I Can’t Go For That

Claire and I want to thank everyone who has ordered a McFatFat plush, the response so far has been great! (You guys are the best.) Here's a cool time lapse video she made that answers that burning question on everyone's mind: "How is FatFat formed?"  

  If you still need some spherical purple cuddles in your life, a limited number of FatFats are still up for grabs over at Claire's Etsy shop. Order soon and you can even have your new best friend in time for Christmas!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"] We've already shipped a handful out -- you're gonna love our unique packaging![/caption]

UPDATE: Next comic will be up 11/30. Apologies for no updates. Incredibly hectic two+ weeks for me where I wasn't by a phone or computer.

177 thoughts on “I Can’t Go For That

      1. This can be purchased for only $1.00, tax included. If you are short, balding, in need of corrective lenses and are extremely popular with the splvelte of the opposite sex, then this is the bargain for you.


  2. But, Marge, that little guy hasn’t done anything yet. Look at him. He’s gonna do something… and you know it’s gonna be good.


  3. Best beet he has now to get out unscathed may be to jump in the portal, brief those on the inside, and sit tight.

  4. I’m gonna choose to see it as a good thing that she wants him to stick around and watch her be awesome.

    I mean she could just want an audience to show off in front of but I’d like to think of this as evidence for White Rice theory that he’s growing on her.

    Also, just to officially add to the list of this Tarra is an amalgam of: the robots make her Unity from Sentinels of the Multiverse and the riding cat makes her a Night Elf Huntress from Warcraft III.

    1. My guess is he is going to want to beat it because she is not worth the hassle in his eyes and that will shock her that she isn’t the center and being pursued. She will end up either chasing after him or will worry that maybe she is a heinous bitch.

    2. She’s definitely a mix of every stereotypical Saturday morning magic girl/superhero/giant robot hero mixed into one cliche. She literally makes fiction become reality merely by making mention of it.

  5. That moment when you realize that the hottest girl you’ve ever meet is also the craziest. And she’s on the wrong side of the Vicky Mendoza diagonal.

    1. i dont know.. i think she may fall on the right side.. at least for barney…. definitely for ted.. i mean shes got to have seen star wars.

      1. Not looking for a serious relationship (by the looks of it), big boobs and likely under 30 (I’m guessing here, as I’m betting only Ginger is over 30), keeps her on the dating side of the line for Barney. :p

    2. And then she starts flirting with you, after you’d given up on the idea of actually dating her…

      I mean, I think Tarra’s warming to him. She’s quick to prevent him leaving, and preening in the last panel (although that could be narcissism). Kyle’s persistence might pay off for him yet, even if he no longer wants it to. :)

      1. I’m not sure “no longer wants it to” is correct. You can consider something a terrible idea, see all the ways it’ll hurt you, and be outright afraid of it, yet still want it.

        We don’t know which way he’s falling on that. He does seem fairly grounded, so far, so maybe he’s escaping it.

  6. This guy might be good for her. Willing to put up with some, and just some, of her BS in the short term, but really centered about being ‘shock and awed’ by all the crazy around her. If we didn’t know her future, would say she’d found her Jiminy Cricket.

  7. I wouldn’t if I were you
    I know what she can do
    She’s deadly man, she could really rip your world apart
    Mind over matter
    Ooh, the beauty is there but a beast is in the heart

    Watch out boy she’ll chew you up
    She’s a maneater

    1. She doesn’t want him to stay, her ego just cant comprehend him wanting to leave. She’s actually gone full circle and become what she accused him of being by not respecting his wishes

  8. …okay, we know straight up from WoG that Tarra is envy.

    She’s named her house AI after a synonym for pride. She has it address her as “queen”.

    She must be overcompensating for something, but what in the world would drag her down that hard that she’s got to have THAT kind of buildup?

    1. Actually, the MY QUEEN thing is kind of reminiscent of a lot of Saturday morning cartoon hero shows. There are a few where the sentient AI addressed the hero(es) as “Sir/Lady,” or “Your Grace,” or “Your Eminence.”

      I mean, if I had a sentient AI, I’d make it say, “AND NOW, ON THE MAIN STAGE, YOUR DISC JOCKEY SENSATION AND MASTER OF CEREMONIES. EM! CEE! KHAN! *plays John Cena theme song*” every time I entered a room with people.

        1. Who says anything about need? What if it’s just want? Do Olympic champions do what they do out of need? As for a fully satisfied ego, pft – there’s no such thing. If she can do it, she will.

        2. I think it’s the craving for attention that’s the ego feeding. The having all the fancy tech and being competent enough to pull a lot of this off might just be sheer awesomeness & accomplishment if there were no real concern about others’ opinion of said tech & competence (basically more like if the act she puts on for her family or those she cares what they think about her were the truth rather than an act).

          That’s the part that’s feeding an ego.

        3. Well that explains a lot. Three year old meme like a truck tire out of nowhere! Daaaaaamn EmCeeKhan!

        4. I remember memes 10 years old or any rock/pop/dance song between now and 1981, but I can’t remember the name of the person who just introduced themselves to me like 2 minutes ago and is now talking to me.

        5. I pretty well never remember anyone’s name until I get to the point that it really bugs me that I don’t know their name after knowing them for weeks. Then that irritation is usually enough that my memory kicks in.

          But yes, I do also have an oddly good memory for random other things.

        6. Thus everyone I meet at the club or party usually ends up being “dude.”

          Or in the case of the ladies, “miss.” Or “dude,” depends on whether the woman in question is cool with it.

        7. I actually didn’t even realize it was a problem for a while, because decades ago I had apparently altered my speech patterns to not need to address people directly, so it took me a while to realize I wasn’t remembering people’s names (grade school being almost entirely the same cast mixed around and college classmates seeming like “of course you wouldn’t remember these people, you don’t interact with them much and may never see them again” apparently masked the problem for me for a while).

        8. That’s an add comparison to make considering Tarra is an Olympic champion. One who possibly gave her teammates food poisoning so she could win four gold medals at once.

        9. I had forgotten that. It’s just that I think that “compensating” is an over used explaination. It isn’t always the case.

  9. Oh, Tarra’s bad day IS getting worse. She’s actually losing the affection of one her would-be hapless suitors! What’s next? Will she lose this fight? Will a virus take away all her fancy tech? Will she lose her security deposit?

      1. Now I I I I I’ll do anything, that you want me to do, yeah
        And I’ll do almost anything, that you want me to, ooh yeah
        But I can’t go for that, no … no can do
        No, I can’t go for that, no …no can do

      2. Indeed, Daryl Hall & John Oates.

        Interestingly enough, I went to high school with a kid who claimed to be John Oates’ cousin. Same last name, so probable. He never came to visit our school, though. :)

  10. I though fat fat was formed through catfood, cheeseburgers, and a localized blackhole…well, you learn something new each day I suppose.

  11. So this has always bothered me, in English… why do you guys type out things like “Dopeeeee”. I read that in my head as “Dope-eeeeeeey” or a really long out “Dopey”, which is clearly not what she means to say. It makes more sense read as “Dooooooope” but whenever dragging out a word in english people just use the last letter even if its the wrong sound? Why?

        1. Okay. First of all, she’s trying to say something along the lines of “du – PEEEE” without saying “dupy.” And I kind of think that “dupy” would be off, because I kind of see Tarragon as being a one of a kind girl who does about everything in an original sense.

          Dope is something that is coming back in resurgence, however I think that it’s supposed to describe something along a different line of thinking. Like, “This party is going to be so DOPE.” Then you have the “Dope” as in reference to a “Dolt” for the negative connotation equivalent to a “Nerd.” Or perhaps a possible homage to Homer. Simpson that is, “D’oh!”

          And Khan, the guy may be wanting to say it like “DooopaAAAAAH.” But I think that one would be spelled like, “Dupah.” Perhaps along the Bostonian implied accent.

    1. But it’s to get an alliteration of the word’s sound as the word instead of the word itself. Also to imply an emphasis, because I kind of hear Tarragon saying it in a sing-song voice like a Disney Princess looking for her Prince Charming. I wanted to type Reibus for a lark, but Harpo hasn’t been in a convent in years.

  12. 5 minutes, tops, eh? Murphy wonders if she has anything to eat here, because poor dude is now locked into this apartment, and we all know it ain’t a-gonna be no 5 minutes.

    1. I think that you’re right. I mean, it took her and Pumpkin all night long to get two lego sets and the hoverboard. However, it did take considerably quicker to level a store enough to leave a smouldering crater. Maybe like this guy’s heart?

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    1. I know, right? She’s quick to lock him in – either to protect him, or to prevent him leaving… and when he says he still wants to leave, she starts flirting with him. She’s *preening* in the last panel… which might be her basking in her own wonderfulness, but I think is more likely her trying to keep his attention.

      Whether Kyle goes for it or not, she’s trying. And the loss of Kyle might well start her down the road to Sister X, even if it wasn’t specifically called out by her. SisX may even be suppressing the memory because it’s too painful to recall.

        1. They could go at it Keijo style.

          If you don’t know what that is, there’s an anime by the same name that explains it (although it’s not quite as Dragon Ball as the anime makes it out to be, and the anime added boobs to the mix).

        2. That’d be silly at worst and not particularly disturbing. I was more saying we didn’t even know if the way that war would be waged between breasts would involve having a person attached to them all, nor how gory.

  14. How is McFatFat made?

    Well, when a mommy cat (Weiss) and a daddy cat love each other, they will share the same kibbles. And then later, they touch their little kitty noses together and rub their heads against each other. Then they curl up and go to sleep next door to the Buckingham’s house. They do this because the next morning they heard quite a chatter and then a yuge whoosh. When they looked away from the column of smoke they noticed Blondie Lightning Bolts coming towards them. Mommy cat and Daddy cat ran away because their friend, Hamster Lester Crest was just shot into the middle troposphere. But when they turned around because they just remembered their little kitten, King Elvis Prince Michael Jackson Oddbottom the Third, they saw that little Blondie Lightning Bolts had just picked up and rubbed her forehead on little King Elvis Prince Michael Jackson Oddbottom the Third they knew he was gone forever. But they knew that little Blondie Lightning Bolts had a good heart, because she was always feeding the animals near her house. Not like the dead eyed raven haired troll who kept shooting those little fun balls into the troposphere.

    And you see kids, that’s where little McFatFat’s are made.

  15. Shouldn’t it be super doooooooooope rather than dopeeeeee. It’s the O sound that’s carried isnt it?

    Other than that. I think the dude is done with this crap even though she may be warming up to him now that she can show off.

  16. I think I can clear up the confusion caused over the descriptor , the perfect one , versus what we are seeing of her personality . It all boils down to a simple overlooked punctuation omission . If her descriptor is written as , the ” perfect ” one , all is explained .

    1. I remember Rusche mentioning that he redrew panels due to changing dialog making him decide that facial expressions and body language was off.

      I sometimes wonder if our debates in the comments don’t sometimes cause last minute dialog rewrites which may also cause last minute redraws.

    1. See, now if you would’ve claimed railgun battlecat was the best railgun, then there would’ve been a lot more room for argument.

      Though I think a battlecat railgun has potential (assuming you have enough battlecats and they can take the impact).

      1. The real question about a battlecat railgun is, would the armor straps hold against the acceleration? And conversely, would the battlecat? If the armor straps didn’t hold, you’d only be firing battlecat armor at them. Which, admittedly, could still be an effective weapon. If the armor straps do hold, is the battlecat sturdy enough to take the acceleration? Again, though, even if it couldn’t, getting hit with several hundred pounds of dead cat in armor would still be enough to ruin your day. :)

        I guess you’re right, though. No question that railgun battlecat is best.

        Although that could be a plasma or fusion cannon, using magnetic fields to contain and propel the plasma… but I’m still betting railgun.

        1. Agreed, that no matter how it works, finding yourself up against a battlecat railgun strongly suggests you’re gonna’ have a bad time.

          But yes, I wasn’t thinking about the armor staying on or not, but the degree of impact they could take (and reactions after impact) definitely will change the degree of danger.

    2. I’m rather partial to the Calliope rocket launcher battlecat myself. Indirect fire and area of effect damage are both very useful to have on a weapon.

      And there’s always the carrier battlecat. You don’t have to get anywhere near the enemy and it gives us something to do with all those hamsters we taught to fly tiny planes.

    1. I was assuming railgun battlecat is a battlecat with a railgun and battlecat railgun to be a railgun that fires battlecats.

      Why, because I have an amusing mental picture of a battlecat not alright with being shot from a railgun but also not paralyzed by G forces and how it might react a few inches from the end of the railgun.

  17. and just like that Tarra is completely irredeemable. I am sorry but seeing a glimpse of her home life shows me just how pathetic she really is. just everything about her is complete trash, she is worse than Juniper who at least is aware enough of her own faults to be ashamed of them. Tarragon is…. a stone cold bitch

    1. Tarra’s not irredeemable, but I agree that she seems very unlikely to be redeemed.

      Although possibly the really interesting thing is that the only thing that Sister X though was relevant to warn Tarra about was the breast cancer possibility. There really is a lot more she could’ve tried to fix, had she seen the reason/problem/need.

        1. Well, considering that she came back in time to avoid going into a downspiral and was going to kill sisters 3-6 to guarantee that, I’m guessing that warning her past self (sister 2, making it a proper median if included) was actually part of her plan and reason for bothering to go back in time.

        2. Now I’m kind of wondering what day she was shooting for. I kind of think that if she was shooting for the Black Friday date, in that the S7 alert would be at odds to the having to go shopping thing, then it was probably a good pick. But in going after the sisters in the van…. Unless Tarragon was the choronal anchor in space and time, then that may explain why Sister X appeared in the store. I’m kind of thinking of that time travel movie using federal agents in New Orleans.

  18. 18 and counting? WTF?
    “Yo fans, I have bubonic plague but will check in periodically.”.
    “Yo fans, I broke both arms and am dictating this; but will check in periodically.”.
    “Yo fans, my Wacom self-combusted, but will check in periodically.”.
    “Yo fans: yo fans; Yo fans? Fans? Yo?”.

    1. While your avatar is excellent for your shrieky post style, I have to encourage you to just relax here. There’s likely been traveling involved; Rusche’s family is a bit scattered mapwise and chances are one of them has done something incredibly stupid which will likely delay. Throw in easily some of the worst weather we’ve seen this year so far and a little forbearance is called for. Okay, yeah, he probably should have said something before now, but still.

      1. Nah. Adults alert their constituencies and their friends about pending disappearances.
        “Shrieky”. . . I would not call you “self-important”. It would not be polite.

        1. We’ve gotten the impression that if he knew about a pending disappearance, he’d reorganize his schedule to avoid it. It’s never pending until it’s right in his face.

          That, and he has a habit of trying to push through the “pending disappearance”, hoping against hope that it will work out in a timely manner. But after all, we’re accessing this information for free. I’m willing to sit and wait because it will be worth it when he gets back.

        2. Plus the guy is an artist, and every strip is a wedding cake in his eyes. . confection perfection, only in ink and such.

          However, given the southern locale along with the possible inclement weather and hope that there are no more people who are needing to learn how to drive at Chris’ expense.

      2. I don’t know. I got to wondering where the next comic is, seeing as how it’s been 21 days and I could swear it said updates every Tuesday.

        Also, I’ve been wondering where the Patreon comics are, as it keeps taking the money. :p

        1. Look, this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened, and it probably won’t be the last. We’ve got Christmas coming up, after all, and that’ll probably be another batch of the same.

          And yes, we know it says updates every Tuesday. It actually says updates on Tuesday and Friday over at the Top Web Comics banner page, so we’ve been getting shorted on that end too. For Patreons it must be even worse; I don’t think you guys have seen an update in better than six months.

          All of these things are legitimate and things that everyone’s pointed out before.

  19. This one comic is the most I’ve ever posted with this group, so …

    It’s right time now. Well, now.
    Relax, don’t do it, when you want to, go do it.

    I’m sure Rusche shall return soon.

  20. “Incredibly hectic two+ weeks for me where I wasn’t by a phone or computer.”
    Understood. Things get rough out there in the Oort Cloud.

    1. No problem. We’re just all hoping the artist wasn’t eaten by his date. We;re all hoping it goes something like this:

      “I’m not dead.”
      “‘Ere. He says he’s not dead! “

      1. Yes, he is.

        (I’m not!)

        He isn’t?

        Well, he WILL be soon. He’s very ill.

        (I’m getting better!)

        No you’re not. You’ll be stone dead in a minute.

  21. New Month stats

    Vote on TWC. Link here or below the Patreon previews:

    Current stats at the time of this posting:

    Replay is 49th with 1 votes:
    3 Minute Max is 40th with 0 votes:
    Spindrift is 28th with 1 votes:
    Goblins is 10th with 1 votes:
    Stand Still. Stay Silent is 0th with 0 votes:
    Grrl Power is 3rd with 2 votes:
    SHOTGUN SHUFFLE is 2nd with 3 votes:
    Twokinds is 1st with 4 votes:

    1. Well, now is a bit of a more realistic look, seeing as we’re 15 hours (my time zone) into the new month.

      Vote on TWC. Link here or below the Patreon previews:

      Current stats at the time of this posting:

      Spindrift is 45th with 52 votes:
      —52.0000 v/d; 3.7143 v/hr; 0.0619 v/m.
      Puck is 42nd with 54 votes:
      —54.0000 v/d; 2.2500 v/hr; 0.0375 v/m.
      SHOTGUN SHUFFLE is 28th with 98 votes:
      —98.0000 v/d; 7.0000 v/hr; 0.1167 v/m.
      Delve is 5th with 357 votes:
      —357.0000 v/d; 25.5000 v/hr; 0.4250 v/m.
      Grrl Power is 4th with 404 votes:
      —404.0000 v/d; 28.8571 v/hr; 0.4810 v/m.
      The Depths is 3rd with 444 votes: “
      —444.0000 v/d; 31.7143 v/hr; 0.5286 v/m.
      Too Much Information is 2nd with 649 votes:
      —649.0000 v/d; 46.3571 v/hr; 0.7726 v/m.
      Twokinds is 1st with 843 votes:
      —843.0000 v/d; 60.2143 v/hr; 1.0036 v/m.

      50th slot — 50 AV*: 50.0000; 3.5714; 0.0595.
      40th slot — 55 AV: 55.0000; 3.9286; 0.0655.
      20th slot — 131 AV: 131.0000; 9.3571; 0.1560.
      Top ten — 302 AV: 302.0000; 21.5714; 0.3595.
      Top five — 357 AV: 357.0000; 25.5000; 0.4250.
      * Accumulated votes

  22. I keep seeing “If we didn’t know her future”, but did none of you learn anything from the future Trunks arc? What if Sister X, in going back in time, couldn’t have ever fixed her timeline, but did you this one.

  23. One comic for the month of November.
    I would have thought lower number of comics would have resulted in less votes.

    Guess they do the counting in Broward County.

    1. I think TWC voting is influenced by the number of dedicated multi-voters you have more than anything. For example, I try to vote every day from both phone and wifi, so I get in two votes/day. If we have someone who has a work network that votes from 10 machines there every day, that’s going to count even more.

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