How to Recede in Business

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      1. A scapegoat would imply that they are all guilty of the same crime where here it was his perticular position to make sure that the event was not an all boys club.

        1. The problem, though, is if that they didn’t have the event, they would have had to issue the refunds regardless. Either that or Ellie would have had to date around 800 dudes, and that wouldn’t be possible in the time frame they had. This was their best shot, but they needed incentives to get the ladies in the door. Still possible–I maintain “open bar for ladies” would do the job–but they needed to sweeten that pot in short order.

        2. I wondered myself. But remember, Juni’s been in AA since Ellie’s convention tour with our old buddy Daniel. Still, Juni might know a few lushes who’d throw down, and the Patreon strips suggest Juni may be off the wagon, depending on how they fit in time-wise.

        3. Juniper is the constant disappoint of the family. She likey off the wagon again for the forth time this month.

        4. Court mandated AA perhaps? And she was seen drinking… but that should have been after the convention event, shouldn’t it?

      1. Doth not insist upon myself,
        It’s for whom the Knight which says Ni.

        A green thumb though shalt have,
        All for save one foot, the green thumb shall be found.
        Not just half by axis, nor all by appendage.
        For three is the holy number of which though shalt have.

        For thousands is being compelled to first bring back a shrubbery.

    1. I think he meant, By the balls. That was a typo, right Rusche? Anywho, I think someone is about to get an X on the character page and the first two guesses don’t count.

  1. how on earth did they not see this coming like a ton of bricks?! Or a ton of dudes? I would think it was obvious, but what do I know even I didn’t see it coming! hahahaaaaa

    1. It’s how she’s been described before: she’s lazy as all get-out with zero motivation most of the time, but when she does get motivated she’s at near Tarra levels of proficiency (just with less multi-planar summoning & future selves time traveling to kick asses)

  2. I mostly have comments on outfits…

    Ellie is rockin’ that dress. It a bit too light in tone for my tastes, but I then to favor a darker pallet in general. I’d have gone less powder blue and more teal or robin’s egg. Good Crane colors though. You do you girl.

    Wilf pulls of a suit and tie like a boss.

    It must be hard for Mandalay to find clothes in his size. He’s a team player though. I give him a B+ for effort.

    Merrick looks like a complete tool.

    Also, Ellie is aware of at least GG and Mandalay. Interesting…

    1. So you know how I have this six-class ranking system for big, right? Big, healthy, husky, fluffy, dayumn! and oh HAYLL no! Well, I actually managed to run into a seventh class. I call it “Mandalay” because that was the dude’s name. And if I ever meet anyone bigger than Mandalay he will be trying to eat the planet and they will call him Galactus. You know how for him, there’s a guy on a surfboard that travels in front of him, warning people that he’s coming? For Mandalay, I hear it’s Tattoo from Fantasy Island on a skateboard.

    2. That’s a woman’s shirt. It buttons are on the left, men’s shirts button from the right. The reason is because servents used to dress women of stature, the servants are gone but the style remains.

      1. Or it’s a shirt designed for Navy or Firefighting or other Navy-descended professions. I dunno if it’s the same in the USA but in the territories still technically sworn to the English Royal Family any of the above professions make their uniforms designed to be worn from the left rather than the right. Not sure why, but it’s all designed to be worn by a lefty.

        1. EDIT: The shirt is actually just really weird… Note that the side we see with buttons on it is also the one showing atop the other side, so it’s like buttons that are done facing inwards but go through the whole fabric rather than being sewn on…?

  3. Heee that wee skull & crossbones over Ellie’s head, cute touch. I like the dress, too. GG, time to be a team player, time to mingle!

    1. I’m happy to see that GG has an actual nose. From the cast page picture of her, I’d gotten into my head that she just had nostril holes, which made her even creepier when blinking.

        1. I don’t know… You put a wig on Krillin, and you’re about 80% to GG already.

  4. I guess this explains why so much of D52 is dead.

    They left quality control in the hands of the Montage pusher / junkie.

    1. The part about your manager walking behind you sounds like the beginning of a joke! ? While Ellie is rather busty, if you want to see women with impossible chests then look no further than the twin furry train wrecks known as Las Lindas and Rascals!

      1. Wow. I was going to mention grrlpower and btbcomic, but they’re rather flat compared to your katbox references.

        But I must admit I’m not actually into huge breasts. In the early comics Ellie had a normal breast size and watching her work was so effing hilarious! I especially laughed at when she was told to get some crayons. XD
        Her current situation is just cringeworthy. I was like “why do you stay with these obvious frauds?” right from the beginning and I was hoping that she left for good when she finally did talk sense (see ). But nooo, she gets fooled again. I expected her to be way more intelligent after all she has been through.

        Also her current face looks like a guy’s face, especially panel 2.

        1. Incredible reveal. Ellie’s a guy.
          It’s the Shotgun Shuffle THAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING.

  5. Ellie relly needs the money.and this was and still is a good opportunity to learn more about event planning. This is a good opportunity to see how well Ellie is at thinking on her feet as well as seeing how she handles setbacks like this.

    1. Split the crowd, entertain them separately in groups while the rest chats around, plays billiard or whatever. The rest will eventually lose interest and leave quickly.

      There’s also a catchall gag opportunity here: half the dillusioned singles collectively swear off women and play for the other team.

  6. I don’t understand something. If it has already been asked before, I will freely admit I have not been following the comments thoroughly. The group led by Tired Guy, is together for the express purpose to find the item (that we think is hidden in Quinn’s barrette (or IS being used as the barrette)). So, I don’t get why the group gives a rats behind whether or not eSymmetry survives this get together? I *DO* understand why Ellie cares, but why are they all concerned/angry/upset with Merrick and his failure to complete his “mission” tonight?

    1. I assume that E-Symmetry is what funds their organization’s activities, as well as putting food on their tables. So, more economic than integral to their schemes.

      Or, perhaps love fuels the artificial intelligence they’re trying to get. That’s probably it.

        1. Part of having people who will have your back no matter what means having their backs from time to time.

          Granted your threshold for calling in help is presumably much higher than most people’s, but still…

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