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  1. Seventh highest film franchise? I wounder who the others are? I’m guessing Bond, Harry Poter, and Star Wars are one that list. Star Trek. Rocky movies? Terminators?

    Time for a wiki binge!

    Oh! Batman’s down to number eight, now! It looks like “Marvel Cinematic Universe” has usurped the top spot and knocked everyone down a peg! Ha!

    So as of today:
    1- “Marvel Cinematic Universe”
    2- Harry Potter
    3- James Bond
    4- “Middle Earth”
    5- Start Wars (Wow. That’s a lot lower then I thought)
    6- Spider Man (Wow. That’s a lot higher then I thought)
    7- Fast & the Furious (Dang, people love cars)
    8- “My parents ARE DEAD!!!”

    Super Accurate & Scholarly Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_films#Highest-grossing_franchises_and_film_series

    I’m not sure Avengers (#14) should be listed separately from “Marvel Cinematic Universe.”


    (oh, and First. GLEE!)

  2. I just noticed in the second to last panel, behind Quinn, isn’t that the pop star guy from from the Goofy Movie?

  3. Ahhh, a classic metal and Formica banquet table. When is tabletop game night.? I’ll run a Champions game for you.

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