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Gold Dust Woman Pt2


Yeah guys that was carnage, I'm sorry. But distance learning is over for now. Like I said, it's not that homeschooling itself is terrible. It's not. It's four kids and two parents bending to the will of 20+ school teachers. I don't know anything about the clarinet. Suddenly we have to teach it. I don't know anything about music. But suddenly we're teaching choir and sheet music. And remember all those times you felt like you would never need half that math from 7th grade? No, you will.. when you have to remember it to teach it to your own kids so they can feel like they'll never use it either. We had four kids rotating on two computers in perpetuity. Class assignments getting done at 10pm because multiple teachers wouldn't put the day's work up until noon. Or later. Or we just couldn't find it because it's buried on other website's pages or links. (One PE coach just phoned his lesson plan in and directed students to a PDF and worksheets he found on Google, which required kids to access some school district in Montana.) Sometimes we'd work with our kids on projects until the Sunday night cutoff. And everything had to be documented. Scan worksheets. Take pictures of worksheets. The health teachers even required daily photos of all students doing their exercises. (And let me tell you how fun it is to be told you need to upload daily pics of your kids to the web. Joy.) The kindergarten teacher would give us a weeks worth of assignments (read a book to your child, have your child read a book to you, discuss your favorite parts, sing a song..) then at the end of the week, tells us we suddenly had to upload proof of all activities being completed.  How exactly are we supposed to upload "reading a book to my kid?" You can't. Unless we're just live streaming each child all day. And think about those assignments, and how kindergarten is. It's very adult-to-child attention heavy. You can't just pile them high with worksheets and expect them to keep busy. And that's how the work was doled out. Every lesson plan was 100% hands-on, child-by-your-side ALL DAY. Imagine one of those terrible kids cartoons like Sid the Science Kid. Sitting in a circle all day, talking about butterflies and bumblebee asses, and how to use our imagination, right? Yeah, that's the expected work load and it completely knocks one parent out of the equation for an entire day. And that was a huge issue too. Every teacher was acting like they were teaching an only child. No brothers, no sisters, no other grades.  And my God, the guilt. The teachers guilt so many of them had. As in "These poor kids are missing a valuable education right now during this historic pandemic. I MUST TEACH THESE KEEDS" *anime fury fist clenched* *streaming tears down face.* Now we have 40 minute science classes taking 3 hours to finish each day. Math taking 2 hours a night. History teachers linking 1 hour long Youtube videos on Egypt. And my biggest beef is this: These teachers, that stand in front of, teach, and interact with 100+ plus kids a day.. now have the ability to make a singular daily lesson to distribute to all of them. No repeating the same thing for 7 periods over and over. And with all that time saved, and the expectation every kid have some kind of cellphone to show their work, not a single teacher ever made a video ACTUALLY teaching. I know every single one of them has a smart phone. And they require us to have them. Not a single video of "Hey, this is how to do these equations" with a dry erase behind them. Not a single video of "Here's me showing you how these molecules work." "Here's me demonstrating different pitches in voice/range/whatever." Our kids have to utilize the internet. Our kids have to set up emails. And our kids have to have video/camera. Our teachers? Nope. It may as well be the 1980's. They can't make videos actually answering questions or showing how something is done. It's just a deluge of worksheets, online quizzes, endless pdf reading, and so on. Then when you try to consult the teacher on a lesson, or even just.. heh.. how to access their hidden lessons.. you get this: >__> You serious? She's there. She's not a bot. But for some reason she's just copy/pasting. Yeah we had 3 principals on speed dial... (speed email.) Now I know the teachers got thrown into this right along with us. Trust me, I get it. They're not all going to be tech savvy.  But they're requiring the kids to be. One of Lily's assignments was to turn in a Youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by5Xs-3qTKc And you can bet your ass she got an A on that! (Dad don't slack) And don't get me started on the meals. Okay, I'll start. We had paid food credits for all 4 kids. The school required parents to load up all their kids, and drive them to the school, DAILY, to pick up their meals. Let's not, you know, maybe identify the parent when they show up and say "Okay here are your meals for the 4 kids I've verified you have." No. Let's make all kids, in a pandemic you've made up hysterical over, pile in a car every day (with two of ours being asthmatic) and constantly expose them to a potential virus. Ridiculous.  I know I'm rambling now. In short, I got up at 5am daily to do chores, make breakfast, and get the kids started. Then Claire would get up to help, gather all their assignments from emails, texts, or an 1850's mail donkey. Then we'd surrender our computers and open the tutoring center back up. We'd maybe get 2 hours to ourselves when the kids went back to bed. Then we'd do it again. Spend the weekend doing the rest of the chores and any homework catch up.  It was absolutely insane, and it rarely let up. My heart goes out to any other parents that dealt with a convoluted, confusing and/or overzealous school district. Our schools and teachers mean well. I know they do. But man was there a lot of over-compensation.  Now it's summer. And the kids can go back to exactly what they normally did:

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  1. …it occurs to me we may already know the reason for the delay, but have just forgotten about it.

    Isn’t this the time of year when Rusche’s kids have to be returned to the Firefly Clan? I seem to remember this being about the time of year when there’s some new horrific story about what happened afterward.

    1. After the HOME ALONE</bì and DON’T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER’S DEAD fiasco, I would have hoped that a lawyer moved for an emergency petition along with CWS getting involved in the FOXFIRE state.

      1. Stupid phone borked my comments with the html stuff. But I’m going to say this. I don’t believe in hitting people, but anyone who decides to inflict psychological and physical trauma on children really need a biblical level intervention. I’d not only sell the millstone to them at a great loss, but I’d use the receipt to slap them in the face.

        1. Who knows if that’s still the case, what with COVID and all, but I can’t shake the feeling this is about the time of year that happens.

        2. True, but with conditions being what they are, even really petty people might get turned around.

  2. Does anyone know if the private discord channel is very active? Also, haven’t read the comic in a while. Is it still center, leaning-right anti-SJW type stuff or has he gotten over that? Based on the “government mandated” line about social distancing or whatever, I assume not. Not a big deal since it seems like Chris is just genuinely ignorant on some things.

      1. I’m thinking that the anti social justice thing was a “barb” because of a smug self righteous lesbian feminist who was going to prey sexual on a minor as, I believe but I’m not sure if I’m correct, revenge on Pumpkin’s actions against the “sword selling sisters.”

        I believe Katrina was her name and radical was her game.

        1. It’s not that. Obviously that character was in the wrong. I’m talking about everything else. Subtle stuff in the comics for sure, but also the things he writes here and before on his social media. The president shitting stuff up but still “oh Hilary blah blah…” So I was just wondering if he was still expressing that sort of stuff. Since I was thinking about the private discord but. I thought that maybe living his hectic life in the age we’re in might have changed his views? But “government mandated…” even now in 2020? idk

        2. Oh for fucks sake. Disliking a failed President is not “sjw”. Neither is espousing a center candidate that also thankfully failed. Here’s the true story, hot stuff, Trump and Hildawg were pretty buddybuddy until she didnt hold up her part of the deal and lost to Obama. Then he took his ball home and started his own casino with blackjack and hookers. Forgot the blackjack and hookers, forgot the casino. Flipped some blue collar states then did even less for them. So now they flip back for guy that helped massively arm the police in the first place. And in 30 years the actual needle on leftwing and rightwing has really only moved an eentsy bit right and than itsy bit back left. Keeping America in the middle of its own view point and still right of most western democracy and republics.

          Now go outside and drink water from the hose, only people get tap and fridge water.

        3. Yeah, because you can totally call three years of incredible economic progress before a PANDEMIC HIT a “failure” and not look insane when you say it.

        4. What “economic progress” are you talking about? People in America were getting poorer and poorer. The fallout from the pandemic is just another demonstration of Trump’s poor leadership.

        5. I’ve been running my own small business for 15 years. Three presidents, it’s been under. Bush, Obama, and Trump.

          Under Bush and Obama, every year, I paid my quarterlies and they’d ALWAYS demand more.

          Under Trump, I got a refund for the first time ever.

          Trump was good for my business. I doubt I’m alone.

        6. Are you sure that’s a reflection of THEIR efforts? One thing I learned running the rat race for the past decade is that there are so MANY “small business owners” and “very serious, money-having professionals” who are ignorant as hell.

        7. I think you should review your history, you may be a bit confused. I don’t know what deal you think Hilary had with Trump pre-Obama. Trump was not the kind of “billionaire” people with real power would associate with until he became President. Then he “flipped” blue states by winning the electoral college will losing the popular vote by 3 million! Wow!

          The federal government continues to become more and more right wing. But the people are farther to the left than ever before.

    1. *long slow whistle*

      My oh my, look what happened when I was paying attention.

      I’m tempted to join in this… I’ll be charitable and call it a ‘discussion’. However, my general aversion to talking about politics (especially on internet venues ill suited to such things) has won out.

      Although I am somewhat surprised that a certain someone has opted to participate in this conversation yet.

      1. Not too surprising considering the state of the comic. No one has mentioned this yet, is there any info on how busy the private discord is?

        as for politics, I noticed the artist is big on “work hard, do the right things, and you are guaranteed success! if you work a crappy job and are poor, that’s your OWN fault! everything is totally fair” vibe in a lot of his comics. just like someone who was lucky enough to succeed not realizing luck is important too.

        1. Well the person I’m thinking of has been active relatively recently and they seem to enjoy this sort of conversation, so…

          I’d describe the discord as moderately active. (Given that I’m only involved in two I don’t have a lot to compare it against.) At least it’s not the situation where you’ll be away form your computer for a day and come back to hundreds of new entries to sift through.

          I find that characterization of Chris’ work to be rather inaccurate. After all right after Ellie starts applying herself and flourishing in the fast food industry the rug gets pulled out from under her, through no fault of her own, and she ends up back at square one. The same thing happened after LoveCon. And you have Caleb who work to build up hos website only to be marginalized by a more popular competitor.

          I think the implication is more that life can be unfair and you can’t control a lot of aspects of it, but you can control your attitude and how you react to things. As the saying goes, ‘it’s not how many times you fall it’s how many times you get back up again.’

          Also, given Chris’ descriptions of his own life I wouldn’t consider him a particularly lucky individual.

        2. In general not that lucky perhaps, but lucky enough to get his comic noticed and supported by enough people to have spent years getting paid to draw stuff (or not lately), many artists/writers who are just as talented never get that break. Then there’s the millions of people who never had any kind of chance to do what they want to do in life because they never had the chance to stay in school, lucky not to be in a situation like that (as are many of us), Having some luck doesn’t mean you are lucky in everything, but it’s useful to be able to see when and where that luck has occurred and how others may not be as successful due to hnot having those specific breaks go their way.

  3. So sorry to hear about all those teacher problems. I think you’re praising those horror teachers too much. Piling up this much work is not dedication, it’s ignorance. It’s like they never learnt how learning works even though you’re supposed to know that when you learn how to be a teacher.

    Also kindergarden really shouldn’t give their kids any work at all. Kindergarden is for playing with other kids, period.
    Have you talked to other parents about what could be done about this situation?

    1. I didn’t know there were places where kindergarten was just a day care, but according to wikipedia that is the case. It’s definitely a time for early math and reading where I grew up and where I’ve worked.

      1. Poor kids. They are so naturally curious and absorb knowledge like a sponge, but only up until the moment when adults impose their teaching methods on them. Then everyone has to learn the same thing at the same speed and it all gets boring, tedious and depressing. It’s so much worse if they have to start learning this way in kindergarten already.

        Those archaic methods were fitting centuries back when 90%+ of all people couldn’t read or write at all and refused to learn it, because working on the fields was considered to be more important, so they had to be forced. Nowadays however, society has become so much more complex and there are so many more teaching subjects. The old methods just don’t work right anymore. THAT would be an actual lesson to be learnt from history, but somehow history teachers just teach dates of wars, ages and maybe inventions, and never think about what the “morale of the story” could be.

        Kids need freedom to develop their own skills. Some are interested in math, some prefer languages, and subjects like history, geography or biology should become mostly optional. Having to watch a 1-hour video of egypt is a waste of time for most of them. The school system is pretty much the archaic system, but bloated with a ton of garbage. When you criticize it, the first reflex is “but common knowledge is so important” and to that I answer “yeah right, look around you. Nobody has ‘common knowledge’. It’s just wishful thinking that schools give you common knowledge. In reality, pupils learn for tests and then forget most of it 24 hours after the test is done.” If school really taught us ‘common knowledge’ then there wouldn’t have been any problems for you teaching your kids math they’re – as you wrote – never going to need again. :-)

        1. It’s not that bad a plan, though, because lots of kids DO learn at the same speed. There’s a reason it’s called a bell curve; a lot of the surface area is right there in the middle.

          The system, however, really fails when it comes to anyone too far left or right of the mean point. The farther you get from average, the less equipped the system is to deal with you. If you’re a little smarter than average, you can be bumped up a grade, or some special classes can be built. There’s wiggle room enough in the system for that. Grade movement is a drastic step, though, as you’re suddenly thrown in with kids you barely know, if at all. If you’re a little slower, you can be held back or, again, special classes kick in. Being held back is probably more traumatic than being bumped up because it comes with negative stigma.

          But the high-end geniuses and the criminally inclined? The system is LOST at that point.

          The public school system is designed to educate large numbers of average children. It does that job EXTREMELY well. Or did in my day, anyway.

        2. The surface area you refer to depends on how much of the middle you’re talking about. If you also take into account that virtually all pupils have strong and weak subjects, then the amount of pupils who do just fine in this system becomes quite small.
          Also this bell curve only shows how many pupils can get through school, but not how much time at school is actually useful at all.

          And as for “extremely” well: Just read what TC said about those incompetent teachers who neither understand how to use electronic devices for streaming nor how to login to a certain website nor that there are other teachers as well. If even teachers are this incompetent and close-minded, then the school system is EXTREMELY lacking.

        3. Is that a character from this comic? Because googling “dehu black friday” just gives me lots of dehumidifiers for Black Friday sales as results, so I can’t figure out where he’s from.

        4. Well, to be fair, those “incompetents” were trying to build a completely online system from scratch about two-thirds of the way through the school year. It’s hard to blame them for not being immediately ready with a completely contactless backup plan for an activity that had been done almost completely in person for decades before. We should never have NEEDED such a backup even with this virus; the government’s frantic, politically-driven overreaction has destroyed hundreds of small businesses, and the schools aren’t undamaged either.

        5. I dunno, what is or was there wasn’t for the regular school aged consumer but for the adult university students with pressures of time vs. their ability to attend a regular classroom. The next instance would be distance (remote/off location) learning for the university level students. The need to apply this to every Tom, Duck and Harriet of every Scholls aged individual was not really something foreseeable, unless someone got drunk after, “THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW” and wanted to come up with a drinking game amongst his drinking buddies at FEMA. I don’t think anyone but absolute nerds, OCD and paranoid people who needed to plan for contingencies would have ever thought of the possible mechanisms needed to get every individual into a classroom through remote distance learnimg

        6. Well, while I admit that it’s not an easy task to switch from reallife teaching to online teaching and that one shouldn’t expect every single teacher to figure out class streaming by themselves (or even how to create and upload videos), teachers can at least be expected to talk to each other and help each other instead of being a bunch of islands. They should work together to figure out one solution on how to continue teaching the kids and then apply it.
          Also they should remember that there are always kids who need more time to understand something, so they can’t just race through their material as if nobody ever had any questions. That’s basic teaching knowledge.

          And just posting the same sentence over and over when they’re told that there’s something wrong is just plain block-headed and uncaring.

          As long as they’re doing highly questionable things like demanding pictures of kids being uploaded on the internet, they might as well just use Twitch streaming and have pupils in chat write their questions. Heck, there might even be pupils who know how that works and can tell everyone. Communication is key. Ask and ye shall receive.

        1. It’s a dark sign that the negative comments in this thread are getting the most likes…sentiment is turning against our boy Rusche.

        2. Honestly, I agree. I’d be content with just a Discord message saying he’s still here, but it’s been radio silence since May.

      1. He’s got four kids at home in a CoVid hotspot and a pregnant wife. I can wait as long as it takes. The man has enough on his shoulders. I just hope they make it through okay.

        1. Yeah.. thing is, it takes almost no time at all to let us know he’s still alive. It’s more than just frustration on my part, it’s worry. Like, I really hope his kids are OK and everything! That is definitely a part of my anxiety around this radio silence.

          If everything is OK, then it is extremely unprofessional to accept money for a project that he has no intent to work on. I can understand the desperation that would make someone do that, I have empathy for the man. It would still be extremely bad form, on his part.

        2. On the other hand, I wonder just how quick “a picture of Christ in a jar of urine” was completed. And that was through the endowment for the arts.

          Quit pushing the man. Personally, if calming your anxiety is to share a personal distaste about others, then I think that it’s not very healthy and borderline codependent. The man alone went through a 300+ point life change in stress just before the Chinese communist party decided to crap on the world. And everyone got their own 300+ point life change in stress. Me, I’ve been sick for over two years now with something that puts me into high risk, thank you very much Chinese government, so I get anxious walking out my front door. My doctors are in their own covid hotspot 120 miles away in a denser population than most of the state. Dr’s don’t understand everything about this bug that China (the government) was investigating. It’s virulent, airborne, quick to mutate, nigh cuthulu and quite possibly straight from the Book of Revelations. How are most other people coping besides the mass ignorance that’s been bandied about on the 4th and memorial day.

          I wonder how many people are being stupid today, because I heard of a neighborhood carnival being shut down by the health department in St. Louis.

          And then a supposed ‘inoculation’ in November? And let’s not forget Halloween. If that were to be tomorrow, just how many houses in your county would you personally walk to?

        3. Good point. Who needs some half-assed, barely-tested vaccine when we have a perfectly useful treatment package in hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc together?

        4. Since when do I do that? Are you the same mR. Blue I’ve been talking to since Shotgun Shuffle and Stand Still: Stay Silent’s fan-bases became friends? Complete with a Scandinavian song of friendship and everything, set to art from both of our corners of the internet?

          Since when do I relieve anxiety by sharing “distaste for others”? I’m calling out the man’s lack of business ethics and am kind of an economics nerd.. it’s extremely unprofessional to leave your patrons waiting. And given the personal nature of the relationship between a typical online comic artist and their audience, don’t you think that some of us would actually worry for the artist, when they go silent?

          Check yourself, buddy. Please?

        5. Oz, I would like to apologize. However, we do not know what is going on behind the scenes. And I would rather have the premise of “no news is good news” over all of these obituary and cancel culture naysayers who think that taking money from willing participants is disguising, pathetic and nurturing a pathetic codependency habit that is borderline criminal.

          And I’m not sure how this is going to work.

  4. Hey Rusche. I’m pretty certain you’ll never see this, but I wanted to make sure I said something rather than just ghosting.

    I’ve been a fan for about seven years now, and I’ve loved every panel. You’re an incredible artist and I fell in love with your characters. But times are tough, financially speaking, and I can’t justify the Patreon support anymore fi there isn’t any content. I genuinely do wish to support you and your art, so I’ll keep an eye on this page and pick my Patreon payments back up once you’re back. But for now I’ve gotta sever this connection.

    Thanks for all of the joy over the years,

    1. Meh… it happens. I finally broke down and cancelled my patreon support this month as well. I hope his family is blending and things are going well for them, but as you say, times are tough and my support dollars have to go to those that are actually active.

    2. Same. Just canceled my support.

      Rusche, we know that you love to produce super-detailed gorgeous artwork, and we love you for it. Maybe turn it down a notch in order to facilitate regular production schedules.

      Just a thought.

      Anyway, I’ll support you again when you’re producing again. I’ll keep checking.

  5. New theory that’ll probably get me a lot of hate from Rusche stans, but that’s fine, I welcome any thoughts because at this point I genuinely believe this:
    Shotgun Shuffle is dead, Rusche us leeching Patreon money and not officially declaring that this is no longer something he can do in order to continue generating the income. I know how malicious this sounds but at this point I really feel like this is the case. He could do mini one sentence updates which would satiate the majority of his fans, whether on this site, twitter, or literally any other accessible platform, but chooses not to.

    Before anyone jumps down my throat about how his Patreon supporters willingly give him money regardless of the comics active status, I understand that. I do have a question for anyone that is knowledgeable on Patreon though. Is everyone donating made aware that they are indeed still donating? As in, do they receive email updates or receipts? Not everyone can easily manage their bank accounts, and if they aren’t made 100% aware, please don’t tell me how they should know where their money is going. Ideally, yes they would. However, it’s not that uncommon for things like this to slip through the cracks. I’m really curious, if anyone is willing to give me a response I would appreciate it. I just think there may be some people that are still donating, but if there were aware of it they would stop. Again, I’m not fully knowledgeable so if any kind person would be willing to fill me in, I’d really appreciate it.

    1. Doubted very strongly. Nothing before this suggests he’s willing to commit straight-up fraud, so not looking for him to start now.

      1. Well you know, except that he is doing just that, fraud. Pay me money so I can bring you content faster, and the content never comes. I suppose he’ll come up with another page in another month or so, then write an excuse and another animated comic that took just as long, if not longer to do then the actual comic. Rusche is not taking responsibility for his actions which is ironically one of the messages of this comic.

        1. This is not the proper forum to bring forth accusations of fraud. That forum should be between You (if applicable), the author/artist dude and the payment processor.

          If you don’t have any payment agreement whatsoever, then what right is it of yours to bring possibly baseless accusations forth here?

        2. Mr.Blue, we all know you have a raging boner for Rusche. You know he’s in the wrong, all his supporters know he’s in the wrong, why do you keep defending and enabling someone who’s screwing over his own supporters? All we want is honesty. Takes 10 seconds to post an update saying “itll be another week or month or year”. And these aren’t “possibly baseless” they are based on the fact hes fucking over his supporters by not giving any updates in 3 months. Im pretty sure that most of the people here don’t care about how long its taken, but rather the fact hes just ghosted everyone. Even in his own bullshit rambling comment, he stated the main reason for his absence was his homeschooling, and that now that its over, he should be back to the comic. Wonder what his excuse will be this time.

        3. Its okay, I know its hard to argue against facts and what almost everyone else is thinking. The likes speak for themselves, despite whatever misguided BS you always seem to respond with. Good day sir

        4. This is actually the place to discuss the comic, one need not be a Patron to discuss the relevance of it’s existence and those who aren’t are in a position to need more information about how it works. Whether it is deliberate malice or neglect their still is a ton of money coming in through Patreon in return for actual nothing at this point.

          Personally I’m less than convinced Chris needs to make a statement about a lack of intent on regular updates at this point as one can more than infer one.

          For those that are wondering about how Patreon works. You get an invoiced statement every month, whether you actually open all the emails you receive from companies is another thing. I’d guess the majority of the remaining Patreon supporters are the quite common ones that donate $1 to several things rather than the rarer to begin with large donors to less things that probably would be more annoyed about wasting their money.

          So I suspect whether Chis makes a statement or not would barely even effect his Patreon income as most of it probably comes from people who don’t even check the page anymore. Now whether he should actually close down his Patreon and stop taking money from people entirely is another matter. Morally he probably should as it’s basically stealing money. Financially it makes a lot less sense. Really updating the comic would be a sensible middle ground. Most of us do work for our income, despite other things going on in our lives after all.

          Occured to me partial information can be checked easily. Average Patreon is donating just over $5 a month

          PER MONTH

          That’s almost $4000 for literal nothing.

        5. Good name, because it’s irrelevant to think he’s stealing anything.

          1. Good art can not be rushed
          2. If you are not paying for something, why bother saying anything?
          3. My choice, and their choice if they still contribute.
          4. Quit muckraking.

        6. He’s not stealing, but it seems unethical. You’d think Patreon would shut down an inactive account that is generating money but doesn’t update. Maybe not because money is money, but it just doesn’t look good for the brand. So bullet for bullet.

          1. It is really good art, but do you think that comic above is THREE MONTHS of work good? 4k good? I think we can all agree it’s not. If you say somehow it is, either you’d be in the far minority or lying.
          2. You don’t have to be directly affected to be upset for people who are affected. If I see something unfair happening to someone else, I’m not going to be silent just because it’s not happening to me.
          3. No argument there. You can throw your money into the trash or use it as tissue paper for all I care. Still going to call out something unfair if I see it. Just because YOU don’t care doesn’t mean others don’t and are just afraid of speaking up.
          4. How about you don’t discourage people who try to speak up? ?

        7. Patreon doesn’t actually check what’s been delivered (the pay per post system actually received a ton of backlash as it added a ton of transaction fees), they charge you when you sign up and the first of the month. I suspect a lot of the donors are simply maintaining donations that they don’t notice in large Patreon bills to many sites.

          Apparently their are some crazy people that really stand up for their right to throw money away on some one who doesn’t do anything to earn it though.

        8. This. I love the comic, but after the last hiatus, I cancelled my patreon with this comic. Didn’t seem fair to be spending money with no content. Its not alot of money, sure. But for people like me, I dont make alot, so that little money was worth spending to get extra content and support one of my favorite artists. And I have to agree with the comments against, and seeing some long time fans, like mr.Blue actually defend his actions, and try to justify it, is quite disgusting to be frank. But this whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth, so it pains me to delete this link, but I feel this comic will sadly never be completed. I’m sure there’s another one out there who will appreciate my patreon subscription. Farewell friends

        9. Their is a pretty large divide between posting nothing for 3 months and rushing, especially when having taken donations on the premise their would be multiple uploads a week. The last 3 months of donations paid for exactly no deliverables and before that far less than was promised for quite a while now.

          And people were asking how Patreon works, so I shared my knowledge and thoughts on it. And the more I thought about it the shittier it looks.

      2. I can’t agree with you here, he’s been silent for months at a time while still accepting money. I’d say that supports my theory. This isn’t the first time, and unless he actually listens to any of the many suggestions he’s been given, or comes up with something better himself, it won’t be the last time.

    2. > Is everyone donating made aware that they are indeed still donating? As in, do they receive email updates or receipts?

      Yes, at the beginning of every calendar month, Patreon sends out an email detailing all of the Patreons that an account is giving money to, the amount of tax collected, and a total of the above.

      1. Thanks for answering! I’ve still on some occasions let similar situations slip through the cracks when life was crazy for me. Not to say the +200 Patreons are unaware, I’m glad to hear they all have the resources to keep them up to date.

  6. I just wanna say I don’t mind waiting for the next comic. 2020’s been insane and I hope you and your family are doing good Rusche.

    1. To be fair, the majority of people including myself don’t mind waiting however long it’ll take for the comic to update. It’s the total lack of any kind of communication, even to say there will be an indefinite hiatus that gets us. Rusche can and should take the time he needs, or even just kill the comic. Just wish he would say something. I don’t even care about the comic itself much at this point, the storyline lost all interest to me personally some time ago. I’ll still give the site traffic for the amusing comments, and hoping Rusche will get it together and say something.

  7. Apparently the CMS here won’t let me link text in the body of a comment, but Google for “Chris Rusche obituary Austin Statesman.” Guess that settles it then. I guess his wife doesn’t have his admin password to publish a notice of his passing… understandable.

      1. I hear that if you read the Black Friday arc backwards, Sister X’s dialogue is “House on fire, house on fire, put it out, put it out.” That’s clearly a coded message that means “Rusche is dead”. But then, when you read Dheu’s dialogue, it says “No matter how thin you slice it, it’s still baloney.” That could either be a Satanic riddle or a sign that this is all a crock.

    1. That was claimed on the last comic, it was BS them too, there is no Chris Rusche obituary, there are other Rusches but none of them recently

  8. I wish I knew who all y’all were yelling at. It sure as hell isn’t Chris. He’s not reading a single word of this. If he were, he’d have long ago answered the call for a simple update to let you know he’s alive. But y’all know that. Yet here you are pissing into the void. Why?

    Do you just feel like yelling at mR. Blue for still supporting Chris? Do you just want the catharsis of screaming at the ducks? Are you looking to pick a fight and know there’s at least a few people here willing to indulge you in one? If it really is the patreon money you’re upset about, then the people you’re shouting at are the people who not only continue to pledge on Patreon, but who also regularly check back in to see the comments through three months of inactivity. Those people are the ones who definitely know that Chris updates whenever he pleases and who definitely know they are still giving him money. That is to say, you aren’t telling them a single thing they don’t know.

    I moved on long ago. Even before the redesign and the discord server, I changed my bookmark to lead me directly to the old chatroom (back when that existed). Every once in a while somebody reminds me that y’all are still here and I check in to see if anything’s changed. More often than not it hasn’t even updated. I stick my head in the comments to call some of you assholes who I feel deserve it, just for old times sake, and then leave again. Because y’all won’t stop being assholes, Chris still won’t update, and his fans won’t stop being fans.

    So please take this as a word of advice rather than a demand; if you aren’t happy here, if Chris’s failure to update sticks in your craw, then move on with your life and find better things to do. Delete this from your bookmarks. Don’t look back.

    It’s made me a happier person.

    1. I mean it is pretty obviously Chris. Same reason why people comment that they don’t mind if he takes his time, or hope that he’s doing well. He might not be reading it today, or tomorrow, next week or even next month. But we know he does eventually read these. Or at least he says he does; I quote from a previous update, “I’ve gotten an earful this last week. Your concerns aren’t falling on deaf ears. Trust me.” Another update stated he read our messages. So eventually, whenever he manages to have both drive and time to come back to this half dead page, maybe he will see at least one or two of posted grievances.
      The patreon people who don’t notice the subscription won’t read this, but maybe Chris will and he’ll do something about it if he sees enough comments about it. Or maybe he actually doesn’t read the comments and we really are screaming into the wind. Least we tried – a little bit of effort is more than none at all.
      Maybe it would be better to just delete this from bookmarks and never come back. But we all know that’s not going to happen to the audience who you’re addressing. All you’ll get for your troubles is feeding the trolls (that you’ve stated you like doing anyway), and the 3 or 4 likes from mR. Blue + other die hard Chris fans.

  9. I like to still check back every now and again.
    Sooner or later we’ll see an update, I think anyway..

  10. I just checked back in to see the status. I am puzzled why some commenters are so concerned about how other people spend their money, as if it was any of their business. I’m a patron, been one for a while, and unlike some of the haters, I know that just maintaining a website costs maintenance money at the very least, so I don’t consider my patronage to be supporting “fraud”, I consider it “supporting an artist whose work I like.” If anyone has a problem with that, they’re more than welcome to go climb their thumbs and rotate at the top.

    1. The style certainly is similar, at least from what I can tell, since I’m not joining deviantart just to satisfy my curiosity to examine all the images. A quick Google search suggests that artist was making lots of porn comics in 2015 & 2016. At the time, Chris was updating SS weekly pretty much without fail.
      Also reminiscent are the comments bemoaning Steamrolled’s absence since last November, and crying foul on behalf of her Patreons. So even if this is Rusche’s side gig, it isn’t happening at the moment either.
      Conclusion: red herring.

    2. I’ve always been curious if anyone else would notice this. I saw that page a long while back and while some art styles can be similar, to have developed and evolved in the same way is too much of a coincidence

      1. What, by taking all his hot, big-breasted straight girls and turning them into various combinations of parts instead? Well, no one ever gave SJWs credit for a lot of common sense.

        1. Some people would say that turnabout is fair play. But taking someone’s artistic work and tweaking it to sit your own desires is just pornographic. On the one hand, imitation is a sincere forum of flattery. On the other, mocking. I think that this person has stolen the style with little adaptation possibly because it was a small webcomic that won March Madness that one year. Beat out STAND STILL. STAY SILENT that year, along with GIRL GENIUS and other webcomic with a strong following. The SHUFFLEVERSE even snagged number one on TWC.

          Chris has always been photo realistic in his portraits. And his comic style has been adapting from when he started and evolving towards a less comic style but not quite MARY WORTH or other serious high art comic styles. I believe BRENDA STARR would be another example. With this other comic, it seems to be somewhere between “Everyday it’s “BACK TO THE FUTURE” and Onomatopiacon. Still a place with a good degree of caricature. And well, Chris has at times dropped a few statements about distaste on a few webcomic genres. And this “TG Raygun/mysticism switch” is one of them. I’m also of the thought that this other author/hack is angry about some things, may have found a style that’s easy for them, found someone to troll because of their closed-minded viewpoints on sexual identity choices while making a buck. In more ways than one. And yes that pun is intended.

          Why because my satire is better than their attempts to even accomplish any amount of Don Rickles’ roasting in their statements on what they think is right. They may think that they made a home run, but their pop fly just caved their head in in my opinion. And that’s why I don’t think it’s Chris. The style isn’t advanced enough, the topic matter is distasteful to him, and the writing sucks and isn’t polished.

        2. All I know is that DeviantArt whatever it was had a plot that made The Wotch look coherent and reasonable by comparison. Except with way more “ka-girl”ing. It wasn’t even really a plot more than it was an excuse to create some kind of mixed sampler platter of humanity. It’s like they got Croenenburged but with a lot less mucus.

    3. I think it’s a copy. The person took actual comic pages and changed some things around to for their “story” too. I noticed in the later ones there’s poses and facial expressions that Rusche has already drawn as well, so they’re likely copy-pasting. Reminds me of “OrIgInAl Sonic OC Do NoT sTeAl”

  11. I think Steamrolled is done by his wife Claire. In February of this year, both authors made reference to being gone for a while because of emergency surgery.

  12. Not sure why I posted that as a response. I shouldnt comment this late haha

    I love the comic, but after the last hiatus, I cancelled my patreon with this comic. Didn’t seem fair to be spending money with no content. Its not alot of money, sure. But for people like me, I dont make alot, so that little money was worth spending to get extra content and support one of my favorite artists. And I have to agree with the comments against, and seeing some long time fans, like mr.Blue actually defend his actions, and try to justify it, is quite disgusting to be frank. But this whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth, so it pains me to delete this link, but I feel this comic will sadly never be completed. I’m sure there’s another one out there who will appreciate my patreon subscription. Farewell friends

    1. No one, and I mean no one judges me and sways my opinion or behavior for what I do save for three people. Four maybe, OK five.
      1. G-d This One Judges EVERYONE.
      2. Jesus Christ. He judges everyone, and He forgives
      3. Spouse. Still looking
      4. Mom. Not anymore, save for the little person she left in my head telling me not to run with scissors
      5. Dad. Not anymore, save for the mostly silent person sitting in my head watching TV reruns and listening to music to break the silence.

      Ok. Six. Me. Without retrospection, how can people grow and evolve.

      Now with that said, I’ve not brow beat anyone into continuing their patreon patronage. I’ve just been explaining mine. And hear’s one more supposition.

      Chris had had several surgeries. He has a child with lung disorders. But of most recent, he was taken ill. There is no magic pill for every malady under the sun. Colds and flu can ravage the body, allergic reactions to insects can kill. A healthy body can be resilient. But what if he’s got the covid (a.k.a. the CCP Virus, Wuhan Flu)? It was thought that there shouldn’t be a problem at first. That people would either get the sniffles or deadly pneumonia. At first had no idea about the asymptomatic people, or the Typhoid Mary’s (Talk about your Mary Jane). Now we are finding out about the so called “Long Haul’s” where the virus has a diminished effect on people, but it’s still strongly affecting their capabilities to function.

      Now if that’s the case as a hypothetical, why are so many people tracking mud on the metaphorical rug, when Federal Law allows for extended medical leave with no punishment on the worker in order for that individual to properly convalesce? If, IF that is the case, then just what does all this muck do to a person’s mental well being? If it were me, I’d probably sink deeper into a miasma, letting the psychological crap negatively impact my health making me try to get another one out for the website. But that would impact just too much of the spit and polish to keep a viable product. But I’m not the author. He does each panel from scratch, goes through several drafts until it’s ideal presentation is there.

      Perhaps I’m barking up the wrong tree, but I do know how negativity affects a person. I also know from my marketing training that this page, if people have paid to be a patron, is not the place to hash out or air their dirty laundry with Chris. This is not the complaints department, nor is it yelp. Please, go to the contact tab and pursue your problems productively on there. Otherwise, you may be viewed as being parasitic in the perturbation you purvey to be problematic. Just having a like on a pseudonym is absolutely no way to proclaim that you are profusely in the right in your viewpoint. How are supposed to know that you don’t work in a phone store and have up voted yourself on the products put on display for a customer’s purusal and possible purchase.

      1. Edit: How are “WE ” supposed to know about the possible phone store employee.

        Now that I’ve said what I’ve said. There is a difference between, ‘Chris, I can’t afford to keep on going on: a) because I’ve not seen anything new for a while; b) because I can’t afford it right now; c) you’re a thief, bald faced lying thief taking in gullible jerk wads like mR. Blue and his psychotic devotion to you and your cult. You all should rot, fester and die. Just CANCEL yourself. ADMIT IT you crooked cartoonist, billing people while you LIE on your makeshift death bed of a fool’s gold mine.

        The last one is most definitely not welcome, in my opinion. All I’m going to say is put yourself in Chris’ shoes and ask yourself if you would want new readers to see something like that. Personally, I’ve not yet seen anything that should void my giving Chris time to get well, because I do think that he’s of the character to put a stop to the patreon account if he doesn’t want to go on if and when he makes that choice.

        Oz, I apologize if my words caused you grief, I did not realize that it was you at that time. I suppose that I would have tempered my words and tone, but I would have tried to have made the same point, but not so blunt as Negan’s bat. Which is probably another reason why I don’t think that the level of mud slinging should be so blatantly cancerous towards everyone who wants to see the comic AND Chris survive the second episode of the roaring 20’s.

        1. ‘Let me respond to a single paragraph with two heaping long longs with multiple paragraphs complaining about people complaining’ Jeeeeezus. It’s not even a GOOD rant. You’ve stated above that unless you’ve actually have given money to Rusche that you can’t complain here. Well Bill did give money. So Bill can speak. I’m so sick of you ‘defend Chris til you die’ fans, just as sick as you are of seeing complaints. But you don’t see me rolling my eyes how you still vote for a dead comic on twc every week. Until now that is. Because I am. And a lot of other people are sick of it too, just look at the likes from Bill to yours. If Chris is sick, he could make an update post. If he is SO sick that he himself can’t, his wifey can. It would take 2 min max. UPDATE; I’m sick with COVID, comic is going on hiatus, love ya bye. BOOM DONE. Not that hard to do after it’s been 4 months.

          As for new readers; between the really vile anti Chris comments, the spam comments, and the complaints comments about the valid complaints spanning across 2 pages; the damage has already been done.

        2. Thank you for the support. I really did used to enjoy reading all of the comments from everyone like mr.blue, and others. So its really depressing to see how he’s enabling Chris and making excuses for him. Its really sad to see, and a big reason why I’m leaving. I’m just here to respond to any responses, but after that, I’m done. Thank you again

        3. I hate being wrong, but in this case, I hate that I was completely right about you mR.Blue. Can’t help but notice the “like” count. Im not trying to ruffle any feathers, and i don’t think I’ve ever actually commented on this comic till now. But I feel I had to say something. And you may have a point, IF this wasn’t going on LONG before Covid. Im done with you.

        4. Blue… Are you OK, man? You seem to be really upset. I’m sorry that people’s reactions to the current situation frustrate you so much… may I suggest you visit Stand Still: Stay Silent and catch up? Or re-read if you already have? We’re still there and still pretty chill, dude.

          Another really great comic I’d like to suggest is http://www.killsixbilliondemons.com (Kill Six Billion Demons). Fantastic artwork and backstory. Just take equal parts Kabbalah, Vedas, Zoroastrianism, Gnosticism and a shit-ton of heavy metal album covers.

          It’s aces.No way I can sing its praises enough.

        5. Idk man. Kill six billion demons is probably too ~sjw~ for him considering it’s solid and straight forward lgbtq+ representation.

        6. HEY! Thanks for the 6 Billion reference. I checked in to SS just to see the skeletons rattle.
          But you put me onto something that looks like it could keep me awake.
          Coloring looks a bit like Power Nap.

          I long ago ran out of comments to make about this rustling pile of dead leaves at GUNSHOT STUMBLE.

        7. It’s a super good comic for a wide verity of reasons! Honestly I don’t think I could recommend it enough. Updates can be a bit sporadic at times but the author is super good about communicating when they go live. Hope you enjoy an a+ comic!

      2. Hi mR. Blue, several times I’ve seen you state that this isn’t the place to write complaints, and I really have to disagree with you. This is a very open and public forum. Complaints should certainly be expected, and they are all relevant to the comic or are related to the progress (or in this case lack thereof). The comments, both pro Rusche like yours and complaints like others are the only thing keeping some people coming back here. Site traffic isn’t a bad thing. Your buddy Rusche still has that going for him at least, plus the activity in the comments section.

        Sit down, drink some tea or a calming beverage of your choice, and please consider not raging so much.

        1. Mr. Blue clearly just thinks their should be no complaints. Their isn’t a more appropriate place on the entire internet for discussing this comic, it’s lack of updates and how unethical it is to continue to take money for work not done at an increasing ratio.

          What are we supposed to do? Pay $5 to point out how stupid it is to be giving money to Chris at this point where less people will see it? No. This is the fucking place to discuss the comic or lack there of.

        2. You’re right, I made an incorrect assumption that blue would appreciate polite, civil discourse. However, his response to my comment speaks volumes on his character. Just an irrational rusche stan.

        3. What are you going to falsely accuse Zombiloli of stealing? How is this a valid argument?

          Incase you haven’t noticed, Chris at this point has taken several thousand dollars for promised work he’s never delivered and it looks like he’s about to get another $1300, for more nothing in a few days. His Patreon isn’t a Go Fund Me for whatever his woe-is-me story is this time. It’s a Patreon promising multiple comics a week in return for payment and instead has degraded to delivering one comic maybe every few months.

          His Patreon outright states he would deliver one comic a week for $150. 3 a week for $1200. It’s currently getting $1300.

          This is the 4th comic of 2020 (about to turn 4 months old and still ‘current’) and the 7th or 8th of the last 12 months. His delivery has been fraudulent since May/June of last year even if you only judge it on the $150 goal of once a week.

          If he wants to take money for producing a web comic, he should produce a fucking web comic. If he wants money for nothing Patreon is not the correct platform to be using for it.

        4. Well unlike everyone else here, chris’s thievery is obvious for the exact reasons “Irrelevant” has pointed out, and that everyone else has seemed to realize except for you. Why you choose to crash and burn with Chris and this comic is very odd. I suppose Chris’s dick is just too far down your throat for you to care. I await your next nonsense filled egotistical comment. Cmon mr.blue, dance for us. Tell us yet again how all the obvious facts are wrong, and how your feelings are right. We’re all waiting :)

        5. I think that any/all patrons of Chris should stop giving him money until he gets his shot together. That said, I think mR Blue is right. We shouldn’t be makeing shitposts about chris. I think the way you (doesn’t matter anymore) handle yourself needs work. I think you are an ass, and what you are doing makes you look like even more of an ass

        6. We’re way past the point where if Chris should have shut his own Patreon down due to lack of intent to fulfill it’s promised goals. His position is in no way immune to criticism.

        7. So let me get this straight, I say what everyone is thinking, but I’m an ass because I hurt your feelings by my big ole mean words, but chris being a theif, and mr.blue being just as big of a piece of shit, defending and enabling chris to steal everyone’s money, is just fine? You know what, I’m glad to be an ass then. Actually, thats Mr.Ass to you :D That still beats being a theif and a piece of shit. Ill gladly wear that ass title, if it means getting Chris to do the right thing one way or the other. If Chris had ANY sense of right and wrong, he would immediately stop his patreon, refund all of his patreons the money they’ve wasted in the last 4 months, give an actual apology instead of the bullshit sob story above, and either shut down this site, or get back to work.

        8. The conclusion that makes me smile most is that this Mr. Blue dude is yep, Chris Rusche operating incognito. He defends Rusche’s absence, debates those who put down Rusche’s genius, and excuses his blow it off attitude toward his Patreon critics.

          An unnamed hotel guy and media type who went on to demolishing giant governments, used to call NYC media outlets with a pseudonym to offer himself praise and defend his rep. Looks to me like the same pattern. We gotcha, Mr. Blue; say hillo to Claire.

        9. Hah, now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. He went from writer of a cute and fun comic, to raging feminist icon to holy shit he’s a TERF.

          I can’t imagine that comic is profitable or has much of an audience anymore, but amazingly, it’s still running.

          And utterly bland as hell. Don’t regret dumping that one into the directory of ‘uncomics’. XD

        10. Mr. Blue has been around forever. Pretty sure he’s just a die hard fan who doesn’t want to admit to himself how much more he cares about this comic than the author does. If Chris thought about the comic as often as Mr. Blue defends it, it would have updated months ago.

          Plenty of people stick up for all kinds of objectionably horrible companies that mistreat their audience because they get some joy from their product despite it. Their are far worse examples of this than Mr. Blue and Shotgun Shuffle.

  13. 4 months. 4 damn months.

    I can undeserved delays. Life happens. But this is not the first time this massive silence has happened. And every time if gets longer and longer.

    I love this story and this art. But nobody should be giving their money to this comic right now. Until regular updates start happening, not even comics just updates, Shotgun Shuffle deserves no monetary support.

    1. Which is why I cancelled mine. Wasn’t much, but monthly with nothing, I can move it to another who is doing something or just it for myself and daughter.

    2. I wonder if there is a way to report Chris to patreon? He’s literally stealing peoples money at this point (well, he’s been doing it for a long time obviously). Can’t see how that wouldn’t be against the rules.

  14. Starting to wonder if that “Next update 2024” gag is actually a joke. This wouldn’t be the first comic I’ve seen take the rest of 2020 off, ut I’d hope you’d tell us if that’s what is happening.

  15. Can we all just agree that no matter how many people post their opposing views, no one is going to be happy? Side A is going to complain no matter what’s said and Side B is going to defend Rusche because they want to support him. I think it’s safe to say we all love his work or none of us would be here. Has it crossed anyone’s mind that this whole shit show in the comments is part of the problem? I mean, would any of this motivate anyone else if this was their work? Now I agree, if that’s the case, something should be said. But does anyone really think arguing with everyone is gonna make things go faster?

  16. On September 27th, 1 year ago today, Shotgun Shuffle updated. In the time since then, there have been 8 updates; and also 4 Patreon updates, although 3 of them are locked behind the highest tier of paywall.

    So in the past year, we’ve have effectively less than 1 update per month, and no word at all in the last 4 months. In good conscience, I can no longer continue to support a comic that is effectively on hiatus; I would prefer to save my money for things that are still updating.

    When Rusche, author and artist, first announced that he was considering ending the updates because of the financial burden I was one of those people who suggested he start a Patreon, and I eagerly supported it as best I could because I wanted to see where the story was going. Unfortunately, the story has ground to halt. I was also one of the people who tried to convince Rusche to scale back the art a bit in the interest of keeping the updates rolling. Other people disagreed, and Rusche chose to keep the quality up but the updates infrequent. That’s fine- other people are entitled to their opinions, especially the artist. But again, it’s killing off the thing I actually supported in favor of something I cared less about.

    So today, regrettably, I am unsubscribing from Patreon for this comic; and I felt I owed an explanation. I wish everyone here, and Rusche, the best of luck. I’ll check in occasionally, and if the updates restart, I’ll consider re-subscribing. Until such a day, stay safe, everyone.

    1. Mr. Blue jumping to the author’s defense while simultaneously condemning you for complaining about the comic in the comic’s comment section in 5…4…3……

  17. I hope he doesn’t make another annoying animated comic again. Did anyone actually like that? I just saw it and figured he wasted all his time doing that instead of, you know, the comic that we come to this site to read.

    1. Not to mention the page worth of sob story in a weird sad awkward attempt at justifying his absence. But im sure Mr.blue will tell you that only took 5 minutes, and the comic itself took a solid 4 months of work.

    2. I hope he isn’t stringing along his Patreons because they’re all that’s paying for medical bills for someone important to him… and he’s too proud to start a gofundme page. That would make me feel really bad for griping about the lack of updates.

      I better quit showing empathy, though; the 2020 version of Mr. Blue might come down on me if I keep it up. Last time I aired my concerns, they accused me of… I dunno, hate-speech? Because I was having anxiety about his lack of Twitter updates, so I took it as a sign that things might not be good on his end?

      I dunno when giving a fuck became hate speech, but there you go… 2020’s Blue is there.

      1. If this were all that was paying the bills I’d imagine he’d put out some content to try to bring in more money or at least to avoid people pulling out.

  18. Hey Chris, not sure if you’re ever going to read this considering how long it’s been, and the amount of comments that have been posted, but I felt like saying something. I found this webcomic when I was 15, when Ellie was going on the fake date at the prison-zombie movie, and it quickly became one of my favorites. I would check it almost every day just to see if there was an update.As time went on, the comic became more and more extravagant, and I started to wonder whether it could continue. Well, I think I’ve got my answer. Over the past couple of years, it’s felt less like the story of Ellie and her friends and family making their own bizarre way through life and more like Tarra’s Bizzare Adventure. With the constant hiatus and the out-of-control plotlines vyind for dominance, I doubt there will be a finale. I don’t blame you for getting bored of the story of Ellie, you’ve been doing this for 11 years now, but you really should have let your patrons know, even two sentences would do. I had a lot of respect for you and it’s disappeared over this hiatus. I’m glad you got a lot out of this, and I still enjoy the earlier arcs, but you need to update everyone, and do something about your patreon.

  19. Well, welcome to October. That’s 4 full months without an update.
    (For those of you keeping score at home, the record is 11/9/2010 to 6/12/2012 or a little over 18 months.) We’ll hear something when we hear something.

      1. Yep, everyone else is in the wrong. Everyone else is the reason why people are abandoning the comic. Certainly isn’t the fact chris is a theif, and has ghosted the people supporting him, and then a handful of people feel the need to justify chris’s thievery. After all, it’s okay for chris to keep taking peoples hard earned money on the promise of content once a week, but its obviously bad for people to call him out on it. That certainly isn’t the TEXTBOOK DEFINITION of FRAUD. Just keep telling yourself that buddy. Cheers mate :)

      2. So if they’re not Anonymous it’s fine? Could’ve fooled me with how you’ve been attacking anyone who even sighs in disappointment. You now have people openly mocking you. You’re the 2nd most complained about person in these comments, the 1st of course being Rusche. Take the hint and stop acting like a pissed off chihuahua, biting at the ankles of whoever dares to say the comic is dead because Chris hasn’t posted any kind of update. Even your friends are worried about you at this point. You’re not going to listen to me, but maybe listen to them and chill out.

      3. The comic hasn’t updated in over 4 months and you want to blame the comment section for not being positive. That’s almost as dumb as an anonymous nobody complaining that everyone else is anonymous.

        As for the slander. “It is not. I resent that. Slander is spoken. In print, it’s libel.” J Johan Jameson. Except it’s not libel either because of all the facts you keep ignoring. How the Patreon promises work that Chris hasn’t even come close to delivering on for over a year.

        Actually I did make a mistake in my post. 3 comics a week was promised at only $600, not $1200. According to Patreon for $1200 there should be more than 3 updates a week or possibly a cartoon in the works on top of the 150 or so comics that haven’t appeared in the last year. So my bad, that was incorrect of me. Unfortunately for you though, this correction only makes Chris looks worse. He wasn’t just making more money than should fund 3 comics a week; he was making more than twice what he claimed would fund 3 comics a week.

        Some one said there has been 1 Patreon comic (below the $10 tier that didn’t exist when the Patreon goal write ups were written). I’m taking their word on that as I’m certainly not paying money to check. So in the last year (365 days/52 weeks since October 2019) there have been 7 public updates out of a promised 104, 1 out of 52 Patreon exclusive updates for a total of 8 out of 156. If you want to count the alleged 3 $10 exclusive posts that’s 11 out of 156.

        This is 7.05% (11/156) delivery on his promised Patreon rewards including the $10 porn tier, 5.1% (8/156) delivery without the porn tier, 6.7% (7/104) delivery of the promised free/public updates and 1.9% (1/52) delivery of non-porn Patreon exclusive updates. These numbers are so fucking bad that it would be reasonable to excuse them if they were how often the comic failed to update, rather than how often it actually updated.

        So how is it the fucking comment sections fault that people have ill will towards blatantly fraudulent delivery that’s been going on for well over a year now? There isn’t a comic for anyone to read and comment on. The only thing happening here is Chris is continuing take money. But you keep not addressing the facts, just your feelings about how people shouldn’t point out the facts.

        No one gives a fuck if you don’t like the truth, doesn’t make it any less true.

        1. Mr.blue has proven to everyone else here what an unbelievable piece of shit he is. And his lack of likes has proven this. I look forward to the day I go to click on this page, and I get that long awaited 404 not found message, and hopefully his patreon shut down. Fuck mr.blue, fuck this comic, and fuck chris.

        2. I’d just like to see the Patreon shut down. It’s immoral as fuck to keep charging for updates that never come. If the comic updates once every third blue moon for whatever revenue it gets from Adsense and because Chris enjoys making it occasionally, that’s cool.

  20. Yeah, this is what I was ultimately afraid of. Eventually everyone just…leaving. It’s why I kept screaming, even if was useless, in the hopes maybe Rusche would hear. Maybe it wasn’t the best way, but I really didn’t want this comic to die.

    Ah well. As Rick stated the longest hiatus was 18 months and he bounced back after that. So whenever he does come back, I’m sure the viewers will come back too.

  21. I’m sure I’ll remember my log in or get the recovery to work someday, but I’m just popping in to say that I’m just gonna keep checking back and hope that it turns out everything is ok and Chris is just super busy with the kids.

    My sister has four kids and most days it is all say and my brother-in-law can do to get through work and take care of the four kiddos.

    1. Do you really think the comic wouldn’t update if Chris thought about it and cared as much as Blue. He’s just some fucking fan boy who can’t admit Chris doesn’t care about the comic like he does.

  22. My lack of likes, doesn’t matter? No, they don’t. Boy, I wish that I could up vote my posts so boisterous in such a manner to show such egregious cranial prowess. Or to have a cadre of finger happy fools from a 4chan style obscure thread of such a niche like minded, intellectual internet site to support my viewpoints like sheep being led to slaughter.

    Before you count your eggs and crow forth, there is such a silent movement in support of this website, Chris and his story and art. It’s not the Patreon, it’s the TWC. Which puts your paltry 15 vote count vote per thread post to shriveling shame.

    1. How about instead of addressing how unpopular you are after tearing into so many former and even current fans of the comic, you acknowledge that Chris is running a fraudulent Patreon that continually takes money for work that hasn’t been done at anything even resembling an acceptable rate for over a year now.

      You keep choosing to ignore facts and just scream at the people who insult your feelings because the reality of Chris’s fraud is clearly indefensible. Once again because you keep popping up and screaming about things that don’t matter, here is the thing that matters.

      The Patreon is funded for approximately twice what it claims would fund 3 comics a week, 2 public and 1 exclusive.

      In the last year (365 days/52 weeks since October 2019) there have been 7 public updates out of a promised 104, 1 out of 52 Patreon exclusive updates for a total of 8 out of 156. If you want to count the alleged 3 $10 exclusive posts that’s 11 out of 156.

      7.05% (11/156) delivery on his promised Patreon rewards including the $10 porn tier, 5.1% (8/156) delivery without the porn tier, 6.7% (7/104) delivery of the promised free/public updates and 1.9% (1/52) delivery of non-porn Patreon exclusive updates. These numbers are so fucking bad that it would be reasonable to excuse them if they were how often the comic failed to update, rather than how often it actually updated.

      This is beyond fucking fraudulent delivery.

      1. By the way if Mr. Blue pops up and complains about mistreatment or attacks anyone for being upset with the lack of updates or anything at all other than an apology for his own sickening behavior or an acknowledgement of Chris’s fraud; feel free to quote the realities of Chris’s fraud back at him for me.

        1. You do understand that this is not a comic book store, right? The Patreon is to support any and all future posts by an artistic person for the month in question. I’m of the understanding that you and those who have been using “unrecognizable” user names expect this to be an etsy shop, Radio Shack, Sbarro’s, Sears, J.C. Penny, Montgomery Ward, Walmart curbside service where this is mostly WYSIWYG.

          Furthermore, I don’t agree with the definitions that you’ve been using to base your argument on. For the most part, my failed attempts at teaching leagalese via the Socratic method has fallen on it’s face. It also seems that my suggestions for a more healthy expression of stress and anxiety have also fallen on it’s face. I am, however, of the thought that expression one’s mental dainties for all and sundry just does not seem like a valid way to break a negative feedback loop in an attempt to remove an external source of one’s mental irritations. Me, my anxiety goes up a hell of a lot when I see people wearing a mask improperly. And it’s more than just not covering their nose as well. It’s when they are wearing it completely under their chin in public places. Or when I see people whip it out or whip it off at the store’s doors. What is worse is when they have the mask on to enter a store, but then completely take it off inside.

          Now, do I think that there is a difference between an artist, a handyman, a mason and a con artist? Yes I do. Chris is an artist who does not whip things out in terms of completing any/all posting on this website. He could put up the sketches as some other web based artists do to show that things are progressing. I remember one artist, but can’t exactly recall whom, who put a dashboard type of interface that focused on writing, sketching, inking, painting and posting for the next installment. Dresen Codak comes to mind. But I’m not sure.

          I think that handy man can set up an item that is made of bricks, but I’m not really sure that’d I’d trust him to make my house. Maybe an outdoor BBQ. But then you can see the results as they are being made. The agreement, handshake, estimate, delivery of materials and supplies, clearing the site for the installation, routing pipes as needed if needed, pouring any foundation in cement if needed, laying the bricks and mortar from start to finish, the final paycheck on the job and a handshake. The finished timeline in this can be postponed due to several issues. Weather being one of them, illness, availability of materials, scheduling conflicts due to health and illnesses, neighbors, HOA, strikes, theft, vandalism, death, divorce. This list can go on for want of making a point. The handyman isn’t expected to have a long work time, and that most of the jobs should fall into a time period of less than two weeks.

          As far as the mason, maybe a plumber, contractor or anyone else involved with building a habitable structure to local codes could be used instead. How about a defense attorney? Not quite something that would fall under the same time constraints as the handyman, just a few of them. And as far as the con artist could be concerned. Some would say that lawyers are con artists. But a con artist is not someone who would make a promise, deliver the product as able, on what has been a reliable schedule, or uses family or health as a reason. Yet I can hear you shouting at the computer monitor in my head. He hasn’t told us anything.

          Me, I balance his past performance against what is going on now. What with the covid, school, seasonal allergies along with other concerns such as mental health of the kids in regards to summer vacations along with the possibility of legal actions pertaining to such are reasonable to me as he’s been adept at finding ways to get this comic updated when he can. Not when he wants to, when he can. Now, I can hear some of the newer named pseudonyms groaning and one in particular who has falation on his (or her) brain. I just do not see your point of view.

          What I do see are disgruntled readers (or possibly trolls, I don’t know) who have been quite boisterous in the voicing of their outrage at the lack of updates. And in doing so has attempted to build a rather shaky case alluding to Chris being a thief, conman, grifter, etc. That’s he’s the scum of the Earth and needs to be up there with Bill Cosby and Adolph Hitler. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to listen to Bill Cosby on tape when he has finished paying his debt to society no matter what some people are going to say. I’m not going to read Mein Kampf. I don’t need to. And when Chris has things situated in such that he can once again publish the much anticipated update, in my opinion as humble as I try not to let on I’ll be there to read it. G-d willing.

          Now, as far as I view the detractors and their plausibility. I’ve made my statements before, and I don’t think that I need to say it again. Post with the name that you used on the account previously before the shitshow started, or shut up. Just like that sports-bot, I think that someone may have found their pyrite in the sand and invited others to pounce on a new victim. I don’t care if people online hate me or not, I care that they are attempting to drag something that seems to be of high artistic caliber worthy of Belgium into the mud that they crawled out of.

        2. You really like to hear yourself talk, dontcha? Here’s the TLDR version of what blue said:
          “Chris can do no wrong, its okay for him to commit fraud and steal your money, so stop complaining about it. I like using big words, yet basic concepts such as fraud escape me”

          You’re welcome

        3. I’ve been using this user name to post on web comics for over a decade now. It’s as much my name as Mr. Blue is yours, I just post here less because I’m less up Chris’s ass than you are.

          Chris is a fucking fraud running a fraudulent Patreon and whether you like it or not it is comparable to theft to take money on the promise of work that doesn’t get done.. Plenty of artists manage to not only to do more than 8 pages a year but also at the speed they’re paid to do so. This isn’t a new thing, his delivery has been beyond criminally fraudulent since last spring. Everyone has problems, most don’t get paid for stopping work because they have problems.

        4. In the last year (365 days/52 weeks since October 2019) there have been 7 public updates out of a promised 104, 1 out of 52 Patreon exclusive updates for a total of 8 out of 156. If you want to count the alleged 3 $10 exclusive posts that’s 11 out of 156.

          7.05% (11/156) delivery on his promised Patreon rewards including the $10 porn tier, 5.1% (8/156) delivery without the porn tier, 6.7% (7/104) delivery of the promised free/public updates and 1.9% (1/52) delivery of non-porn Patreon exclusive updates. These numbers are so fucking bad that it would be reasonable to excuse them if they were how often the comic failed to update, rather than how often it actually updated.

          If a handyman, mason or lawyer showed up for work 5% of days and the work didn’t get done by the agreed upon deadline they would be taken to court for breech of contract. The only reason Chris is getting away with this shit is the law is notoriously bad at keeping up with the internet.

        1. To be fair it was 93rd when I commented. But given that by twc’s own suggestion it encourages people to vote multiple times across devices I still stand by the fact that it’s nothing too impressive.

  23. Damn. Alright y’all, can I make a suggestion? How about everybody just walks away now. The author isn’t reading this, or if he is then he doesn’t care about the invective that everyone is slinging or Blue being his white knight – there’s plenty of other stuff to get mad at in the real world that might actually matter. I cancelled my Patreon – if you don’t like it, cancel yours. I agree, Patreon should probably be able to suspend payments if enough people complain, but that’s not how they work right now so you’re just working yourself up over something else that won’t change, and anger without effect just breeds more anger and makes your health worse. I also think people should be responsible enough with their finances to check automatic bills and correct things that aren’t jiving up, but that’s on the individual, I don’t drop fivers on the street and keep walking either. Ultimately, we’re all yelling at each other while sitting in the dust under a dead webcomic (and Blue, dog, TWC? Really?). I’m out, I’ll poke my head in a few months from now and see if anything’s changed – if it has it won’t take long to binge anything new and catch up, otherwise, I got other stuff to do, and I suggest y’all do the same. Take care!

  24. Chris doesn’t have time for his supporters, but he sure has does have enough time to spend the money he’s fraudulently taking from them. Interesting how that is. Cmon blue, tell me how thats wrong, just don’t put me to sleep with your response this time. I ain’t got all day to decifer your bullshit :D

    1. Any cogent argument, like speech, is a two way street. If you don’t have the respect to trait the time to understand my point of view, then why should I take it, boil it down, and regurgitate it down your maw or gullet in the hopes that you’d even glean anything from that process unlike what a mother bird does for her chicks.

      1. Have you read some of your posts? Coherent speech is a fucking stretch for that mess you left me to distract from the fact your argument has no legs to stand on.

        People understand your point of view despite your attempts to obscure it by spewing endless gibberish. We just disagree with it because it has no merit.

        Maybe you should try to understand that charging people for work you don’t do is fraudulent delivery on a contract. If he missed the occasional update that would be excusable. 8 out of 156 updates in a year is fucking inexcusable bullshit to be charging people for. If some how it’s so hard for Chris to update his web comic he should take his Patreon down and stop charging people for updates that never come. It’s not a fucking Go Fund Me so he can sit on his ass dealing with the same shit everyone else does. It’s a fucking Patreon, it’s fucking fraud and it has been for about a year and a half, almost an entire year since before “current circumstances”. He’s had plenty of time to realize he’s stealing from people with the amount of effort he’s willing to put into with earning there money.

        If he wants to update the comic every time he’s really bored because he cares about the comic and wants to entertain people that’s fine. Charging people over a $1000 a month for fucking nothing on the other hand is fucking morally bankrupt.

        1. “I can devote pretty much all of my time to the comic at this point… so back into my 3 posts per week schedule. From 1 to 2 tiers per post, with the occasional 3-or-more tiered editions.” That’s what the Patreon has to say as it’s reward for being funded for $600 a month. Fucking half of what it gets.

          In the last year (365 days/52 weeks since October 2019) there have been 7 public updates out of a promised 104, 1 out of 52 Patreon exclusive updates for a total of 8 out of 156. If you want to count the alleged 3 $10 exclusive posts that’s 11 out of 156.

          7.05% (11/156) delivery on his promised Patreon rewards including the $10 porn tier, 5.1% (8/156) delivery without the porn tier, 6.7% (7/104) delivery of the promised free/public updates and 1.9% (1/52) delivery of non-porn Patreon exclusive updates.

          Your the one with so little of an argument you didn’t even try to make one this time. How the fuck can you look at the difference between 3 comics a week and 8 in a year and not see that it’s fucking fraudulent?

        2. Don’t sweat it man. Blue knows he’s lost. He knows hardly anyone is on his side (probably no one at this point), so he’s just trying to save face with cringy attempts at being clever. He hasn’t addressed a single point about chris’s fraud, and he won’t because he knows its true, but can’t bear to say anything against his hero.

        3. Mr. Blue has been a complete dick to so many reasonable people that I feel at this point he shouldn’t be allowed to post anymore bullshit without it being accompanied by the details of the fraud he’s defending.

          You know unless he wants to admit Chris is a fraud and apologize for his own pathetic behaviour.

        4. Hmmm, I don’t recall the shitposting butting in until late February early March, and most of that increased in volume from these two mostly. Let alone the man had been pushing himself to increase the quality of his artwork versus quantity. So, yes, there are some in this audience who know of a few artist/authors who are mostly capable of balancing life while performing an almost consistent time management of their web comic/serialized graphic novel.

          I’m not going to point out that Chris has been evolving as an artist when is already evident to everyone. I might consider the possibility that Chris is still learning to pace himself. And if that fails, he may have browbeat himself into being burned out. Something like this is difficult to get in front of on your own, but to have people seemingly playing the game of, “how many 4B and conte will it take to break the sketcher’s spine?” Which let me tell you sounds like several bully bailiffs from a kangaroo court.

        5. You’re right blue, Chris is just evolving. Silly me. Evolving is certainly a great reason to justify fraud. Infact, im going to take 6 months off my job, without telling them anything to evolve my skills for them. Im sure they wont mind at all and will keep paying me. And im sure you know all this from all of the wonderfully detailed updates he’s given his supporters and fans, right? I’m sure he’s taking all his spare time diligently working on his skill, and not bending over his supporters and fucking them over and certainly, you aren’t just pulling this info out of your ass to yet again justify his blatant and obvious fraud :D

          P.S. and about your other comment about people hiding behind fake usernames or whatever. What the hell difference does it make to you? So what if you know what my username was back when chris wasn’t a thieving asshole? I honestly don’t even remember what username I used, as I rarely commented except to ask a random question about the story line. And I probably didn’t even use the same username back then, as I doubt I would have remembered anyway, and I think I’ve been watching this comic since around 2011/2012 ish yet maybe commented 3 or 4 times until recently. You really need to find a hobby, and stop taking this dead comic so seriously. If you knew what my username was, are you going to remind me of the good times and sing cumbya with me? But if you really want to know, i might have used Dixie Normous, Pickler Power, Your Mom, blueisadick, John seenah, and My name is not dan. Those are my typical burner usernames for websites that don’t require you to make a profile, and one of them I may be lying about using, bet ya can’t guess which? ;D. Happy now? Does that make you feel good knowing that the random faceless entity that you’re talking to online, can now be associated with another random faceless entity that you talked to so many moons ago? If so, then congratulations, you get a cookie and a gold star :D

        6. I have some thoughts on that “evolving” bullshit I thought I’d share with you because you actually think logically and acknowledge reality. It’s actually really hard to not do your job for 6 months as a method of getting better at it, since the best way to get better at a thing is to actually do the thing. But out of curiosity I went into the archive, back to when the comic updated regularly; so like 9 or 10 comics or a year and a half… and it looks much the fucking same. It’s just there, with multiple updates a week instead of multiple months without updates but it looks much the same quality as this page that’s been the “recent” update for almost 5 months now. Chris fucking can update the comic with art of this ‘amazingly high caliber of artistic blah, blah, blah… whatever’ he just stopped fucking bothering. Sure their have been improvements over time and it’s obvious if you go back like 5 years but the improvements came when he was actually working on the comic.

          Also I doubt Blue really gives a fuck what your old user name is. He just has to include off track bullshit to distract from actual facts about things that matter. I’ve never changed my user name and he doesn’t remember me.

        7. What does it matter when people started to notice and get annoyed with Chris’s complete lack of giving a fuck about the comic that pays his rent? He’s been guilty of running a fraudulent Patreon for a year and a half. It’s fucking bullshit to pretend that he hasn’t noticed yet, that the quality of the art or anything else justifies this.

          It’s not rare for an artist to be able to exceed Chris’s pace and quality at the same time. Nor is it even relevant, what’s relevant is Chris doesn’t work at the speed he promised when he set up a Patreon and fails to even attempt to meet it’s goals.

          He hasn’t been learning to pace himself, he’s been learning that he can get away with not bothering to do his job and still gets paid for it. It’s fucking scummy as fuck and your defense of it is beyond pathetic. The hard part of making a living as a web comic artist is convincing people your art is worth paying for and Chris is fucking pissing all over the people that support him, it’s insulting to web artists that actually put the effort into doing their jobs, it’s abusive of Patreon and it’s fucking fraud.

          “I can devote pretty much all of my time to the comic at this point… so back into my 3 posts per week schedule. From 1 to 2 tiers per post, with the occasional 3-or-more tiered editions.” That’s what the Patreon has to say as it’s reward for being funded for $600 a month. Fucking half of what it gets.

          In the last year (365 days/52 weeks since October 2019) there have been 7 public updates out of a promised 104, 1 out of 52 Patreon exclusive updates for a total of 8 out of 156. If you want to count the alleged 3 $10 exclusive posts that’s 11 out of 156.

          7.05% (11/156) delivery on his promised Patreon rewards including the $10 porn tier, 5.1% (8/156) delivery without the porn tier, 6.7% (7/104) delivery of the promised free/public updates and 1.9% (1/52) delivery of non-porn Patreon exclusive updates.

          Pretending this fucking fraud is at all defensible is pathetic, the math is only going to get worse as he continues to fuck all to earn your money.

        8. Now trying to find a promised update for Shotgun Shuffle. That’s fucking grasping at straws.

        9. Blue, im not going to tell you to stop, as your replies are always amusing to read. But you’re getting pretty cringy now. You have no argument. No points. Just anger, and sad attempts at being clever at everyone making valid points. Its so sad to see what you really are.

      2. In the last year (365 days/52 weeks since October 2019) there have been 7 public updates out of a promised 104, 1 out of 52 Patreon exclusive updates for a total of 8 out of 156. If you want to count the alleged 3 $10 exclusive posts that’s 11 out of 156.

        7.05% (11/156) delivery on his promised Patreon rewards including the $10 porn tier, 5.1% (8/156) delivery without the porn tier, 6.7% (7/104) delivery of the promised free/public updates and 1.9% (1/52) delivery of non-porn Patreon exclusive updates. These numbers are so fucking bad that it would be reasonable to excuse them if they were how often the comic failed to update, rather than how often it actually updated.

        This is fraud. You keep ignoring the fuck out of it. Claiming others can’t be bothered to consider your point of view while you ignore reality is fucking bullshit.

  25. I am not now nor have I ever been a Patreon, but by now both points of view have been given and repeated, and everybody is now down to just slinging personal attacks on Chris and on each other

        1. Definitely no shortage of time dying, tho. I come here once a day, and when there’s no update, I slide on down the page to see what’s updated down here. Usually it’s someone calling Mr. Blue names these days.

        2. Idk, I’m biased but I feel I’ve been pretty polite every time I commented. I come back because I like reading the comments, but blue is kind of a jerk. You see that, right? You don’t have to agree with everything I say, but he’s been nothing but unpleasant to me even when I tried to be pleasant to him. I like seeing your comments though, Steve. I hope you’re well.

        3. Speaking here as someone who people occasionally mistake for autistic, it could just be ole Blue just has a personality that comes off wrong. That is, he may not ACTUALLY be a jerk, but just seem like one to certain other types of personalities. Spent enough time reading about the Myers-Briggs personality test to know how THAT one works, and I’m an INTJ.

        4. I really respect this response, but I’ve given up any hope I had for blue to be a decent human at this point.

        5. I mean Mr. Blue wanted to accuse Zombiloli (damn is that meant to be impossible to spell?) of theft because he can’t take people using the comment section to comment about what’s going on. I’d say if anyone has the right to be upset with Mr. Blue it’s Z here, but Mr. Blue has been an asshole to so many people at this point it’s hard to keep track.

        6. Oh, and thanks for enjoying the comments! Totally missed that part while I was putting together the first response. :D

    1. I agree that we should try to keep it all civil. You can continue to support the comic or not, and you can walk away or stick around; but there’s no need to get so invested in it all that you start attacking and insulting people, or the author/artist. If you find yourself gearing up for a screaming-match (or the forum-equivalent, a flame-war) over a webcomic, I think you should just step back, take a few deep breaths and go do something else for a while until you calm down.

      The emotionally-charged knee-jerk reaction might feel cathartic in the short run, but it doesn’t actually help solve any problems.

  26. Zombiloli, I do much the same as you. And have felt the same about Mr. Blue. Back when the story lines were getting frequent updates, I felt that Blue thought he was SOMEBODY in the SS universe. He operated as thought police and as Rusche’s self-appointed enforcer. He was an unpleasant smog drifting through the comment strings, looking to choke off whoever “got out of line.”. I come back, mainly nowadays, to read the sassy “Doesn’t Matter Any More.” And others who have gotten tired of the Blue Shtick. And of course, to see if Rusche will ever reappear. No longer for his now-petrified story line, but for the artwork.

    1. The art is lovely, the story lost interest (to be fair, that’s probably due to the lack of communication) but I’m really just here for the comments.

    1. Again, you are not reading “Sinfest”, and this is NOT Tatsuya Ishida we’re talking about here.

      I get that the “Blue is Chris” notion is the conspiracy theory du jour around this joint–I’d be downright shocked if it were actually the case–but I really, really doubt it.

    2. Nah, if Chris cared half as much as Mr. Blue did the comic would have updated by now. He’s just some fucking fan boy who can’t admit that Chris doesn’t care about the comic the way he does.

      1. Just fuckin’ witcha! I thought the tongue-in-cheek was implied. I don’t think Chris is actually THAT clever. Three more things, then I’m done: 1) I love and miss this comic very much; 2) Mr. Blue is sincere and devoted, but hopelessly naïve (and a kind of a whiny little skidmark); 3) Like most of you, I believe that since Chris obviously has better things to do than to continue indulging our collective whimsy, he should say so, return his subscribers’ patronage, and bow out with a quantum of reclaimed dignity. Bobba Bud signing off….

  27. Ok, I’ll tell the detractors why I think they should lay off the shitshow and tone themselves down. I’ve been dropping hints to what I think is going on with Chris so as to not detract from new readers or to rock the boat. Unlike some who have used personal, libelous or slanderous attacks in the guise of sexual acts that are borderline or actually illegal.

    I think that is possible, in my opinion, that Chris may be suffering with depression these past few months. It was one thing to be coping with his evolving style vs time management and his own personal expectations in view of his possibly staying that he may have OCD. If you want a plausible and entertaining explication of OCD, go watch S GOOD AS IT GETS. I’ve also listed the number of very high stress level events he has gone through recently like moving, marriage but also having to deal with possible PTSD in his offspring because of that last summer visitation. And the stress of legalities related to such, i.e. custody, etc. Now with schools closing over COVID halfway through the last school year and still prominently present in numerous communities.

    Not to mention that he may feel overwhelmed at trying to plug the holes in the dykes of reader expectations in the form of an overflowing backlog compounded by people practically telling him to kill the comic. Repeatedly and unabashedly browbeat in not only him but others who want to see it return in some form.

    Personally, from my point of view, I think that if Chris is suffering from this or any kind of illness he’s more than earned any and all the time he needs to recuperate. And that includes staying OFF the computer until he’s healed enough to not have any scabs to pick at. I say that because he does seem the type to work overtime in order to get things done.

    Now, for those who are going to say that he just needs to make a post, I say nope, no, not at all. Because, I think that if he attempts to post anything before he’s ready, then he may be exposing himself to a set back that may induce such a negative feedback loop that at the least drag things out longer, at the worst totally destroy him, the comic, his family.

    To the people shooting fraud, I say FLMA. And “Sheriff, do you know what the letters F. and O. mean?”

    1. I’ve been pretty clear I give no fucks about what you want me to do you pathetic simp. Nor do I care about the feelings of the poor conman who can’t be bothered to draw the comic that pays his rent. I’m certainly not going to lay off because your ass asks me to, in fact I’ve said that you shouldn’t even be allowed to post without having the reality of Chris’s bullshit thrown back at you. How about you fuck off and in return I’ll have less to say?

      Chris is running a fraudulent Patreon and has been for a fucking year and a half. It’s morally reprehensible and so is your defense of it which, you hypocritical piece of shit, has included personal attacks on people who have been far more civil than you or Chris deserve.

      “Feeling overwhelmed.” How much less whelmed can some one fucking be. He’s capable of updating it 3 times a week, according to both his stated Patreon goals and past performance. He’s actually updating it once every several months at this point, if at all.

      If he doesn’t want to do his fucking job he should stop taking the fucking money and the point he should have realized this was over a fucking year ago.

      Being depressed, having issues in your life; even if true none of these things justify taking money for work you don’t fucking do and none of them make Chris that fucking special. The fact is every fucking day Chris decides he doesn’t give enough of a shit about you or this comic to work on it but every month he’s perfectly okay with taking the money he gets from Patreon and paying his rent with it anyways. Depressed or not he’s a morally bankrupt piece of shit and you’re no better defending this bullshit.

      Once again in no uncertain terms, so no one forgets what bullshit you’re defending:

      “I can devote pretty much all of my time to the comic at this point… so back into my 3 posts per week schedule. From 1 to 2 tiers per post, with the occasional 3-or-more tiered editions.” That’s what the Patreon has to say as it’s reward for being funded for $600 a month. Fucking half of what it gets.

      In the last year (365 days/52 weeks since October 2019) there have been 7 public updates out of a promised 104, 1 out of 52 Patreon exclusive updates for a total of 8 out of 156. If you want to count the alleged 3 $10 exclusive posts that’s 11 out of 156.

      7.05% (11/156) delivery on his promised Patreon rewards including the $10 porn tier, 5.1% (8/156) delivery without the porn tier, 6.7% (7/104) delivery of the promised free/public updates and 1.9% (1/52) delivery of non-porn Patreon exclusive updates.

      Chris is a fraudulent piece of shit for not shutting his Patreon down over a year ago and I do not care if reality hurts your feelings or his.

  28. Again, speculation. No proof of this. The only current facts are that he’s taking peoples money, and not giving any excuse for no content. Does depression prevent him from stopping his patreon, so as to not keep peoples money for nothing? Blue, it almost sounds like you are trying to say that his blatant fraud is justified by depression, which is a pretty shitty thing to suggest and a slap in the face to those who do have depression. Look at the shit show above, where Chris tries pretty damn hard to justify his fraud. If that mediocre comic page takes him that long to do, how long did it take him to draw that bullshit animated comic below, and type out that page worth of dialog to go with it? If he has decided to take a break from the comic to deal with whatever issue he may be dealing with, thats fine. But its a conscious decision to keep his patreon going and stealing peoples money. Depression doesn’t make you commit fraud.

    And yes, I am saying he needs to make a post. This is the whole problem. Right now, the promise is content for his paying supporters. The promise has been broken. A simple “sorry guys, im taking a break, not sure when ill be back” is letting those who support him know the deal, and if they choose to keep supporting him, cool. I doubt anyone would have a problem with that. And atleast he would have retained the respect of many which has been severely damaged and irretrievably lost by many. Had he done this, me and you would have pretty much been on the same side. But he hasn’t. There is absolutely nothing wrong with calling out chris’s bullshit. He has a public forum, and thus, open to criticism by anyone. Just like I am also open to criticism, which I don’t mind at all. Whatever chris’s reason for abandoning the comic, and continuing to fuck over his supporters (depression, covid, sheer laziness, died, in a coma, life gotten way too busy, etc), I do hope he is able to find a remedy for whatever the reason is. And if the reason is something severe such as getting in a car wreck or something, then that’s obviously a justified reason (despite not having a legit reason for the previous lack of content). But if the reason hasn’t actually prevented him from providing an update, he’s a piece of shit, and if you don’t agree with that hypothetical (yet most likely correct) situation, that that makes you a piece of shit as well.

    Blue, can you just admit, that IF Chris simply hasn’t posted because he’s just gotten burned out of the comic, or lazy, then he’s wrong? Can you even admit that? I really would like to find common ground with you here. Surely you can’t be that terrible to admit that IF that scenario is the case, then he’s in the wrong. Right now you are coming off as someone who is okay with what chris is doing, even if he is doing it maliciously and im sure the main reason no one is on your side. I get that you care about this comic, far more then anyone here. No one doubts that. And I assume that the only reason you refuse to say anything against him, is because you don’t want to scare him off. But do you really think being an enabler is what chris needs? Or do you think chris needs to hear the cold hard truth? (A lesson this very comic teaches)

    And okay blue, let’s pretend he gets FMLA. Max leave for a legit reason is 12 weeks. His FMLA expired 2 months ago, on August 21. He’d have been fired long ago ;)

      1. Oh my. The reason actually is one that fits my scenario. I think of Chris as a friend, and you don’t kick friends when they’re down. You help friends out to the best of your ability.

        Oh, this page, comic and website is not a public forum. It’s a private publication that allows others to publish their statements in relation to the entertainment and author statements. You two have slandered, sullied, spread libelous statements Chris, Claire and others who support this comic.

        1. Chris isn’t your friend you moron. Chris is a conman that’s taking advantage of you. You liking him doesn’t make him a good person, it makes you a piss poor judge of character. He never cared about you and hasn’t cared about the comic that pays his bills in well over a year.

          What does it say about Chris’s level of care that he hasn’t even bothered to delete my comments? Do you think he’s even noticed them? Which are not slander because they’re written and are not libel because unlike a lot of shit you say are based in fact. I haven’t forgotten you outright lied about an update on Patreon yesterday. Chris’s reputation deserves to be sullied and the man himself deserves far worse for conning idiots like yourself out of their money.

          Every day he gets up and doesn’t work on the comic. Every month he takes your money for the comic he doesn’t work on. I don’t care how the fuck your broken mind can see this as okay because it fucking isn’t.

          “I can devote pretty much all of my time to the comic at this point… so back into my 3 posts per week schedule. From 1 to 2 tiers per post, with the occasional 3-or-more tiered editions.” That’s what the Patreon has to say as it’s reward for being funded for $600 a month. Fucking half of what it gets.

          In the last year (365 days/52 weeks since October 2019) there have been 7 public updates out of a promised 104, 0 out of 52 Patreon exclusive updates for a total of 7 out of 156. And 2 porn tier posts not mentioned in the Patreon write up at all because Chris was still above making porn according to his own stated ‘morals’ when the Patreon was established.

          5.8% (9/156) delivery on his promised Patreon rewards generously including the $10 porn tier, 4.5% (7/156) delivery without the porn tier, 6.7% (7/104) delivery of the promised free/public updates and 0% (0/52) delivery of non-porn Patreon exclusive updates.

          This is fucking fraud. Whether you like the conman or not, it’s still fucking fraud.

        2. Yes, but when your friends are LITTERALLY committing FRAUD. And fucking over everyone who’s supporting him, all you are doing is enabling him to be the piece of shit he is. And your sad responses are only further damaging his already shit reputation. Good job :D

    1. August 21st is an incredibly generous way to say a year or two ago but other than that I mostly agree with you.

      Using depression as an excuse for Chris’s behavior is incredibly insulting to people struggling with depression whether it’s true or not.

      1. Awww, I’m insulting. I didn’t think you cats cared. How white knight of you to presume. Here’s another thing you two prognosticators predicted, that all of patreon would agree 100% with you from the start.

        I strongly suggest the two of you quit your harping and beschmirch yourselves. Makes me wonder how in the hell people graduate Amy level of schooling when English is on the curriculum.

        1. There is a difference in enabling one person, it’s called codependent behavior. And the longer that lasts, the more convoluted the relationship becomes. But a lark a lights upon yonder breast, there seems to be enough of the patreons around to know the difference. Bye you may counter, he did it before, and we’ll say that the comic got better.

          And that he needs to make a post. Well, he did. However, I’m of the thought that you aren’t a patreon and don’t have access to that. Or toy canceled you pledge to soon to have been able to read it.

          Basically, what you decry so vehemently does more harm to your throat, fingers, keyboard, ego and your supposed educational requirements for graduation.

          And you do realize that the ADA supercedes the FMLA, right? I don’t know if you do, but I’m not going to suppose what your argument against would be. You’d probably say several colorful pronouns and such.

          Go reread what Steve said of stupid mR. BULE

        2. I don’t actually care about your opinion. I’ve long, long thought you’re a fucking moron, your overbearing presence in the comic section the main reason I didn’t want to post in the comment section more back when the comic actually updated. You’ve lately made it obvious you’re an asshole as well and no one should feel bad pointing out just how pathetic your defense of Chris is. You’re opinion is worth fuck all to me, beyond possibly wanting to live my life in a way a dumb fuck like you doesn’t approve of. You’re insulting others education is fucking hilariously ironic but also so off topic I’m not going to bother explaining all the shit that’s wrong with your grammar to you.

          I don’t reply to you because I think I can change your mind. You’re clearly far too delusional of a moron for that. Much like you don’t want to new readers to see negativity (although where the fuck you think this dead comic gets new readers from is beyond me) I don’t want anyone to think Chris’s treatment of his existing ones is acceptable. This comic doesn’t deserve new readers, it doesn’t do anything to deserve old readers and it certainly doesn’t do anything to justify having an active fucking Patreon.

          For fucks sake codependent behaviour isn’t any better than enabling you fucking moron. That’s a toxic relationship, but you’re at least right that you are doing your very best to be in one with Chris but if you haven’t noticed he gives zero fucks about you. This defense just shows how much of an idiot you are and does absolutely nothing to defend Chris’s shitty behaviour.

          I was going to say you’re right, I’m not a Patreon and won’t ever know if Chris made a post or if it’s more bullshit that exists only in your mind. I can’t see why Chris would only want to give signs of life to an exclusive club though, are you saying he doesn’t want his regular readers to know they shouldn’t abandon him or renew their Patronage in support of upcoming comics? That doesn’t make much fucking sense. Of course I’m not giving money to that piece of shit conman and a year ago would have been too late rather than too soon to stop.

          But wait there’s more, I said I was going to say you’re right, not that you are right about me not knowing if Chris made a locked post on Patreon. Patron actually shows locked posts to non-Patrons, you lying piece of shit. The most recent one was a porn tier update from fucking February. Care to explain why your defense of Chris now includes blatant lies? Of course not, you never acknowledge reality or the points that are raised in response to your fucking gibberish.

          Their is no requirement to be taken in by a conman’s ploys to be sickened by the fact he’s getting away with ripping off the idiots of the world that fall for it. Chris is an immoral, fraudulent piece of shit for not taking his Patreon down last year when he stopped bothering to update the comic which it is supposed to be supporting.

          I’m sure Chris loves you arguing that he’s mentally incompetent and worthy of charity. That’s real fucking supportive of you. That was sarcasm by the way, I know you’re dumb enough that may not have been clear. Unfortunately, Patreon is not the correct way to go about leaching a living off of others in exchange for nothing in return. I’ve said before if he wants to set up a Go Fund Me so he can sit on his ass and not make false promises that would be more acceptable. I’m just also certain he knows it would be less profitable.

          “I can devote pretty much all of my time to the comic at this point… so back into my 3 posts per week schedule. From 1 to 2 tiers per post, with the occasional 3-or-more tiered editions.” That’s what the Patreon has to say as it’s reward for being funded for $600 a month. Fucking half of what it gets.

          In the last year (365 days/52 weeks since October 2019) there have been 7 public updates out of a promised 104, 1 out of 52 Patreon exclusive updates for a total of 8 out of 156. If you want to count the alleged 3 $10 exclusive posts that’s 11 out of 156.

          7.05% (11/156) delivery on his promised Patreon rewards including the $10 porn tier, 5.1% (8/156) delivery without the porn tier, 6.7% (7/104) delivery of the promised free/public updates and 1.9% (1/52) delivery of non-porn Patreon exclusive updates.

          This is fucking fraud. That you’re okay with being frauded out of your money doesn’t make it any more acceptable. It just makes you a sucker.

        3. Oh right, your brought up insulting in such a weird way I thought you meant you thought you managed to insult those who disagree with you. Like I said, I don’t give a fuck about your worthless opinion of me. It’s insulting people with depression for using depression as an acceptable defense of Chris’s behavior. Whether Chris is suffering from depression or not doesn’t matter.

          Saying that depression justifies his behavior is insulting to all the people with depression who aren’t pieces of shit; the ones that go to work even though it makes them want to slit their wrists, the ones that struggle through and deal with their lives and jobs at the same time, and even the ones that struggle with poverty rather than throwing out their morals for a quick opportunistic buck. Even if Chris has depression that doesn’t mean he isn’t also a piece of shit for being too fucking lazy to do the work he’s promised do and continues to take money for despite the complete lack of doing it.

          You’re a fucking piece of shit for bringing depression up as a defense of Chris, even more so than you’re a piece of shit for attacking people who so much as questioned whether or not Chris was okay or if the site would update again. Go fuck yourself, seriously.

        4. Looking at the Patreon apparently you’ve already been defending this shit for so long the math on the Patreon posts is out of date. There have only been 2 porn tier Patreon posts in the last year and their hasn’t been a $2 post since September of 2019.

          So in the last year that’s 7 posts out of a promised 104. Fucking 0 out of 52 Patreon exclusive posts for supporters of less than $10 or uninterested Shotgun Shuffle porn. Plus 2 porn tier comics. For 9 total comics in the last 12 months.

          I’ll be sure to update the percentages for you if you chose to post more bullshit or lies in defense of this fucking shit.

        5. Just so you can have a clue while I can sit back and laugh. Second paragraph of your 10/26/20 22:01 post. You said that I insulted myself. How sweet.

        6. Do you think having depression, even if true, gives you the right to insult everyone else that struggles with depression? If you do have depression why the fuck do you think it gives Chris the right to scam a living while you don’t get massive handouts for free?

          Once again, go fuck yourself you piece of shit.

        7. That’s life, that’s what all the people say.

          Say, are you that teddy bear cartoonist guy? The creepozoid who said that he was glad that people got sick?

      2. To IRRELEVANT:
        the August 21st date i mentioned would be the theoretical end to Mr.Blue’s bullshit FMLA scenario. Even under FMLA chris would have been long fired. And the ironic part is, you have to apply for it and let your employers (us) know in advance, and we would have to approve it. Im starting to think Mr.Blue is either a 12 year old who jacks off to encyclopedias, or a 35 year old living in his parents basement. Either way, doesn’t seem to have ever had a real job, since he doesn’t seem to understand how FMLA works. Which explains his creepy attraction to Chris. Nothing better to do with his time I suppose. I mean fuck man, get a hobby. If this site went down, and chris just deleted all of his shit (which I think most of us wishes by now), I honestly wouldn’t give a shit. Pretty sure blue would shed actual tears of sadness

        1. Personally, I think that you and irreverent, irrelevant, inconceivable or whatever by line you two want to go by have lost any respect anyone would have ever had the moment you decided to make it a personally based attack bereft of logic and/or reason. You take your own position and think that 99.44% of the readers agree with you? Here’s a hint, only because someone left the machine on did Ivory Soap float. And that $2 Patreon, maybe $1 has access to a Discord server for supportive fans. Our as you’ve said, like minded suckers and fools.

          Enjoy the external locus.

        2. Only you could respond to a comment addressing not a single point or topic mentioned. Not much of a response, so much as irrelevant nonsense. Blue, are you autistic? Or have ADD? Not insulting people who do, as I have a mild case of both myself, just genuinely curious. You rage like a child, you can’t stay on topic to save your life. Almost every single one of your comments are basically “oh look a squirrel”. And you like to use words and references that no one uses or knows about in a weird attempt to get everyone to think you’re smart, yet you completely miss the point, or avoid the question all together and answer a question that no one asked or even cares about. You’ve lost a long time ago bro. No one is on your side. Its pathetic and sad to see you squirm so hard. I know on the new page I said this will be my last comment, but this one will be. Have a good life, and please lighten up. Theres more to life then this comic. Dont be an asshole your whole life. Learn to chill out, and find some hobbies. Good day sir, and farewell

  29. Ya know, I’ve read this comic from the beginning and I really enjoy it. It’s got great characters (some of which I can relate to) and it’s just plain fun. If I could afford it, I would definitely become a Patron supporter. I check back weekly to see if anything has been updated. Now I check the comments to see what others are saying. What I see is a lot of whiney babies crying about hoe Chris isn’t posting enough. My attitude is that he will post something when he is ready and or able. The guy’s got a life outside of Shotgun Shuffle and from what I’ve read and what he’s posted, it’s not ideal. So, I’m willing to cut the guy as much slack as he needs. It’s called grace, we all need it once in a while.

    1. His Patron has paid him something like $5000 since he last bothered to update it and it’s about to become over $6000 for not updating for 5 months.

      If you can’t understand what’s wrong with that, like Blue you can’t be helped. Aside from the Patreon being taken down to save you from pissing your money away on what has become nothing but a scheme by a snake oil salesman who can’t be bothered to put oil in a bottle.

      I give zero fucks if the comic doesn’t update. I wouldn’t care if the site never updated again. I care that the author is using his past performance to perpetrate fraud.

      1. Why are you calling this guy blue? I’M mR. Blue and you and the other snowflake with homo erotic fantasies cam now take a freaking hike. A long stroll off of a short pier, go play poker with 43 cards. You two showed how crass you are with the “shut it down crap,” “you’re a thief,” “it doesn’t take this long” and any and all responses that did not agree with your point of view. Because 1)if you think that you badgered a response out of Chris, guess again. 2)the people who support Chris in this endeavor see something in his story and art and well, . . . what would Sgt Angel say…. oh yeah, “thhbbbbbbbpt, jog on” in response to your cirvumbendibus rabid frothing with several shots or oral diarrhea dribbled on the side.

        Oh, and it’s on the current monthly basis only that would have any bearing. People have said that they’ve turn their patron off as what appears to have been a lack of effort on the past of the author. This is their prerogative to do such, as was mine to continue my funding.

        1. I didn’t you delusional idiot, learn to fucking read. It says “like Blue” as in ‘like you’ he’s delusional to think what Chris is doing is okay.

          Don’t think I didn’t notice that you’re completely ignoring that you got caught straight up fucking lying yesterday and are choosing to ignore post where I point that shit out you piece of shit. Just like you tried so hard to ignore my posts about the statistical nature of Chris’s fraud for so long. It’s why you now get them in response to posting any fucking defense of Chris’s bullshit. Care to explain why you lied about Chris posting on Patreon yesterday? Hmm? Maybe the reason your so okay with Chris’s fucking lies is you don’t see lying as wrong. Is that it?

          It doesn’t take 5 fucking months to make a single page, which is how long Chris has been failing to make one for now. Chris’s own work history shows he’s capable of multiple pages a week and more importantly the Patreon promises multiple pages a week. Which makes not even attempting to do a single page, pretty much ever some blatant, irredeemable fucking fraud you fucking dim wit.

          I don’t expect a response from Chris, he clearly doesn’t give a fuck and unlike you I’m not so delusional to think he does.

          The people that support Chris are a combination of unaware or in your case mentally deficient suckers and taking advantage of people is wrong whether they approve or not.

          Chris is a piece of shit to even offer the option to morons like you to continue funding a comic that doesn’t fucking exist.

          “I can devote pretty much all of my time to the comic at this point… so back into my 3 posts per week schedule. From 1 to 2 tiers per post, with the occasional 3-or-more tiered editions.” That’s what the Patreon has to say as it’s reward for being funded for $600 a month. Fucking half of what it gets.

          In the last year (365 days/52 weeks since October 2019) there have been 7 public updates out of a promised 104, 0 out of 52 Patreon exclusive updates for a total of 7 out of 156. And 2 porn tier posts not mentioned in the Patreon write up at all because Chris was still above making porn according to his own stated ‘morals’ when the Patreon was established.

          5.8% (9/156) delivery on his promised Patreon rewards generously including the $10 porn tier, 4.5% (7/156) delivery without the porn tier, 6.7% (7/104) delivery of the promised free/public updates and 0% (0/52) delivery of non-porn Patreon exclusive updates.

          This is the fraud you’re defending. It’s not even a fucking piss poor attempt at meeting the stated goals of the Patreon. Patrons of less than $2 a month have received the same nothing I have for free over the last year.

          But if you want to talk about the current monthly basis. For the last 5 fucking months Chris has done fucking nothing. Not even the 5% of what he claims he will that he’s managed over the last year. But he’s getting over a thousand dollars a month from suckers like you. For fucks sake you fucking moron, you make your own points as badly as you do ones against you.

        2. You know what, I’m done arguing with you. It’s a waste of my time. You’re an idiot, a blatant liar, delusional and clearly don’t care about reality or ethics. I might as well argue with a cow, broccoli or a brick wall; I’d get a more intelligent response.

          But if you continue to post attacks on other commenters who enquire about the status of the comic, defend the existence of the non-existent comic or justify Chris’s bullshit in any way I’ll still post the math on just how fucking fraudulent Chris’s Patreon is for all to see in response. I’m just done contextualizing it for some one so hopelessly removed from reality as you.

          Because fuck you and fuck Chris.

        3. You called me homo erotic, yet said “take a hike” in the same sentence. If that wasn’t enough you then you go on to explain the raging boner you have for chris and your “rabid frothing” for “oral” from chris. If that’s how you wanna roll bro, I won’t judge

    2. Did you know, that for the cost of a cappuccino you could irritate some idiots on the Internet? Or that 15 minutes could save you 15% on your car insurance? Or that 27.3627% of snowflakes melt when someone receives unearned good will from others. What do you think they would say that somewhere out there, someone has forgiven a politician or even a dictator for what they’ve unleashed upon the world. Even if that someone represents 0.0000000007^2*(2*3*4*5*4*4*4*4 (3(4*4574635273959585846e) at 87 sigma.

    1. Can’t loose what he never had. Hell, its been lost so far up his own ass, I think he’s choking on it at this point.

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