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Hidden Agenda Part II

If you don't talk to your kids about montage... who will? Say No to Montages

101 thoughts on “Hidden Agenda Part II

      1. On the one hand, its not date rape drugs (a plus) on the other hand his intention is to ‘blank out’ and not be aware of the entire date till they get back to the hotel.

        Sooo basically, not only are his intentions souly to get into her pants, he’s cheating and using drugs so he doesnt have to ‘endure the date’ to get into her pants.

        Sad thing is, I know if such drugs existed plenty of people would buy them :(

        As for him being an ‘oppertunist’ isnt that was possum’s are? lol

        1. Kenju, there’s a term for what just happened here. It’s called WoG, or “Word of God”. It applies when a particular piece of content’s creator reveals a point about the strip. Rusche says the guy’s not really a creep. Your position is now officially untenable.

        2. Unless I really misunderstood something about what I just read, of course. It’s been known to happen. But man, that sure looked like WoG going out from here.

        3. According to Websters 2nd edition:

          Opportunist: a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans. ex “most burglaries are committed by casual opportunists”.

          Hmmm looks like Word of God didnt exactly shut down my argument mate.

        4. Here I would have followed up with Webster’s on creep, but as it turns out, the definition is subjective.

          “a strange person who you strongly dislike”

          Course, now, you have to ascertain just what “strange” is and how many actually “dislike” him.

        5. In short, ‘creep’ is purely subjective and up to the reader. Some could even call Ellie a creep for her cheerful attitude.

          Oppertunist however, not so much lol

        6. Are we starting a poll?

          I will have to go with Kenju and state my “Creep” alarm is a blaring!

          But I am biased as I am still rooting for the teacher myself

        7. I think that the appropriate terminology here is Deux et Machina. It comes from the devices the Greeks used in their plays to describe the help thag someone would get in the morality plays from their gods in order for the protagonist (good guy) get to out of the spot between that rock and hard place.

          However, I’m not sure that God’s Machine is the appropriate term here, as the guy has red on his coat and is offering a route to the good stuff with no effort. Kind of almost smacks of the way Bill Murray did it by memory in Groundhog Day.

    1. Maybe I’m a bit off on my definition, but to me a creep has to have some unsavory plans, which is certainly possible, but this doesn’t show that to me. Impatient, single-minded, even pathetic. Doesn’t seem particularly nefarious, though.

      Though as a side note, that drug, if it truly existed, probably would’ve been tempting enough for me to end up a junky for it. Not for any particular goal at the end, just a LOT of times in life I’ve kinda’ wanted a fast forward button for a lot of reasons (though boredom is most common by a landslide). So perhaps I’m missing part of the thrust for your reaction.

  1. Well, time to officially move this dude over to hang with Alex in my personal “Hall of Characters”. I was holding off, hoping, hoping, but *sigh*, where’s M cFatFat when you REALLY need someone “Dysoned”
    McFatFat: the NEW name in “Dyson Sphere” technology!

    and yes…. I know what a ‘real’ Dyson Sphere is… ;)

  2. I’m not sure of the quality of this dealer. If you want the good stuff, you gotta go with “Hungry Eyes” or “A Whole New World.”

    1. I couldn’t use Aladdin for two reasons. I’m holding off on that song to do it properly. That, and I have a separate Aladdin gag Banena wrote coming up in like 2-3 strips.

      1. I think that would have >50% chance of a kiss on the cheek good night. I see him as more of a “Bad Reputation” kinda guy.

  3. I just noticed that the cast page has been updated! This salesmen (Merrick) is in the same section as Dheu!

    Does that mean he is a summons of some sort? Or are the characters in that section the antagonist?

    1. Only 2 characters on that are summonable. It’s not a list of summons by any means. They are a group of antagonists that will be in the largest story arc of the comic when I get to it.

      1. I recall KK was going to be a primary character in the last arc and Juniper’s interest in photography would be key to the end of the comic though she wouldn’t be involved. I now have visions of eldritch horrors and drug dealers plaguing KK, but obviously they won’t be the largest threat.

        Though honestly my first guess at this point (with very little info) is that Wandering Girl is going to be the protagonist at that point, that or the primary antagonist.

      2. What always amazes me when I read the comments is just how far out you have this plotted. Which is a refreshing change compared to some other webcomics.

  4. Remember kids, this isn’t drugs. This is MONTAGE! Safe for all ages, though looked down upon by the majority.

  5. I love this strip. Everyone should be able to score some montage now and then. I’ll take an eye of the tiger and a semi charmed kind of life. Does he also have flagpole sitta or jumper?

    1. You know, if you could buy montage and imprint it with the song of your choice, that’d be both pretty amazing and likely to get a lot of people in trouble. I’m wondering if I’d learn my lesson with a Weird Al song or something harsher…

      1. But if you run your montage to “Albuquerque,” “Trapped in the Drive-Thru” or “Genius in France,” you end up going forward about 300 years.

        1. Hmmm, prolonging lifespan would be potentially interesting side effect there. Might be a good way to wait out seeing if a discovery is made for a disease you’ve got.

          Mainly I think I’d either be disoriented after trying one of his polka mixes or drunk and think, “Well, I like this song” and picking Christmas at Ground Zero, One More Minute, Good Old Days, or one of so many more of my favorites. I think too large a proportion of his songs that I like would get me killed, maimed, or arrested as the music trails off if used with Montage.

        2. Yeah, but think of all the things you’d overcome/master in that time! Hell, with Albuquerque you’ve got the better part of someone’s life detailed for you (up to 37 1/2 years old, and a bit more) Thats not just life changing montage material, that’s world changing montage material!

  6. The best part of it is, the “good part” in question may never even hit. Oh Danny, won’t your face be red then?

    1. I definitely like this comic better than I would expect to like a laser tag comic. So definitely bravo on creative storytelling technique to say “I’m not drawing a comic on laser tag.”

    1. Didn’t you hear, it’s illegal to use unlicensed montages sold buy hoods standing next to miniature golf courses that have Lazer Tag as well. Those music industry and Hollywood writers guilds will come after you. You’d better use LEGALMontage.com for your needs Banena.

      And the minions as well. Its part of their contract.

      1. Why pay RCAA prices for your montage? CanadianMontageOnline-dot-com can get you montage for pennies on the dollar compared to US prices…

    1. Looks like it might curve down toward his chin on the side closer to his ear in the 2nd panel, and he doesn’t have one on both sides so I’m guessing scar as opposed to birthmark at this point.

  7. What the…The dealers shirt has the D52 on it!
    (I mean, yeah it’s already been mentioned he’s on that cast page bit, and that he’s part of that “crew” in the larger arc to come, but still, the little things)

    Also, I’d be all about getting some montage going on (it looked like individual tea bags at first glance)

    1. Dubstep isn’t any better. I was montaging with “Make it b’un dem” and that ended with an entire city block leveled.

      Friends don’t let friends montage with dubstep.

    2. Reminds me of trying to sing Through the Fire and Flames. Probably not as hard as the guitar part, but the song is so fast and relentless that singing it is exhausting

    1. “Oooo, no…fresh out. I DO have a sale on “In the Air Tonight”. “Big Time” is always a popular seller for the pompous, though.”

      1. Oh hey, I’ve got a little “No Scrubs” left. It’s a bit gender-specific but you might be able to make it work, if you’re creative.

    1. Yep, and much more creative than a rectangle at the top left of the first panel of the next comic saying, “Lots of Danny telling lies, agreeing to things without even hearing them, fantasizing, and spending money later…”

      1. In surprising similarities I share with the guy who needs to perma-lose the beanie, my last name is Denny. Denny. Danny. HMMMMM (I just don’t do all that stuff in relation to dates. Unless they’re in dragon age.)

  8. I think this is also Rusche saying “I’m not spending the next 20 pages on their jolly adventures around town.”

  9. “I also got a good selection of DVDA, if you’re into that sort of thing. ‘Now You’re A Man’ is always a good choice. I’ve also some imported ‘Let’s Fighting Love’. Or if you’re on a tight budget and want something that can go with anything, I can get you ‘Montage'”

    1. I know nothing about the band (aside from the source of the name), but with the meaning of that acronym, that’d definitely be a bad sign for Danny on a date.

      As a side note, most people wouldn’t want to know.

  10. I laughed at this. I could use a montage when I’m at work (until I find something in my degree field anyway). That being said, if I’d never worked retail, I probably wouldn’t have understood that “Kiss Me” is an actual song. You’re referencing the Olivia Ong song yes?

  11. I’m going to about roll off my chair if he buys “Eye of the Tiger” and gets “(Eye) saw the Sign”.


  12. He should buy, YOU”RE THE BEST AROUND!

    I mean he gets gets a rival, wins a tournament, and gets the girl. Sounds pretty good. Pay for that one.

  13. Merrick: Now if you want boldness and romance, you’ll need this stuff. It’s “I Need a Hero”. It costs a little more, but when you try it you’ll understand where the extra money went.

    Danny: I was on an 80’s movie binge for 3 years so–

    Merrick: Don’t gimme that 80’s &@#$! I’ll take the 1980’s Pepsi Montage Challenge any day with this stuff. Movie people who know good montage come to me for a reason.

    1. Wait, whoa, my date’s father is a COP? That’s the kind of thing I think I should have been told at the beginning of this date!

      1. Now I’ll NEVER get the deposit back on those chickens I rented for later! OR that Slip-n-Slide!

  14. Whoa, and here I thought the nostalgia trip was over. Not really sure what a “Semi-charmed Kinda Life” Montage would be like, but I could go for some “Kiss Me”!

  15. I must admit, while the idea of montage as a drug is highly amusing to me, I’m very uncomfortable with some of the connotations of how he intends to use it. Before I jump to conclusions (someone get a mat!), does he intend for Ellie to unknowingly partake the montage or is it just his personal montage?

    1. That is like, the best phrased question ever. I don’t think he can go wrong with offering to share first, I mean, no one with taste ever turns down a good montage.

  16. I actually really want to like Danny for some reason. He’s awkward as hell, but that could be worse.

    I think that what remains to be seen, more than anything, is how he responds later; I voted not-creep in the sidebar poll for that reason.

    How hard he pushes Ellie for what he’s clearly after is going to determine a lot. There’s nothing wrong with casual sex in my book, but what about Ellie’s?

  17. In other news, question to those who have purchased from the Shotgun Shuffle store: How do the sizes run? Small or large?

    1. Hey now, there’s nothing wrong with Never Gonna Give You Up. Actually, if you can get past the whole rickrolling thing with the song, I think it could be an excellent date/series of dates montage song.
      /liked the song before rickrolling was a thing
      //still like the song
      ///yes, it’s on my phone RIGHT NOW

  18. I like where the polls are headed! *grin*

    Whether Rusche takes action in that direction or not, I just like where the 52% of the readership’s collective head is.

    Thanks Rusche!

    1. Hey, you know what? Shut up. Okay? Shut up. After all the nonsense I’ve been through, after the League of Revengencers proved to be defeated by an absurdly overpowered toy, after I inhaled my own body weight in pesticides, I DESERVE something good to happen. It is my time, you got me, skippy?

      1. Never mind that your own body weight in pesticides probably wouldn’t kill a particularly rotund gopher, you meatless assclown, you….

  19. Aw man, my vote isn’t on either poll. I’d have to choose “the jury’s still out” for the first and “David” for the second. We do have strong hints that Ellie’s going to make Tarra extremely jealous, after all (bringing out Envy as her sisterly sin and potentially changing her attitude/outlook/voice/tone). I don’t see any of the others on the poll doing it. Unless she got jealous that I’m physically three dimensional instead of two like all the other men in her life.

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