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In the Family Way

  I felt terrible for not being able to entertain all you guys during the summer lock downs. That would have been something readers could have looked forward to while being stuck at home and a great opportunity to entertain. I mean that's my job, obviously. Entertainment. Unfortunately, etc etc, (see previous post.) Being zonked out in seeming perpetuity, I know the importance of that. Super humbling experience. Eighteen seasons of Hell's Kitchen and 16 of Deadliest Catch showed me the need for stimulation when trapped in place is super crucial. I also noticed the correlation that every time Sig Hansen had a heart attack Gordon Ramsay's hair grew stronger. I think I've also watched every single RedLetterMedia video at this point. It's nice to see others have the same love for terrible movies I do, then hating on them relentlessly. When my blood glucose started getting under control I doodled on the tablet when I could. Much of that is unusable since I couldn't keep my hand very steady, but I slowly got some comics prepped, which Claire is working on flatting as I write this. Final comic for the current $10 tier (4 of 4) will be up in the next few days. Long delay, I know. After that we're going to start a story arc I proposed a while ago involving a beach trip. It's done in the vein of the typical 'anime filler episode' except it's canon to the story. It's 2 years and some months after the current main site story and I intend to just drop you in the middle of it. Here's some cherry picked panels in no particular order: Cast has gone through a few arcs by this point as you can probably see. I also prepped some pinups, so if I get behind I will post SOMETHING for you. I have these on a schedule to help pace myself. Having more good days than bad right now, which is super motivating. $2 comic is also midway finished. So yeah, I'm excited. I got a lot coming and it has been so much fun making art again. Also, I got several messages of encouragement since the last post. I really appreciate all the well wishes. A number of you also asked if Claire and I had a baby registry. I finally remembered to ask her for her link. I will stress, no one is under any obligation to buy us anything. We will totally squeak by. But if you are so inclined, it will be very much used and appreciated. Just click on Baby Fat below. And thanks again. We love you. :) Next post this Tuesday. -Chris

41 thoughts on “In the Family Way

  1. I’m glad that I never heard “Baby Shark” or else “Baby Fat” might be going through my head now, from what I understand.
    Who else wants a “Baby Fat” to go along with their McFatFat? Even a sticker would be nice.

    1. Relax, we’re playing this for comedy. From her POV, the ‘event’ was yesterday, leeetle soon for this speculation. The stereotypical ‘glowing’ phase comes some weeks later, and then not always. OTOH, biology and physics as we experience them in our universe are not always applicable in this one.

  2. So, doing some looking back through the comic (mostly to try and identify the redhead). Now, I have had the, let’s call it a supposition, that David has a predictive ability. (I’m David, and I Know Stuff.) And, one little thing he said to Elle, and where he said it (in the Nursery, with the Blanket). And so, yeah, Elle needs to sit in the chair.

    So, on to the future. (The future, Conan?) The most important question is, of course, is PumQuin still a thing? Or, has Ashliiiiiiiiii (OK, I’ll stop there) now become “more that friends”? Which of them, or neither, is the one in the sun glasses? We, of course can tell who the sisters are from their, er, the size of their… face marks.

      1. Be 100% sure; that is indeed Quinn and she’s usually a dark-russet brunette (although nothing says she would not decide to change her hair color in the future). That is her casual hairstyle, though. Pretty sure there’s also another girl wearing a blue bra in that particular pinup behind her (Quinn is pretty much defined by her love for purple).

  3. Wait, a Tarra that’s lost her blush marks but is still busty? What spore of madness is this!?

    Also, I wonder if getting a dressing down from Ellie is what causes Tarra’s speech bubble color to change.

    1. If you remember again from their showdown during the Black Friday arc, the “Tarraforming” action/process/defense/whatever-the-heck-it’s-supposed-to-be causes cancer as it stands right now (she hasn’t evidently updated to the non-cancerous version). This is probably before she reaches that point. Remember we don’t yet officially know what Chris has decided that Cinnamon will do to her, either.

    2. And I’m betting what gets Tarra’s speech bubble to change color (for which Ellie was supposed to be responsible for that) is finding out Ellie’s relationship with David. Remember Tarra had–and maybe still has–an obsession with David.

  4. Predicted with 100 percent accuracy two of four grandchildren.

    That would mean it has a 50 / 50 success rating, doesn’t it? Math and I have never been great friends but I think she just copped to it being a coin flip.

    1. Did you watch Fraiser ever? It reminded me of a scene where Lilith was predicting the sex of Daphne’s baby, and joked about being right half the time.

    2. Ahyuuup! That said, she’s up on most people who tend to only remember the “hits” with their predictions, and totally forget the “misses”.

      Also, secret Hamtaro in panel 9! And I just noticed that the guy on her “Polo” shirt is actually riding a llama. I guess I’m a year late on that little joke though.

    3. Could be that she has only tried this method twice, though. I’m guessing Juni didn’t sit in The Chair, and Ginger might have skipped the first time, since her relationship with William (I think dad’s name is William) caused so much friction with Rosemary.

  5. Genuinely glad you’re alive, wouldn’t have even held it against you if the comic was done but as it’s your passion I’m glad it’s going again. Super hard for me to follow at this point, but I can admit to that being a me problem.

    I think it’s great that you’re putting together an art buffer of sorts (if I understood your post correctly) but honestly any short written sentence or similar does the trick fine next time you’re unable to attend to your comic in any capacity. Actually, it’d be a good idea to start a Twitter account for yourself or shotgun shuffle for the occasional “hey I’m alive” updates, or even comic progress. I think this will be ignored again, but hey, open forum and I don’t mind at all.

    Best wishes for you and your family, and I would hope this goes without saying, but when the littlest one arrives if you decide to take a long stretch of time off again (which I’d definitely encourage) just let us know? Even if you don’t know when you’ll be back, just say you’re taking time for your family at least.

  6. wife: hey, you said you were looking for a new webcomic?
    me: yeah?
    wife: do you like plots and big boobs?
    me: yeah?
    wife: it also has fantastic art evolution.
    me: ill give it a shot for the boobs.

  7. Oh, Ellie, of course they were gonna makes assumptions. While they love her and all that, Ellie does have a reputation in her family to overcome. Getting knocked up probably sounds right up her alley.

    (I love everything about Rosemary here. Especially her tap-tap-tapping on her clipboard)

  8. Hey man, good to see you’re OK! Well, relatively OK, now. I didn’t know diabetes could hit your hard & fast like that… Godspeed, comics-man!

  9. I’m glad you are doing better. I upped my Patreon tier because… dang. I’m very glad that keto diet is helping you.

    As for today’s comic: is Ellie stupid enough to have sex without some sort of birth control? Oh wait… that’s not the question. The question is: is Ellie _lazy_ enough to not have some sort of birth control? She is “the lazy one”…

    1. Not that birth control is a hundred percent effective.

      Say, that reminds me, wasn’t Ellie due for a complete mental breakdown at some point? Being a mom at her age with her current employment propositions would be pretty good fodder for such an event.

  10. So happy to hear you’re having more good days than bad! And I can only imagine how good it feels to make art again after so long. I’m not someone who does much in the way of art or crafting often, but when I do, it is always enjoyable and fulfilling, so for someone who is an artist and not just a person who occasionally does art, it must be wonderful to get back into it.

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