I know a guy.

I had to throw Tuesday's in with today's, so both comics are together here. Finally broke down and bought a new comp. My old laptop was on it's last leg, and a tower I had wasn't powering on anymore. So I had to use the last of my "savings" (checking account) to get a prefab. It's pretty awesome, but I had to go through all the typical hassles that come with getting a new computer, and getting it the way I need it. Biggest issue I ended up having all week was Photoshop was crashing nearly every twenty minutes, and on several occasions, crashed the entire computer right after. It was feeling pretty gg a few times as panic was building this wasn't going to work out. Luckily, shout out to my friend Sean Murphy, I had a friend, Sean Murphy, who helped me find the right drivers for the graphics card. Some conflict, etc etc.. I may as well be an 80 year old man with technology. So it took me up until noonish today to get it all working properly, and I got this comic done. No crashes since the updates. Here's hoping. But yeah my old laptop got so ridiculously bad, I would draw a line, and have to wait 2-3 seconds for it to appear on screen, how I drew it. So every line, every eraser stroke, every color brush, all on an insane delay. And that's even if it did what I wanted. 25% of the time, it would just error out the stroke and make it a bold straight line from where I started to where I ended with a given stroke. Lots of undos. Lots of wasted time. And I've been working like this for over a year. Couldn't bare it anymore. Memory was maxed. Disk was always maxed. Couldn't have a browser AND Ps up at the same time. Had to pick. I had all my art files spread out between the computer and two external harddrives. Nuts, fam. Nuts. Fingers crossed. Tuesday's comic has the linework almost done. So I'm really not expecting a delay on it.

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  1. I hear that Sean Murphy is a pretty cool dude. *resists urge to ship Ellie with gentlemanly black man*

    1. Probably not enough to keep Quinn from getting stabby for long. Though the event planning thing isn’t so out of line yet; KK still knows people, last I knew.

      1. It’s possible that it’s Zeke in the last panel, but Nena wouldn’t have called him. Nena likely called David or a family member not in the room of announcements.

        So if it’s Zeke, Ellie (or David, Ginger, Pumpkin, Herb, Rosemary, or someone else) will finish the job Cinn started of teaching him that he’s really not in control and he should just give up on that.

  2. Well, Ellie is the least combative of her sisters. Of course, that’s like saying dynamite is outdated explosive technology.

    Don’t forget, Sister Semtex (Pumpkin) is out there, as well.

  3. At least he put a period at the end of that sentence, but he failed to capitalize the first letter.

    Looks airtight to me.

  4. Ah the steps to grieving over a lost job..Buckingham sister edition.
    Step one: Stunned silence over what just happened.
    Step two: Getting shown the door (or in this case literal hole in the wall)
    Yet to be done, Step three: Call other sisters
    Step four: ?
    Step five: Profit.

  5. Such tenacity in the face of that level of tech adversity indicates determination on the order of ‘Scary Super Villain’. Lucky us. And thank you. =)

  6. The level of tolerance you have shown for technology, shows either a generosity of spirit that astounds, or a smallness of bank account balance that also astounds. We need to chip in a bit more cash to support you so that you can actually have sufficient computing power to do your art. Obviously a $299.00 (pick a brand) laptop is insufficient.

    As no other poster has claimed it, I shall claim first :-).

    1. That’s certainly an endearing comment. 2017 was a horrid year for me, personally. I just tend to not complain on the site too often. I know you guys have your own personal stuff going on. You just want to read a comic, not hear about my own woes. :)

      1. You are a friend and we don’t mind hearing about your issues. Especially if there is something we can do to help you. You do remember when you were going to quit…we wouldn’t let you. And we are glad you didn’t quit because if you had, we wouldn’t have this awesome comic to read. So, if you need to spill your guts out on us every once in a while, it’s fine. We are here for you (not just you here for us.)

        1. It’s true, man; we don’t mind. We’re not always helpful–I still remember the time we talked about “family Omega” almost breaking a leg over a six-year-old’s scare prank, or something like that–but we’ll gladly listen.

        2. We’re happy to help with computer problems as well, to the degree we can do so from our geographically separate locations.

      2. Seriously we don’t mind! Reminds us you’re a human being on the other side of this comic when we get antsy for updates haha.

      3. This. There’s a particular web comic that I stopped reading because the blog at the bottom of each one was always “ugh my back hurts and my cpap machine and my tablet and my this and my that.” Or if it wasn’t something about how their day was awful it was how their day was barely tolerable. Negative people are a really good way to destroy a mood.

        Also, thanks for the comic, consider putting together an amazon wishlist, never know if some well heeled viewer wants to send you a whole new something you need for making comics.

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  8. poor ellie, ALSO….why do I feel the “lovecon” is nothing more than a way for the old mans group to harvest souls and extend their lives -3-

  9. Solve the looming figure then pop back in to tell Loose Cannon to blow the place up to mark her conquest.

  10. So, I’ve got a stupid question. Like, Hawking Hole massively stupid. Can one survive being Serial Killed in the Shuffleverse? I mean, a cinematic pacing device as expressed by rhythmic vibrations (Montage) is treated as an addictive substance, complete with physical residue. Also, Apple Inc. sells self-deploying brain probes and personal server clouds that actually float around with you and let you make phone calls. Given all of that, is it possible that being killed specifically by a serial killer, on purpose, as part of his pattern, doesn’t leave you permanently dead?

    1. If I were going to question the permanence of mortality in the Shuffleverse, I’d go with comics Nightmare Fuel (current post date April 13, 2014), then the matched pair of Instant Transmission (current post date February 16, 2016) & Collateral Damien (current post date June 6, 2016). On top of those, I’d add Styx (current post date June 28, 2016) as to the question of what’s really happening (though that one does explicitly state banishing and with Dheu on the D42 it is feasible there are similarities).

      1. On the subject of banishment, given that he doesn’t know what happens to them afterward how does Durkin know he isn’t just disintegrating them?

        As for Styx, while it’s possible X and Damien just got teleported to the middle of the ocean I like to think it is some sort of underworld since the imagery reminds me of Meido and is thus the source of my efforts to find connections between this setting and L5R.

  11. i too think it is zeke in last panel. so that means cinn won’t be too far behind him, still hanging ’round his house, still trying to get him to use said chainsaw. if this was animated series ‘blvd of broken dreams’ would play as cinn realises this won’t happen
    anise v zeke = great. guessing her & cinn get on well. can i send my cinn-centric story?? or i could put it on my page

  12. I think I’d actually *explode* at that level of lag.. The fact that you were able to work under those conditions make you seem like an extremely patient person.

    …that computer wouldn’t survive my frustration. I would methodically strip everything while listening to organ music, cackling all the while. “I’ll FIX your little red wagon. HEHEHE!!”

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