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When Pumpkin stares into the dark mirror, will she see herself? Tarragon does.

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  1. I’d say given that response, Tarra is going to play the role Ellie usually plays for Pumpkin, the understanding and accepting sister. That’ll be a nice change for Tarra’s character given how she’s always been a little arrogant and almost standoff-ish

    I would also like to submit this comment to the Council of Firsts for consideration for the status of First Comment

    1. I’m not part of the Council, but you’ve more than exceeded the ‘Talk about the Comic’ word count, so you got it! ?

    2. I don’t disagree, but I think it’s more likely Tarra will establish dominance more than anything else, one does not challenge the eldest sibling lightly.

    3. I am not an official member of the Council. I don’t even know who created it in the first place. I must point out, however, that although you have exceeded the word requirement, as mentioned by I’am a Redguard!, you failed to use the word “first” in a matter that does not reference being “first” to comment. Instead, you referenced your first commenter status by invoking the name of the Council and requesting the recognition they normally provide. This is an error, therefore I believe they will probably deny your request for consideration.
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    4. I predict that Tarragon will give Pumpkin lots of advice.

      My only question is whether Tarragon will be reasonable or unreasonable. Tarragon has so far been presented as quite a bit of a loose cannon who cares more about impressing others than she should… she’s genuinely impressive but she wants to make sure you know it. (She once knocked a hole in a wall with her bare fists, right next to a door she simply could have opened.)

      We could see another side to Tarragon now: that if she wants to she can calmly give good advice to her younger sister. She might grow as a character. Or, not: we could also see her make the situation worse by talking down to Pumpkin.

      Tarragon could also decide to bring the other sisters in to this discussion. But she wouldn’t ever want to bring the parents in; the Buckingham sisters sort things out among themselves.

      P.S. My own personal head-canon holds that Tarragon, whether she consciously has this thought or not, wants to be “the most interesting person in the world”; and therefore has definitely tried out sex with both women and men (and possibly both at the same time). According to my head-canon she would want to check off lots of boxes on the sex checklist because that’s what the most interesting person in the world would do, and not because she was actually in love with any of the people she took to bed. (Maybe she hasn’t ever been in love yet. It might do her some good to meet someone she genuinely cares about.)

      P.P.S. Pumpkin is threatening to “BTFO” Tarragon, whatever exactly that means, but I don’t think Pumpkin could take Tarragon in a fight. But the traditional Buckingham sister fight involves involuntary hair-cutting, and Pumpkin is already wearing her hair short. I dunno, maybe Tarragon will shave Pumpkin’s head or something.

  2. This can go three ways …

    Bad — Tarra tells Pumpkin to grow up and like guys like a normal person.

    Very bad — Tarra mocks Pumpkin for getting “friend zone so quickly like the loser she is.”

    Worst — Tarra wants Pumpkin to ‘man up’ and get the girl, and she is willing to help.

    Well, bad for S.S. PumpQuin but excellent for us as an audience ;)

      1. …or get “butt the f**k out”, doesn’t make sense. If the “get” wasn’t there, then “butt the f**k out” would work. Or this is just some bad english.

        1. It’s from the days of old flip phones when texts had very limited characters, worse than Twitter, so abbreviations had to be found for things. It’s also where WTF comes from. It’s a late 90’s/early 00’s thing.

  3. Pumpkin flat out lying (“practicing a play!”) is not a good look for her, especially since it was so transparent (“…and that’s why I’m angrily threatening you!”)

    1. No…that’s not really a lie. That’s a THREAT. They’re very different animals.

      “This is the story. You will agree with the story or I will beat the hell out of you.”

      Though a Pumpkin / Tarragon fist fight doesn’t exactly sound like a winning proposition for Pumpkin. Maybe she can get an edge from her time as Pumpagon? Who can tell?

    2. My read is that Pumpkin was engaging in banter. She’s not really joking around but she is willing to say things in a bantering way.

      There’s an old trope where someone overhears something and the person overheard claims to have been practicing a play. Here Pumpkin tees that up, and then finishes with a statement that cannot possibly be interpreted as a play. It’s the same exact pattern as “I’m really humble… I’m like a god at being humble and it makes me better than everyone else in the world.”

  4. “Practicing a play” is a clich√© response to having been overheard or having been seen engaging in forbidden romance (usually same-sex romance) or some other unacceptable activity. The example that most people are likely to be familiar with is the “Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me…” scene from Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.

    Pumpkin is thoroughly genre savvy, so she is saying it sarcastically, since she knows that any cover story, especially one so trite, is impossible, given that Quinn just said “Anything that rescues me from this conversation” which solidly identifies the exchange as an actual conversation, not a frankly unbelievable bit of pre-written dialog from a stage production.

    Another example of this in the wild is this El Goonish Shive strip where the two girls were just caught kissing, and the first thing that pop out of one of their mouths was…

  5. I’m feeling this might be a “stop going after grown-ass women when you are a child” talk. I mean, how would that even start to fly if it had been reciprocated? If it’s not, then this is a missed opportunity.

    1. No, there is a “get” in there. I think it must be something like: “Tarragon had better Shut The F*** Up or get Broken The F*** Off”

      From context the clear meaning is “stop talking about this or I will make you suffer some kind of unpleasant consequence”. I’m not at all clear on the precise translation of “BTFO”.

      1. I was leaning towards “get Beaten the F Up” but the O makes it more likely Off? but that /cant/ be right. that would mean something else >_>

  6. for all the comments wondering about BTFO – it means “Blown the Fuck Out”, as in beaten, humiliated. Think of when a sports match is called a “blow out”.

  7. huh…

    some quick observations:
    – Tarra’s birthmarks are becoming more noticeable…
    – Early on, Sister X pointed out that the earlier form of Tarra-Forming caused cancer (thus her “X” marks)
    – At some point, we know that Tarra will lose her ponytail (though whether that’s from being cut or from chemo/rad therapy is unknown)
    – Pumpkin has recently become much more aggressive

    Possible theory: could it be that Pumpkin actually does defeat Tarra and takes her ponytail?

    1. Anise took the pony tail. And I think the cancer was responsible for the breast reduction, in some weird Ellieverse way.

      1. > I think the cancer was responsible for the breast reduction, in some weird Ellieverse way.
        Well, I mean, mastectomies are a thing IRL.

  8. Everyone (including Pumpkin) seems to be girding for some sort of knock-down, drag-out confrontation.

    I bet Tarra’s more likely to go for a disarming hug.

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