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Insistence is Futile

Should be two more strips and we're into Chapter 4. Typically a dialogue such as this I'd work towards pumping out in one comic. I don't prefer one convo taking up an entire week, but everything said is important to the first half of the next chapter. I also hope the cosplay topics don't seem in excess to some of you. I'm not into cosplay myself. I don't have a problem with it obviously, but it's not really something that overly interests me personally. It is, however, the story platform to cover Pumpkin's part of the strip. Which is this. As I've stated before, each sister has their own 'plot B' segment in the comic, so this explains her heavy saturation in the story right now.

78 thoughts on “Insistence is Futile

    1. Which reaction, exactly?

      This is how my brother and I interact all the time- he’s got a little bit of a temper and I’m much better at letting stuff just slide off. Usually though instead of stomping away it leads to the two of us punching each other.

  1. Whoa. Second comment, really?
    Anyways, I really liked this banter between them, even if it did take up some time. I feel like Ms. Mass Effect aka Yes-I-Forget-Her-Name-Sue-Me-For-Not-Looking-For-It is a bit of a liberal cynic.
    And now I’m going to call those people on Tumblr who hate anyone who they think is “privileged” a liberal cynic, because that’s just kind of a neat little phrase.

  2. I love the interaction of these two.
    Though I must say I hope there is a moving sidewalk under him and that’s the only way we see him moving for the rest of the con, just kind of sliding through panels.
    And at the last one not noticing and falling flat on his rump.

      1. I’m pretty sure too, just doesn’t mean that I don’t like the idea.
        That or their walking towards the camera and he popped from one side to the other, pretty easy that way… but I still like the idea of a moving sidewalk

    1. I wondered the same thing, but I Urban Dictionar-ied it ’cause I wasn’t gonna assume anything rather than scrolling down through the comments.

      So, according to UD, “BLF” is “Best Lady Friend” which is traditionally used by guys who hang out often with a girl they’re not sleeping with. I don’t consider myself trendy or worldly, so I’ve no idea how much this is used.

      Makes sense if K is of an alternative sexuality and Pumpkin’s [undeclared] and they’re not assuming anything…
      Doesn’t make sense if…

      I’m overthinking this. Rusche already said “Good guess.”
      Time to readjust priorities. :)

  3. Calling it now…. She’s going to end up giving Pumpkin a ride home, alone, no Ellie. There’s going to end up being something ‘wierd’ said, and an awkward pause (dare I say…pregnant pause?) and we’ll find out for sure if Pumpkers is or isn’t……errr, no, sadly, some joke will happen and we’ll all still be guessing, won’t we…..

        1. Now I’m picturing Pumpkin diving into a pool filled with dollar-bills, Scrooge McDuck style.

        2. I’m more picturing Pumpkin making her “D’awww!” face while hugging a giant bag with a dollar sign on it.

        3. … I can totally picture Pumpkin on the cover of Soldier Of Fortune, eyes shut, and wearing a huge grin, while holding up a bag of (probably) blood diamonds in one hand and an AK-47 in the other.

        4. An AK man!? What is wrong with you. Give her a Mossburg or Spas and make the title fully true.

    1. I’d be very surprised if Rusche decided to actually clear anything up in that regard. First, Pumpkin’s underage and propositioning a minor is still illegal for same gender minor as far as I’ve ever heard. Second, I think it’s a deliberate subtext that I doubt would be resolved. If it were ever brought to light in a way Pumpkin had to address, I’d imagine she’d give a, “I guess I haven’t really thought about it”-type answer (i.e. something that’s potentially sincere, but doesn’t answer the question for either future or past).

  4. That is interesting. He really had the most practical solution to the entire thing right there in the first panel. *grabs popcorn*

    1. I’m thinking those two have been friends for a while and he was just using it as an excuse to press Kat’s buttons a bit. Really, any conversation you end with a crotch-thrust was probably trolling from the get-go.

        1. I remember, doing the shotgun,
          Shufflling those moments with Blue
          Then Tarra would hit me,
          And the Dheu would be calling:

          Let’s Shotgun Shuffle again!
          Let’s Shotgun Shuffle again!

    2. I still don’t get why, if they really think it could be such a problem, they don’t just mention it to Pumpkin and have her call her parent’s first to get their approval. (there’s this awesome new invention some of you might have heard of called a cell-phone) The worst that could happen is that they say “no” and that at least resolves the dilemma.

      It seems like they are arguing over the best way to ask for forgiveness rather than just seeking permission.

      1. …I wouldn’t trust a high school girl’s word about her parents saying something that could be mistaken in a sexual manner was ok. High schoolers, as a breed, aren’t always terribly prone to paying attention to what their parents say when it’s inconvenient.

        Also, the most elegant solution is, in fact, mentioning the concern to Pumpkin and she states, “Oh, my 19-year-old sister with enormous boobs is here too. Drop us both off and make sure Mom catches you checking her out and it’s all good.”

  5. Twelfth! Seriously, this is hilarious. Maybe between Pumpkin and Kat’s button-pressing friend (whose name escapes me), we’ll see Kat take a few chill pills before her next appearance. Even if not, I am glad this is wrapping up. It was a good storyline but I am starting to miss Quinn.

  6. Lesbifriends!

    And really, Katrina, you’re protesting entirely too much here, I’d say. If you DIDN’T want in on this, you would have agreed with Damien’s plan.

    1. I could see concern for him as cause to express initial concern, especially with reading Pumpkin right that she’s planning to come and hang out and watch him work somewhat. A raised eyebrow to start could turn into something nasty with some parents, and hers are an unknown quantity at this time. Though I doubt “My dad’s police chief of the city we live in” would reassure, either.

      I’m not sure if I think she would’ve exited the conversation Wed if she really didn’t care or if she has such a strong attraction to the hobby horse for her personal beliefs that she’d keep arguing for argument’s sake.

  7. I want to live in world where no one has ulterior motives. Maybe for just one day a year everyone on the face of the planet agrees to be complete and totally honest with each other.

    I wonder if it would drive us towards utopia or the downfall of society?

      1. What are you asking about- that why would I want everyone to be totally and completely honest all at once or that what I question if total honesty is really the best course of action for humanity as a whole?

        1. I just want to make sure I’m responding to right comment, or if I want to respond at all.
          I’ve had my fair share of experiences where I get into a debate/discussion with someone and then 6 posts down the line it turns out we’re completely arguing past each other.

          Depending on how I answered, it could direct the conversation in at least 2 very different directions.

        2. No, we just didn’t want to explain CptNerd’s joke to you because that’d drain all the humor out of it. I fear we’ve failed since you think we’re arguing. :(

          Unless of course… someone sabotaged us…

        3. Oh, sorry. I tend to be kinda oblivious when it comes to jokes in a medium like this.
          You’ll need to dial the subtlety back a bit, to about “like dropping a piano” levels.

    1. I’d enjoy the planetary honesty day, but I’m also cynical enough to suspect the people I’d really want to see that day would stay home and avoid seeing or talking to anyone.

      That reminds me that I’ve wanted since college a day that everyone gets one free attempt to punch every other person on the planet. If they successfully dodge, you’re done until next year with that person.

      I wonder whose day more people would stay home/avoid everyone for. Sad as it is, I think it might be yours.

  8. And now her cosplay of Liara makes soooo much more sense. Nice way to heap on the theory people have about Pumpkin mate lol

  9. Just thought of a horrible joke. Could probably be a flashback or something.

    Family is sitting around the table at thanksgiving. It’s dessert time so there’s pumpkin pie.

    One sister (probably Anise due to appetite) asks another to pass some pumpkin and Pumpkin get picked up by one of the other sisters and handed over to to Sister 1. She replies “I meant the pie, not the sibling.”

    1. I could see that happening once one of Ginger’s brood gets big enough to pick up Aunt Pumpkin. I suppose Tarra might do it if distracted enough, but I don’t see any of the other sisters manhandling Pumpkin that easily (with only Cinn making an honest mistake in the request).

    1. I’m actually hoping he’ll show up again in a background somewhere, like how Juniper’s picture showed up on the liquor store blacklist.

        1. I was kinda hoping he wouldn’t. Like someone would have the TV on in the background, and he’d appear in costume on To Catch a Predator.

  10. Hmmm…he may be onto something. She’s already started crushing on Pumpkin and hopes she can become Pumpkins older creepy girlfriend.

  11. I go away on vacation for a week so instead of one week I’m catching up on two … and you went and jack the website up a notch of coolness. Way to spin my head, bud. :D I especially like the animated pic you have for what I presume is a live Twitter update banner. Your comic and your site continue to evolve and I haven’t seen a change yet that I don’t like, it just keeps getting better.

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