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In the Garden of Girls, Guns, and Gold

Rosemary's little sunroom full of houseplant babies took me like three days. I probably need to tone down the details and stop falling into that endless void of 'what else can I cram into this panel?' I think I've kind of resigned myself to the Buckingham house being an endless series of rooms. It's just infinitely big at this point. Just like their infinite amount of daughters and their infinite amount of interests. I did want to have a sense of 'they do it all' in The Royal Buckingham chapter taken directly from the film The Royal Tenenbaums. From Tarra's tanktop warehouse to the fake cake attic... this house will ultimately become its own character by the time this arc is done.

63 thoughts on “In the Garden of Girls, Guns, and Gold

  1. I I want to go on record that he is Best Dad! Please tell me he has his own ‘Summon Button’, I’d like to think that some of the Girls Quirks come from him.

    Also First!

  2. To be honest, the first thing I saw was the Cactuar! I hope Rosemary has a Palamon or a mini Togoemon somewhere in the house or a couple of Pea Shooters in the Flower Garden. If the Buckingham House DOES have Endless Rooms did Taragon have anything to do with it?

      1. She has no problem with rampant destruction and tried to get FDA approval to use people’s brains to mine Bitcoin. I’m thinking she’s more Dalek at this point. They, too, are also genetically programmed to feel superior to the rest of the universe, no matter WHAT those uppity Time Lords think about things.

    1. You saved your first with the second comment, Redguard, as the first was a blatant use of first, which disqualifies it as a first, while the second employed a subtle use of “first” in the context of a properly formed sentence. Well done.

    2. Honestly, the first plant that really caught my attention was Audrey II sitting at the top of the bookcase.
      Any of those boys get out of line, and, well “that guy sure looks like plant food ta’ me!”

    1. It’s a Parent Thing, Pumpkin is their youngest daughter and very “Healthy” for her age so a lot of boys of questionable character are going to be gunning for a chance to get in her pants! So being the good father that he is, Walter( at least I think that’s his name, he and Rosemary aren’t in the character bios) will put the Fear of God in those boys if they so much as look at Pumpkin the wrong way! It’s made worse by the fact that he’s the Chief of Police and if I’m not mistaken Rosemary works for the Mayor or Governor so they have the power to make a person disappear. Rosemary has already proven that when an adult tried to take advantage of Pumpkin.

        1. Those were probably part of their vows. “I promise to honor, cherish, love, and obey, to put her needs before my own, and to henceforth go by ‘Herb’.”

        2. I noticed that neither parents are in the Character Bios page. Thanks though, I did forget Herb’s name!

      1. Yeah. Nothing like a little traditional “Assault with a Deadly Weapon” between parents and potential suitors.

    1. I’m we get to see the Caster Gun from Outlaw Star, a Lawgiver from Judge Dredd, Robocop’s Auto-9, the M56A2 Smart Gun from Aliens, the MA40 Assault Rifle from Halo, Ebony and Ivory from DMC, the Alien Blaster from Fallout, the Jackal from Hellsing, the Samurai Edge from Resident Evil, and Blaster-Disruptor from the Mandalorian!

  3. I’d first like to know about that Planet Incubator. Is this a Tarra invention? It looks custom built into the furniture, so it’s been planned for a while. How long does it take to cook up a planet? Do you shoot if off into space after so long to continue growing?

    I obviously have so many questions.

  4. The wife is always the last to know the truth. Amiright? Or amiright?

    How many guns do I have? More than I need. Not as many as I want!

    Now pardon my temporary absence, as I fear a tragic boating accident is nigh.

    1. Damn those rivers and lakes, taking our guns from us for anyone who’s watching us right now in the government!

      1. I, too, am a fan of the lawyer with a plan.
        I just don’t think much of this plan. Publicly announcing your intent to disobey a federal law seems like an invitation for a no-knock to me.
        Or for a sniper to take out your dog, son, and wife at a place named, vaguely, Corundum Crest.

        1. 1. What federal law? No such law exists. Yet.
          2. What announcement? Even if this were such an announcement, the event I suggest may have happened would have already taken place.
          3. You DO know we’re in the comments thread of a webcomic, right? This is probably the last place to look for realism.

        2. 1. The law that doesn’t exist yet, and hopefully never will, but which Biden and Pelosi really want to pass, even though it is unconstitutional on the face.
          2. The wearing of a t-shirt which either claims to have lost firearms while fishing, or flatly states the wearer will not comply.
          3. Irrelevant, as the root comment was referencing a phrase coined, or at least popularized, by a real-life person, Firearms enthusiast and Texas lawyer “Colion Noir”. (In quotes, as it’s his screen name, not his legal name.)

        3. 3. I don’t think so.

          The joke was popular years before 2009, years before the personality you mentioned was a notable figure.

          The joke probably goes back as far as 1994, when the first Federal ban on so-called “assault weapons” was passed into law.

        4. Post Civil War Texas town, actually. Town didn’t want to give up their cannon(s?) And refused to comply with confiscation from the federal government. Feds capitulated, probably because it wasn’t financially worth it.

  5. I think that Herb is going to bring out one of those rocket guns from the 60s. The only way to link it to a specific shooter is because of the type of round that it fires. And there is no rifiling done to the barrel, so the bullets can not be exactly traced to the weapon that fired it in that manner.

    I saw it on youtube from Destin’s SMARTER EVERY DAY or was it the DESLADERMAUS gun shooting channel. I think that it was from the second one. Although, Destin has shot several weapons. But I’m also hoping for a Barret .50 with a few bells and whistles. Like a thermal holo sight.

    1. They’re in Florida. There ARE no “Closet” Gun Nuts. There is, as far as I’m aware, no stigma associated with being a Gun Nut in Florida, and therefore no reason anyone needs to hide in the closet.
      Unless you’re talking about the walk-in closet lovingly turned into a shrine to all things pew-pew.
      …And over here, this wall is dedicated to His Holiness John Moses Browning. And over here, the lesser, but still important saint, Eugene “Gene” Morrison Stoner.

      1. Don’t forget a Russian Orthodox altar to Saint Mikhail, patron of all things Kalashnikov.

        The bigger their house gets, the more I’m reminded of the Winchester haunted mansion.

        1. I had been thinking about shoehorning in something referencing Colonel Colt, but flaked entirely on Kalashnikov. Thank you for reminding me.
          I think we need a bigger walk-in closet.

        2. Is the closet door painted to look like a blue Police box? That might explain things.

  6. i wish youd change your urls to be page numbers and not titles so when i come to this site i can just swap the number to 20 pages ago to refresh/catch up instead of having to hit back a ton over and over.

    1. Upper left hand side under the banner is the archive, that’ll save you the trouble. Dates are also listed by the links to each page.

  7. So, I’ve noticed something that I don’t think I’ve seen commented on. I think the girls got their “Sexy girl posing” skills from Rosemary. It seems like a lot of her panels include a more mature version of one or more of the girl’s regular ways to stand that accentuates their “Assets”. For this week’s example look at the first and last panel poses for the long-suffering mother.

  8. I didn’t realize this was a sunroom/greenhouse, I thought it was the kitchen. Huh, that’s a weird oven. Is…are those chile peppers on the birthday cake? Also, I thought cooking was Rosemary’s domain, not gardening. Although without a house full of girls to cook for she might have picked up a new hobby or six. (Herb, Rosemary, Ginger, Tarragon, Anise, Juniper, Cinnamon, Lavender, Pumpkin. I know it’s been said, but this family really likes their running themes.)

  9. All I can say is: OCD is a curse. I suffer from it in some form, myself, but I basically make myself just not care in a lot of cases.. like, if I never hit the “enter” button on what I have to say, I’d barely ever say anything online at all. Sometimes you have to quit messing with the punctuation and just hit “post/publish.”

    Also, if it’s legal in your state: Cannabis helps so MUCH with that, if you get the right strain. A good budtender can recommend the right strain to really help. Now that we don’t have to live under the cloud of prohibition, we can actually begin to understand medicinal plants more than ever before.. it’s a matter of finding the right strain to alleviate symptoms.

    That’s assuming that you’re not a teetotaler, in which case: disregard the last paragraph. :P

  10. A bit off-topic, but we haven’t seen our meta-buckinghams in quite awhile… I don’t know about y’all, but I kind of miss them

  11. “I probably need to tone down the details and stop falling into that endless void of ‘what else can I cram into this panel?’”

    Holy shit, yes. You’ve got so much plot going on here that the panel details are getting in the WAY. Dial it down so you can stick to a decent update schedule without burning yourself out on EVERY DAMN STRIP. We’ve been saying this for years and I’m glad to see it’s SINKING IN.

    1. And in another decade or so, he might even start to listen. Probably about the time someone mistakes one of his panels for an annotated photograph.

      1. Only if it doesn’t have boobs in it. The ultra thin waist with ultra large tits would give it away as fake or heavily photoshopped.

  12. Yep, the girls were doomed to be menaces with parents like Herb and Rosemary. Those genetics got them coming AND going.

  13. Maybe it’s just me, but in my head his voice is a deeper, more growly Kurtwood Smith.

  14. Well this is healthy
    he’s the one who wanted more “mature masculine influences” in his daughters life
    I guess so he could threaten them with guns like a man does

  15. I’m kinda disappointed by dad right now. Married to a judge, his daughters are on average highly competent and/or destructive forces of nature and he feels compelled to measure his dick in front of high school boys? Awkward

  16. He’s about to pull out a Mk.19 Automatic Grenade Launcher Machine Gun (yes it exists, look it up, I’ve used it before, it is a BEAST of a weapon… when it works right and is WELL lubricated), a minigun, and a flame thrower isn’t he? :-P

  17. Star date May 09, 2021. We are now marooned in the Cloud of Unseeing, sixteen days.
    Crew getting restive; endless freeze of image on ship’s monitors wearing terribly on them.

    Some are trading irrational emotions; conspiracy theories abound. It is not stable here . . .

      1. (Psst; can that phaser hold off some of the cannons those other guys are bragging up on?
        If so, maybe a self-defense crew would be a smart thing . . . I’m willing to deal in.)

        (Course, if the Captain shows back up on the bridge, we might be able to ease back on the hammers.)

        1. (Oh, we’re in THAT Enterprise, are we? Ah.)

          *mutters blackly* Oh, my phase cannons. Oh, my phase cannons. I’ll polarize YOUR hull plating if you come around here with THAT nonsense. *starts polishing the phaser’s collimator lens with a scrap of old uniform*

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