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Honey, Hi

Well well well.. we see Ellie is a fast mover. Some were a bit struck by this. She certainly finds him attractive and has expressed interest before. She initially asked David for a date when she worked fast food. She was rejected, but met David again outside the Lovecon, where she promptly stared at his ass. She doesn't want to work and hang with Quinn all the time, now, come on! She needs to use his dictionary. This was also foreshadowed in the comic titled Warm Ways. The lyrics heavily imply what would happen 'that night.' (and you may wanna scroll down the page for more info on that.)


Also as seen with Cinnamon, Juniper, and Anise.. being a fast-mover runs in the family. Buckinghams are the aggressors.  I will miss Friday this week. Moving to Texas first week of June, and my do-list is mounting bad. Be back Tuesday.

47 thoughts on “Honey, Hi

    1. Copper skillets are awesome for eggs, though. They don’t stick and flip easily. Also used one readily in preparing shrimp and mushrooms for fajitas.

    2. I envisioned the sisters more like raptors, though.

      “Good girl.” *shrieks as the raptor jumps on them *

  1. She needs to use his dictionary? Either the weirdest innuendo phrasing I’ve read lately or a plot point I’ve forgotten

    1. Of course she needs his dictionary.

      She’s got to practice her diction, after all.

      There’ll be an oral exam next week.

  2. Meanwhile in the Farlands, a mounting shriek of disdain can be heard echoing from the Maple Mines of Nova Scotia to the Tim Horton’s Cloning Research Facility in Saskatchewan.

  3. A new Patreon tier hmm?

    /me summons the ghost of Fry from Futurama…

    “Shut up and take my money!”

    /me dismisses Fry and summons George Takei…

    “Oh myyyyyy!”


  4. I honestly love everything about this.

    And with how many Buckingham daughters there are, the parents must move fast too lol

  5. I am just so concerned for Ellie. I would’ve thought the whole fiasco with Danny would have made her more guarded with trusting people. But nope, just right into bed with mcliarface after half a date because he’s dreamy. We all know this is going to go south at some point (this is the first of two serious romances). But we don’t know how badly…

    I don’t trust him. I’ve got my eye on you blind man.

    1. The big difference, I feel, is that David lied by omission to avoid complications… which will only lead to more and worse complications later. There was no malice but rather cowardice. Daniel was lying because he was being a scumbag.

      1. Oh I’m not putting the two on the same level, not by a long shot. Danny was worse in both intent and action by 10x. Merely stating that because Danny was such a dirtbag I’d think Ellie would be on high alert, or at least somewhat cautious. I’m not saying to become super guarded or untrusting, but I think she’s too trusting. Sure, David has been nice, and is a teacher, and is good looking but what does Ellie really know about him aside from basic background? I could be over paranoid, but if after the last guy interacted with snuck 12 cameras into my home to stream online because I let him sleep over out of the goodness of my heart, I’d be pretty guarded at least for a little while.

        1. It’s easy to forget that was only a few weeks ago in comic.

          Given the gut punch of losing her job I can see her running into a opportunity for happiness a bit recklessly. Plus she already showed with accepting Caleb’s laptop that she isn’t going to let the Danny experience ruin her interactions with other people.

        2. Also… come on, what is there for her to actually feel like she needs to put her guard up?

          As far as she knows he is a perfectly normal blind guy. Do you assume “real-world daredevil” whenever you meet blind people? Why should she? She doesn’t live in Tarra’s out-of-Erfliness sphere. And if he were bound to the limitations blindness imposes how much of a threat he could be to her? For example normal blind people wouldn’t be able to hide cameras like Danny did. As far as she knows he’s the safest possible guy she knows.

          We the readers know a lot more than she does, we know there’s more than meets the eye there. She has nothing that could give her a paranoid feeling.

        3. What’s there to fear from a blind man? There are plenty of normal fears, he doesnt have to scream dare devil! I don’t automatically assume a persons goodness on them having a disability. A blind person might not put up security cameras, but they can certainly still lie, cheat, and steal. The halo effect is real, and can be dangerous to fall into. The whole thing with Danny should have given her the paranoid feeling as that just happened not that long ago! I can understand she just wants to have fun and be normal. Let off some steam. I might not even blame her, she deserves some fun. I just again think she’s too trusting.

        4. She doesn’t strike me as a person who learns their lesson after one instance, though (unless it’s something she learned on the Internet). Like she has to find out for sure and then she seems to learn something from it. David is a new situation entirely – he’s shown no malice or wrong, so until he breaks her heart, I don’t think she’s even aware of anything being wrong.

    1. Day after, I think. Ellie and David stayed up all night walking and talking until the morning after LoveCon. Ellie sleeps at her apartment, then David comes to get her for their date. This would be the following morning.

      Kyle goes to Tarra’s place the day after LoveCon, so around the same time David goes to get Ellie for their date.

      1. So does that mean we can expect a imminent incoming Terra (with the included drama of finding Ellie in David’s presence [more drama if they have not gotten dressed yet]) or does Terra not know David lives in town?

        1. Maybe. That’s if Terra cares enough to go find her siblings after being kicked in the gut by a supernatural being.

  6. Further reference for sex is for the ones you want to do, cooking is for the one you want to keep.

  7. Okay, I’ll be the one to say it. Ellie is super well endowed, and large women don’t usually sleep on their stomachs… unless you darn near put that @$$ in traction.
    Source: my wife is also well endowed.

  8. Is funny how much the social stigma still exists. She’s a fast mover, but no words on David being willing too.

  9. But, to be honest…
    That smile says it all.

    I’m glad to see that level of contentment in this relationship; she deserves it.
    I just hope it lasts a while for her sake.

  10. Just to be clear, I wasn’t really objecting to anything in the last comic with my comment. I was really only saying it seemed a tad surprising until I went back and re-read some of the older content that I hadn’t remembered very well.

    That says more about the medium, I think, than about your storytelling. There’s definitely a difference how the same story might come across when presented in different formats, so when you write like a book or graphic novel but publish as a webcomic there’s bound to be the occasional stutter-jerk moment.

    Also, while Ellie is in some ways fairly experienced in the world, she’s still a young (18? 19?) year old who never went to college (I think) and until the start of the story (~6 months ago?) was still living at home, so she’s at the age/maturity-level where it’s practically obligated you make some impulsive decisions based on emotion rather than logic.

  11. Always glad to have a new neighbor. If in general vicinity of Houston, give a shout if you need information or anything.

  12. Spoiler alert: she’s pregnant.

    Did that cat just tell me to get on Discord? I swear that cat just told me to get on discord.

  13. Wasn’t this her first time ever? I hope she’s been using some sort of birth control. It seems unlikely that she wouldn’t, until one remembers that she’s “The Lazy One” and very well might have just gone “eh, it’s a lot of trouble, I’m sure it will work out. She’s not dumb though so hopefully she didn’t do the dumb thing of hoping for the best.

  14. What’s needed is somewhere, on the wall, a picture of a hand plucking the cherry off the top of an ice cream sundae.

  15. I’m surprised SS slipped so much in the TWC ratings. I thought they would have jumped what with the suddenly mature content.

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