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[Patreon] Hero Worship

8 thoughts on “[Patreon] Hero Worship

  1. There needs to be a permanent ban on origin story movies for Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man. Everybody who cares already knows. The only people who don’t know it aren’t the types who go to those types of movies.

  2. After reading that Discussion it reminds me once again why i switched to Manga and Anime: its not as onesided as US Comics are.

    1. Coming to you from almost three years in the future, the results have been less than encouraging. Star Wars is now a ruined franchise.

      1. I don’t know how you define ruined, but still multi billions of cashflow is not how I would define ruined.
        Also, hello from even more in the future, forget the movies, watch the Mandalorian^^”

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