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Heads Or Tails

Wow Photoshop hated this comic. No crashes thankfully. You can guess what Ellie's mini companion cloud does...

114 thoughts on “Heads Or Tails

  1. asdfgjfgjhkgjh That is so freaking cute. I want a lil iNimbus like that!

    … Somebody is going to kill Ellie…. Unless she shares her iNimbus with Quinn!

  2. *Face desks* Man… just when Ellie was starting to show she has some sense, she goes out and blows money on a freaking cloud-phone… blargh.

      1. I know… I just… urgh… you know?

        But I will give you a large portion of “internets”, for referencing one of my favorite Simpsons scenes.

        1. Seconded on Marge. That was awesome.

          As for the personal growth, I’m glad to see she hasn’t had too much. If she had transformed into an infinitely mature person, she wouldn’t be the same Ellie that got us hooked.

        2. The old ones didn’t go away, I don’t think. But the system picks a random avatar for you from the assortment, and when the assortment changes, the one you get changes.

          Next time he adds more avatars, we will all get a new random one again.

          I guess that using the “Get a Gravatar” link you can set up your own avatar that will not randomly change, but I haven’t tried it yet.

        1. Wait, this is a real thing? I have a couple questions:

          #1 – How do I get a Lego Advent Calendar?
          #2 – Give me the Lego Advent Calendar?
          #3 – Why are you not giving me the Lego Advent Calendar?
          #4 – Just shut up and take my money, dammit!

          #5 – When is the Lego Advent Calendar video game coming to video game stations everywhere?

      1. OBJECTION!!!

        Your honor, the given statement is false! Tails is known to possess two tails, yet in Pumpkin’s hand we see only ONE tail! On top of this, if Pumpkin is really into cosplaying, she would’ve kept Tails’s three hair spikes. With both of these incredibly convincing pieces of evidence, I move for a mistrial!

        1. I think the costume is still under construction, notice that the tail does not appear to be attached yet.

  3. That cloud costs $38160 dollars
    or $33573.51 if you account for time value of money and florida’s interest rate.

    I want one but … wow.

    for that kind of money it better vibrate.

    1. Referenced Time Value of Money = Win. You are my new favorite non-familial person. If you had referenced the opportunity cost too, I might have struck the non-familial part.

  4. “It runs entirely on it’s owner’s sense of self affirmation.” I see what you did there.. nice.

    As for Ellie’s Decision, this will probably not end well.

        1. The trick to a happy existence is to kill everything you eat yourself.


        2. Oh, no. I don’t go near squirrels anymore. Not after last time. As far as I’m concerned, those evil rodents can keep the trees.

          Poor Jeremy… He never even saw them coming.

  5. Oh Ellie… I has a sad for her poor decision making and the inevitable train of consequences she has now chosen to ride.

    I cracked up at Marge though.

  6. Yes! You go Pumpkin! Making an awesome business out of what you love, and at such a young age. Awesome, also, glad to see this working itself into the story :P I was worried a bit.

    1. She might not have a business… that might simply have been a whimsical way to answer the phone. Some people answer the phone with a made-up business slogan as a joke, assuming their friends will recognize their voice. “Acme Taxidermy… you snuff ’em, we stuff ’em”

      1. A guy I knew in college used to always answer his dorm neighbor’s phone “Jim’s House of Pain. Whips, chains, bondage.” He did a good job of making it sound like a oft-said jingle with just the right hint of cheerfulness.

  7. *falls out of chair laughing*

    I had to read over Pumpkin’s fram twice because I thought it said ‘Pumpkin’s house of custom cosplay and wigglery’ (you know, the tail) still thats so….Pumpkin is utterly adorkable! I just want to give her a hug she’s so cute *yes I am a guy and can still say that*

    Its amazing that she’s started up her own little busness like that, and at such a young age. Does she hand make those costumes or are they prefabs she puts together?

    And of course I’ll bite the bullet and ask what a lot of people are thinking but dont have the guts to ask. Any chance we’ll end up seeing Ellie model for her little sisters busness ;)

    Lets see, oh! Two Simpsons references, Lisa needs braces and ‘runs on the owners sense of self affirmation. Yes I’m showing my age by calling those out, but still its nice to see someone else who remembers the good ol classic Simpsons.

    I cant wait to see how Quinn is going to react to this…though knowing her…she’s probably going to buy one herself lol

    Keep up the good work dude!

      1. So the comic choice picture was a job fair, and Ellie went there in an open midriff top? I’d thought the clothing choice made college activity fair more likely.

      2. Ah, no problem lol, it was just a thought, Pumpkin collecting on that massive debt that Ellie owes her after the first page of the comic you know. As soon as I saw the cosplay stuff and read Pumpkin’s bubble, the first thought that came to mind was ‘Ellie just set herself up’ *snickers*

  8. Is it bad that I’d actually pay that much to have a cloud that was also a smartphone/tablet/drink dispenser that would float and (hopefully) follow me around and make cute faces?

  9. I’ve been paying that much, but it covers my android, both my daughters, my ex and (apparently) her BFs daughter.

    Please don’t ask how I got suckered into that, I’m not sure myself. >:|

  10. Nice trick – 12 year contract – one might mishear that as 12 months, a typical timeframe for these contracts. And once the mark- err… I mean, the customer… unwittingly signs the contract, you own them. For like, 12 years.

    Still, if the device does all it’s claimed to do, it’d be stupid not to get one, considering how much you could save by eliminating overlapping expenses. Seriously, what are Ellie’s monthly ice-maker costs? None, now.

    Though while I think that clearly the iNimbus is a worthy purchase for most people, at this point in her life, I’d have to agree with other commentators – as well as conscience Quinn, conscience Blind Guy, and conscience Marge – that it almost negates all of the good choices Ellie has been making recently. Almost.

    1. As I understand it, fan-service is typically a bit more gratuitous, for gratuitousness’ sake.

      So while a busty young girl relaxing in her bedroom in a tanktop might be a little bit of a visual treat for the young male viewer, it’s a realistic scenario. “Real” fan-service would have had her calling Pumpkin while rolling around on her bed in lingerie for no particular reason. Or in the shower. Or in Quinn’s room…

        1. Indeed, the “non fanservice-fanservice” which lacks the nigh degrading of the characters is prefferable. (IMO)

        2. My fanservice would be Quinn, Ellie and KK all doing what the song says that they’re singing to Alex.

          “BOOT TO THE HEAD”

      1. Although, if Ellie has social media back, there might be a plausible reason for her to be wearing lingerie.

        ‘iCloud, fetch me… Catfights!’

        1. Good point – seems it’s happened before (or at least was suggested), Ellie posting lingerie selfies – it’s a totally plausible scenario.

          Let’s watch.

  11. So Ellie is making her first adult life mistakes it appears… as opposed to buying things that are essential… like a real bed… she bought a shiny thing that may soon loose it’s luster to the extremely high price tag. A fine reason to begin searching for a new job I must say. Or at the very least a second one.

    Also, Custom cosplay eh? Still sticking to my guns of anime stylized princesses. Although the tails cosplay is funny by it’s own right.

  12. Note to self… when reading at work, don’t go “oh-no” repeatedly, getting more distressed, loud enough for co-workers to hear. Then burst out laughing when you re-read.

    Also, nice deja-vu with the “o’nimbus.”

  13. Two realizations I just had make this strip even more sad.

    1. Her question regarding the “O’nimbus” being “just as good” almost put her in the same conversation she had with the clueless wonder buying an “O’pad” except this time she would have been on the wrong side of the conversation and she really should have known better.

    2. She is STILL sleeping on a bed made of stuffed animals. Screw Lisa’s braces, Ellie needs a real mattress before she goes blowing money like this.

    This strip hits me right in the “disapproving parent” feels.

    1. Haha, I was thinking the same thing. She had to face a really dumb guy who didn’t know the first thing about what he wanted to buy, and she was exasperated by his stupidity. Now here she is, saying and doing the same thing, except rather than pay a pittance for a pittance, she paid an arm and a leg for something she could’ve done without.

      I also liked seeing the stuffed animal mattress. It feels like this strip has A LOT of callbacks. Loved seeing Pumpkin, too. And I loved seeing Ellie’s arguing consciousnesses. Hell, I loved the whole strip. I think this one’s actually my favorite. But my tastes are seasonal…

      1. AT the least, she didn’t ask how many cat pictures it could take before it started to fart rainbows and smell like purple sherbert.

  14. No one’s been guessing the mini cloud yet.

    Realistic guess is going to be secondary camera for multiple angles (it’s a hologram, so you’d think it should do hologram chat).

    Joking guess is toothbrush because that angle on her teeth makes it look like she got one knocked out and I’m still amused about Apple maps directing people across a [small] airport runway in Alaska recently.

  15. Here is what I really want to know.

    Does the INimbus hold conversations?
    Because that would be cool.

    Also I died at Marge’s line. Bahaha

  16. 265 dollars a month, in addition to food, utilities and rent. . .

    . . . calculating. . .
    . . . calculating. . .
    . . . calculating. . .

    –data–iNimbus runs off of user self actualization. Green product, tax credits
    –Data–Star Trek:TNG Character, actor Brent Spiner

    . . .calculating. . .
    . . .calcutta . . . . .
    . . .calculating. . . $9.00 an hour (suggested wage)

    –data– working 7 doubles in a two week period

    . . .calculating. . . ERROR


    1. I’m going to guess that what with the rent, utilities (less phone, and even less if she can get Quinn on her phone plan, if some of the earlier comments about Droid would apply), food and phone plan (without data) should run about 675 to about 725 a month needed. At a possible $9.00 per hour (maybe, I don’t know) All that can be met at a mere 20 hours a week.

      If she can continuously get 20 hours a week.

        1. Okay, and if 30% of the paycheck is deducted for taxes and stuff, not counting that illegal thing called American Health Care Act (forcing me to buy something that won’t put my eye out, but let’s it rot if I stick a fork in it until well after it’s done…) 40 hours a week easy, at an assumed $9.00 per hour, should compute to about $1,008 dollars a month. Sooo, take 725 from that a month, and that leaves 283 dollars for Ellie to play with.

          I just hope that she gets a checking, savings, and other types of accounts. However, if she can keep this plan for 12 years, it should put her credit in the clear to 800 range, right?

        2. I am fiscally conservative as anyone, but at $9/hour, she’s probably only paying 20% (12.5% effective rate for Federal, no state since she’s in Florida, and 7.5% for Social Security/OASDI). At $9/hr, 40 hours per week and 50 weeks per year (assuming 2 vacation weeks), she’s at $18k/year gross and $15k after taxes. That makes her take home about $1200/month. I’m going to raise the expense estimate to $1000 (rent & utilities – $550/month, food – $150/month, phone w/ data – $300), which gives her $200 per month to play with.

          And yes, this definitely seems like it would qualify as a mortgage.

    1. Well, I suppose that it would be the newest outlet to combine live role play as kwaii kitsune characters as Disney Princess may be overdone due to Proximity of the singularity event horizon that is Disney/Epcott itself.

  17. Squee! Omg I want a iNimbus! It’s so cute!
    Though I can’t help but wonder what Quinn’s reactions gonna be when she hears about the new phone.

  18. “I wasn’t GONNA buy it but then they showed me the ice maker and my vision went all pink and flowery and all I could say was ‘Squee!’ and then they took my credit card and sold me a phone.”

  19. What have we learned from this? Ellie is easily tempted. It seems the only reason she didn’t help dirty hippie cheat on loud and obnoxious really was because dirty hippie wasn’t attractive hippie.

    1. Sounds like a bit of a leap to me. Not all bad decisions are equal. Buying a phone she eventually can’t afford says nothing of the reasons Ellie wouldn’t knock birkenstocks with Alex.

      I’m not denying there’s any possible way she would have done the nasty with him, but I have a hard time believing his attractiveness (or repulsiveness) was the only reason.

      1. Agreed that self-control and morality aren’t flat across the board. I hear Charlie Sheen’s character in Navy Seals saying “Trust me with your life, not your money or your wife” pop into mind with that kind of thinking. I can think of a lot of examples of people I know who seem to go opposite directions on trustworthiness in terms of sexual cheating and financial responsibility (some each way).

        Considering that Ellie’s stated she has very little [possibly no] romantic experience, someone coming on as strong as Alex would be much more likely to creep her out that someone who’s dated a bit. Additionally, with her equating Quinn with a sister, I’d imagine that was a moral point for her against.

        As for attractiveness, I always consider greater degrees of attractiveness to override good judgement, not really change it. I view it like a personified libido shouting down reason and the rest of the personifications in the brain having an “Alright already! Go ahead and then shut up!” attitude. You know enough about that hot girl you’ve seen around to know that she’s clingy and getting involved with her would be a train wreck, but how sure are you that you could say no if you were single and she walked up and started removing clothing? I’d like to think I could, but I’m not sure I’d do better than the movie/TV stereotypical muttering under my breath “I’m going to regret this tomorrow” not quite loud enough for her to hear.

        A level of attractiveness to override the coming-on-too-strong portion for Ellie is certainly plausible, though would’ve been very heavily telegraphed on her part. However, considering her tone regarding Juniper’s choices/actions, I suspect it’d take a whole lot more attraction than is terribly plausible (without a lot of good groundwork laid by Alex, at least) to override the cheating on someone she views in a sisterly light part.

        1. Navy Seals have that drilled into their heads from day one. The life of your swim buddy is just as important as your weapon. And for SEAL Team Six, according to Richard Marcinko, buddies were number one, everyone else, lower than number stool.

  20. The Cloud buddy secretly takes pictures of her when she showers, then clandestinely sells them on the web.

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