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Hidden Agenda Part IV

Had some issues come up over the weekend. Mostly with my computer. Hidden Agenda V will be posted Wednesday.  As always, thanks for your patience.

112 thoughts on “Hidden Agenda Part IV

  1. Yatta first again! Whooo

    Also I see the wanted/warning poster in the background, nice touch lol

    Now to kick back and watch the comments lol

    1. Hmmm not sure. Alchole tollerance CAN run in a family, but we only know of one sister that drinks a lot, we’ve never seen anyone else from the family so we dont have much to go on.

      At bare minimum, a persons height and weight play factors. Ellie is a decent sized girl, but she’s no amazon.

    2. Ellie may be lazy, but she’s not stupid. Plus her and Cinnamon are under age and they both had the opportunity to watch their older sisters imbibe. Especially Juniper.

      1. Also don’t forget that Rusche said that Ellie was basically a lazier Tarra. So it’s expected for her to occasionally pull out unexpected abilities.

        The fact that Danny’s asking for “Girly looking” suggests that he wasn’t intending to try to spike her drink without her knowing, but to talk her into drinking. I am curious about Ellie’s reaction to that. I’ve seen some people with alcoholism in the family extremely wary of alcohol and others who’re pretty indifferent. With it being a sister instead of a parent that’s probably less emotional impact than what I’ve seen, especially if she saw other older sisters drinking responsibly. Still, it’ll be interesting to see Ellie’s reaction.

        1. Personally, I find Jager and peach schnapps disgusting. Most women I know have some subset of girly drink types they don’t like. Additionally, too much of the exact same sweet thing (alcohol or not) can get pretty cloying fast sometimes.

          I’m not saying that I think it’s definite that he’s thinking that way, just that it is still a possibility.

      1. WAIT! Didnt Ellie say one of her sisters tried out for a job at the theme restraunt as Baby Spice? She said that her sister mentioned the place, it could have been Juniper was the one. It would explain the poster as well.

        1. no… Rusche said that it was the one with pigtails, which, given the avatar you chose, it is kinda funny you couldn’t guess who it was.

        2. I didnt see that bit, and I didnt chose this avatar, they are randomly generated for anon reviewers every few months.

          Still, that just raises the original question of how bad Juniper’s reputation is…

        3. I’m not sure how liquor laws work in Florida, but in some states chain liquor stores are common. It could be a large chain store and Juniper’s gone to several closer to home enough to get a rep so they posted at all locations.

  2. …well crap. Now he’s gone full creepy.

    Danny, buddy…she’s a MINOR. This is gonna go super illegal super fast.

        1. As far as I remember, Shotgun Shuffle takes place in Canada. The legal drinking age is either 18 or 19 depending on area.

        2. The convention was mentioned as being in Orlando, too. So a hotel convenient for the con is definitely in the state of Florida.

        3. Steve, Ellie is most certainly older than 19. In the comic where Ellie is told that she’s being kicked out, her mother established that Ellie has been out of high school for over a year. Unless Ellie excelled at her courses to the point that she graduated early (yeah, right), she would have been at least 18 when she graduated. That means that over a year later she would have been 19, and that’s assuming she turned 18 right before she graduated, and that “over a year” was just one year plus one day. If Ellie turned 18 halfway through the school year and “over a year” was closer to 18 months, Ellie could have been 20 by the time she got kicked out. And since we saw Ellie’s most recent birthday, we know she’s at least one year older now than when she was kicked out.

          So at a minimum, Ellie is 20, with a strong possibility of being 21. Even if Ellie was still underage for drinking purposes, Danny could have reasonably assumed she was old enough. It would still be a mistake on his part to not check her age first, but it doesn’t automatically mean he’s trying to get “innocent little kids” drunk.

        4. Looking through the archive, it turns out Ellie’s birthday wasn’t too long before Thanksgiving, as evidenced by the November schedule she received from her short-lived sit-down-restaurant job. The latest her birthday could have been was the first half-of November. That means she was 18 for most of her senior year at high school, so she would have turned 19 within five months of graduating high school. Considering that Ellie got kicked out for plagiarizing a paper for Pumpkin, that meant that at an absolute minimum it had to be the next September after Ellie’s 19th birthday, so she would have been approaching 20, if she hadn’t actually turned 20 already.

          So if Ellie was almost 20 when she got kicked out, the only way the birthday depicted in-comic could have been Ellie’s birthday is if everything that happened after she got kicked out happened in a space of two months. Based on that, I put my money on Ellie being 21 by now.

        5. If I recall correctly, the in-comic birthday was her 19th, and comic time puts this as at least February after that and far enough that Quinn’s getting testy but hasn’t kicked Ellie out yet for not paying rent.

          So statements about her being a minor (less than 18 in Florida) are very clearly confused, but I think she is still under 21 (which I think is the legal drinking age in Florida, but I haven’t looked that up).

        6. Legal drinking age or not. He still wants to get her drunk to get in her shorts. If it were my daughter, I’d be getting out the shotgun right about now.

        1. At 19? I’ve only heard of the circumstances of the crime changing if someone’s tried as an adult if they’re under 18. Granted, it’s not something that I try to follow, or anything.

        2. Right, a minor can be tried as an adult based upon the circumstances of the crime, but I don’t think an adult can ever be tried as a minor, which was what I had thought you were saying.

        3. Legal drinking ages differ from country to country. Even in the U.S. I think that, technically, the federal drinking age is 18. But the feds withhold highway-repair funds from states where it would be less than 21, and since young people don’t vote enough no state actually has a drinking age under 21.

      1. She may be of she is still a mumthe age of consent. However, she is still a minor, and if Danny had done ANY paperwork he would …. never mind, he’s a creep now. Contibuting to the delinquency of a minor, and therefore since he’s assuming sex, I would suggest rape.

    1. minors don’t live outside their homes with roommates. and the fact that she is a minor does’t make having sex with her a crime

        1. And having sex with a person who hasn’t given consent IS a crime. If he wanted to get her drunk, then they should have gone to the bar near the lobby and elevators.

        2. Yes, well different jurisdictions have different definitions of what constitutes consent in a legal sense. I heard that California was attempting to pass a law to change the legal definition of consent which would just be for universities that accept state funding.

          Considering that Ellie is under the legal drinking age, getting her drunk to get her to say yes might be viewed slightly differently by the police and courts than if she were over 21. I still doubt that it would automatically be criminal, though sexual consent law isn’t something that I’ve ever felt the need to investigate (and with the jurisdictional criss-cross potential from things like that California law, seems like it’d be an enormous time sink). The getting her drunk part will be illegal regardless, though.

        3. They were attempting to establish that consent have a common basis, and that if enough steps and agreements were made prior to, I believe would therefore take the ‘I changed my mind because I didn’t like it and his breath said, ‘pepperoni baby,” and claim rape after the fact.

    2. the age of Majority in 18 in ever state except Alabama, Nebraska and Mississippi. They are in Florida, so she is not a minor

        1. According to http://marriage.about.com/cs/teenmarriage/a/majority.htm accessed 4:23 pm (CST) 8/30/2014, 47 of 51 (District of Columbia included) list the age of Majority at 18. Rank in descending order:

          21 – District of Columbia
          21 – Mississippi
          19 – Alabama
          19 – Nebraska

          But here is a legal thing that might be in Ellie’s favor, it’s called the three year rule. Don’t know if it can apply in Florida. But there seem to be four and five year rules as well. And it seems to be a range that increase in age relative to the age of the minor in question.

          So, since Ellie is MOST likely 19, Danny had better be younger than 22 if anything goes on. I’m going to peg him at 24. Because I want to see him get the tazer treatment just like that damn dog did at the Con.

        2. I recall hearing Ohio had a two year rule, but that was for if one of the parties involved was a minor. Once both parties are no longer minors (which Ellie, at 19 is not), then they can have sex with someone over 100 if they want to and the law is fine with it (assuming all is consentual and no other crimes involved or whatnot).

          I can understand disliking a character, and I’m leaning towards creep for Danny myself, but it seems like he must remind you of someone you know in real life, because your reaction here is pretty strong.

  3. Junipers picture in the back kills me. Also I’m thinking if you want to be on someone’s good side, monopoly is NOT the game to play. Haha

  4. It’s times like this I realize how weird my social circles are, because “Hey, I’m attracted to you and was hoping you’d want to mess around” is more of the rule than the exception.

    I mean, sure, it often ends with the the person saying no, but no amount of covert “let’s do fun things together until you want to do me” was likely to work in that case anyway.

    Also, plying someone with liquor for the direct purpose of getting into their pants is always creepy.

  5. Sorry, but that is pretty creepy. Trying to get a teenaged girl liquored up for some loving is pretty freaking rape-y. Hopefully his not-a-creep side shows up and gets him to back off before this gets even further into criminal territory or Ellie’s common sense comes back and knocks him into the stratosphere.

    Also, Juniper. I picture is worth a thousand words and her little poster in the background probably says a lot more than just a thousand. I am certain the story it tells would also be highly entertaining and probably full of petty crimes.

  6. After reading the comments and also staring (and laughing) and Juniper’s poster, I had a “Oh I get it!” moment.

    Since it has yet to come up in a conversation between them (and the fact that Ellie renegged on Red Lobster, thus a lost moment for alcohol insight) Danny is under the impression that Ellie is in fact at least 21 because (and I’ve heard this before from men AND women) “a teenager/kid can’t possibly have that kind of ‘talent’ “. So I’m forecasting a huge bright rays of awkwardness with a chance of creepy showers.

    On a side note; judging by the high school crowd that Ellie seemed to pack with her at the beginning of the series I’m going to guess that Ellie is no stranger to the party scene (despite being boyfriend-less and thus may be able to handle more than a few rounds of “Monopoly Shots”.

    1. That’s an interesting idea about him not realizing she is still in her teens, and very possible. Ellie has the assets of a porn star, so he’s definitely focusing on the sexual aspect and probably missing the hints that she is not as old as he probably thinks. Maybe he’ll get that bit of info when he’s trying to make a move and backs the fuck off, proving him not be a complete creep.

      Ellie has had margaritas with her coworkers before, so she could probably handle a bit a liquor. That can actually be part of the reason why she seems to be missing the very critical cues that he is trying to get into her pants, because she’s thinking of him as another fun coworker just chilling after a hard day of work. Bonus points because working with Tommy would probably desensitize her to a lot of flirtations.

      1. That is entirely possible. The reaction shot for “What do you MEAN you’re ‘only nineteen’?!” should be a hoot.

      2. Yeah, I’m of the camp that Danny is looking like a creep, but he hasn’t quite proven himself to be a creep. I’m wondering how much it’s going to be a red herring or not. With him seeming very likely to be a major character in the story and Rusche’s tendencies, I still see a red herring as a very real possibility. Not to say I think he’ll end up saintly, but we may see some poor word choice and us seeing some unguarded behind-the-scenes bits that are part of him but he’s not intending to act on (imagination cam is definitely a behind-the-scenes bit, for example).

  7. I remember a conversation between pumpkin and Ellie in which Rosemary relayed a message to not make her first visit back because she is pregnant. Could that have been foreshadowing?!

    1. She made it to the first visit without getting pregnant so I doubt it. Plus that would probably be a bit too heavy for this comic. A pregnancy scare is possible, but it’s more likely he would try to get fresh and she will send him to the emergency room.

      1. Pregnancy is actually my guess for if he really is a creep. Why would he remain a major character (and his business partners be on the cast page) if he was a major creep in a way that Ellie realizes. Father of her child is the only one that comes to mind for me there.

        Now I’m leaning against that interpretation somewhat due to the post and comment hints from Rusche that Ellie will end up with the man Tarra wants (7 sins match 7 sisters, Tarra’s will be envy, someone mentioned Ginger’s husband William as the cause and was responded with a “close but not quite” from Rusche, during holiday shopping it was mentioned that Ellie was the cause for Tarra’s speech bubble color to change, which I’m viewing as emotionally caused).

  8. *sigh* Dude. IF you took your time to woo her, and didn’t rush things….you might get lucky at some point. But really? >< My respect for you is dwindling. Since I prefer Ellie with the Blind Guy, I have no problem throwing you under the bus.

    1. Blind Guy may be the better gentleman, but he likely has way more age on Ellie. Roughly 28-32 versus Danny who’s likely 19-24 (he could have a fake ID).

      Now all that said, why would anyone think either would be long term for Ellie when she’s only 18-19. :p

      1. Um, do we actually have some canonical confirmation on Blind Guy’s age, or is it all guesstimation at this point?

        1. Blind guy does not have to be nearly 30. He teaches high school. That requires at most a masters in many places which can put him anywhere from about 23 to 25 depending on his alma matter. Mine had a five year masters program. Also, to Mr.Blue above, at 18 you are tried as an adult in most states. Some places will use means outside court to resolve an issue. The only exception is for crimes committed while still under 18. And even that may not be the case depending on the severity of the crime.

        2. Since Ellie doesn’t know that Blind Guy is his sister’s English teacher, I’m going to guess he was hired by the district in the last year or so. Since she graduated, in any case. He could be as young as twenty, I knew a coach who was that young, (he turned twenty one on the last day of Basketball season. The mother of one of my classmates baked the cake.) That said, that coach was an extreme example, and finished college with a BS in three years. Counting backward, he must have skipped a grade too.
          Twenty two would be more typical of a first year teacher, and we don’t know that he’s a first year teacher. It’s not uncommon for teachers to move around a bit.
          Since Ellie showed interest in him, I’m going to assume he’s under thirty, however, as I doubt she’d pursue someone who was clearly, and significantly, older than herself.

    2. Considering the state of the floor of Danny’s ice cream truck, he may throw himself in front of a bus one day.

      As for speculation about who Ellie should end up with, I’m going to go with the David mentioned by Dheu, who we will apparently meet in Ellie’s next official job.

  9. I don’t remember being in that liquor store.

    Not saying that means I wasn’t there, just saying I don’t remember it.

    1. Maybe you weren’t in that one. Maybe you made such an impression in another liquor store they spread your picture around.

  10. I’m surprised some people are talking rape. Yikes!

    I just figured he wanted to get her liquored up so she’d be more willing to overlook his glaringly-obvious character flaws.

    Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely trying to wear down her defenses and take advantage of her, and he’s a total sleezebag for it… but rape? I just don’t imagine that Rusche would put an attempted rapist on the cast page.

    1. Yes, I don’t know if I was the one that started that specific topic, but if he’s going to do something like that outside of family (I.e. marriage between husband and wife with the nuptials consummated already (I.e. consent afore hand above all. )) then he’s more than just a jerk. Socially, he’s the same as Alex.

    2. “I just figured he wanted to get her liquored up so she’d be more willing to overlook his glaringly-obvious character flaws.”

      In many places, that is the definition of rape, as in someone who is incapacitated or drunk cannot legally give consent. See also the recently passed “Yes means yes” law in California. I’m not saying those laws are well thought out and without unintended consequences (what happens if both parties are drunk?). But, there is a reason they exist (the line between liquoring up to have fun versus liquoring up to reduce defenses is a thin one).

      That said, I agree with your assessment of Rusche. I don’t think this storyline is going to all Lifetime movie on us.

      1. From what I understand premeditated intent (which in some ways he does show) and degree of inebriation are part of the equation.

        All laws are imperfect, just by the nature of attempting to impose a ruleset on a highly complex system. They tend to either leave out things that are bad as still legal, criminalize things that shouldn’t be, or both. That’s what makes it difficult to say how good or bad a law is ahead of time and what makes me nervous about the safety is more important than freedom mindset that has beset the US lately.

        But I’m happy to see Rusche’s confirmation above.

      2. The bit of my comment that you quoted wasn’t meant to be taken as distinguishing its content from a legal definition of rape – oh geeze great now you’ve got me talking about it too thanks a lot – I was just making a comment at Danny’s expense.

        I meant that he’s trying to impair her judgment – not of the act of sex, but of him. He’s fitting her for some late night beer goggles, so that when she looks at him, instead of thinking “he lives in a van he lives in a van he lives in a van”, the beer buzz will tell her “yeah he definitely has always known what sleeves are”.

  11. So now it’s going to be a drinking version of strip Monopoly?! That’s gonna end in a mostly clothed fist fight. I envision Danny waking up with two houses and a hotel in his face. Ellie… probably with a crumpled Park Place tangled in her hair. Maybe one of the railroads.

  12. OK Ellie isn’t that dumb. She’s super playing him. Considering how he’s desperately floundering to get laid? I kinda don’t blame her at this point. (And yeah, the getting her drunk part? Officially on the “Dude…no” meter, age aside)

    1. I don’t think she’s playing him. I think it’s a combination of obliviousness and joy at finally getting to have some fun. Considering how much she’s had to work recently versus the previous 18 years of her life and her comments to Blind Guy, she’s seeing the opportunity to cut loose and jumping in with both feet. Plus, she’s 19. I wouldn’t be surprised if she expected everyone around her to feel the exact same way she is.

      1. Don’t forget: she still thinks she is going to be paid, which at this point seems unlikely. He assured her that all was well, when he knew otherwise.

        It will be horrible emotional whiplash: right now she thinks he money problems are solved (for the near term anyway) and she has had a great night. I have a feeling that he won’t measure up to her standards on Monopoly, and then things will roll downhill rapidly from there…

        1. We know his partners aren’t paying her. We don’t know that Danny won’t give her cash. He’s probably sunk more than the hundred he owes her on the entertainment tonight. I don’t think Ellie would bat an eye at getting cash instead of a formal pay check for this gig (it wouldn’t seem odd to me in her place, anyway).

        2. I predict he won’t have enough money left over to pay her. In fact it would be the perfect topper for the meltdown if he wound up asking her if he could borrow some money.

          They are probably staying someplace that requires payment in advance, so the room is probably covered. But if he puts on a pay-per-view and his card is declined in the morning and he is out of cash… “Ellie, um, can I borrow…” That would really put him in a no-escape box when she finds out she isn’t being paid.

          I am sure the next comics are already planned, so Rusche knows for sure but we need to wait to see what happens!

    1. Monopoly Jail can be a very scary place too after spending all your money on Park Place.

      I always assumed doubles was a drunk driving spree.

  13. No not Monopoly!! Friends don’t let Friends play Monopoly. Plus two Player Monopoly really sucks. Play something good like Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Alhambra, anything but Monopoly.

  14. Maybe everyone is looking at this in the wrong light. Maybe Ellie wants to have a one night stand as well? It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

    1. It’s possible, but considering the hints about her not having had a boyfriend before and taking her personality into account, I consider it slightly doubtful that she’d want to have sex. I know one girl who told me that she decided to lose her virginity on her own terms with someone that didn’t mean much to her where he wouldn’t be part of her social circle/life later. I don’t see Ellie having that sort of attitude about her first time, though.

      Though I can see a little fooling around being on her agenda for an evening of going out and having fun (assuming she trusts him enough not to get too carried away).

  15. I find the jumping to conclusions here…disturbing.

    Danny’s likely thought process: /Need to get drinks…what drinks does she like? SHIT I don’t have any clue. At ALL. Um…she’s a girl. Girls like girly booze, right? Crap crap crap if I pick the wrong one she’ll laugh at me and/or hate me – better grab ’em all!/

    If the genders were reversed and Daniella were begging for all the “guy-booze” nobody would have made a peep.

  16. Oh come on, buying the girly booze is just being a gentleman and getting her what she likes. I see no wrong there.

    Also, he doesn’t realize he is winning points by playing board games with her…. even if the board game is the never ending one… he he he

  17. Hmmm… I see another possibility for hidden agenda beyond the one we’ve all been assuming. Danny’s business is a video uploading site. Ellie is working in an advertising capacity. He might also be trying to convince her to contribute some content. I didn’t get the impression it was X-rated, so he’s probably thinking flirty/sexy but not showing anything if that’s his motive.

    On the other hand if it is an amateur porn site, then that would make it as expected but one step slimier.

  18. Something just occurred to me. I scanned the comments and noticed nobody said this yet, so…

    Ellie might have asked Danny to pick up some booze for her.

    He told her he was going out for beer and asked if she wanted anything. The next thing he says in the following panel is he needs all of the girly chick drinks, which could imply she asked for some and he’s being hyperbolic at this point because he doesn’t want to fail to bring back on she likes.

  19. 1. YAY BLIND GUY FOR THE WIN (side vote)
    2. Alright, Danny, all cred gone man. All of it. Zero creds. See those creds you had, they aren’t here anymore. Where’d they go? Out the window like your chances here.

  20. I’m seriously on the fence about Danny. I really want him to not be a total sleaze, but it’s harder and harder to see that angle as this goes on. I’m hoping the hidden agenda is something to get him in his partner’s good graces to get her paid, (maybe a godaddy style add? ) and that she asked for a drink and he panicked. ..etc. Also, somehow expected Juniper to show up when I saw him mention beer. Glad to see in right on that.

  21. I’m still not sure if Danny is a creeper or not, which I find similar to the misgivings I once had about whether or not Alex was really a creeper. I’m sure it will become very clear one way or the other very soon. Also, it was fun to see Juniper again even if it was only her wanted poster.

    Hope everyone had a good labor day weekend!

  22. Despite authorial authority, I’m gonna have to go with the crowd that says, if you think ‘liquor is quicker’, you’ve just crossed from opportunist into ‘creepy loser’.

    Of course, since prob half of all western males cross that line at some point, hopefully they learn better later on.

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