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Hot For Santa

I'll see you all Monday. I'm going to combine my next two planned posts since it involves some exposition. This way you wont be pummeled with walls of text. That, and I didnt get back home until 10pm. Not a good start time to finish a comic. :P     Obscure question for everyone. We were talking at work yesterday about movies. I was mostly complaining about Frozen, but we got on the topic of  "Have you ever walked out on a movie, and if so, what was it?" So I have no idea why, but we talked about this forever. Mine was the prequel to Texas Chainsaw. Texas Chainsaw: The Beginning. I actually left my girlfriend at the time in the theater. I'm like 45 minutes in, and this is the 50th scary movie I've been dragged to, and I'm like "I just can't." It was so frustratingly bad. People walking right into gory deaths left and right. Other than that, my only other time was non-voluntary. I was like 10 or something, and my father, a typical hardass, had little patience for kid movies. We were seeing Mighty Ducks 2 or 3. It was whichever one introduced the genius idea of a cowboy lassoing hockey players on the opposing team. So we get all the way to the last match of the film, and the final 20 minutes are left a mystery. All I remember is my father standing up: "Let's go. They win." So if you got one, I'd love to hear it.

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    1. I would not accept tickets for that movie. If someone wanted to use that movie as a screener for a date with me, then they can just go take a walk on the beach in the sand on their own.

  1. I know I’m a bit late with this but I walked out on Sinister once the ‘plot twist’ ended up coming up. I thought I had actually found myself a good murder mystery type movie. Sadly I was mistaken. I also nearly walked out of Silent Hill: Revelation, but I still had popcorn to eat.

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