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I thought there was a NEXT TIME

So for anyone who answered my question in the comments a week or so ago, I did in fact buy Splatoon (for all of you advocating it.) I was still really on the fence about it until I was with the kids at the store a few days back. While I was looking at the movies, they were drooling over the game cabinet and giving their opinions on everything they saw. I walked over and pointed at Splatoon, which was several levels above their eyeline. "And what about this one?" dad inquires. My daughter looks up and goes "I LOVE THAT GAME! I've never played it, but I LOVE IT!" So obviously I bought it the next day. I wouldn't have even asked without your input. So well played readers... well played...

64 thoughts on “I thought there was a NEXT TIME

  1. Dwwww thats so sweet, he thinks she means he’ll get a second date with her lol

    Still she is good at the whole encouraging people thing ^^

    Oh, and FIRST!

      1. It’s ok, Ellie doesn’t know what she otentially could have. Even if they did kiss, she won’t appreciate it. I just hope James finds the right girl eventually. ;)

        1. I have a friend who doesn’t look geeky. She is a hottie and I never thought of her as being a geek type person. Turns out, she is a huge geek in an awesome body. Who would have thought. Obviously, not I, but, then again, I was never very observant. With that, you can’t always tell a book by it’s cover, or a geeky girl by her body.

          And being a geek is a good thing. A nerd is also good. Being a dork is bad…very bad.

    1. I admit I’m at a loss as to how to interpret “next time” followed by “giant weird muppet smile”. But then I have the social skills of certain breeds of fish.

      1. So Ellie’s job is to help build their confidence, right? So she’s telling him what to do for his next first date. With someone else.

        The crippled Muppet smile is because she doesn’t want to kiss him, despite all of the flattering things she just said.

        1. Well, that helps. “next time you have a first date,” not “next time we go out.” Easy to see how he would mix the two up.

        2. Problem is, all she said was “Next time” She didn’t say next time with another girl. She didn’t say next time with someone else. She just said next time, which can easily be seen as “The next time we have a date”

        3. Don’t make me roll up a newspaper, Mr. Blue. We have enough hyper-literal people here that we don’t have room left for pedantry.
          Ellie knows what she’s working with. This misconflagrulation is her own fault for not being specific with someone she knew to be clueless.

        4. Fine, hit me with a newspaper. I’m desperate for human female contact. Even if it is via a female cartoon’s icon association. What out there could be more pathetic? I mean, I could have been an extra in “Gone Girl” but “Ghost Rider” was too big of a movie to overshadow one starring sad batman and Tyler Perry.

  2. Hmm, if Ellie leans back much further, I can foresee her losing her balance only to have James face-plant between her bosoms as he attempts to catch her. Hey, a guy can dream, right?

        1. Well, if she was standing up straight, perhaps. But to me it looks like Ellie’s “counterweights” have passed over her center of gravity…

  3. Chuck Barrisha ha, still though, Spencer the cat is so fat..
    audience how fat is he?
    Gene Rayburn Spencer the cat is so fat that when he sits around the couch, the couch has __blank__.

  4. Man, I don’t know how long Ellie is going to last at this job. She is just too nice and she’s going to break too many hearts.

    1. I know, right? She has so much love and kindness in her heart yet a level head on her shoulders. Any guy that knows what’s good for him would be smitten.

  5. On another note, it’s hard to believe that it’s been just a couple of days over the anniversary of our first year since the Patreon and the alternative story line that began with Kat and Pumpkin began.

    Congratulations, Chris, on your 1 year anniversary!! The traditional gift is paper, so I’ll be taking out a Patreon membership after my next payday.

  6. Splatoon is actually pretty interesting, tactically, and that might be the best thing about it. There’s a certain amount of skill required.

  7. “The date went kinda well. Though she can’t walk straight for a while.”
    “Freaking sweet bro. High five!”
    “No, I mean I almost broke her pelvis bone.”
    “Bro, like in Futurama? DOUBLE HIGH FIVE!”
    “No, my pussy crushed her leg.”

  8. We know Ellie is a virgin. Could it be POSSIBLE she has never kissed a guy? Remember, she was considered one of ‘The Untouchables’ throughout school, and she doesn’t go to college. Just sayin’.

    1. Alex did manage to bypass her defenses and sneak one in on her. So she’s been kissed, just not necessarily by someone Ellie wanted to kiss.

        1. That’s true, but it wasn’t what I’d call a REAL kiss; it was unexpected, unwanted, certainly non-mutually participated in, and reacted to swiftly and harshly. Maaaybe, since she loves the romantic movies, she has certain expectations for a first kiss. She has been known to expound about the romantic types of others (meatless ass-clown, beards, etc.) but hasn’t really revealed her own ‘type’.

  9. I just finished my marketing final, so that’s what on my mind, but I’d love to get my professors take on that “I’ve never played it but I love it line”.

    1. Speaking here as someone with a marketing bachelors and about 15 years field experience, that line means that someone’s done a good job of hyping the product. Clearly someone’s seen some Let’s Plays or gameplay trailers or just read about it, and that did a good enough job to get the interest up sufficient to buy, if they’d had the disposable income so to do.

      1. Me too. I think partially we surge during the week (must have more readers who vote from work too) where some other comics must have people surging over the weekend.

        Though when I checked over the weekend, it was a very small vote count difference between places 80 & 100, so I think that difference is part of the volatility.

  10. when i started this webcomic the first page i went too was this and i didnt want to spoil it so i didnt read it and i thought this something very dramatic. boy was i wrong xD

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