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Hell is Full

I had to draw a bunch of background civilians who refused to be background civilians. UPDATE Next comic will be up today (Tuesday.) Hopefully mid afternoon.

75 thoughts on “Hell is Full

  1. So everyone wants to be a zombie?

    And the return of Kats partner, I was hoping to see more of him, he seemed like a decent guy despite poor choice in business partners. Or is that partnership not a thing anymore?

    1. If you notice, his shirt is different from before. It is now “DFX” when it used to be “DKFX” so I’m thinking he dropped the “K” and he dropped the Kat. Also hoping that the Kat didn’t land on it’s feet…know what I’m saying.

        1. It really is a good catch. It also makes my opinion of him that much better.

          Also, I can’t believe I got first, I assumed while I was typing my longish post someone else would beat me to it. I can’t even remember the last time I got first.

      1. It is a good catch Gnatevil, but sadly credit for that catch actually belongs about 10 months ago to commenter Angela (comment posted at March 24, 2015, 5:38 pm on comic The Chain Part X which currently has a post date of March 29, 2015 due to Patreon infusion).

    2. I kinda figured we would find him here. He’s from the area, he does masks and make-up as they’ll need for a movie like that, he’s pretty good at it and he’s only a starting business looking to get a solid foot in the market.

      In other words: He’s perfect for the job.

  2. Well, I guess that makes the choice on who to pick for a background civilian much easier. I mean, that tumbleweed is just fantastic. Also, I think I am first? I submit my application for that honor. :p

      1. I didn’t notice the direction of the tumbleweed until you mentioned it. Either even the weed is trying to vacate the premises as well or the sudden wind from the stampede of people leaving is drawing it in the direction they fled. Either way, it’s a nice touch by the artist…

      2. You can’t see it, because it’s outside of the panel. But he’s actually making a run for a Dodge parked further on the right.

    1. Most background civilians in zombie movies are only implied kills. They’re seen running away, but it’s assumed they were killed later on, possibly by zombified friends or family.

  3. Is it just me or does James have the “rejected” depression look going on? Between his expression and his comments.

    1. Yeah, that’s the look of resigned hopelessness of one who has glimpsed paradise and then seen it whisked away.

      On a side note, Ellie’s going to need Pumpkin to craft her a Cloak of Elvenkind if she hopes to continue evading all her first dates…

      1. Yeah, I was wondering if Damien would recognize Ellie from the pic of her date with his sister. That’s a connection to hide from Ellie doesn’t even know about (unlike James).

        1. D’oh! Didn’t even think of that!

          And not only that picture either, mind you! There’s the whole cam-site thing as well.

          We will see, I guess.

        2. Besides the similar hairstyle, where was it revealed that Damien and Meadow are sisters? I’d like to go back and re-read for the refresher.

    2. It’s amazing how he just shows up.

      And it seems that Tired Guy’s plan really isn’t working so great, if that was ever his plan in the first place. It’s not giving the one-date dumped a lot of hope for tomorrow.

        1. Yes, it is. He was here, he was at Onomateopeiacon, he was at the comic shop with Quinn and Pumpkin…he’s EVERYWHERE.

    1. Same day, certainly. Next day, maybe. James was 6 days ago and James and new guy are both from the same dating site. While it’d be awkward, I don’t think a, “Well I am still looking too, you know” would seem that odd after the next week. Especially with Ellie obviously being an “alpha” date.

    1. Tumbleweed is an excellent actor. I’m just sorry to see he’s fallen on such hard times to be volunteering to be an extra in a film like this.

      [sigh] How the mighty have fallen…

        1. Watch Ghostrider for a second time, read the Necromonicon for the first time, watch the Pokemon movie for the first time.
          I’m not sure which would be harder on my sanity, but that doesn’t mean I want to find out through trial and error.
          Mostly trial.

        2. Meh – I could watch Ghostrider again. It wasn’t THAT bad. The sequel however… URGH – now that was REALLY bad. The first one was just disappointing. BTW – when it comes to reading the Necronomicon – referring to reading it the first time is redundant. No one survives to read it more than once…According to “History of the Necronomicon” the very act of studying the text is inherently dangerous, as those who attempt to master its arcane knowledge generally meet terrible ends.

      1. [Sees fight still going on] Yeah I’m just not getting involved in that…[Sees dragon] That however! MINE MINE MINE MINE!

  4. Having moved to Texas I was sadly dissuaded from expecting to see tumbleweeds on the prairee. These days they are those plastic garbage bags caught in the wind rolling along.

    I still love a good tumbleweed gag, tho :)

    1. We have tumbleweeds. You want them? You’re welcome to them. Our neighbor has leased his land to a conservation effort, so he doesn’t plow the things up as they sprout. Some times they’re thick enough to hide a fence and look like a hedge in winter.
      They get heavy enough to weigh down fences. With enough wind behind them, they endanger those cheap plastic grills that cars now have.

      Also, they burn REALLY good.

    2. Here in Idaho, on windy days we do see both tumbleweeds AND plastic grocery bags. I like to think that tumbleweeds are native, whereas plastic grocery bags are an invasive species that is multiplying at an alarming rate.

      1. So does this mean we should start a fund for the endangered tumbleweed, its home destroyed by the chinese blowing bags?

      1. No, but Meadow from comic Number 500 was stated by Rusche in the comments to be Damien’s sister, and it looked like she posted that picture to …. Twitter I think. So Damien might recognize Ellie from that.

  5. If only the background civilians showed such vigor in relocating IN zombie movies!

    Scene: Large mass of milling people
    Zombie: Bra..
    Scene: Empty lot, excluding our poor tumbleweed
    Zombie: ..ins?

  6. I wonder how many walk-on civilians they needed. Will Ellie and green shirt guy show up pretending to be several different civilians? Glasses and fake mustaches and different shirts and whatnot. Maybe some of the crew will be pressed into service.

    It’s one of those two or put photos of random people on orange construction barrels for other walk-on civilians. Which would fit the quality one expects from direct-to-DVD or SyFy fodder.

  7. I’m pretty sure they’ll be in disguise and then become a meme. Something along the likes of…

    Watching Zombi Apocalypse
    -insert pic of them being all nonchalant as they continue a convo-
    Zero fuks given.

  8. I know it won’t work with these two, but i really would like it to. being a 38 single for a number of years guy. i am really relating with this character. Even if he doesn’t get together with Ellie i hope he’s a reoccurring character. It’s all for selfish reasons. hmm…. i have been reading this comic for years now, and i think this may be the first time i commented. i’m a lurker. so in a sense…. FIRST!

  9. surprised that the girl who’s just staring into nothingness (redhead third panel) wouldn’t be a background civilian.
    she looks like she’d be perfect for that role.

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  11. Is that a big tribble bouncing along back there, or is it a tumbleweed? I’m guessing the later, but it’s a tumbleweed that looks like it was modeled on a virus.

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