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[Patreon] In Other Words

8 thoughts on “[Patreon] In Other Words

  1. The expressions are completely adorable. More web-comic artists should take note at how much better the dialog is when you take time to emote each panel separately, rather then drag-drop default emotional expressions.

    There is a lot of work put into this, and it is excellent. (Favorite is the “DEATH GLARE” in panel 5, second favorite is Pumpkin’s “Mischievous Kitty” look in panel 8.)

    Whoa. Is this a First comment thing? Did I finally get one of those? Wow. Do I do a little dance or something now? I’m besides myself! I never get to do First! Quick! Guys! What should I do?! (Faints.)

      1. Yeah, weren’t we JUST condemning a character for getting with an underage girl? Seems kinda weird to start shipping that immediately afterwards.

        1. Now we know that her type happens to be older ladies(maybe guys but most likely nooo)

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