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Hidden Agenda Part III

47 thoughts on “Hidden Agenda Part III

  1. “Okay, good night,” says Ellie, as she skips off to her room, not once glancing back.

    Danny dejectedly shoves his hands in his pockets, hangs his head and kicks the ground as he mutters, “Shucks, should of gone with a better montage.”

      1. I dunno. That’s looking like a pretty expensive date to me. Of course, I tend to multiply everything by a larger multiplier for our family, but still…. I’d guess this date has set him back close to $80, and that’s presuming they’re watching the Disney fireworks from a free location. If he’s charging this on the company credit card, along with the room, his partner’s going to be pissed.

        On a side note, that giraffe tongue seems to be the right color, but not nearly long enough. I was pretty surprised the first time I saw one up close.

        1. Being terrible with money is exactly what makes him perfect for Ellie. Together, they’ll have beautiful bankruptcies.

        2. Who said it’s Orlando? The powers of montage are vast. There’s no telling how far they travelled or where to.

    1. It seems kind of creepy to speculate on the various sister’s….wordly experience, shall we say? But Ellie is the lazy one, not the dumb or naive one.

      I’m stuck trying to figure out if she’s “smarter than she looks” or really just that immature.

      1. Don’t overlook playing-dumb-to-bilk-a-guy angle, which is looking increasingly likely at this point since they appear to have taken 2 more car trips.

  2. I feel sympathetic to Ellie, and I’m glad to see she’s having a good time, even if it’s just for one night. I’m really hoping everything doesn’t end horribly.

  3. This reminds me of a particular skit from Robot Chicken…

    Any chance we’ll see Montage Man’s arc foe? Smash Cut Man? lol

    Although I am wondering where the griaff came from…is that common from theme restraunts? If it is I’ve been going to the wrong ones lol

      1. Ayi, pretty much same here. I havent watched it in awhile, but I do watch youtube vids from it. I just search for what I want to see if there is anything new for. This season did have some really good Star Trek skits though I admit. The guy who does Kirk has William Shatner down pat lol

      1. Really? No kidding? Where? There is a good chance next year I’ll be dragged to Orlando for our yearly family vacation. While I’m nowhere near the nature and animal lover I used to be, it would be cool to be able to pet a giraffe ^^

        1. I don’t know where you got that from, and I’m the weird one with the strange tendencies to shoot off based on one word into another direction of topics. Tangental. Pet a giraffe. Sheesh.

  4. I know you said he is an opportunist, but buying montages from shadowy characters in back alleys make me think more ‘date-rapey’ than ‘opportunist’

  5. It looks like they had a fun, Disney-friendly, PG-rated date on (I’m guessing) Danny’s company’s dime. Still nothing creepy, beyond some people being inexplicably shocked to learn a man might quietly fantasize about his date.

    I wonder what montage withdrawal will be like, though…

  6. Alright people, let’s break down the set and get ready for the next scene, we’re on a time table here. Ellie, got your lines? Props! I need more board games in here. No I don’t care which ones! And who has my latte? Ellie, how we coming with those lines?

    “Are you ready for something REALLY fun now? Is that seriously my next line?”

    Hmm, your delivery needs work. Props! Where are we at with those board games? Oh, the game of Life, very nice. Loving the irony here, you’re beautiful. OK Ellie, try it again this time while holding the board game behind your back. Oh my god, why isn’t this set down yet? What are you people doing back there!

    (Yea I have no clue either. I think I’m channeling my inner director, but I will say I would absolutely love it if the next strip went something along those lines.)

      1. If that “dialogue” causes flashbacks I have to assume most of your “prop work” has been in the San Fernando Valley…

      1. Oh man, Strip Monopoly would be the worst attempt at a sexy date game. You’d still be mostly clothed before the game collapsed into bickering.

    1. Too seriously? Son, laser tag is a battlefield, and you never take the battlefield not seriously. Why, I can recall a story about a newspaper columnist playing laser tag and taking a gun in the eye (yes, the gun itself) Had to go to the hospital. SRS BSNS o_o

      1. Speaking here as a veteran of over five laser tag campaigns, I can say with some note that my squad never took it that seriously, man. It was just another bug hunt for us.

        1. It depends on the people playing. I know people that treat rounds of gulf the way most South American’s treat the World Cup -.-

  7. I was going to ask just what song was going on, and then I remembered, this is HOMEBREW MONTAGE. It barely has a soundtrack.

  8. Things aren’t seeming too good for Danny poll wise with Reader rising up the ranks and Quinn and Blind Guy keeping a constant lead.

  9. Now I find myself wondering about that David guy. What would he use if he was taking Tarra out?

    David Okay, punching Russians is fine and all, but my gal’s a little more… intense.

    Merrick: Right, right. Oh! I think I got what you need, chief. It’s that song from the Inception trailer.

    David: Sounds promising… but for a date?

    Merrick: Well, it’s more of a rappel from a helicopter, shoot through a skyscraper’s 32nd floor windows with an RPG, and storm the &#@%ing place than a straight-out dating montage. Sortuva co-ed special-ops kinda thing – but with undertones of sexual tension.

    David: Perfect!

    1. Merrick: Dude, you don’t need Montage. What you need is this.

      David: This is a 30-gallon drum of Thorazine.

      Merrick: Right. So what you want to do is dare this girl to drink the whole thing at one go. Then all she’ll want to do is get some Olive Garden, watch a movie, and maybe throw on a half-hour of sloppy makeouts before she needs a nap for a couple hours.

      David: Well, that would be less exhausting than the usual evening of summoning eldritch horrors and recasting the fabric of space-time. Okay, I’m in. What do I owe you?

      Merrick: For you, this one’s on the house. On behalf of guys everywhere I’m exhausted just HEARING about that girl.

    1. If he hadn’t we’d still be watching it for another like two, three weeks. And poor Rusche would have to draw like eight, ten giraffes. No one deserves that.

  10. Just saw the poll so I’m going to throw this out there. Danny may be creepy, but depending on how he responds to the fact (I’m obviously assuming) that Ellie is not going to sleep with him is going to determine, for me, whether or not he is indeed a “creep”. Wanting to sleep with someone is not a crime or does not necessarily make you a creep. Being an dickwad when said person does not want to sleep with you does indeed make you “a creep”. If Danny takes all this and goes “aww bummer” but is still a fairly decent person despite it, then I don’t think he should be labeled as anything but “a-dude-that-was-hoping-to-score-but-darn-I-guess-not-oh-well”.

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