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Instant Transmission

I'm progressively feeling better today after another long weekend of being hit by a truck. Hopefully this keeps up. A couple weeks ago I talked about how we lost our WalMart here. Annnd how our mayor is a dope for saying "Good riddance. Anything  people want in this town they can already find in our stores that have served this community for years before." Well apparently they had a tax auditor do the town's tax revenue for the year. This WalMart opened at the beginning of 2015, closed last month. So open for just a year. Tax revenue for our backwoods mountain town (with daily brownouts and no cell service) in 2014 ended up being $400k. With WalMart in 2015 = $800k. This one tiny Marketplace WalMart doubled our town's income. Plus provided jobs. WalMart has its pros and cons, we all know them. But this was an obvious plus for our little community, and everyone in town now thinks our mayor is an economic ignoramus. So that's in WalMart's plus collum. Now I'm going to hate on them. Recently went to the 45-minute-away supercenter. I usually browse the movies (and every WalMart I've been to has a God Awful selection of movies.) I bought Gravity, The Martian, and Spectre, Both space movies were great, and being a huge Bond fan, I saved the best for last. bond 2 So I pop in the disk without looking at it right... This is my screen when it starts up. skyfall 01 So I'm like Waitaminute... did I get Skyfall for free? I knew there were multiple disks and a bunch of bullcrap text on the cover but.. bond 2 bond 1 THE HELL MAN! I so got conned. I so got caught being a dumbass idiot consumer. All those times I was so cocky about never getting scammed. SO SCAMMED! It's the damn Daniel Craig Collection with a friggen cardstock photo inside the shrinkwrap. It wouldn't suck so bad if I didn't already own all these movies. So no Spectre. I don't even know when it's coming out. I just saw it and geeked so hard I didn't care. Reminds me of the time back in August FYE was closing in Huntsville. I raided their Bond section. It was just so cheap. So I bought one I saw in the theaters but ultimately wasn't impressed with. bond 5 Like Octopussy, Die Another Day is considered one of the over the top shark jumping editions. Stupid gadgets, stupid plot, stupid premise and concept. But it's 75% off of $3.99. That's like... a bunch of math off the price. Several months later, bored, you know... why the hell not. Take off the wrapper FYE put on. bond 4 Wouldnt be so bad but I ALREADY OWN THAT MOVIE. You were close FYE. "DIE" is in the title. Well there's a second disk.. maybe I'll get lucky... bond 3 Disk 2 Bonus Features. Movie Gallery owned this before FYE. Movie Gallery bought it, sold it to a customer. Customer sells it to FYE. This blackmarket scam could've been going on for years. FFS. So anyway. We're all dooped sometime. Accident, or intentional. It's life.

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    1. Well, in the book, Dracula could change the weather. So, maybe our good friend here is Nash-ula, the Vampire Lord of Stupid People on The Internet.

      (Seriously, dude looks like Nash from What the F**k is Wrong With You?)

  1. LOL WTF!?!?!?! he appeared out of nowhere like some assassin out of a anime or manga or like one of those silent protectors (which he is) who shows up when the main’s back is turned….dam is he gonna wack him or suck his blood because thats the aura I get off him in that last panel lol

    1. Let’s hope that the next Mayor, Mayor McStupidCheese knows how to gewgle the interwebs. Then they may know that the town can be put on the map for something other than spray cheese in a can.

      1. Sir, our spray cheese in a can industry is second to none! Well…except all of Wisconsin…but still! It’s a very big deal around here!

        We have a whole PARADE for our spray cheese in a can. We figure maybe this year we can get that guy who does that doodle thingy on the interweb, that Chris…um…Roo-schay to come in. He’s a big deal, right?

        1. Dear Mayor Stupidhead,

          While I am not in direct representation of Mr. Roo/\schay, I am in direct representation of one of the taller fans of his doodle thingy on the interweb. I can inherently and succinctly state that indeed, he is a big deal.

        2. Just consider it the same level of difference as lightning and a lightning bug. There are quite a few words I consider similarly different once you add another word to them to get a common concept.

  2. Mind control/compulsion is a pretty common vampire power. Let’s see how he pulls it off!

    Also being that he may be some sort of superhuman/quasihuman, I totally ship him and Tarra now :P time to get started on the fanfics :P

  3. From looking at the specter card, it looks like you should get a digital version of the movie, so at least there’s that (no watching on the TV without hooking it up to a computer though). Was there a sticker on the back of the card, or an insert in the DVD case? I know Walmart is all about physical copies with digital added on.

    1. Yep, they were actually selling the digital copy under cover of the faux façade in that one. Saw it myself, and almost got duped myself. That is cool, if you use Vudu, or something, but not if you want the disk.

      1. Know what I ran across in a store of COOP (one of the biggest retail companies in Switzerland)?

        A stand with Spectre dvds and blurays in the left row, the David Craig Collection in the middle and Spectre dvds and bluerays again in the right row.

    1. Maybe he already doesn’t remember it happened. Damien’s hand being on his head in the next to last panel could be interpreted him as holding his head while feeling disoriented. He looks kind of confused in the last panel to me.

      1. Consider the Black Friday arc, or almost anything to do with Tarra. The laws of physics appear to be a bit more casual at times in the comic’s universe. We’re not entirely sure just how casual they get, so this might not be as shocking as we might otherwise think.

    1. Well, the N’s look kinda lightning bolt-ish, and the scar in the books/movies was from encountering Voldemort, so two N/lightning bolts means 2 run in with the big V.

      1. So glad that you explained what the FX guy’s comment meant. I know it’s hard to believe, but some of us haven’t seen Harry Potter. :-o

        1. I just went back to that arc (because why not?) and dads lightning bolt comment. Then I read the rest of Black Friday. Then I had a realization regarding Gingers kids & their names: I knew about Tag (pound sing/”hashtag”) Ampersand (&) and…blanking on spelling, but (@) but I never quite got Percy. Just looked at the breakfast screen with Rosemary grilling the girls. Percy (%) percent. The things I finally realize a year & a half later (at one in the morning, no less)

        2. While that would have been a hilarious coincidence, I haven’t been to a Denny’s in years (despite there being one less than 2 miles from home)

        3. I go to a Denny’s at least once a year. But fret not people. Cyber convention (SisterCon ’16) on March the third at your local place of the international kind of pancakes. Log into the chat room at 20:00 hours EST (8 p.m.), Quinn’s page from the icons on the left of the page. Let’s see what happens.

  4. I would’ve returned that Wal-Mart one. They should take it.

    Interestingly enough, I had read that in every town a Home Depot popped up in, the small businesses took a hit in profits the first year, but after two years, the small businesses all started making MORE profits than they had before.

    I know our local Home Depot sends costumers to the smaller place that originally tried to keep it from being built (and did for quite a while) and they’re making more money. :p

    1. They’d take it, sure, but is it worth the additional 45 minute drive each way to get there (plus however long the actual exchange would take). Unless it was a rather pricy collection (the movie section of Walmart usually isn’t described that way) the hour & a half, and gas money, and danger of impulse buys, and anything else that could arise from another Walmart trip probably would make the trip not worth it.

      Now, if it was a 10 min drive that wouldn’t even be a decision, it’s already done.

      1. This is why one of the few things that I will go to a walmart store for just about one thing now. And it’s irritating. Two litre bottles of Diet Royal Crown Cola. But since a walmart neighborhood grocery popped up with a pharmacy, I’ve only gaged those doors once.

        That store was also reported to not have been planning on putting in a pharmacy, but they put one in, with a drive through even.

    2. Some of that depends on the area and what you’re in the market for. When Lowes moved into the Dayton area, they carried everything and drove a lot of other local stores out of business. Once they had, they reduced their inventory. We couldn’t drive by a Lowes for about a decade at one point without my dad mentioning some of those things he couldn’t find any more.

  5. Once I was at a Toys R Us and I saw a Barbie I wanted but on closer inspection the Barbie in the box was NOT the Barbie that was supposed to be in the box, as per the picture on the box. Someone had bought it, switched out the Barbie and returned it. I took it up to customer service and showed them and they could not for the life of them understand that the Barbie in the box differed from the one pictured on the box and differed from the others in the other boxes of the same product.

    1. Although nowadays you can take a picture with your cell phone camera and start a tweet or something about it, with the picture included. That might change their minds about it not being faulty at all rather quickly.

        1. Have I? (ô_o)

          I don’t particularily remember any.

          (Not that I can’t take them. But at nearly 5’10”, I’m not really prone anymore to getting some either. ;) )

  6. Even though I know his boss got some other reason for employing the blonde…. I like that his employees are willing to protect her from stupid BS like this.

  7. Ellie looks too sad and creeped out in the first panel. This date is turning into quite an unusual emotional rollercoaster. Without the extreme highs and lows of passion and depression usually implied by that metaphor. Boring, frustrating, self determination, redeemed, optimistic, confused/curious…. Creeped out.

  8. On first view, I actually thought that Durkin had gripped Damien’s head in panel four. Looking closer it was obvious that it was Damien himself, but it seemed to make sense at first.

  9. This is about your Bond post… I had something happen to me but in reverse. I was 14, just had some birthday money come in and I wanted to buy a game for my Gameboy (the OG original so that’s how old I am) and I went to my local Warehouse music since I lived in a farm town and its the only place I could get this kind of stuff. I saw they had a copy of the game boy port of Megaman 3… I WANT… well it cost more than the birthday money I had. Its funny, in the 90’s games cost $60 for new titles and now 20 years later of inflation they are cheaper. Anyways couldn’t get Megaman 3 but they had a copy of the Megaman 2 port… well what the hell it was $25 and I could afford that… Took it to the register… it scans up for $8…. well I am not going to say no… so I get out of there with my game before a manager can come over and say that’s not right… I get the game home and open up the box… somehow someone swapped out Megaman 2 and put in the Megaman 3 game. Holy shit I just double bonused rolled.
    The port sucked though and with typical teenage attention span I got bored within a week and then sold it back to a used game store for 3 times what I paid for it.

        1. I still remember running out of energy on the Rush Submarine before a deadly water bit and it taking me quite a while to realize that Rush Jet works exactly the same way in water… so naive…

      1. Maybe. Malice vs incompetence and all that.

        While it definitely isn’t too difficult to find someone who’s not that firmly against theft, I find mistakes and glitches and screw ups to be so highly abundant that they really are more likely in most circumstances.

        1. Doesn’t something like that seem just like the “Perfect Storm” of coincidences? I mean it’s probably before security cameras were cheap enough to cover the sales floor vs. Just the register. Along with paper inventory and such. Like a database for the UPC, srong finger on the store’s UPC database or sales codes.

          But when it comes to the placing of the cartridge into the packaging at the factory would have to be seriously messed up. Especially considering the time between developing game one and game two of the series.

        2. I’d assumed he was talking about buying used, not new. Although, these days a lot of places open new things before selling them (for DVD-form-factor sorts of things, I’ve been told that the folded/sealed plastic is factory, the heat sealed stretched generally means the store opened it).

        3. Uhm, aren’t those backwards? The factory can do heat sealing cheaper and with more control, where as more recently the stores have been using pre-glued plastic for their opened items.

        4. From what I’ve heard the machine for the rectangular wrapped plastic wrapping is much more expensive than the machine for the heat sealing. I think the heat sealing one might be more versatile too. So that’s what stores get. I think the rectangular wrapped ones are easier without a human in the loop, though, so better for assembly lines.

          I could be wrong, though. It’s just a hazy memory from somewhere.

  10. Ah, now I know why the vampire was lurking nearby.

    “So you want to go on a date with that girl? Well here, go to the website on this card and sign up. Enter the promotional code ‘ROOMMATES’ and get a $10 gift card to Red Lobster.”

        1. Any time I hear Corporate communications talking about focusing on ethics I always have an impulse to ask how they’re planning to compensate for the tendency of sociopathy to show up in management (in general, not for the company in specific).

        2. Haha yes – “Let’s all focus on ethics for a minute so we can have awareness of the right course of action while still doing the self-serving thing anyway.”

  11. Hey hey people. Mr. Blue here with the latest stats for your mathematical delights.

    SHOTGUN SHUFFLE is currently holding the #41 slot on the Top Web Comics list with a total of 1,405 accumulated votes. This is a break down of 78 votes per day for the previous 18 days accumulated for this month. This is good. However, if I had divided by 19, it’d be an average of 73.9 or 74 votes per day.

    We’ve got 70 votes a day, average. This is good. We need a base of at least 70 votes per day, however, it would be great if we could get that base vote up to at least 90 votes per day. If we had that, we would go from the 41st slot on TWC into the area of 30 – 32 based on current voting totals.

    Also, in some other portion of the responses, it has been suggested that March 3rd be the suggested date for Sister Con ’16.

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