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[Patreon] I Love You, Dammit

7 thoughts on “[Patreon] I Love You, Dammit

    1. I agree, and I’d love to see more of these.

      I’m serious. I’d love to see Pumpkin and her old man build a really good relationship.

      He seems serious, and we don’t see this enough in shows and stories.

  1. Pumpkin’s dad should totally let her fit him for a wig. Something with dreadlocks. A huge mass of long, grey dreads. Then he should wear it to work.

    1. Or maybe some rockstar hair. Long, golden curly locks, just like Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey had in the late sixties/early seventies.

  2. I’m thinking that Herb might make a good Dick Tracy. That’s a cosplay that, being a cop, he might actually get into. Of course, Pumpkin, being as young as she is, would likely have to do the research first. As for her, she could go as Honeymoon Tracy, Dick’s grand-daughter.

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