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Gratuitous Non-nudity

A well known fact... artist only go to figure drawing for the cheap nudity.

46 thoughts on “Gratuitous Non-nudity

  1. While I get the point of this, as someone who has taken quite a few years worth of art classes, I can attest for a fact that drawing someone nude is FAR more difficult than drawing someone clothed.

    Clothing lets you cheat, a LOT. Solid lines and defined curves are far easier to draw than soft curves, which require more focus on shading. Muscles are the worst.

    Only difficult clothing out there I am aware of (excluding fancy/formal) would be something made of leather, like a jacket. Boots, belts, etc, those are easy, simple shapes and only basic curves to them, leather jackets have all those annoying little bends and creases to them *shudders*

    I do recall one case from my classes where a rather gorgous model stated she would only pose in the nude if the class proved to have the talent to actuall draw it….

    which none of us had.

    Still, it was fun, or rather she had a lot of fun messing with us lol

    Question, the guy in the bottom right of the bottom right pannel, is he the guy who bought the smokes from Ellie when she was working at the WalMart expy?

    1. I only did one figure drawing session myself, and the model was clothed. I just lol at heckling the model like they’re some hack comedian.

      He does look similar, but not my intention. The O’pad guy is in that panel with him.

      I love strips like this where I can design multiple throw-away characters. They can be as quirky or elaborate as possible and I don’t have to worry about redrawing them later and remembering all their attributes.

      (There is one in there that I’m using later tho.)

      1. I took a few figure drawing classes, back when I was still determined to be an artist lol. I gave up eventually, after ten years of classes I figured that it was time to admit defeat and move on to something else. I have managed to draw a few good pieces in my time, but I just lack that natural ‘spark’ that you need to be a really good artist.

        Hard work and pratice can give anyone a level of skill, but to truely exceed you need to have that spark from birth, and I just dont have it.

        Still, it irked me when people made jokes about this sort of thing. I DO get it, and it IS funny, in small doses, but when everyone makes the joke it gets old. Especially people who arent taking the class and who arent being graded based on said work.

        The human body is a pain to draw, realistically at least, cartoon/manga style is easier (allowing a cop out for drawing hair) but still far from easy.

        1. I took one of those “Send away for our free drawing tests” you see on the commercials just for the hell of it. I mailed it off and got it back. They graded it (wish I still had it.)

          They give you the option to redraw the realistic images on your own, or the cartoonish ones. I drew both anyway. Drew all over the whole thing, and they said my realism was great, but they saw more talent in the cartoonish drawings… and my realistic drawings were spot on. So I dunno. I do think it’s more fun.

          Then of course they heckle you to take their courses and junk.

    2. Of course, there is the option of taking an attractive, fully-clothed model and just drawing them nude anyway.

      Am sort of wondering if that’s what dirty hippie is doing. We already know from his first encounter with Ellie, he sees what he wants to see.

    3. Last class I took that included nude and non nude models showed that while most clothes are easy, long flowing things, skin tight things, and anything that is lacy make drawing much harder.

  2. yeah when i was in art class there were some nude models would have rather not drawn….but i did it anyway cause it was a class and i was paying for it….in fact i can only think of one female model that i was actually attracted to….and then there was the old man….he still haunts me sometimes…:-b

    1. I like to think he’s like urine for sale guy’s brother or cousin or something. Like how there’s a Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny in every town and they’re all related and basically identical.

  3. Oh! Almost forgot, I bet the character you will be using later is the girl in the bottom left corner of the bottom right panel.

    You drew her a little differently than the others, and her shirt follows your pattern of ‘color-of-this-character’ theme.

    1. I’m going to guess that she’s going to date Richard one of these days. Or that she’s going to be the waitress at the restaurant where Quinn and Ellie end up in a knock em out cat fight.

      But I seriously doubt that last part.

  4. I assumed she’d be donning winter attire or that the comic would show lots and lots of completely unnecessary scenes of her fully dressed. I’m afraid I was dissappointed by the failure to deliver on the titular promise of gratuitousness.

    So did Ellie take this gig just so she could talk to Alex? I’m sure she didn’t want him to hold up her drive-thru lane again, but are these the only two places they could chat?

    Also: Nudity fer sale!

    1. lol. I think it can be assumed she showed up to it, just to tell him. As in, she knew a time and place to find him and spill the beans.

  5. RFLMAO! I simply Love how Ellie isn’t easily intimidated by a room full of stinkin,’ loud-mouthed, half-washed Art-Dorks trying to satisfy their own personal curiosity by guilting the model into stripping nude. I especially appreciate how she gets them to shut up and play nice OR ELSE! LoL to the homeless, crazy guy willing to do anything for a buck and some attention. Didn’t see that one coming and kudos to Ms. Buckingham. She’s quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. :D

    1. hahah. Thanks for that. I agree.
      I think what’s humorous is Alex has obviously gotten word around Ellie would actually “be” naked. Shows what he intended by inviting her. =P

  6. It took a while– but looking back at the previous strip I just realized- Alex is actually- a human version of Clifford from Muppets Tonight.

  7. Ah, figure drawing.
    My drawing class has never had a homeless bum come to be a nude model. And if any of the students were as rude as those guys in the background, they would of immediately failed the class for lack of respect.

  8. Vagrant is developing quite the vocabulary =P

    I still wouldn’t want to be in that room when he strips though.

  9. I can’t help but imagine that the guy with the suspicious mohawk in the last panel is actually just there to practice drawing. He’s not gay, he’s just frustrated with the others’ distracting want of female nudity. That’s just the impression I get from that panel.

      1. Feel free to use it! If I just managed to make random mohawk guy a minor character, I’ll be proud of myself.

        1. Getting a random one shot character turned into a real character is a great feeling.

  10. One day you’re an art student drawing a naked hobo, and the next day you are a naked unemployed art grad who is mildly homeless and is being drawn naked by new art students.

  11. When I saw this strip, I immediately thought of Will Ferrell’s Terrance Maddox character on SNL. He was a homeless fill-in nude model for an art class. Funny sketch. After getting kicked out he told them he was going to wait in the parking lot to give them hepatitis. You have to watch it on his “Best Of” though because of SNL continually pulling their clips from you tube.

  12. just found this today. liking it a lot.love your take on fast food. did that just out of high school too.can’t wait to see where it goes! good comic man!

  13. Draw Ellie with clothes on… or draw the somewhat crazed hobo without clothes… One would think they wouldn’t be complaining.

  14. Huh.

    The homeless guy looks a lot like one of the main models working in my area.

    No joke. Though the model didn’t have the pot belly.

    He was a cool guy, too.

  15. Off topic, I would have written this back on “go where the answers are”. Was your mascot a Dreadnaught in high school? my highschool mascot was a Blue Devil… :)

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