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Heavy Handed

Doomsayer does have a talent. Some kind of palmistry pulse taking. Her family tree is full of of gypsy nurses. Still pushing a comic for this Friday. See you then.

97 thoughts on “Heavy Handed

  1. …well, that really IS a talent. “I know when you’ll die.” That is one crazy talent to have. Useful, but only in a limited fashion.

    1. It looks to me like Nena’s talent is telling how much natural lifespan people have left. She can reassure Tired Guy that he has “plenty of life left” when he’s worried about his body failing him, but can’t promise that people won’t be killed. She knows when your body will crap out on you, but has no idea whether you’re going to be hit by a truck tomorrow.

      1. The Chinese usually don’t think of exercises in a gym as being beneficial because they may see it as hurrying to the end and shortening their natural life span. On the other hand, since Nena is the Doomsayer wouldn’t that also account for external that’s as well?

    2. Good God.
      I work in the insurance industry. If someone like that showed up, they could basically name their price. Wouldn’t be able to predict an accident, but she could name a maximum lifespan, and that alone would be worth billions on an insurance company bottom line.
      “We gonna underwrite this policy?”
      “Hell no! Miss Fancypants says he won’t live past 2022. Won’t recover 15% on the premiums.”
      Any company with that knowledge would still would lose on accidents, but their overall profits would be far higher because advance warning would let that company put every OTHER insurance company out of business by just sending the short-term risks to them.
      It would be adverse selection times 1000, and basically impossible to figure out how they were doing it. The company just had a nurse helping when you got your physical…..

  2. Before I go any farther, first!

    And what in the world is that language going on next to the numbers? Hebrew? Arabic?

        1. Arg wu sentafinicate nar dunderford
          bida menti kpstocated interserd
          thorphilliate stinded yilla billa zay
          wentora yate paravillintiniay
          dorga orpha dorga billa
          dorga orpha stifaleare
          dorga orpha dorga billa
          tonalation fonamere

    1. it is Hebrew but I am so out of practice that without vowels I probably wouldn’t even succeed at pronouncing it.
      I might be able to ask a friend who lives out in Israel to take a look at it for me.

      1. I wondered. The part next to the number immediately struck me as Hebrew but the part underneath threw me off.

        1. Course, now that I think about it some more, didn’t Dheu have some kind of Hebrew connection too?

    2. kinda looks like Hindi but it’s probably just a symbol language that is unique to the power so only she knows what it really means

    1. Certainly if she grabs your wrist before you pick up another drink and her eyes go wide once you have the other one in your hand, that’d be a sign that it’s definitely time to stop.

    1. Nena pretty much gives away everything about her powers right here. She has to touch the person. She can tell how long someone has to live, but she can’t tell if/when they will be killed.

      Nena doesn’t seem to be lying (at least there’s no indication that she is) when she says Tired Guy has plenty of time. Either Tired Guy will live to be 127 (he’s currently… what? 80? 90?) years old OR alternatively he has 127 more years remaining. I think it’s more likely that 127 is his death age. I doubt that at 127 he’ll be up and about like he is now, but it’s still an impressive age for a human.

    2. The lack of clarity as to the non-numeric parts after leaves the possibility of arbitrary units that might not mean anything to anyone else.

      127 Giga-BioErgs
      127 HexaFiloPounds
      127 PrivoxiGalafalaxicidites
      127 Maxichlorians even?

      1. I’d like to replace my bad joke with MP3cholrians to be more advanced instead of relying on a letter substitution.

    1. There will be another. New computer coming by early next month (current one is having issues.) Then I’ll figure out streaming via Twitch or Picarto. Then once I’m confident in that, I’ll replace the Minds link by Danny with a Discord link for everyone to go. So no worries. There’s a plan.

    1. I was unaware of that, my knowledge was that the Roma were travelers who originated around the roman territories, gypsies originated around the areas of egypt, also the Irish tend to call them rovers, or the traveling folk for the ones around their area, and the UK.

      1. The Rom were a semi-nomadic mercenary people from what would be today, northern India. They were sent out to stop Alexander the Great, before he marched into the more populated areas of India, and failed. They couldn’t go back, due to the failure, so went forward, and ended up in Europe. The term “Gypsy” was to say that there place of origin was the farthest away anyone had heard of, Egypt. They otherwise had no association with Egypt.

        However, just to confuse things, there is another group, living in and around Egypt, of Indian origin. They were a “gift”, from one monarch to another, of traveling minstrels. They are completely unrelated, but are also called “Gypsies”, out of confusion with the other group.

        As I understand it, the Irish Travelers are unrelated as well.

      1. Is it bad that I’m finding myself wondering what race could someday be insultingly associated with everyday house hold objects? I’m really wondering what race will get bubble wrap.

        (yes, I’m being pedantic that you kept with “racial slur” rather than swapping to “derogatory term”, just my nature even when I agree)

        1. Bubble Wrap . Colloquialism. also ‘ Bubble Rap, Bubble Rapper, Hubba Bubba, etc. Any overweight member of a particular song-style inclination with harsh verbal grouping. (aka- rappers)

      2. And some of those words are being used, RIGHT NOW, to justify ethnic cleansing.
        I’m all for perspective, but the beginning, middle, and end of the history of the g-word is about racism and multiple attempts at genocide. It has never existed in a time when it wasn’t used for racist reasons.
        If you wouldn’t use the n-word, don’t use the g-word.

    2. Well according to sites that list ‘racial slurs’ the word ‘yank’ is considered offensive. I think maybe we’re getting a wee bit over sensitive to words, and the word policing is getting out of hand. To the point no regular person can reasonably keep up with what utterances are offensive to some people. For every person that considers ‘gypsy’ offensive, I guarantee there are 20+ that consider the word flattering, or have romanticized it in some way.

      Were YOU offended by this word? Are YOU Romani? If not, I’d suggest you see it, and just move along. Cause taking offense on behalf of others is a plague on our current culture and needs to die in a fire.

      1. Like let’s take a little stroll down to ‘words considered racial slurs’ town… The following terms are considered racial slurs and offensive:

        Eight ball

        So are we supposed to extract all of these words from our lexicon? Even though all these words have very innocuous uses? Or can we just like.. grow up?

        1. Cheesehead is now a racial slur?! I can’t even.
          I didn’t know that race anything to do with the state you live in. I’ll see if I can find a way to be offended. I guess I accuse anyone wearing a foam hat not shaped like cheese of cultural appropriation.

      2. My roommate and best friend is roma. And yes, they are VERY offended by the word.
        Because it’s been used to justify hate crime up to this very day, where there are explicit racist laws in many parts of Europe that target Roma.
        Seriously, why is it so hard to grasp that this word that has only ever existed as a racist slut should probably be treated better?

        1. You might take the saying about the USA & UK being two countries separated by a common language into account. In the UK, fag is a term for a cigarette, where in the USA it generally is used as a pejorative for a homosexual male.

          I believe UK usage comes from the fact that the term faggot was previously used for a stick meant for a fire (and a cigarette is reasonably evocative for that).

          I don’t honestly know the origin for USA usage. I know that “flaming” is also used at times as a term to describe extreme stereotypical homosexual male behavior. I’m not entirely sure where the fire connection comes from and if there’s a bit of a “die in a fire” connotation (as I recall Mosaic law prescribed stoning and Islam throwing off a roof as the method of capital punishment for male homosexuality, and I don’t recall any tradition of burning at the stake or anything for that).

          Should the fact that language chose different meanings on one side of the Atlantic mean that people on the other side should be obliged to change their ways and language to avoid being close to a term a younger society used differently? That really doesn’t seem rational to me.

        2. Don’t forget that the term faggot is also listed as a term in the Bible. A bunch of sticks bundled as a term to mean that it can’t be broken as a single stick by itself.

    3. Well in the regions I grew up in, the term ‘gypsy’ was never ever used in a derogatory fashion. So for 1) no offense meant 2) I didn’t use it offensively and 3) this is all news to me. “Gypsy,” throughout my entire life experience has only referred to people who are generally nomadic, or it was used as an adjective to describe a girl who was generally mysterious, enchanting, or a charismatic dark haired beauty. Either that, or we were just talking about the Fleetwood Mac song. So it is baffling to me to hear a word used routinely as a complimentary term, now being described as a slur. Like in much of the South.. if you were with friends and someone said “Hey there’s some gypsy looking girls over there” all the guys would get whiplash looking for a pack of smokin’ hot babes.

      So yeah, I dunno. Seems to be a regional and cultural difference maybe. It’s unfortunate to hear. Hate for people to be offended by it in some areas, when around me the term means it’s probably someone you wanna make out with all day.

      1. In college I had the fun of discovering from my friend from KY that the terms “hick” and “redneck” that we used in NY had opposite meanings there, one being a slur and the other a point of pride.

        So yeah, regional terminology is a fun one. Just look at Soda vs Pop vs Coke.

        1. Or celebrating a great imported movie, Bob & Doug MacKenzie, having some Canadian heritage and going around saying, “Eh?” and some guy from St. Joe complains about my making fun of his Indian heritage, oops native american heritage while not having any idea of his background at all.

      2. In olden times when traveling 60 miles in an hour was unheard of even likely in dreams and people were more tied to an area, travelers that would stop by and never show up again would be easy scapegoats and “gypsy” is associated with “thief” (which I believe was not only objects but also people when someone couldn’t stand their community or fell in love and left with the group) and “gyp” meaning “to cheat” were both from that origin as I understand it. How often the roaming group was underhanded versus how often the actual culprit was trusted enough to blame them isn’t something that I’d have any idea about, but I’d imagine some of each. I also agree it’d be insane for you to worry about this sort of thing, as it’s really just a euphemism treadmill instance (group called gypsies -> people blamed them for swindling, theft, & kidnapping -> people used term “gypsy” as an insult to mean things they blamed the group for) and trying to keep ahead of that sort of thing is an enormous waste of time and is only good in that it’s amusing to think about people caring about it getting to the point where they have to just keep creating an entirely new language with no re-used words every few decades.

        On a different note, from the 70’s song stance, there was a Cher song titled “Gypsies Tramps & Thieves,” though since most of my exposure to Cher songs is accidental (and often unappreciated) it is unsurprising if that isn’t a song you’re familiar with.

        @Yamis – The one that surprised me in the Pop vs Soda naming differences is that in parts of New England the dominant term is Tonic. I even saw it on a restaurant menu once.

      3. I know not everyone knows this, but for Roma people it is a pretty sore point. It’s use is not that far from the n-word in many parts of Europe.
        That’s why I was trying to just let you know. As innocently as you might intend it, the word has a LOT of horrific baggage, and it’s still getting more to this day.

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    1. I think Grrl Power pads those numbers. They’re anchored in that top slot.
      Either that or they have one fanbase that’s just really on their game.

      1. A quick web traffic comparison suggests grrlpower just has a LOT more views. Nearly 4x as many. Plus the TWC button is a bit more prominent; I didn’t even know there was one on this site, but I see the one on grrlpower all the time.

        1. More viewers, a voting incentive that changes regularly, and the author keeps to a regular schedule, which just may be the most important aspect.

        2. Superhero coming of age with good characters does hit several popular genres to pull in fans, and Shotgun Shuffle kinda’ flexes genres in ways that sometimes drive people off now and then (I seem to recall Gump Wars did that, and some people at least complained about Black Friday, even).

          Grrl Power isn’t as regular with their vote incentives as previously. They did change once/month when it first got to #1 on TWC, but lately I think it’s been more of a 2-4/year. Some comics change it multiple times/week (those I’d say rankings are more related to voting incentives).

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  4. Well, I guess that answers my question about just what Nena can do, but she sees things with text written by Jewish Elves? That’s a new one on me.

  5. The use of the word deteriorate makes me think Tired Guy is some kind of animated entity like a lich or a flesh golem that’s crumbling over time instead of just aging.

    1. Could be, but he is on oxygen all the time and I have heard people describe themselves (or their health) as deteriorating when getting normal conditions that require constant oxygen.

  6. In Hebrew you put the number before the rest of the line, so what you have up there now is “years 127 to sleep” instead of “127 years to sleep”

      1. uh… can’t say that I’m super available at all times, but I do read this comic regularly and am a native Hebrew speaker.

  7. Reminds me of Dr. Orpheous from Venture Bros. 1 year, 27 days, 15 minutes…..of a stroke. good day to you sir!

  8. Since we’re talking about visible natural lifespans and considering the panel with the visual of it, I really hope that Tired Guy loses just a little extra bit of his life every time he puts on that toupee.

    It seems like he should, anyway.

  9. I’m only commenting because you got years wrong. שָׁנָה is a feminine word so it’s plural is שְׁנוֹת. If you used google translate it’s still not that good with Hebrew.

  10. Okay, opinion of Old Geezer softened a bit since last page. Bit of a sudden turnaround from the leverage shark tone, though.

  11. Robert Heinlein began his writing career by selling a short story (“Life-Line”) about a man who could do what Nena does. It didn’t end well.

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