Goody Goody Two Shoes

Well I teased cousin Cami forever and a half ago. So there she is. Friday's comic will probably be a bit shorter than normal. Gonna play catch up on Patreon and energy. Claire will also make some more baby registry acknowledgments. See you then :)

34 thoughts on “Goody Goody Two Shoes

  1. Well, kid, you have doomed your self. You might as well propose now, because you belong to little Atlasette (Atlass?). Darby WILL make you pay.

  2. ….hide the soul.

    Oh boy.

    That…that’s a plot point, isn’t it? That’s not just a CHILD’S PLAY REFERENCE, IS IT??

    Who’s in the bird? Is that Sister X or is it Tarra?

  3. I like how Cami still has an old iPhone C
    Fits easy in her small hand, separate headphone & lightening port openings and blue color.

  4. I’m your only friend.
    I’m not your ONLY friend.
    But I’m a little glowing friend.
    But really I’m not actually your friend….

  5. Wow, since you are back your comic output is fascinatingly high.

    Seriously from the quality and quantity of your releases I would have guessed you came back from a luxury holidy instead of a terrible disease.

    1. I’m a little worried. I hope it means Rusche is better.

      he quality is amazing as usual. Still, I’m loving the amount of comics coming out

    1. Mr. Blue actually hit on this point earlier. You can find out, sort of, if you go back and read just ahead of Onomatopoeiacon, and reference the “banned slutwear.” Apparently most of the girls had their brief flings with showing off the goods, and Rosemary responded predictably. Or maybe Herb did. Mayb both. That’s unclear. But still!

  6. Was checking in once in a while. Thought you hit the lottery or had to go out and get a “real” job.

    Now i disciver you were sick. I feel like a heel.
    Wait…there, its gone.
    Don’t do that again!
    Dig out an old TV test pattern or something next time.

  7. Cammie’s here! And she’s cute as hell! But as Rosemary’s minion, I expect her to be a proper nuisance at the very least.

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