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Here’s Your Laptop Back

Sorry I'm so late with this guys. Eventually crashed and fell asleep for far too long. Thank to everyone who voted. Looks like we're in the Final Four! WOOHOO.

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  1. So Rosemary is a judge because I know nothing of Quinn’s mother.Still, sh#t that could hit this guys is impressive.

    1. Quinn’s mom is a narcissistic leech who lives off of the alimony and selling 1/2 of her kids stuff every month. At least Quinn’s dad is trying to help his daughter to grow.

      1. Yeah, that makes complete sense. It really fits well, now that I think about it. It definitely adds a lot of flavor to her dialogue with Cat, and her no nonsense attitude with her daughters may not be just because she has dealt with so much of their BS over the years- it’s probably a professional thing.

        1. Given that Rosemary is an Officer of the court, albeit Judge, Assistant District Prosecuting Attorney, or such, perhaps the roles of mother and officer of the court have overlapped to a point where Rosemary has grown from seeing the worst played out in front of her family wise, and perhaps sometimes the best but unfortunate situations presented to her. But then going home, she’s got that as well.

          Now that we some background into the parent’s positions. Who precipitated Cinnamon’s perp walk home? Herb or Rosemary? However, being a judge or ADA for the state could open up reasoning on the Friday morning gathering at Denny’s. But breadcrumbs and tidbits have been dropped for the fans to assemble the puzzle blindly in this multi colored room.

        2. Rosemary certainly fits for working at a courthouse, but I don’t think it’s impossible that it could be Quinn’s mom too. Hopefully she’d have a less responsible position than I’d expect Rosemary to have, but it’s still possible.

          Still, demeanor, formality of dress, and another income to allow them to afford 7 kids makes Rosemary fit very well and be a likely guess.

          I’m just saying that Rusche likes to pull fakes on us upon occasion, and we haven’t seen or heard a spoken line from Quinn’s mom yet.

        3. Didn’t Quinn imply back when KK came for McFatFat that her mom did nothing but leech off of her dad and parade a constant stream of loosers out the front door on a nightly basis?

        4. She didn’t have anything good to say about her mom, and some of it sounded like definite events as opposed to a possibility of opinion, so it seems she has good reason. With the level of respect displayed there, though, we don’t know if “do nothing” is an exaggeration or not. Also, the general left her as I recall, so her ability to leach off of him will be decreased.

  2. Ha…..All your balls…

    And Caleb ‘ s concern for Danny is appropriate. ..i.e. non-existant

    1. Could this be the recurring joke? First with Wheelchair Ninja, now with Danny boy and Caleb. No I did not forget the bent wookie. But isn’t part of the question what is going to happen to Caleb? I know that he wants to get out of there as fast as possible. But, I do imagine that Canada does have an extradition treaty with America. But fighting the courts from up north would be so much easier for Caleb if he was on the other side of the border. There are so many places that he could hide and phone in the job.

  3. Come on girls. You just had to hit Danny with a laptop? Geez, just hit him with a car next time.

  4. Your dad works for the Pentagon? Well my dad works for Microsoft so he’s going to hack into your computer and ban you on Xbox Live.

  5. Yeah…. They messed with the wrong girls alright…

    That last place of work on Quinn’s list could get our Canadian “friend” espionage charges depending on where in the Pentagon the parent in question works…

      1. I’ve seen the edges of the explosion when an American citizen messed with the child of a major defense contractor developer out here (and was sooooo grateful that I wasn’t involved in the slightest other than separating the two to keep the fight from coming to blows)… It can only be orders of magnitude worse when you are talking a foreign national and the child of the folks that actually run the US’s defense. [shudder]

        1. Given that her dad is a Lieutenant General (3 Star)…… We were wondering if Quinn was under continuous surveillance from the FBI because of his position. It seemed that the consensus was that the family members would have been investigated once for the LtG’s security clearance and that he would be the one under scrutiny. .

        2. There would be flags in the system for anything relating to his family if he’s that high ranking, since that’s an obvious weakpoint for any high official. I watched the police officer’s face as the check he ran on the defense contractor’s kid came back with a very serious warning message about continuing to inquire about the kid. I also got interviewed by folks that weren’t local cops over what happen and I was very glad I hadn’t done anything more than try to stop the fight with how the interviewers were acting.

        3. My understanding is that with a lot of those things it’s what a person is doing that determines the amount of surveillance, not so much rank. Granted, being a 3 or 4 star would generally put him at a level of responsibility where he’d likely at least have authority over some very sensitive programs, so he’d likely be in some of those sorts of groups. I have no idea what the cop saw, but the only thing that would make sense would be if there was something about reporting anything serious about the kid to some random federal authority and that spooked him. I can’t imagine anything that would work as a “don’t screw with him” otherwise.

          Now, with Quinn saying her father was in Syria last Thanksgiving, there is the possibility that Quinn would have a certain amount of cursory counter-terrorism-related surveillance (i.e. making sure someone doesn’t kidnap her to get to the general), though unless the Syrian groups in SS universe are more active than the ones in our universe, I wouldn’t expect it to be a lot. I don’t know that it’d be likely that she’d have surveillance that would catch something like this site, especially with her name not being used on it (so wouldn’t show up on searches based on her name).

        4. I’ll admit I didn’t see his screen, so I don’t know what came up on the check that spooked the cop, just that something did. That would make as good an explanation as anything I have.

          But I wasn’t thinking as much about a out-of-nowhere, SWAT-type reaction right now since her name isn’t on the site, but during the aftermath should it get reported to authorities when the Federal level decides to come down on the sleezeballs and they are looking for excuses to throw more books at him- let’s get him for potential threats to national security as well as all the state and local level anti-stalker/invasion of privacy laws!

        5. My assumptions on what is possible or not regarding the kid are based off of a few people that I knew worked in fairly sensitive stuff had a “Don’t I wish” attitude about the “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you” type comments you see in fiction. I do have to admit, that if a person could know something that could allow them to kill people as a legal duty, I would expect there to be more verbal slips.

          I’m not sure what exactly might be the fallout due to any monitoring due to Gen Nicks’ position. I would doubt any formal charges, as they wouldn’t want to draw attention to her as a target. I’d expect informal words in various ears would eventually get to a prosecutor with the message that they can plea bargain off a couple of days from max sentence, and that’s it.

        6. They were just joking around and expressing irritation at the view that such things give people some kind of privilege over the general population as opposed to being a burden of having things floating around in their heads that it would be illegal for them to tell anyone. So basically the general principle that someone might have protection on high due to their father having a clearance doesn’t sound right. The only thing that comes to mind for something like that is witness protection (especially before the trial is over).

  6. Honestly I’m surprised he didn’t just pin it all on Danny and run like hell. There is something else at play here. Might Calab have a record himself?

      1. As the owner of the server (Caleb and/or Vu) that was used by Danny is a foreigner, that might be enough to make any kind of case against Danny get raised to federal jurisdiction. Additionally, they can probably impound his server which will at least massively inconvenience him and Vu. Even though Danny is the guilty party, Danny’s guilt will cause problems (and possibly even charges) for Caleb & Vu. It makes sense for him to try to negotiate it away if he can.

        1. Unless he can prove Danny set this up without expressed consent. This is why you want EVERYTHING in writing ;)

        2. Well, Danny is the only one with an iron-clad contract Ellie signed (with his name). That counts as in writing, yes? >:D

        3. Well, sure, but even if he did have everything in writing, it’s potentially expensive to attempt to defend even then if anyone (such as Ellie’s dad or his associates) wants to push it instead of quickly dismiss. Aside from all the normal costs for a court case, you have the additional question of jurisdiction boundaries along with laws and precedents for US federal, state of Florida, Canada, potentially Canadian province (not sure how that works to be honest), and possibly trade agreements between US & Canada. Not sure how much the server location would matter or not, but that might throw a wrench in things too.

          But I agree that it’s dumb for Caleb to have given Danny these sorts of instructions over the phone. Even just putting them in email would make things much better for defending himself at this point (and also good practice to tell Danny to go back and refer to when/if he screws up).

  7. Aww yeah, Patreon update and regular update in one day. It’s like…free comic day or something.

      1. Yep- my second job is in a comic book shop and my boss thought about asking me to come in to help with his event even knowing that my game store is usually busy on Saturdays…. though with how slow things are today with four FCBD events going on in town, I might have been able to do it after all.

        1. I got my set, er, crowd funding reward for helping to fund FCD, on Wednesday.

        2. I don’t think Sydney would have been able to complete such a coherent post.

        3. Sydney reminds me so much of Kinzie Kensington, just without the competence. And the massive kink.

  8. So basically the Buckingham family is underwritten by taxpayer dollars. Considering what we know of the Buckingham reputation in the area, you’d think someone would have raised some concerns by now.

    1. For those that missed the link down at the end of the last page’s comments, I found where the BracketMaker page for the ComicMix tournament is: http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=458046&tclass=ComicMix%20April%20Armageddon%20Webcomics%202015

      The Final Four are:

      Not a Villain vs Stand Still. Stay Silent
      Shotgun Shuffle vs Girl Genius

      Chris had mentioned that one of his dream matches was against Girl Genius, so hopefully finding that link will give him enough time to allow him draw the vote incentive he said he’d like to do.

      1. Okay, if I read this correctly, Shotgun Shuffle got 895 votes from donations, which meant $179 was donated from this fanbase for the win. Still, this might be the end for us here. Girl Genius is amazing. It’ll probably come down to GG vs. SSSS.

        1. at the time of the conveinence store robbery, A&P stock was climaxing in the early morning hours of the Appottamotox Court House on April 8, the 18564. Bananananal;kjalnkakjla. soidufsj[ selkj;jsekj; yhrtrgotr yhr msin trsdon og yhid id yo ptrvlufr yhsy yhr rnrmy og nsyylr hsd noy nrrn hibrn sfrqusyr oom got duttrnfrt….

        2. Do you have any Director positions open in the pessimism or red teaming areas? That’s where my qualifications lie.

          @John Merklinghaus – Girl Genius is going to be tough, but it’s not impossible. If you check the brackets we actually had more votes than them for every round so far (even discounting paid votes). Also with the fact that going through the Girl Genius archives will point out that they’ve won a few Hugos (along with withdrawing from consideration after a few in a row so that the award didn’t seem like a “just Girl Genius” award) and noticing that they’re one of the rare comics these days to not have needed to set up a Patreon to pay for itself, I don’t think their fan base is going to be particularly fired up to try to make sure they win. If fans of the big comics did think that way, then every year would probably just be dominated by the big comics (XKCD, Girl Genius, Penny Arcade, and anything with a Patreon pulling in >$5k/month). Honestly I think the deciding factor will be how many people who voted for both comics in previous rounds are going to go each way next round.

          Honestly, I think we have a decent-to-good chance because when comparing to other big comics, their vote totals are much higher and I suspect they’ve been bouyed by voters for SSSS and us, and I suspect we’ll keep more than we lose from that.

        3. The Foglio’s are motivated enough to have gotten to their current point with Girl Genius. They hit the Gaslamp well early and tapped it better than the Comstock lode. They have done so well, that they have a colorist. They do seem to be the epitome of the self published title. But I’m also thinking of “Scott Pilgrim” and it seemed that he got his road to fame through DeviantArt.

          Don’t the Foglio’s also work the convention circuits as well? More than likely they are able to add to their income that way as well as selling their books. They have had some kickstarters a time or two it seems. Or at least pre purchases on their books. Like I said, they could be quite the business model for the internet artist.

        4. I believe Girl Genius started as a print comic and did alright (I think) and then they migrated to the Internet and got a huge following. I believe they went back and re-did the art on their early comics at that point too.

          The attitude I’ve generally gotten from them is, “Our comic is good and deserving of time and money. Other comics fit this description too, so please enjoy ours, but not at the expense of all the others out there.” Not sure how much of that is being benign individuals, remembering how tough it was when they started out, or just plain good business sense of wanting to keep a healthy market (which requires lots of participants).

        5. I’d like to be VP of Bickering if TOG is going to be Director of Pessimism. We work together well. I’d also like to put Mr. Blue up as whatever you call the head Corporate Translator.

        6. You know, highly paid middle management like VPs can be attractive positions to cut when times get tight.

          Maybe I should look up YouTube clips of SNL’s Debbie Downer skits for my website URL for Director of Pessimism posts.

        7. They cut the votes a moment or two after Midnight on the BracketMaster side, for all that Poll Maker is showing a few hours more accumulation of votes. I posted this on the other page, but since the comic update hit shortly there after, let me repost the final normal vote and bought votes totals for those who didn’t see it:

          Not A Villain 384 + 0 = 384 $0
          Questionable Content 257 + 9 = 266 $1.80
          Stand Still, Stay Silent 794 + 143 = 937 $28.60
          Misfile 229 + 232 = 461 $46.40
          Girl Genius 549 + 38 = 587 $7.60
          El Goonish Shive 145 + 21 = 166 $4.20
          Shotgun Shuffle 675 + 926 = 1601 $185.20
          The Property of Hate 670 + 216 = 886 $43.20

          And looking through Girl Genius’s voting record this tournament, they’ve only had one round where they broke 600 in votes to Shotgun Shuffle’s three- and the one round they hit 800, Shotgun Shuffle hit 950. This is a very winable round for Shotgun Shuffle.

        8. I’m afraid I must decline the offer for conflict of interest in the Finals (perhaps ceding the position to mR. Blue since he’s been doing far more of the analysis of the votes than even I have?)- though I’m more than willing to push the vote here with Girl Genius. :-)

          @That one guy- I agree that there is probably a large cross-over vote that has been diminishing as the tournament continues. I voted for Girl Genius every round until now and Shotgun Shuffle from the 4th Round on once I read enough here to know I like what I see, but I’ll be voting for Shotgun Shuffle in the head to head between the two.

          I’m going to get a little in to the nitty-gritty, since I run brackets at work a few times a year for regional-level card tournaments.

          I’ll grant that Girl Genius is the last of the top-seeded titles left (it claimed fourth in the seeding round) but none of the rest of the nine titles that claimed more than a hundred votes during the seeding round have survived and Shotgun Shuffle just won against the second ranked title, The Property of Hate, by 5 votes before donations were counted.

          The seeding round just wasn’t as good metric for this tournament as it could have been because it wasn’t advertised enough- we lost the top seed (Grrl Power) in round 3 along with the third ranked XKCD as people started finally learning about the tournament, and Shotgun Shuffle just took out the second ranked title in the 5th round. Shotgun Shuffle was 76th ranked and Stand Still. Stay Silent was 103rd but they have consistently been top four in votes cast every round since the seeding round and while they are the top two donation comics, neither has had a round decided by the money vote.

          That is nothing less that astounding. This fan base has nothing to fear from Girl Genius.

        9. …did we actually account for almost double the donations of everyone else combined? Criminy, man. That’s both awesome and scary, in its way.

        10. In the last round? More than double. Y’all were 58.4% of the donations in round 5, and are 31.3% of the total $671 that’s been raised since the seeding round now.

    2. Not that we’ll be able to keep things on the down-lo given how much we spent last round, but there’s something to be said for not telegraphing one’s moves. ;-)

      1. I think that Tales let that cat out of the bag. However, it is the season for tax returns. And I used H&R Block. Boooo-yaah baby. Okay, not all of it.

        1. Yes, he did, and on the main ComicMix site at that, but it’s okay. I meant it when I thanked him for donating in Misfile’s name even though it knocked out XKCD which I had been voting for- the Hero Initiative is a good cause and I’m glad to see the donations coming in for it. I won’t be able to give much for the Final Four, but my money will be split 50/50 between Shotgun Shuffle and Stand Still. Stay Silent for that round.

        2. But I never mentioned Shotgun Shuffle on the ComicMix site though I did donate for it in the elite eight.

          Also yesterday was Friday that means it was payday for me, now when are they gonna post the final four.

        3. Nah I get paid every Friday, I suppose it’s one benefit of working for Pick n’ Save, makes it easier to balance my budget that way.

        4. Buy there are so many different ways to be paid. Twice a month on the 15th and end of month. First day of the week, last workday of the week, the following Friday, once a month, in cash, under the table, over the table, barter, in kind, and cold hard revenge. Oh, and karmic.

        5. So you are correct! My apologies- I crosslinked the remarks since you use the same handle on both sites.

        6. Apology accepted, and I can understand the confusion as this is my handle on most sites.

      2. Well, I suspect that’s more for if we make the final against SSSS. Girl Genius fans, if inclined, could blow the rest of the final four out of the water either with just votes or just donations. I don’t think they will, though, as the comic authors have expressed a desire for lots of good comics to get strong recognition, and not to hog top spots.

        But yes, there’s a reason I didn’t make any mention of making any donations here until after all for that round was said and done.

  9. Just a slight reminder, Mr. Blue is experimenting with the controls on the poll making site, so if ya’ll don’t mind, please check out this link to the poll titled, “Name the Implement of Doom.” Thanks.

        1. OOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Like how my mental illness was demoted in rank because it went from General Depression to Major Depression then, right?

        2. All depends on branch of service Army, Navy, Air Force, or Space Marines, heck who knows maybe it’ll get promoted to Major General Depression (or would that be General Major) though I think we both know it doesn’t deserve it.

        3. “CDO its like OCD but in alphabetical order as it should be.”
          That’s one of the best things I’ve ever read.

        4. Okay, how about one hand operated tool, one powered tool, one tool related to this comic, one item from “The Big Bang Theory,” one character from one of the movies discussed in the comments at any point in time, any food item listed/mentioned in this comic, one crazy item designed to infuriate feminist scientists, one spice, one state, fruit, electronics maker and one catch phrase.

  10. The pain thou shalt feel is terrifying and dire,
    It will even pale Vesuvius’ fire.
    The voided heart in which you took pride,
    Promised empty and riches lied.

    Whisks that flurry and strike unseen,
    Leaves no fantasy left unclean.
    The doom that has wrought its power,
    Shall visit swiftly here this hour.

    Foreigners, locals, and all that reside,
    Will quiver with trembling fear inside.
    For even if a judge doth not assign guilt
    A pyre and stake be swiftly built.

    Flogged once, and then flogged twice,
    They have limbs locked with vice.
    While they shudder in the horrid scene,
    They doth sooth a gentle dream.

    1. Wait. Oh Jesus. Shotgun Shuffle is going up against Girl Genius this round? My two favorites are going head-to-head now! This is gonna be intense.

    2. She didn’t physically assault Danny! She was just returning his laptop and he proved to be a bit too clumsy trying to catch it.

      1. That gives me an amusing mental picture of Ellie pantomiming an underhand toss a couple of times with a smile on her face and then quickly straightening up and side-arming it at his face.

  11. Oh crap oh crap oh crap. Where’s the popcorn stand? I need a large bag and a soda. Maybe a hot dog.

    1. Hands the customer a borken sausage link to Nathan’s 4th of July hot dog eating contest in a soggy bun. With dill relish, poppy seeds and a carrot dog with shredded kale, pickled eggs, pickled pickles, and radished cucumbers.

    1. Really? I like what he’s doing here. I don’t think it’s going to get him anywhere, but if he calms the girls down to the point that they don’t assault him and end up on the losing side of the law in this, then I’ll consider that a good thing.

      1. In Caleb’s defense, whatever the girls did to Alex as so horribly it was off-screened. He may be panicking for fear of his life (and balls).

        He’s also been solidly against the site since learning of its illegality.

        1. We already have it. It was bad, and wrong. So it was BADONG. What Alex did to those two was badong.

    1. Because they haven’t opened the Final Four round yet- I found the link to the actual bracket they are using to set up the tournament which is where we have the results from the Elite Eight from. The general thought is that they’ll wait until Monday to post the next round- though they’ve been crazy enough in their posting schedule that there’s no predicting if it will be longer or not.

      1. Yes, either Monday, or even today if the guy doing this is Jewish. Just saying that because of the plausibility of taking the Sabbath into consideration. But the lead up could be in allowing for a full for day round for the this and the finals. Then their May Mayhem can run either in parallel odd right after.

        1. That’s a tricky shot to make, especially when the recipient is running around screaming like a little girl and batting his hands back at you in a futile attempt to stop you.

  12. A laptop? No, no, no, call and Exterminatus on his Heretical ass.

    Though I do have to give Caleb props for not even batting an eye at the damage to Danny. Hell, if he can convince them that he was trying to clean it up and shut it down, then Quinn the Sarcastic may allow him his balls back. But Danny? I see work as a eunuch in his future. If he’s allowed to even live.

    1. Oh, I think there was at least a quick “Hey! I wanted to do that!” running through his mind there. Or at least something similar.

  13. Caleb attempts to use his disdain and rolls his D20, 3D6, 1D8 and all of them, each and every one lands with a one showing. He rolls a D20 for intimidating fear from the hand mixer and gets a natural 20 and faints.

    With both of them passed out, the disfunctional dou trusses up the dorks and hauls them down to the location of the beauty salon was supposed to be in the Southgate Shopping Mall where the Sisterhood Council has convened. The Dumb One and The Weird One already having set up the space for the tribunal for aggressions against The Sisterhood concerning The Lazy One, The Honorary One and Too Soon To Tell.

    Those on trail find themselves tied to rolling luggage, with a box of chalk at their feet, and a purple robed and hooded clerk who stares vacantly at the ones accused. He just continuously chants, “Dude your family is *#÷$%@ up.”

  14. Rusche – Excellent pose for Danny in the left of the bottom panel. He really telegraphs that he needs to be hit in the face with that stance.

    1. Agreed. And it is promptly delivered.

      But seriously. The “Yo! There’s no way you will beat/can touch me and my Bro!” pose was not exactly the right one to choose at that point (or ever).
      Or it could have been a “I am offended by your completely unfounded accusation and uncivilised behaviour!”-pose. But that’s not any better.

  15. I just realized- the girls don’t even know who Caleb is at this point, right? Somewhere in here I’m expecting a “and who the hell are you?” Then again almost none of this chapter has progressed the way I expected, so we’ll see if I keep up my perfect record of mis-predictions.

  16. This is a tough one. Two of my favorite webcomics competing? It’s both a dream come true and a total nightmare, because only one can win. That being said, I’m putting my support behind Shotgun Shuffle because the community here is so amazing and positive, I want to see the crazy happy reactions when we win! (P.S. Danny deserved the laptop to the face. Jerk.)

    1. I don’t think you can throw someone under the bus when they’re entirely guilty of what you’re accusing them of. Caleb’s been calling for the site to be torn down since 15 minutes into having it explained to him.

      1. Agreed. Considering a lot of unapproved expenditures and illegal activity that Caleb’s business is now complicit in, I think Caleb is justified in considering Danny to have thrown himself under the bus.

  17. Mr. Blue here. It’s 1:00 AM EST, nothing posted on the next round of the tournament. i shall retire this night. Be vigilant, those who keep watch of our ladies use of militant kitchen weaponry. Let us hope that they do not find the laser guided potato mashers, or the M201A6 Rolling Pins.


  18. So, my cousin is the creator of Not A Villain, and I’m terrified of what I’ll do if these two comics go head to head, lol. Family vs what is hands down my favorite comic, created by the most responsive and fan loving creator I’m aware of. You really take the cake Chris.
    Also, I really don’t know how she Aneeka does it. She is consistently in the top 5, if not top 2 or 3 of Top Webcomics. She hasn’t been making big posts encouraging her fans to vote for her in this competition, they just do it. I’ve worked her booth for her at Comic Con, and somehow I keep forgetting to ask how she has so many crazy loyal fans.

    1. No one here will blame you sticking with family if it comes to that. Seeing as how I know nothing about your cousin, can’t say in the other direction. On the other hand, you could just not tell us or your cousin how you vote (or just abstain or vote for 3rd place).

      As for TWC ratings, I just looked at your cousin’s latest comic and there’s a mention of something as a vote incentive. Putting up a picture that people are curious to see, but that isn’t crucial enough to make people mad the way Dark Wick put up a storyline ONLY on vote incentives, can be a good way to get votes. Even if not changing it often enough to drive votes, having a preview of part of the pic by the vote button (as Grrl Power or Too Much Information does) probably reminds people to vote a bit more too. Not A Villain is on my list to read, but I haven’t started yet, so can’t make any guesses past that.

  19. I don’t know if I’m the first to say it this bluntly, but in that part where “whats-his-face” gets a lap top o the face….well “Bitch had it commin!”

  20. Asks to act like adults, yet is trying to wheedle out of a situation he’s in the wrong for, with no consequences. No, ass kicking, cops, and lawyers are all within their bounds and perfectly adult like. Fry their asses Quinn!

    1. Granted he neither asked for, planned for or worked towards landing in this situation and is actually pretty much innocent. So it’s understandable, especially after having witnessed the beatdown that befell Alex, that he wants to get out of it as untouched as possible.

      1. It’s true. Caleb’s knowledge of this event sober is about a half-hour grand total. He’s known about it for maybe six hours, but most of that time was spent unconscious.

        1. We don’t know that he’s trying to wheedle out of it. He might be offering that Danny had told him in a somewhat believable way that no one saw them naked and be offering a settlement (i.e. bribe) for them to forgo anything legal against the site and let Caleb get back to Canada. I doubt he’s concerned on negotiating for Danny (nor should he be).

  21. Pfft… are you kidding? Physical violence is just as illegal (with potential to be MORE illegal) than what Danny did… especially if the one you’re committing violence against accidentally dies… The girls are in a spectacular position here… There wasn’t too much harm done… and money has a way of soothing the stings of indignity.

    1. You think he’s getting off on this? Well we’ll have to add another kink to go along with voyeurism for old Danny.

      (I knew what you meant but I couldn’t pass up the double entendre)

  22. It is now 6:05 CST and still no Round 6 up yet. Will check again when I get to work…Carry On!!!

  23. Whoo!!!! Second cup of cup of coffee for the morning and I put in two espresso shots! Powers of over caffeination activate!

    Pros, my typing speed has increased by at least ten WPM.

    Cons, my typing mistakes have increased tenfold. The answer to this is obviously more coffee.

  24. 7:40 CST…still no round 6. Not happy. Still, when it does start, vote often. And Have a Happy Star Wars Day!!! May the fourth be with you!!!!

    1. Same problem here. Appears to be the whole thing; their homepage is just fine, but clicking on the “vote for shotgun shuffle” link on the homepage returns an error.

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