so I’m not sure if he’s had the same sort of uprising as what’s been going on here. But you can see the delays between updates ranging from 2 to 6 months over there. So I’d wager it’s a decent comparison.

    1. I knew if I waited in this really sincere pumpkin patch long enough, the Great Pumpkin would show up, smite all the spammers, and bring us new comic again!

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