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High Tension

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139 thoughts on “High Tension

  1. …Stupid Sexy Quinn….

    Well, it’s safe to say I’m in love with Quinn again. For multiple reasons.
    I can’t wait to see how Tarra get’s out of this, she’s perfect after all. Secondly, how does she control her hair so well? Does it have it’s own muscle system?

      1. Yeah, noticed that afterwards but didn’t want to make a second post. Speaking of segway into related things…FACE TATTOOS!!

        1. That tattoo looks like it’s got a decent chance of framing her hidden (and believed to be glass) eye. I’m looking forward to the full reveal on that.

        2. Yeah finally! Didn’t notice the tattoos till I read your post and realized the left side of Anice’s face was partially uncovered. Tattoo artists really need tattoos that aren’t outdated shopping lists and family phone #

      2. She perfected that move on us of course. The tricky part of it is she can keep someone locked down like that with only one hand keeping tension on the braid. The other hand is the one you have to watch out for, especially if she has scissors in it.

      1. As stated above, I’m guessing it’s emphasis/framing for her glass eye. Which suggests not a normal glass eye, either.

        1. Considering her forgetfulness, it could just be a highly detailed sign that reads “fake eye goes here.”

        2. Rusche commented in a previous comic that Anise was a bit weird and listed her carrying around a pocket watch with a cracked screen and her facial tattoo (or tattoos, don’t remember) as his examples. I suppose that could be a reminder, but I’m guessing not.

  2. Gah! Now my brain immediate went to Ellie doing a Homer Simpson voice, because of that “Stupid sexy Flanders…” line of his. ~_~

    And will we ever see the full tattoo on Anise’s face?

        1. Nice completed new gravvy, Banena. Was looking good yesterday; even better with the new color scheme.

        2. Even better bigger with the background.

          At this rate there’s going to be a version on YouTube with special effects.

        3. I would love to take all the credit and be all “Yeah that was totally me!” but honestly, all I did was draw it. Rusche was awesome and colored it for me because he’s bamf like that!

    1. This isn’t the first time Ellie’s remarked on Quinn’s sexy. It’s enough to make one wonder if Ellie sees her marked lack of boyfriend as a hit on her own sexy. Facebook gave her validation for a while, but she may even be starting to question that. So many possibilities….

      1. Post-haircut make-up talk included a statement by Ellie that Quinn had nothing to be jealous of (Mutual Understanding, 12 Aug 2013) and that she thinks Quinn is prettier than her (Excuse My Dejavu, 14 Aug 2013). So not completely unprecedented.

        1. To post, or not to post,
          That is the question.
          Having posted is the
          most noble of intentions,
          For having shared with
          the world, one’s own.

  3. OK – I commented on yesterdays strip that is was “way to funny”. This one beats it!! It’s way to funnier!! Hopefully Friday’s installment is “way to funniest”! No pressure Mr. Rusche. :)

    1. I see four different scenarios with police and mall security involved. Mr. Grey, Mr. Lavender and Mr. Not Mine may be the only ones to escape the long arm of the law…… And Mr. Yellowish-Red. She’s a minor.

      1. Anise does have pants on at least, so there’s one less charge. Not implying there will be zero, just one fewer.

        1. Wait for it.




          We haven’t gotten to the mall santa yet. I should know, my application was rejected. Too much goatee, not enough facial hair. Unkempt eyebrows… grrrr.

        2. I didn’t imply the indecent exposure charge on Anise, but she is implied in possible prosecution on some level with the public. Other charges awaiting: Mr. Rainbow, public intoxication, minor theft of under 2,500; Mr. Grey, double parking; Mr. Redhead, endangerment of a minor, child abuse, inciting a riot, kidnapping (fatass), Use of a fatass as a bartering tool (I can’t think of the actual charges, like holding against his will, etc., counterfeiting, unlawful hostage negotiation), unregistered weapons charges; Mr. Yellowish-Red, suspicion of mischief; Mr. Reddish-Yellow, going hulk on public at large; Mr. Black, sexually propositioning a mall santa, assault on mall santa after ripping off his fake beard, assault and battery on mall santa and his two elves.

  4. Also, it was always bugging me where I heard the word “Kerfuffle” before after you used it for Tarra’s game of “strategic happenstance”. I finally remembered it yesterday – The Disney movie “Brave”! Don’t know if that’s where you got it from, but that’s where I remembered it.

  5. Can’t help but think Tarra’s made a huge tactical blunder. She’s got a lot of weight forward of her right now, and if that weight starts moving backward, it’s going to topple her right over and potentially lock her underneath it. Worse, even if she does avoid the bulk of it, that braid garrote might end up getting pinned itself.

    1. Nah, you stick a knee in fatty’s ass, and he has to sit down, and you still control the bulk. However, your leg is acting as the support for fatty, and your foot is anchored. Having control of the torso is not a bad thing, especially the way that she’s got it.

      She’s got at least three outs from there, and five backup plans, one of which doesn’t leave others in the hospital ICU ward.

      1. Agreed that fat guy’s body position suggests she’s got her knee under him. But also, just taking the neck strength to fling Pumpkin as she did, using her whole body from that position she should be capable of flipping fatso over her and whipping her braid out of harms way as one motion, if necessary.

        Main problem I see with evasive action on Tarra’s part is more consequences of severely injuring fatso as opposed to her getting injured herself. I doubt Rusche would let her completely magic her way out of the consequences for that.

        1. We have no reason to believe there was a “Black Friday toy store crowd” number of witnesses for Wheelchair Ninja. She might’ve had sufficient privacy to duck the charges, or at least better justification of self defense.

        2. Come on, couldn’t you see the comic book store guy from the Simpsons as an evil villain?

          But as for Wheelchair Ninja, what else but revenge could drive someone to go against Ta– Mr. Redhead’s awesomeness?

        3. No comment on his levels of evil, I just can’t see any cops, prosecutors, judges, or jury members believing that Tarra considered him a credible threat.

          I’m not calling Wheelchair Ninja a liar, I’m saying that we have no reason to believe there were any other witnesses, thus less likelihood of legal issues.

        4. I don’t believe that I ever inferred any witnesses. However, if all of Tar– Mr. Redhead’s actions are in the public eye, then perhaps they are on the legal side of the grey areas.

    ddayuumm Quinn you lookin’ FIINNNEEE.

    ALSO, those people don’t know who they messin’ with, taking pumpkin and all that…Tarra gunna go ape on their tooshies. SNAP

    AND I SEE A LITTLE TATTOO ON ANISE FACE. squeeeee…Hope she gets to see Santa

    and Cinn still looks remarkably good in Green. *nods*

    1. Quinn has more junk in the trunk than I was expecting. And I certainly don’t mean that in a disparging way. Just that she looks more curvy in that outfit than her previous depictions would have led me to believe. In other words, ddayuuum!

  7. Is Ellie really going to have to resolve the ‘Hoverboard’ situation? That would be so awesome. Tarra is perfect, but her current tactics leave much to be desired. Ellie could use her as a distraction and do. . . something? I don’t know what’s really going on. I’m guessing store security took offense to their extreme methods. Whatever, Ellie to the rescue?

    I guess those are those facial tattoo’s peeking out of Anise’s bangs right now, and not bitching scars. Unless they are tattoos covering bitching scars.

    Also, Ginger shows a tiny bit of an evil side. It’s adorable for the responsible eldest sister messing with one of the junior sister’s head for shits ‘n giggles. Were they ever thinking Ellie was gay, or was the whole thing a joke?

    1. Ginger’s just being quick-witted with Ellie. All the sisters need some kind of sisterly-evil they show towards one another. Ginger’s no different. Just probably the least fatal.

        1. There is something about being the first born and having a litter than may bring out the little knives. . . And the dart board, the spinning dart board and the axes, machettes, chainsaws, harpoons, steak knives, nuclear tipped artillery shells, submarines, aircraft carriers, my sneakers, concentrated air that’s been liquefied into a crowd control device from after their father used the bathroom and the ever popular ninja smoke pellets.

    2. Ellie can either be a distraction or play for sympathy. Tarra’s shown too much power and people are likely more frightened of her than anything. My guess is Ginger’s hoping Ellie uses boob distraction to get Pumpkin released and secretly hand the hoverboard to Quinn as an obviously unrelated bystander to get to buy it. Then Tarra can get herself out as she sees fit.

      1. She may use her knowledge of retail to save Pumpkin too. Or, yeah, just thrown in the proper boobage. Or just use a more sane response than threatening to strange people with her hair. . .

        1. Regardless of her use of mammary-based powers or not, I absolutely think one of the most helpful things Ellie can do is appear calm/sane compared to an enraged Tarra. And her being a very obvious sister to those two with Quinn appearing completely unrelated also brings up ways to use Quinn as an accomplice if necessary (asking a “random” person her opinion on who’s in the wrong, hoverboard acquisition as mentioned above, surprise ally to sneak up on someone, etc)

      1. …you know I can hear you, right?

        Also, no borrowing this. I don’t need the top front and bottom back completely stretched out.

        1. I could borrow it without stretching it out, totally not too revealing either. If you need heels to go with it I have the perfect pair. At least I think I have them still.

        2. Can you bring it back without any stains, rips, debris, tags indicating it was used as evidence, or random phone numbers scribbled on it?

        3. Sow a wire along the outside mid-bust to look decorative but prevent it from fitting over Ellie’s chest without suffocating her. Carbon steel or titanium would be best, definitely don’t bet on aluminum being strong enough.

  8. I would be thoroughly jazzed if Ellie turned out to actually be gay. Or even bi. Let’s erase bi-phobia one animated makeout at a time! :D

    1. Hot bisexual women don’t appear to be terribly underrepresented in webcomics, at least not as far as I’ve noticed.

      1. The motion has been made from the floor and seconded. We await for the Chairman to put the motion to the floor as a main motion for discussion and voting. (Robert’s Rules of Order: Parliamentary rules)

      1. Mr. Blue assumes the mantle of Chariman, and declares Chvaeiry to be out of order. Mr. Blue then puts the question to the floor as a main motion. The motion is for Quinn Nicks to buy the purple dress that is currently 50% price. Is there a second to this main motion?

  9. I am completely on board with Ellie and Quinn dating… probably a healthier relationship than their previous prospects.

    1. Ellie is definitely healthier than Alex, and quite possibly healthier than Quinn’s other, and I quote, “meatless assclowns.”

      I don’t know that I’d say Ellie would be hands down healthier than Eagan, who likes to goof off a bit but seems to have his head on straight in other ways. I’d bet on Eagan as being slightly healthier at this point in the comic, though I could see Ellie’s growth as a person taking her past him.

      As for Quinn being healthier than Mr. Stevens, I’d say definitely not if it weren’t for him finding Ellie’s apartment building and punching out Tired Guy; but that could take him in a significantly less healthy direction, so I’d consider that one too early to call. Especially since Quinn appears to have grown up a bit since then too.

      1. Well, since Ellie and Quinn seem to be domesticating and actually enjoy spending time together, versus two men who seemingly have no romantic interests, I’d say its already strides ahead.

        1. I’ve had friends with whom I got along extremely well, but there was definitely a maximum optimal closeness and getting closer started to make things bad. The one that comes to mind most strongly is even a very attractive woman, but we found out dance partners was too close of a relationship for us, so lovers was absolutely off the table. She’s the person I’d visit first if I were back in that part of the country, though.

          My read on Eagan is more of a “get your shit together first” as opposed to uninterested. He ABSOLUTELY could’ve pushed her away a lot harder than he did.

          Blind Guy seems interested in Ellie’s company to some decent degree or he wouldn’t have been trying to track her down so much, though not impossible that his feelings are platonic in nature.

          Now, granted, as Ellie’s look alike and someone who knows Rusche other than just through this webcomic, you may some inside info which blows my ideas here out of the water.

        2. I don’t think recalling you describing her as Ellie’s lookalike would suggest she was anything but hot.

          I’m jealous of her ability to cause background music to play, though. More so with the greater degree of control she has on the particular song.

      2. I’m still not sure how healthy a relationship Mr. Stevens is. Considering Ellie still doesn’t know his name and he could be viewed as borderline stalking her, at best right now he’s a confidant outside of her normal social circle.

        Once he gives up a name, then we’ll see.

  10. You know, I honestly don’t know whether or not I’d like to see Ellie turn out to be a lesbian. On the one hand, her and the blind guy are perfect for each other. On the other hand, I’ve been reading webcomics and online stories for YEARS and I have yet to come across one, just ONE, where the main character was gay. Aside from some truely shitty fanfiction. I’d just like to read something where the main character has a stable relationship with someone of their own gender. (But doesn’t focus on the relationship, still story-oriented.)

    1. If you require the main character to be gay, Girly (girlyyy.com) and Sticky Dilly Buns (www.stickydillybuns.com) are the only ones that come to mind, though there’s an argument for Exiern (www.exiern.com) too.

      If you expand that to include bisexuality and/or from singular main character to main members of the normal cast, then there’s at least ten others that I regularly read or have read in the past and still have a bookmark that would count.

    2. El Goonish Shive doesn’t have a single main character, but a couple of the core characters are gay. Two have a very nice and stable relationship.

      1. is it a stable relationship if one of the two is afraid to come out of the closet while the other one isn’t afraid at all?

    3. There are quite a few out there. The Young Protectors is a gay superhero comic, and the writer hires artists to make fun of other comic book stuff as another project.
      From there, you can probably find a dozen or more links to other gay lead comics. Like most comic circles, find one and you find a bunch more.

    1. I’m pretty sure you were there when Aunt Tarra cut her bangs off. But then she wore a hoody all the time ’til they grew back so maybe you didn’t see her tattoo’s anyway.

  11. I thought for sure there would’ve been a comment by now about Quinn’s incendiary purple dress being “half off”…

      1. She did cover that she didn’t expect to ever wear it for very long.

        Also that would’ve been much clearer to me than the glass half full/half empty thing. I remember the first time I heard that as a kid thinking, “Does the glass have fruit punch in it that I want to drink, or medicine that I have to drink? I really don’t know which one is being an optimist here…”

        1. The answer of course is that the glass is always full. Whether it’s all liquid, all air, or a half liquid / half air mix, the glass is always full…of something.

        2. Isn’t this one of those times when a nerd just has to give up on the metaphysical questions and go all Olivia Newton John and


          DANCE, DANCE, DANCE.

        3. I was just confused if they were calling me an optimist, and were thus horribly wrong, or a pessimist, and were thus stating the obvious. Not to correct them necessarily, just for reference.

  12. Let’s see now, I was late to the party so what is left to comment on…

    Simpson’s reference? Somebody beat me to it.

    Tarantino reference? Check.

    Continued ambiguous subtext and shipping? Totes.

    Tarra’s combat prowess? We’ve been there and done that.

    The nature of Ginger’s evil streak? Yepper.

    Whales? Natch.

    All that’s left is pedantic snobbery I guess. Cool and the gang is a reference to a band which is actually spelled “Kool and the gang.” Because mispelling is cool.

    1. Okay, Mr. Blue is out of it. What is with the whales. I’m not so hip on the Tarantino refs.

      I’m am pressed to ask,

      Did someone actually say the cool and the gang reference in front of Rusche at some point in time?

      1. Looking over the Wikipedia page on ‘Kool & the Gang discography’ I stopped counting after the first five of their singles that could be considered a reference to the toy store situation.

        1. No, no. I’m wondering if someone actually used the phrase, in real life, as it was depicted above in the strip. Maybe not for a girl, but still… Seems kind of a lame way to integrate hip culture into everyday use.

          But then, there are those who are just going to be Urkels and Horshacks.

  13. I mean, we’ve seen Quinn in a “motherly” way before, when she was forced to take care of her brother while mommy went out to play adult reindeer games.

    Quinn seems to be able to let her protective walls down in terms of herself, and may have actually accepted Ellie as a near equal. Perhaps the crock pot is a subconscious remark that she wants to take care of Ellie as she did her younger brother. At least perhaps until they are both on the same emotional age level.

    Quinn, buy that dress, and the crock pot, go back to Forensic Science, and get the balls to ask Ian Eagan out. I mean hell, in the end Randall became a small business man.

    Ellie, quit being led around by the nose and ask out that blind guy, who, I’m told, can walk in a straight line by keeping his toes in line with his nose.

    1. Again, I’d discourage Ellie from asking out Blind Guy until he’s willing to share anything about himself. His name, for instance.

      How awkward would that be at the restaurant? “Stevens, party of two?” “…wait, is that us?”

      1. But in the case of the asking of outs, there is the lack of common ground, i.e. O’Jacks for him to casually meet Ellie. So, he’s going to have to wait, she’s going to have to wait.

        Unless Ian and Quinn actually hook up and date, then there is the possibility that Ian might mention it to Blind Guy when he comes into the store for headphones for his iPod/Pad/Phone to drown out the kids in the sandlot nextdoor.

      2. While she did it passively, I’d argue Ellie already asked Blind Guy out at their last conversation before Omega Pestilence shut down their meeting place, so the ball’s in his court, not hers.

  14. I can’t help but think Juniper would have liked it if Ellie had been gay. Might well have taken some of the disapproval off of her lifestyle, such as it is.

    1. I can’t tell which of these two directions I think her expression would be if extended to the next time frame panel-wise (with Ginger still pretending to be serious):

      1) “Oh really! Interesting!” [rubs hands together, laughs maniacally, quickly jots down evil plans in notebook, etc]

      2) “You don’t say? Really? We should stay here and keep talking about that, because moving sucks and even on this stolen scooter is making me dizzy, so please tell me more about this fascinating development.”

      I’m viewing your interpretation as falling under item 1.

  15. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I don’t know if anyone else has called it, but I’m going to say Ellie has never been out on a date. I could be wrong, but… I don’t know. We shall see.

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