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Thanks for the week off everyone. I needed it. Fairly uneventful. UPDATE: The coloring of this next comic is really kicking me in the ass. Pushing this off until Friday. Sorry gang. I have to get it right. Forgive me!!! DX

109 thoughts on “Haunted

  1. That dark quicker than I was expecting. This date has certainly been an emotional roller coaster thus far.

  2. “You see, this blond student of mine became obsessed and possessive of me…”

    “I told you to tell me if you knew one of my other sisters! Sigh. Which one?”

  3. Glad you got to take advantage of your break for once instead of spending it dealing with some unexpected crisis.

    Really hope Tarra wasn’t involved in Mrs. Stevens’ death. At least not intentionally. Unless she was evil or something and considering David used to be involved in paramilitary activity that’s a distinct possibility.

  4. So if David walks around town all the time how is he not constantly running into people? He may know where the sidewalks lead but not whether there will be a person in his way at any given moment.

    1. Probably by not stuffing earbuds in his ears, for starters.
      I am not blind, but when I’m reading and walking, I’m relying on my ears to notice things. Obstacles, including people, shape the sound around them, in addition to creating their own noise. Wind noise passing past a soft object, like a human body, is muted just a bit.

      However, he may also be relying on other people to be paying attention to where they mutually are going. He probably trips over the Ashliii’s of the world on a fairly regular basis.

      1. It’s either that or he’s a little like Daredevil.

        Not that he has mutant hearing powers, but he adapted like Matt Murdock. He trained really hard to keep his skills up, and blindness (or near blindness) is only a slight obstacle for him now. He runs on instinct and timing to know where he is and who might be in the same space as he is.

        1. He’s also quite durable, so if he’s more than a jerk than we expect he might just not be too concerned about running into people, because he won’t get hurt and other people are more likely happy they didn’t hurt the blind guy they ran into so don’t make a big deal out of it.

        2. We had an old man (since passed I believe) in a little town near me called Jacksonville. Quaint little gold era historical landmark. Mostly on the side of the mountains. He was totally blind but would ride his bike clicking his tongue. Could hear things small as a brick. Stuck to known roads to avoid anything smaller and would stop if there were too many cars and noise, but he was something for sure.

    2. He is much more than Daredevil was. He doesn’t kill like DD did. He is much physically stronger and more durable and appears to heal quickly or is just not hurt from massive blows that would kill others. He may only be “legally blind”, in that he is considered a certain level of blind, but is better than it is based on prescription. He definitely has exceptional hearing. He also seems to have some sort of intuitive abilities, such as supposedly showing up for a date, yet leaving a note in it for the girl who took the chocolates later on as he was fighting. He may also be much, much older than he is believed to be, based on some of the things seen and described. He certainly does have the same problem as Wolverine, dating outside his age group..lol

  5. Until we get the next update, I will hold on to my current favorite crack theory that David is a foreigner to the current timeline/universe and that in his original timeline/universe he’d been married to Ellie. It obviously ended tragically. Perhaps because Tarra happened. Sister X existence proves she’s not above murdering her own sisters, after all. Perhaps Sister X even comes from the same timeline/universe. This theory is gonna be shot to bits soon enough, so I’ll just enjoy it while I can.

        1. What? You’ve not heard of the fabulous Atomic Robo? It was a print comic with Red 5 that is now solely a creator comic, Internet mostly.
          Highly recommended, especially since there’s a huge archive for you to catch up on.
          And Dr. Dinosaur. We always recommend Dr. Dinosaur.

        2. Well, either your comment is a tad late, or I’m a bit late with reading your comment. I’ve started to read up on it from the beginning. He just punched a N4zi.

  6. If Ellie would read her cheat sheet, she’d know he was widowed (well, that he told a dating website he was widowed). The Lazy One, indeed.

    Pretty art today! I’m glad things actually went as planned for once with your time off, Rusche!

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      1. Like yeah Scooby-Doo, it’s a widow for someone who has to put up with the local banker trying to scare the old lady of of her amusement park property by faking a ghost of her dead husband and a rhubarb sandwich.

      2. “Right Shaggy,” replied Velma, “and it’s a widower when the husband is being scared off of his basketball stadium when George Takai impersonate his dead wife in an old deep sea suit covered with sea weed and she keeps nagging him to take out the trash.”

        1. All right you, you’ve had one Scooby Snack too many. We all know that’s just slang for weed anyway.

        2. We got some work to do, now.

          And work isn’t easy to come by for an itinerant group of teenage detectives, you know. Do our parents even know where we are? And how come every place we go is on the verge of some kind of economic collapse? Who are all these costumed freaks selling their land to?

  8. Hmmm…I see no convenient hint from the bottom board in Terms and Conditions-Part 6 (current post date August 26, 2016), so for my unlikely speculative twist I’m going to say that David’s deceased wife is Mr. Radio and that Tarra was deliberately running just a little too slow in comic Terms and Conditions-Part 12 (current post date October 28, 2016).

    Like Jamilee above, I don’t expect this is true, but I like an odd theory now and then so I’m going with this one until it comes out otherwise.

  9. Just a completely off-topic comment…

    I’ve been following the comic for a while now and thought I’d stop to drop a complement or two.
    I rather like the art style.
    The story lines are fun too.

    1. Uh oh. First time commenter. Better get the welcome basket ready or Mr. Blue will get out the hose again!

      Okay, what do we got?

      …oh boy. This is the toughest part of the job. Putting lipstick on the pig that is our welcome basket.

      Oh! Heh. Um…don’t…don’t pay any attention to that last part, okay? Our welcome baskets are the greatest! And yours has…lessee…a half-empty bag of Tubby Taters and one free night’s stay in the Open Air room at the latest hotel built in Lakeland! I’m told that if you smell sulfur, that’s okay because they already cleaned it with a hazmat team, but if you smoke, you should light up three floors down.

      So welcome to the Shotgun Shuffle comments section, home of commenters so nice they make 4Chan cry.

      1. I’ve got about a third of a rusted out radiator from a ’34 Ford I could pitch in. It doubles as mistletoe during the holiday season if you aren’t too tall and find rust flakes romantic.

        1. I’ve got a box of canned food from the store that sells them without their labels. But we’re going to need that one guy from that one Mila Jovovich movie to find out what they are. Sooo, comic convention?

    1. Upon rereading Quinn’s dream sequence ([Patreon] Over My Head, dated 2/4/15) I realized that when we found out Ginger was pregnant again we missed a great opportunity to make ‘And Quinn is the father’ jokes.

  10. You know, I remember someone commenting on that Mr. Stevens should have had some of the other Buckingham sisters in his class(es) as well. However, seeing as how this is a town large enough to have a few hotels and choice hotels what with the flowers and sh*t on their premises at that, wouldn’t it stand to reason that there would be more than one teacher for each subject. Especially with their offering of Advanced Placement classes as well. Of which Ellie was complaining that her teachers not only kept promoting her to the next grade, but they put her in the advanced placement as well. If not all of them.

    I’m also going to surmise that it’s probable that Juniper and Ellie did not have the same classes, but Ellie may have had the same track as Tarragon. And it doesn’t seem likely that Ginger and Tarragon had the same classes as well. Anise definitely didn’t seem to have a similar track as her sisters. So, perhaps the question is this, “If the sisters ever did share the same class, which class would it have been? Outside of homeroom of course.”

    1. I seem to recall that Juniper got held back once or twice, so she might’ve shared some classes with Cinn.

      1. Well, I’m just suggesting the likelihood of all of the sisters having the same English teacher. I mean, Lakeland High School has got to have at least two – for basic to moderate level english teachers. And I’m kind of not counting the remedial or the A.P. instructors.

    1. Welcome, welcome.

      Mr. Steve usually hands out the newcomer welcome baskets. I have … a leftover glow bracelet from my last DJ rave (two Saturdays ago).

      1. …and a coloring book with 3 pages left uncolored, and… {four, five, six…) SEVEN peanut W&W candies, with the candy shell mostly still colored

        1. Do you have ANY idea how hard W&Ws are to find? Honestly, people think it’s like we just turn M&Ms 180 degrees clockwise and…oh. Oh my.

    2. Wow, another one? Hooo boy. Let’s see what we got here.

      …well, surprise surprise, pickings are still slim, but that’s okay! We always make do!

      Your basket contains a lifetime membership to College Roommate Hotties.com and a can of “Grizzled” Flavored Snuff, in the Smurfberry variety! You enjoy that!

      Welcome to the Shotgun Shuffle comments section, a comments section so nice, it’s illegal in Washington DC!

        1. Which actually wasn’t so bad because we had that singalong. Then we staged a dramatic retelling of “I Heart Zombies” and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

      1. I’ve been saving this hunk of concrete from the first wall Tarra broke through in lieu of using a door, I think we can send that along.

        1. Eh. I don’t know. Tarra-rubble isn’t exactly a great prize. It’s indistinguishable from normal rubble and there’s too much of it for it to be really rare.

        2. No, no, it’s still radioactive from the Tarraforming, so it’s distinguishable from normal with a bit of analysis.

          I wouldn’t suggest storing it too near your head, though.

        3. Good point, but there’s still so much of it. Even if we CAN tell it’s Tarra-rubble, so what? She makes rubble everywhere she goes. It’s like making a wedding ring out of driveway gravel.

  11. Noooo, my archive binge is over :(

    Love your comic, I missed an orgy party to finish it, and for me thats really serious :D

    1. Holy…another one?

      …I’ve got to get some of these made up in advance.

      Well, anyway, welcome to the Shotgun Shuffle comments section! We have a…lovely…for certain definitions of “lovely”, anyway…gift basket for you!

      Your basket, meanwhile, features an entire Indifferent Meal, but without the toy–I suspect Mr. Blue has absconded with it-and 35 feet of Loose Cannon Non-Sparking Cannon Fuse, just the thing for upcoming Fourth of July fun! Assuming, of course, you have a cannon.

      So please, enjoy your welcome basket, and welcome to the Shotgun Shuffle Comments Section, a comments section so nice that it’s always morning in America. Even in the afternoon!

        1. Well, that settles THAT. Mr. Blue has indeed absconded with the toy.

          Still though, there’s food, drink, and cannon fuse, so it’ll do.

        2. I could pitch in this life-sized belly button lint Elvis sculpture.

          Honestly it’s just been in the way hanging from my ceiling anyway.

        3. Tis the season.

          No matter how hard I try, they keep getting in. I have even put a giant ant trap near the door, and it’s full in a matter of hours.

        1. Hey that was a great hat trick you had against Czechoslovakia, eh? Sorry about your nervous breakdown. Guess it kind of screwed up your career, eh?

    1. MMmmm . . . An ominous silence pervades the arena; the stands are packed, no.one dares breathe. Even rumors have died away. When will our greatest of toon toreadors re-emerge to our wild acclaim?

    1. Much of Saturday and into Sunday. I thought something went wrong on the update. I see now I was wrong.

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    1. Voted!

      I like to think the update delay is part of a cunning strategy to release a major update close to the start of the month.

      1. All is silent over on FB. We may soon read an epic techno version of the Titanic’s last night among the icebergs. At least the site is back up.

        1. Sleep, eat, check comic, repeat.

          UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ!!

          * Spins records, oblivious to the giant iceberg looming directly ahead *

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