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***UPDATE*** New Avatars: Avatar Wave 4 Hectic week. Sorry for my lack of reply for those asking me questions. I remember someone inquired about me having plenty of strips for a book. I agree. And a kickstarter would be something I pursued with that, but only when I have the time. I couldn't begin a campaign with absolutely no time to actually create the book. So... it'll happen. I just insist it's done right and not thrown together. Uh, anything else I can't remember. You probably can't either. But if ya did, ask again. I have the weekend.

110 thoughts on “iNimbus

    1. I suppose that it’s better than iNcubus. Although, now that I see that, that way it doesn’t look too bad and could actually be a cool name for a computer cube. ME FIRST.

  1. I’m not sure what that is supposed to be. Is that floating cloud thing a product that Ellie can buy?

    I keep wanting to make a joke about “cloud computing” but it’s too obvious.

      1. Except when she commandeered Quinn’s computer to update her facebook.

        I wonder what effect a new social-network-enabling device will have on her working life. “Can’t make it in to work today, gotta post more selfies…” Things are about to get very interesting methinks.

        1. No she did not, that realization set in just a few minutes too late. Though the panel where she does realize how bad a mistake that was is still one of my favorite moments in the strip so far. The look of pure, “what the f#|< did I just get myself into?" is perfect.

      1. But she’s obviously already drooling on the windows. Her DNA has been associated with the iNimbus interwebs interface systems by the NSA, CIA, FBI, and homeland internet dating services in various states.

        1. The government? No, the advertisers. i_______ products rank very highly with the Window Licker demographic.

  2. When you do decide to make a dead tree version you might want to check out makethatthing.com they can do a lot of the heavy lifting (production, shipping, ect.) for kickstarter projects.

    1. That might be true, but I feel that Chris’ artistic integrity to assure the purchasers are getting their highest value for their bangs o’ bucks (sounds like a dessert level fan-service kick-starter, eh?), he needs to be more than lightly involved with the hard copy service, production, mailing, etcetras.

    2. Having pledged two kickstarters they’re involved in, MakeThatThing appears to be Topatoco. I got the book for the first and the return address was Topatoco.

      If you do decide to go with Topatoco, you might look into some of their other store options too. I’ve actually gone there to buy Christmas gifts for the past few years (mostly T-shirts, but a few other odds & ends).

        1. Cartoon and caffiene fix in one handy spot, all for $6.95 a cup, decaf and $8.95 a cup regular and $12.94 for a cup with a shot of a double espresso.

        1. It has now migrated to the contacts page, where you can also find Quinn’s Lifeinvader page. I mean Facebook page…

        2. Actually I’m retarded, it’s not just on the contacts page (that’s where I was when I first noticed it, it now appears to be on the sidebar under the other links. Nice.

    1. you guys are THICK. (NARF, I saw it last strip, but I didn’t click it until someone else mentioned it.)

      Chris is dropping Easter eggs!!! And it’s not even Christmas. Must not break into typing a song. . . .

      “The Shill’s are alive with the sound of MUZAC”

    1. No. Not at all. Because that thing is gonna go all Colossus: The Forbin Project on your ass and the next thing you know at three AM it’s going to be smiling six inches above your sleeping face. Then the butcher knives come out.

      1. That’s assuming you can get to sleep in the first place, since every 5 minutes it says, “Hey! You asleep yet?”

        Uh, no, not yet.
        “Okay, I can wait…”

        So annoying…

        1. I thought that the glasses were an attempt to secretly inject dermal microbial diodes subcutaneously while a person was sleeping while they infiltrated specific cranial nodes for vision/matrix definition and recognition, targeting, aural inferrospective integration and matrixed vocalization of downloaded bio-bits at 350 Tbps. And then, you slowly become aware of the two yellow c-5 cords growing along your arms and then set up the dermal interaction matrix at your fingertips. Johnny Mnemonic would be proud.

    2. Only if it were invisible and would play music or sound effects on demand. Who hasn’t wanted to have the Imperial March echo as they walk in a room, or the ability to greet someone’s statement with a Sad Trombone sound at an instant’s notice without any obvious movements, or even just a resounding chorus from Brick House when the 85-year-old second grade teacher walks in the classroom.

      A visible object always following me around would creep me out, though.

    1. No, but there is a model that only works if you’re innocent. Costs a panty flash more, and crashes when you try to surf for pron.

  3. Looks like McFatFat will have some competition as ShotgunShuffle mascot, though it may be about time for him to retire for medical reasons anyway plus I’d imagine it takes up a lot of his day what with all the appearances at kid’s parties and board meetings and press conferences and book signings.

    iNimbus: A little companion that follows the main character around and collects and stores intimate details about her life and the people she meets, making it readily available to corporate advertisers, the government, and any hackers who manage to crack Ellie’s password (“theLazy1”). I’d be enraged at the invasion of privacy here, but he’s just so dern cute!

    1. After the first night of purchase, McFatFat slowly turns around, wielding his ammo bandolier of +5 stealth, +15 maneuverability and +24/7/365 longevity. He pulls out his jump boots of +7 height, Nintendo Power Gloves of +3 interaction and his Jedi Light Saber of +3 Vader.

      After seeing the iNimbus rain interactive data upon his sweet caretaker as she is floating over the bed, three feet over the bed, he launches his aerial feline ninja attack with +1 Martial Art Stealth.

      1. Or alternatively he’ll do just his Kirby impersonation and swallow it whole. He’d totaly wear the bandolier while doing it though.

        1. But it’s made of iNimbus nano particles, which will just float out of the closest exit of the gastro-intestinal system (canal) or kill McFatFat by blasting through all of his DNA, nuclear membranes, cellular membranes, Kirby functioning system and hair follicles, thus rendering him a pool of kitty faster than the Ebola Virus in “OUTBREAK” with Dustin Hoffman.

    2. I’d like to see the iNimbus more like the parrot Dave Attel said he’d like to have in a skit. He said he wouldn’t teach it obscene phrases, but things he wants to remember that would be helpful later. The ones I remember were “Stand in a doorway in case of an earthquake” and “No one has freckles on their ass, wear a condom.”

      1. I somehow doubt the second one is true but don’t know for a fact, I was good friends with someone who was VERY heavily freckled (natural redhead, 100% Irish with the super pale skin to go with it) and I would bet money she was freckled on her bottom but I couldn’t say for sure.

        1. Still, good advice is good advice.

          If I had a parrot, I would teach it to make a sound like barking dogs, so that it could frighten away intruders.

  4. Soo..will we get a delicious dose of Quidditch some time in the future?? Hahahaha Ellie riding on a cloud…lol.

    okay okay

    Ellie totally deserves to treat herself though. for reals.

      1. I didn’t get the Dragonball reference until others were pointing it out (after all, Nimbus is just a type of cloud). Guess that just goes to show how long it’s been since I’ve actually watched it.

        It’s almost time for me to make another run through the series. It’s just sooooo looooong… And I have so little time in my day what with all the board meetings and press conferences and book signings and…

        1. The golden nimbus goes back to the Chinese legend of the Monkey King which Toriyama gleefuly phlem-gerized when he created Dragon Ball. For another fun take on the legend if you’ve played Sleeping Dogs (which you totally should) you can get a Monkey King costume for your character complete with a Nimbus motorcycle that leaves behind a trail of clouds as you ride it around.

        2. Ah, but the iNimbus is only available in white, black, silvery blue (featured in the comic), moldy green, roadkill red, and purple. No golden nimbus. Maybe the iNimbus 5?

          But yes, I am mildly familiar with the Journey to the West story and I’ve heard of Songoku the Monkey King, born from a rock, wielding some kind of spear or rod that can extend infinitely (erotic, no?), and riding around on a cloud. Didn’t he also give Buddha the bird or pee all over the rug in his office or steal his lunch out of the fridge or something else disrespectful? Total badass.

        3. Walks though grade schools, snatches books from the hands of kids going between classes, signs them with cartoon characters’ names, and then hands them back to the confused (and sometimes crying) kids.

          It’s a harmless pastime, really.

        4. Seeing their upset little faces… makes it all worth it.

          This week has been mostly Hannah Barbara characters. Next week: Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

    1. >ahem< She's too physically imbalanced and un-symetrical to ride a cloud. Her center of gravity will continuously swing off center, thus making the cloud ride to dangerous.

  5. take your time on the book =3 (Just make sure you have one for me when it happens) ;D Then I can sit down and reread them instead of waiting for my internet to slowly load them xD

      1. Yeah, I think my luck for the previous avatar roulette was a better one. Quinn covering Ellie’s mouth from a comic titled 100% Hamster Powered was a good one. Angry Tired Guy isn’t as amusing, though I’ve certainly had people accuse me of the “You kids get off my lawn!” attitude as well, so not completely inappropriate.

        1. So for the testing someone was doing, does it pick a different avatar from name differences and e-mail? I’d assumed it did a hash on e-mail and picked the avatar from that. Is the above proof that it hashes on name too and not just e-mail?

        2. For things like this I put in the e-mail address that’s reserved for things that will send me marketing. So far no webcomics have appeared to abuse that, but easier to do that way anyway.

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