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Hit List

Since readers have refereed to Tarragon as "Paragon/Parragon" for so long, I decided to canonize the name. I feel like Tarra wouldn't even care the alias is only one letter off. She's just that sure of herself.  If you'd like the non-skewed versions of the comparison photos, here you go  :)

200 thoughts on “Hit List

    1. I hope you’re juking, but this is the internet, so I can’t be sure.
      That’s a bullet with Parragon’s name on it. It’s a reference so old is predates memes…or at least us calling them memes.

      Which means she’ll be gunning after Nick one of these days.

      1. You…you mean you DON’T have bullet tea parties? You get together with the Bullets I Own guy and sample the latest imports from India while discussing the weather and the Royal Family in the most genteel of fashion?

        Waterson! Mister Blainesbury! …dear, dear Philip….I shall have to take you all to the range this afternoon, and fire you all into the ether. Our tea party days are…*sob!*…THROUGH.

  1. I am amused by these gags.

    I’m equally amused by Summer being just as distracted from here face as the boys. Of course, her interest in David seemed to be in the same area of the body.

      1. I’m amused that the newspaper article is almost legible with half of it missing.

        Rusche – do you like write out the whole article then cut it in half? Because I’d like to read the other half. LOL

        1. It’s hard to proofread with that caliber of distraction going off in your face. The article could be ten paragraphs of excited donkey braying, and they’d still have published it next to that picture.

      1. Looks like it to me. The ones standing up behind that, the one on the left is unreadable, except that it’s either a long name or two words. The one in the middle looks like the top of a drawing instead of letters, maybe a heart or an infinity symbol?

      2. I’m going to guess Rusche is continuing his ELO references.

        Mr. Kingdom is an ELO song.

        Like Mr. Blue Skies. And the other trillion ELO references he has sprinkled throughout the comic.

        1. I dunno. Are you Mr. Blue Skies? The guy to the right of Mr. Night?

          I mean, one of the organization’s members is named DO YA DO YA as in the song Do Ya from ELO (Do ya do ya want my love?)


          Mr. Kingdom:

          Mr. Blue Sky:

          Mr. Radio for f**k’s sake:

          Rusche has also quotes numerous song lyrics in titles. So … I’m pretty sure he’s either doing it on purpose, or he’s doing it subconsciously due to his love of ELO or Kenny Loggins songs.

          (Mr. Night is a Kenny Loggins song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImdImQO2tWI)

        2. I did check the cast page to see if Mr Kingdom was the missing D52 top row entry (not filled in, but still seems like a decent guess).

  2. BAM!!!! Take away the boobs and you can see “the rest of the story”…

    I love the line, “I never even noticed she was blonde.”

    Most awesome…I bow before the boobs…

    1. I am guessing, that is Summers plan. Going bang, and taking away Tarra’s boobs. One shot, two “kills”. Sort of a tit for tat situation, I guess you could say. We’ll see how that works out.

        1. Sadly http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/largest-natural-breasts didn’t include weight. Though, from the picture and size listed, I’m going to guess a lot.

          That doesn’t help for Tarra, but then again neither did my google search. I found a couple of pages that had estimates on measure between bra size & breast weight, but they both disagreed and neither seemed more authoritative than the other (though it may have been that the first one used the second one and didn’t notice the kg rather than lbs). I did find #5 on this list to be disturbing (well, it’d be more disturbing if I weren’t a guy) – https://www.shape.com/lifestyle/mind-and-body/15-everyday-things-can-change-your-breasts

  3. Hahahahaha…still “stumps” authorities…

    I do love me a good amputee pun, but I’m sure Summer can’t stand them.

        1. This seems like the right spot for this quote:

          Tick: You know, Arthur, when evil is afoot, and you don’t have any arms, you’ve gotta use your head. And when evil is ahead and you’re behind, you’ve gotta do the legwork. But when you can’t get a leg up, you gotta be hip. You gotta keep your chin up, and kick some—

          Arthur: Tick, we get the idea.

  4. I like that you’ve shown the growth of her cancer over time (though it does make me wonder how quickly her marks came up, considering her Olympic picture on the family wall, and the shot of her laying in bed with David’s cane (I’m too lazy to archive-dive to pull up the specific comics), both showed her marks in full blossom)

      1. Back in the Sister X/Black Friday strips, it was revealed that Sister X was Tarragon from the future, but after getting her hair cut, losing an eye (she had an eyepatch, didn’t she?) small “x” marks where Tarra’s giant “O”s are, and a significant reduction in bust size. When they were facing off, and Tarragon mentioned her signature ability “Tarra-forming” X said how it was an obsolete technique which caused cancer, while she was doing something similar.

        So, either the O’s are a visual representation of her cancer, or they’re a representation of her strength in general, and it just happened that the technique she created that posses so much power also had carcinogenic side effects (could be happenstance that they grew at the same time without being a direct indicator, but without confirmation either way it’s still speculative)

        1. I kinda thought that her Tarra-forming had more influence on her birthmarks than the cancer, since it seems that Sister X may have had to go through a double mastectomy.

        2. It’s mostly speculation at the moment, as we don’t know exactly when Tarragon developed & started using Tarra-forming, so we can’t fully attribute it to the birthmarks change over time, and only to the cancer/mastectomy from the sister X/future Tarra exposition (which we’ve all accepted as fact, despite the future being uncertain, so who knows if things’ll actually play out to get Tarra to that state of being…or if she was just flat out lying)

          As it is with any speculation on the comics & things I read, all we can really do is wait & see how it all plays out.

        3. [puts archivist hat on]

          Comic Less Is More (current post date March 15, 2014) is where X mentions to Tarra that she’s giving herself cancer.

          Comic Nightmare Fuel (current post date April 13, 2014) has some more info in the author post:

          “Sister X is in fact Tarra. The result of Tarra’s vote winning. A future version who’s been physically and emotionally scarred by her sisters, and is now (was) set on their demise. Alot of this idea was implemented in Tarra’s design, way back when I was coming up with her (hince, her birthmark is different than the others.) X has five things distinguishing her from present Tarra, Four of which the median sisters have done, and one she did to herself. Anise obviously cut her hair off. This was the start of her life’s decline, and why Anise was first. For anyone wanting spoilers, Juniper costs her her eye, Ellie causes her speech bubble to change color and Cinnamon’s has yet to be elaborated upon. You’ll see when we get to it.”

          So it’s possible that tweaking to avoid cancer changes the glowy/floaty birthmark to X’s, but I think it’s also possible that Cinn was responsible. I’ve been assuming that Ellie’s change in speech balloon color was attitude-based, would be where we see her 7 sisters/7 sins mapping of Envy show up in force, and related to Ellie & David (probably not now since Anise didn’t cut her hair yet, so maybe it’ll be David pining after Ellie after she moves on or maybe Ellie will move on and then go back to David and get married or something else that strikes Tarra harder).

    1. That’s ‘You’ve chosen a dangerous path.’ (currently dated 11/17/14) and ’20/20 Part III’ (currently dated 12/3/14). Though I think the photo in the former is from a high school yearbook. Her Olympic photo is from ‘Terms and Conditions-Part 6’ (currently dated 8/26/18) which gives her age as 22. And all three of these show her birthmarks as being similar in appearance to those in her Parragon photo.

    1. Likely vanished. Don’t know how controllable Tarra’s braid actually is, but in theory, if she could control each strand and each one was the same density as steel, she might well be able to slice through bone with it.

    1. It’s all ELO jokes. Mr. Kingdom is an ELO song, along with the top nemesis Mr. Blue Skies. And a trillion other ELO references over the series.

        1. Three of the top members of the organization are named after ELO songs.

          Mr. Blue Skies, Mr. Radio, Doya Doya … and the list goes on.

          Mr. Night is so much a Kenny Loggins thing.

    2. Extra nifty point: there is one empty slot remaining in the top four Misters of D52. We have Mr. Blue Sky, Mr.Night, Mr. Radio–who seems to be dead–and Mr. Not Yet Appearing in this Comic, who also has a red dead X marking his–or maybe her–slot.

      1. If I recall correctly, David’s slot as #1 had a red X on it, so it’s possible that the X’s are permanently separated from the organization in ways other than death.

        1. You remember incorrectly, One Guy. Mr. Blue Sky and Mr. Night’s slots are both x-less. The blank third and Mr. Radio both have Xs.

        2. Stupid way back machine. Sherman’s gone off to burn Atlanta for a major movie studio’s biopic epic about how things were done before human history was even contemplated.

          All that’s left of him Re these fossilized glasses. Now how am I to overthrow that infer AL Tennessee Tuxedo and make him fail.

        3. It’s had me wondering a while how many will come back or be replaced before the end of the third arc. I seem to recall Rusche saying something about a running of the gauntlet of sorts with D52. Which also makes me wonder a lot with David being at the top.

        4. It’s also my hazy recollection that we had that confirmed, though I don’t remember specifically.

          I believe the reveal of Mr Blue Sky in the D52 was towards the tail end or right after the end of David’s confrontation with them in Quinn & Ellie’s recently vacated apartment, so I’d expect it around there (I’m just a bit tired so don’t have time to track down which comic that was and check the author posts and any comments Rusche made in the comment section in that time frame).

  5. Tarra/Parra’s braid has grown significantly (to well below her butt), but wouldn’t it be even longer after 10 years? Assuming that she hasn’t cut it at all.

        1. Let the innuendo fly!

          *tosses a bunch of white birds off the roof that fall to the ground*

          Or chickens. Those might have been chickens.

        2. Was the only reason you didn’t choose turkeys that you didn’t have a helicopter?

          @Fogel – There’s speculation that Tarra winds her hair back up her braid somewhat, so she might be limiting the length that way. Also, the Buckingham thing is a non-voluntary haircut, so voluntary should be ok. I doubt Ginger has been fair game for longer than her hair length would describe, so I’m guessing that she, at least, has gotten voluntary haircuts.

        3. Was that a WKRP joke?

          I used to watch WKRP in Cincinnati with my dad when I was younger. It was quite the “hip” show.

        4. It was indeed a WKRP reference, and though I saw the whole series when I was younger, it’s one of the few episodes I remember well.

          That might be different if my DVD collection of the whole series had ever came back to me after leaving it at my grandmother’s house, but then again it might just have collected dust too.

        5. I don’t remember, but then again I don’t specifically remember what was played when it was on the air either (I watched reruns in the 80s or maybe 90s). Possibly a review on the Amazon page would answer that question.

        6. I didn’t see a banner ad, but I have fairly aggressive privacy/security plugins at times.

          @mR. Blue – from the description: “Please note: Where possible, original music from the series is included in this release. Over 90% of the original music is contained in the set. Missing music is due to inability to obtain rights for some content. ” So not completely, but they seem to have tried and not been entirely unsuccessful.

        7. Sammy has enough damn money, he and the other holdouts should be content to get the money they would get for doing nothing as they did when the series first aired. Not having the full and complete series is just a facade. And a very poor imitation at that. Remembering the series as it ran compared to the lackluster attempts to revive and resuscitate gives me the sads.

  6. Inverse of “Oh my god, she has a face!” One Co-worker once said, in reference to another co-worker: “I wonder what it’s like going through life seeing only seeing men’s foreheads.”

  7. I can’t help but wonder what Herb and Rosemary thought about all this. Either they were as hilariously in the dark as everybody else, or they knew damned well and pretended they didn’t, probably sighing while gunning booze every time ‘Parragon’ showed up on the news.

    1. I certainly HOPE they knew. Otherwise, there’s a very good chance that Herb has been ogling his own daughter for a good while.

      There’s a whole Whitest Kids You Know sketch on this; just check YouTube for “Whitest Kids You Know hot sister.”

      1. There’s a certain amount of evidence from the black Friday preplaning meeting that SOMEONE is daddy’s favorite. Also, that the sisters are an unchecked urban legend of a natural disaster. And, that this is just par for Lakeland.

        Rose and Herb might have been swinging 70’s spies, for all we know.

        1. It’s in question as to whether they are, or are not in fact dead. And, what do the movies have to do with squat?

  8. Parragon takes her super hero disguise from the Power Girl playbook. Who needs a mask when people don’t look at your face anyway?

  9. Just to keep pointing this out –

    If the bullet is for Mr. Kingdom …

    Daylight comes to those who live, but those who die – they never see the sun come.
    Shining through their window pane, they pass away.
    Silly girl to be a fool – you didn’t play the golden rule.
    ‘Cause once you’re done with one world, there’s another waiting there.

    Help me. Such a lonely soul, in dreams to leave behind the world.
    Mr. Kingdom, help me please to find the rainbow’s end.

      1. I’m not quite convinced. It looks like there is a bit of a difference between the size of the round and the size of the magazine in relation to Summer’s hand. It was the magazine that made me think of a .50 caliber Barrett. But even still, there is a problem with the lack of nozzles on the end of the barrel. The shoulder stock seems to suggest the AS50. I may have looked at that wrong. But then again, I don’t run a gun store, so I could be mistaken.

        1. I haven’t heard of .223 being used for snipers because it deflects so easily. I’ve generally heard 30 caliber of some sort as the smallest, and that’s feasible for the bullet size in relation to her hand (she’s shown to be taller than average for a lady, so hands should be a bit bigger as well).

        2. And with a renewed search for Cheytac from AcidArms below, it seems that IronBillie’s statement has been supported and I’m now seconding the motion. Any discussion?

        3. .223 (5.56) is standard isssue for the main battle rifle (M4s and M-16 models) not a sniper rifle ammo. They use mostly 7.62x51mm NATO or 50 BMG

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  11. So, which Nicks is Summer saving a bullet for? Early betting says Daddy Nicks, but could it be Quinn?
    Possibly for the umpteenth time that Quinn said, “Hey, Summer. You’re actually a ‘Winter’ in your coloring, you know that?”

  12. So…there is a bullet marked ‘Nicks’. I am assuming that is for Quinn’s dad?

    And one for David, who I am guessing once worked for Quinn’s dad.

  13. Tarra has really pretty eyes.

    So worth the wait.

    I went back to Odds Are (dated 9/11/13) to check Tarra’s age and if that clipping is 10 years old then she could be 17 in that photo. Also, part of her character concept is ‘Bulletproof’ so she should have no trouble dealing with Summer.

    I can’t help but associate Summer with Zombie Luna from Rival Angels and given Parragon’s outfit I really want them have a wrestling match.

    I wonder if Tarra still has the costume.

      1. It sort of looks like the Cheytac M200 Intervention. The side rails for the shoulder stock match up. The rails and the glove threw me off earlier into thinking it was some sort of half length bar because of how Summer was holding the weapon.

        And that would be something to dispel the .50 caliber rounds off the bat.

        1. the environment she wants to snipe in is wrong for that length of rifle, Barret 416 is a better round and you can get it in a more urban friendly package. .50 cal is over rated. but in general I was not impressed with Cheytec not for the cost of the rifle and ammo when I went to add it to my collection. for the comic here and the person carrying it ok its is bad ass looking I will give that. its I guess personal preference as far as what you use in competitions or hunting at distance I guess. meh I can say much I only use my M95 to kill squirrels.

        2. hmm not the 1st time, I think I did a few comments a year or two ago, always liked this comic rarely comment unless my interest is peeked passed normal reading or its hobby related. think I did send the artist a inquire about making a moral patch with loose cannon on it a while ago. everyday is Monday here in Afghanistan so the last 8yrs kinda just run together unless I am on R&R.

        3. oh that’s just Afghanistan, been overseas deployed or working since 2002. bosnia,Iraq, Jordan, Qatar Kuwait ect.. ( I made bad life choices) :)

      1. Perhaps, but doubtful Tarra was acting the villain when Summer (?) lost her leg. The newspaper article looks to have her as a hero.

        1. It describes her as a vigilante. The picture is just a lot of cleavage which would get a large picture for most news organizations in the USA (which go for ratings over education, so any excuse of attention-grabbing items would get snatched up). Vigilante doesn’t necessarily equate to hero.

        2. Spider-Man and Batman are vigilantes. She also posed for a camera, so cops had to be there.

          She may be a vigilante, but she was still on the side of good.

  14. I suspect the being known as Parragon is, in fact, an infiltrator from Universe 741-B sent by Sister X to eliminate Tarragon… the eye markings are slightly smaller. Unless the size change is because she has gone from infinite power to quad-infinite power within the 10 year span…

        1. Shineyorkboy listed that and a few others showing those birthmarks in a comment above [ comic ‘You’ve chosen a dangerous path.’ (currently dated 11/17/14) is the one you’re looking for, specifically].

        1. *blows kazoo*
          “We the Right Honorable Order of the Comment Section do hereby welcome ye to join our illustrious organization. Please accept this small gift as a token of our esteem. Hand over gift basket.”

          *hands over small basket containing a used oil filter, an expired can of tuna, and a half eaten bread stick*

        2. Here’s a glowy rave ring, a warm can of Monster energy drink, a necklace of orange beads and an unlabeled CD of music*.

          *Note: Not responsible for the content or quality of music on the CD.

        3. I gots something too. After rummaging through my neighbors’ fridges, you’ve got a truck to a skateboard with mismatched wheels by size, dimensions, properties, color, and durability; a half chewed chihuahua collar, a used and abused catnip toy, and a severance notice dated may 34th, 2001; and finally, an eviction notice dated October 21, 2015.

        4. I think for this gift basket I can throw in all the notes confiscated in 4th grade classrooms in the state of California between the years of 1981 and 1985. Your choice originals or microfilm.

        5. Go for originals. That way you can have your own insulation business for when uhm.. I’m too tired to some up with comething. I’mma gonna tag Steve to finish my thought.

    1. There are at least three things that I can think of, well 4. 1, she’s always got an alibi. 2. Herb, being the higher ranked officer is probably when his eyebrows started to force their way south for two reasons. All girl choldren, which means that he may not have seen her face, burthmarks, or it was sent to Vice to become a cold case because she never solicited. If Herb was ever in proximity to paragon may have been blinded by the costumes revelations times autonomic family eyebrow shuttering. Or Herb tried to just look her in the eyes while stammering out a stuttered rendition of Det. Sgt. Joe Friday’s, “Just the facts, ma’am” to with Paragon would drop surveillance photos and audio recordings and transcripts at his feet so that Paragon could run away to Lake Letasco.

    1. The bullet named NICKS is more than likely for her father, the General. Please refer to David sharing information while shirtless but wearing reluctantly the wall-walker.

    1. Seems like these pics of Paragon could be used for the TWC vote incentive. Be sure to click the vote box below the Patreon preview box windows. Btw, are you a first time caller to “Coast to Coast” with George Noory?

    1. Nifty! But, putting the update schedule on it is probably not for the best. SOMEONE keeps doing three page masterpieces, and that can get things delayed. And, some people get extra in a twist about updates being on time.

    2. Yeah, that is certainly a beaut. It’s a good introduction to the characters, too. Now we just need to keep that on the front page and we might really get somewhere.

      1. Yep, looks good, though I admit I had the same concern as jeffepp above as the unaddicted may be less patient than those of us who’ve been around a while.

  15. i know i’m late to this, but if ellie is 19, and the picture is from 10 yrs ago… how old is tarra? i’m guessing AT LEAST 28 now and that’s a big gap between siblings…

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