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Hidden Agenda Part I

This comic may be PG-13. Kids, if you are under 13, this comic should not be seen without your dad reviewing it first.

50 thoughts on “Hidden Agenda Part I

        1. 1. Who died and made you boss.

          2. I’m commenting in this manner on this thread because it seems to have gotten too personal, too fast.

          3. I don’t find physical threats of violence in that manner of taste, nor in reference to the next two items to be funny.

          4) the man was suffering from what has been reportedly was severe mental illness. That in and of itself alone is not a complete factor for this reason. What I don’t like is that there only seems to be speculation on the circumstances that led him to taking his life. On the one hand, I have never participated in a 12 step program and nor am I inferring that Mr. Williams did. However, it can be thought that some substance abuse clinics align themselves to partner with various types of 12 step programs. A mainstay of those 12 step, rehab, and mental health wellness programs are to recognize the instances that one perceives as when their control starts to ebb. I can only speculate on Mr. Williams, as it was reported that he was getting things setup to back into rehab soon. So my primary concern is what could have gotten him so upset, to go so far in that short time, in reference to his last weekend.

          5. Personally, I liked the man. I feel that his suicide will do more damage against mental health awareness, rather than hopefully bring some kind of understanding about it. I think that Mr. Williams was a veritable genius in the realms of comedy, and as such, was not able to honestly connect with anyone which could have been a precursor to the symptoms his laughter may have hid so well.

          So, I think that if you’re going to be defensive about your ideals and the pineapple tree, then you should be ready to defend your statements in return.

          Because I do NOT like people who cant respect the dead and their attempt at life. I never did like it at my relatives funerals, nor did I like it that day on the school bus when some of those brats got to bitchin out loud about having to wait on dead people. One of the few women i would not uave been worried sick about a face punch.

  1. Wow, I was royally off on my estimation of this guy, though I was correct to be suspicous of him, and I was right that he was hiding something, and that something was off, he completly slipped by my creep detector.

    Which tells me all that I need to know. This guy is a pro and a player.

    A few pages back when he was desperate in trying to make himself look good for their dinner date I chalked it up to him being nervous, now I can see he was just itching to get into her pants.

    Also for the record I agree with Sabrina Pandora, what you got here mate, thats pretty hot. This dirt bag has a much better imagination than Alex did.

    1. Don’t be to hard on him yet. A young guy out one a date with a hot young girl the imagination is going to take over from time to time. Depends on what he tries to do when they get back to the hotel. That should be entertaining.. No pressure Mr. Rusche. :)

      1. The title of the page is ‘Hidden Agenda’ it makes it kind of painfully obvious…

        While its true that any guy with an interest in girls, or any girl interested in girls for that matter would have an active imagination when on a date with Ellie, there is one important factor that must be considered.

        WHY they are on a date with Ellie in the first place. Are they actually looking for a relationship, or is the only goal of the entire date to get into her pants that night?

        If you look back at my comments I have been pretty fair with this guy so far, giving him a chance despite his actions. But this is pretty much the tipping point.

        He hasnt done anything overtly bad, but he has grown a rather long list of minor issues since his first apperence, and every single one of them is for the same thing, being dishonest. If his track record so far is being dishonest, what makes you think his intentions are anything but?

        1. Sorry, Kenju, I’m with TSG on this one. Speaking here as a formerly young straight male, it would be a feat of staggering difficulty to NOT fantasize about Ellie. In fact, he’s putting up some impressive restraint not trying anything overt yet.

          Parenthetically, it’s also way too early to chastise him for just wanting to “get into her pants.” It’s one thing to think about it, it’s entirely another to act on it. He hasn’t even slightly acted on it yet, at least not that we’ve seen. What people seem to forget sometimes is that, in the earliest stages of any relationship, it’s always a matter of physical attractiveness because you know absolutely nothing about the rest of that person. This is the first time they’ve been out together; give the man a bit of time before branding him with the creep brush. I’m thinking your creep detector might be swung a bit sensitive.

          And I’ll only provisionally grant your point on dishonesty, as frankly, we don’t yet know enough about old Fleetwood there to actually pin down how much of this is lies and how much of this is truth, at least not yet. We’ll likely find that out before too much longer, but still, too soon. There is likely to be at least some–we don’t know just how much of the last day or so has been corporately-financed, for one–but we don’t know how much there really is here.

          TL:DR–the benefit of the doubt is a charitable thing to give.

        2. In my book, intention is AS important as the action itself, because I have seen quite a few times where a person will do something seemingly good, but their motives are purely for their own gain. This is especially true in the busness world.

          I dont fault Fleetwood for his imagination, thats a given and perfectly nature. I fault him because his track record is indictive of a player. A person acts in least what they are in most. Thats actually how a lot of embezzlers get caught, its not for the shuffling of millions of dollars to offshore accounts, its for unpaid parking tickets and tax evasion.

          And as for my creep detector, there is a reason its rather sensitive, its due to what I have seen with my own eyes more than once.

          I actually do know a girl that had a rather…generous bust to put lightly. She spent several years dealing with creeps, then went and had a ‘reduction’ that knocked her down from D to B. After that she never had problems with creeps again. She actually had some difficulty getting back into dating after that since she’d hadn’t needed to hit on a guy since high school.

        3. I don’t fault him for his imagination here, though it’s polite to try to not allow that to get in the way of holding up your end of the conversation.

          The creep detector went off in a large way with me me was during the last panel of comic Easy To Please (04 Aug 2014) where he asks the hotel clerk for a suite with the door broken between the bedrooms.

          That has me recalling that Rusche doesn’t spare his characters life lessons and wondering if Ellie’s going to be learning one by the end of this arc. I hope nothing too bad, but her course is already plotted out and sometimes bad things are the catalysts for growth (well, actually fairly often). I’m still cringing a bit with possibilities.

          However this plays out, I think Rusche has hinted fairly strongly that Danny’s a character is here to stay. His last name fits in the musical theme, his business partners are on the cast page, and Barrel didn’t show up on the cast page from O’Jack’s but does now as Danny’s friend.

        4. I’m in agreement with Kenju. The thing I noticed was when he asked for a suite with a broken door. The “date” is just a means to soften her defenses.

        5. Here’s something to consider: I was completely baffled by that “with the door broken off” line at first, but now I think it makes sense in light of the later “that thing with the sleeves” line. As in a suite is two rooms “with the door broken off” to a guy who doesn’t have a lot of skill with words.

        6. I think you might be being a little unfair. Remember, Ellie’s pre-date checklist included “He’s paying” and “Red Lobster: Probable”. Should I think Ellie is leading him on to get free dinner? I don’t think so.

          We also have to ask ourselves, “If Fleetwood just wants to get into Ellie’s pants, is Ellie OK with that?” She once told Blind Guy that she wanted to get out and have a good time. Maybe she doesn’t want anything serious with Fleetwood. Neither one of them has indicated that they have serious intentions.

    1. I liked the old warning page for Oglaf. It said something along the lines of “Click the button below to certify if you’re 18 or older. If you’re under 18, you can’t legally certify anything, so go get a parent to click it for you.”

    1. “The original and best” I believe applies here. Nothing against Money Guy, of course, but when you go to a chicken cookoff and find Colonel Sanders waiting, it’s generally not much of a fight.

  2. Lmao oh that poor guy better hope Ellie never finds out what he’s thinking while she’s got that golf club in her hands. I can’t wait to see how this goes.

  3. Honestly the guy just seems tired.
    I’ve had this state before while tired. The brain stops working and basic fantasies start playing out. Though typically for me it’s food.

  4. It also occurs to me that this isn’t the first time tonight the Imagination Cam has fired up, either. “You’re making that goofy face again.”

  5. I think he’s going to be too tired to try anything in the end. That sure in the hell has happened to me before.

    1. And to add…it’s not like she hasn’t been giving him the eyeball too. She checked him out, with a list, in the elevator; already set up some more dates; and to be honest probably already checked that hotel door…I always do that out of curiosity.

  6. I’ve been absurdly busy this week and haven’t been commenting much but I’m still reading and still enjoying the comic. I like the perspective in panel one, it certainly shows off Danny’s heroic jawline. Now I must get back to work, I might be able to sleep sometime this weekend if I’m lucky.

  7. My son turns 14 soon.

    I think the Disclaimer should include “If you are over 13, let your dad know anyways, cause he shouldn’t miss it!”

      1. Always Watch!
        LOL, They only seem too look at the Worst times Boobs and the female figure catch People’s attention. especially when coupled with a Bright Cartoony Color Scheme.
        I wasn’t caught this time… but juuust saying…
        I’m also Concerned with how this dude is totally creepin’ on Ellie right now. I thought him more of him.

  8. I love how everyone is riding Danny for perving. Like most people DONT to some degree? They’re just better at hiding it. I’m engaged for godssake and I still do it. Doesn’t mean its my end goal, or my -only- thought, it just means that person is super attractive and woops my brain slipped.

    Danny seems like…a guy. A bit of a loser who has pretty shallow and mindless hopes in terms of hooking up with girls, but might actually be enjoying the company of the girl he’s with and oh my might actually turn out to wanna be friends too? He might just hook up for a fling. He hasn’t said anything to his intentions, in fact when girly missed a clue about going on a ‘date’, he really quickly cleared up what he was thinking.

    Now let me point this out:
    He’s a total dip, dressed like one early on
    He drives a dilapidated ice cream truck
    Didn’t even get to really know her and asked her on a date
    She’s used to guys giving her what she wants cause she’s cute
    She knows that guys think that
    She gave him an equal size up.
    I think she knows where this is going

    In short? I think they’re on an even playing field here. And I don’t think he’s a creeper for being attracted, or even wanting to get laid. End game? He might make a move on her, She might give him a big fat no. She might not. Either way? I don’t think any real harm is going to be done.

    (I could be proved wrong, she could act like a dip. But the fact is? Ethically? I don’t think the guys doing anything wrong, and neither is she. Morally? Well, they have their own compasses that might not match up with yours.)

  9. So, to go with a different thought than “oh noes, Danny is being creepy!” I’m noting that Ellie’s facial expressions on the first 2 panels are the same (real world & imagination cam) and she does seem to be enjoying herself. Looking back to her last blind guy interaction (sans Black Friday) we saw an expression similar to the last panel, when she was the one hinting at “activities”

    He was taken in with her looks, but has been exposed to her other fine attributes (work ethic when she wants to, knowledge of the con & it’s dead zones, general enthusiasm for fun activities) while she was initially drawn by job prospect & money, but actually talked with him, & (I think) is feeling more arp to spend more time with him as he’s effectively showing her the good time that blind guy wouldn’t so long ago. Aside from the purple dress incident, Ellie hasn’t been looking (that we’ve seen)

    Just my $0.02

  10. Hidden Agenda? I’d have titled this from the other POV as Project Oblivious.

    I’m guessing a lot of this is Ellie being naive and caught up in the joy of actually doing things. Probably most of it, truth be told. Still… I have to wonder how much of this is also her intentionally playing dumb so she can one-sidedly bilk Danny.

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