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Irritable Sister Syndrome Part 2

Thanks to those of you working on/creating the wiki. I'm really truly flattered. Some of my friends will probably remember in the early days one of my goals was to have a webcomic people liked enough, they'd start a wiki for it. Honest to God. Now we just have TV show and action figures to get to. lol The link is here. Don't just type it in. It's slightly misspelled. But honestly, that's what makes it so great. http://shotghunshufflefans.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page Since commentor TheLastOutlaw started it, I'll let him pick a character for the right sidebar and I'll make a new thumbnail for the link to go with the other three. Thanks all.

127 thoughts on “Irritable Sister Syndrome Part 2

      1. Look at Juniper closer, I don’t think she looks blase, I don’t think she’s even registered yet that she isn’t still bent over the toilet. Her hands are hooked like she’s still holding onto the seat and she looks like she’s hunched over like she’s either just about to hurl or passed out right afterward. If you flip the panel upside down you can picture her clutching the edge of the bowl and tossing her cookies. Though she really should pull her hair back before doing that. Hair barf is the worst barf.

        1. Being a dude doesn’t prohibit one from having long hair. Back in the days of yore when I was still living the metal lifestyle I had the shortest hair in my band and it still reached between my shoulder blades. Plenty long enough to get your own yak on. Though I never had it personally happen I know from others experience, no matter how dire the need to vomit you ALWAYS take the split second to check where your hair is before letting chunks fly. I grew up with a younger sister and have since helped more than one lady friend hold her hair while she barfs. It’s one of those weird life skills one picks up. And if you ever do find yourself holding the hair of a lady friend while she is praying to the porcelian god, it’s very handy (and will earn you many brownie points even if they may not be immediately redeemable) to have a glass of water handy.

        2. Past tense. I am now very boring, married, have kids and enjoy my webcomic based drinking games responsibly from the privacy of my own home. As a side note, is this her go to line? Like “how you doin’?” from Friends?

  1. Love the comic. Big fan.

    Did cringe, however, at the “shouldn’t of” :(

    Should either be “shouldn’t’ve” or “shouldn’t have.” Wish I wouldn’t have seen it, but my eyes, they do as they please.

    1. I think it’s funny that you keyed in on the “shouldn’t of” (you’re right – totally wrong, but yet, totally Anise), and completely overlooked the “ate”

      1. Solid point. However, someone in a comic saying “have ate” instead of “have eaten” is allowable, as I don’t expect characters to use perfect grammar in a fantasy world. When someone SAYS “shouldn’t’ve” it SOUNDS like “shouldn’t of” and the problem was that it was typed in the strip that way. Presumably, Anise said the right thing, it was just typed incorrectly.

        Hard to describe the difference perfectly, but hopefully that got the point across? Lol.

        1. But Anise strikes me as the sort of person who would have written it as “shouldn’t of”. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t realize the correct phrase is “shouldn’t have”.

        2. From personal experience, nothing counts except having clean undies on for AFTERWARDS.

          So, everything literally gets tossed out the window. Well, perhaps except for Mr. Rainbow, but hell, if there was a window, she’d have been on the other side of it at that point.

        3. I’ve heard “shouldn’t of” my whole life. It works for me. Otherwise the flow-of-speech-to-text would translate into “shouldn’t’ve ate”…??
          That seems like even wronger grammar.

        4. oh, I totally get it – I just thought it was funny…

          I used to enrage my english major SO by saying “I’m smarter than you’re”

        5. I’ve always thought that a character’s dialog in a comic should match how they’d be likely to spell it written, so I actually find “shouldn’t of” appropriate. One of those bits for adding extra information/personality in a small space.

  2. I get to pick the sidebar character to represent the wiki? Awesomesauce.

    Considering the borken url it seems appropriate that Juniper would be the face of the wiki. (If I hadn’t borked the url I would probably have picked KK.)

    As far as the comic I think it’s hilarious that Anise considers twelve hours to be “cutting it close” it’s also funny that she had at least two to go plates and why is she carrying a broken pocket watch? Junipers oddly resigned face in the last panel makes me chuckle. It pretty much says, “meh, not the first time and probably not the last.” I wonder if Anise would have tossed anyone else so casually aside if Juniper hadn’t been there?

    As far as the wiki goes, thanks to those of you who have already started helping out, you probably won’t see much participation beyond minor edits from me during the work week but never fear, I won’t be abandoning it in its infancy.

    1. Pretty much your entire third paragraph can be summed up with “It’s Anise. What did you expect?”

      As for the tossing, I was actually wondering if she knew she was tossing Juniper out of a stall. Or if Anise does not yet know that the “skank” in question is actually her sister. That’s easy enough to figure–clearly Anise is on the run–but then, Anise was also the first to point out that Juniper lived in a “ditch” back in the birthday party.

    2. Does Junipers skirt (or dress, can’t quite tell with her jacket) only have the black stripe down one side by design or continuity oops? Either way, it looks cool. It makes it a bit more visually striking.

        1. And unless, depending upon the ability to get the primary objective done for Juniper, Anise may have to sit and smell something that she totally doesn’t want tooo… Which may exacerbate pummeling later on.

        2. Thursday night? I thought it was Friday morning. Isn’t that when we do the Christmas shopping?

          Is it seriously Thursday?

    3. You’re picking Juniper? Glassy-eyed drunk Juniper or wide-eyed, hand over mouth holding in the vomit Juniper?

      1. Mischevious, I just broke into somewhere I don’t belong and still won’t take shit from anyone.

        Glassy eyed drunk is a given

        1. I was going to go more along the lines of the implied drunkeness by assosciation would give any wiki errors (like typos in the url) that much more leeway.

          Don’t you have barfing to take care of or something?

        2. wrong sister, brah.

          Kind of like when Elwood grabs the wrong glass, and the wine guy says, “wrong glass, sir.” He don’t care. Just make with the Don Perignon dude. Right?

      1. Said wisps, however, could be on the blocked-out portion of the potential KK’s head. Note that nearly two thirds of her face is not visible.

        1. Possible but I’m not sure how likely that is. If you go back and look at a picture of KK her wisps are purposely brought forward over her ears, creating a distinctive arc of hair that is almost exactly even with her eye line, high enough that I think they would be visible in this pic since you can see from the persons ear to eyes even with the mostly blocked face. Though it might be foreshortened to the point where it isn’t easily visible. I’m not saying it absolutely can’t be KK, just that I think it’s not very likely.

  3. Groil. Or I guess that’s grrrroil.

    Nice onomatopoeic choice – pretty accurately describes what my stomach says after a big meal, it does.

    1. I can tell you what that sound feels like. It feels like having a cell phone on vibrate going off while it’s held in place on your waist between your pants and skin by a tight belt.

  4. I wonder if mall Santas get Thanksgiving off. I know there was a mall Santa at one mall I went to over a week before Thanksgiving this year. You know you’re getting old when you’re annoyed that Santa doesn’t even wait for Thanksgiving to show up any more. Darned holiday creep. They’ll be putting him in the stores before Halloween by the time my kids are old.

    Though I’m really boggled that Anise thought she could hold that sort of thing for 12 hours. When your stomach’s that mad at you, it’s not waiting a half hour, much less 12.

    1. I found myself astonished to stop in at a Hobby Lobby just ahead of Labor Day and see the Christmas tree display, fully decorated and ready to go.

  5. as if Ansie wasn’t weird enough she even has a broken pocket watch. really love how in depth the characterization is.

        1. You just seemed to be talking in character as a one of the sisters commenting. The person using Ginger’s avatar had commented previously under another name (and still does) and did that with a following “oops” so I was wondering if you’d done the same or not.

      1. Unless it’s something awesome, I’m going to be Mr. Blue for the remainder of the shopping arc. Then I’ll go back to being Pat, pAt, p4T or whatever the icon wheel brings up to match the message and emo stuff.

        1. I think you may underestimate the tenacity and endurance of a die hard Black Friday shopper. Some attrition, maybe, but less than 50%.

        2. I know people who refused to let go of an item someone else tried to take and spent a few minutes lifted off the ground until managing to shame the other person into letting go during Black Friday shopping. Someone willing to do that is going to breath through her shirt for a while if necessary to get to that next deal.

        3. I didn’t know that someone had called in an impromptu ladies room sale. I thought that this was Shotgun Shuffle dot com, not Two broke girls on cbs.

      1. This comic is awesome, and in general the entire shopping storyline is going VERY strong. The build ups, the cracks appearing in the plan, the valiant efforts by the others to keep Juniper and team reject seperate lest they form some sort of singularity of epic fail coming to naught. The whole thing has the underlying vibe of impending chaos and hijinx. Have I mentioned I love chaos? I <3 chaos.

        Excuse me, I need to go pop some popcorn before the singularity of epic fail finishes coalescing. Be right back.

        1. Considering the attitude and frankness about Team Reject, I’m guessing Ginger is planning on primarily having Juniper pack-mule purchases back to her van and has a backup contingency arrangement with #2, #5, & #7 in case that falls through.

        2. I would think that Gin.. Mr. Grey would have nominated Mr. Redhead to be the chair of the backup contingency sub sisterhood council committee.

          And then, I would have expected Ta…. Mr. Redhead to have had several contingency plans in place to cover every possible situation, except for the use of nuclear weapons during an alien invasion while the Dunkin Donuts guy forgot to make the donuts.

        3. I don’t know about Tarra being go-to. I mean, you don’t use your queen to take out a piece that a pawn is able to take out.

  6. I love the expressions! lol
    A thought that I had after seeing this strip, have you ever made any wall papers for desk tops with your characters?

  7. Wow… somersaulting skank… I didn’t see that coming (and I doubt she did, either). I’ve heard of people “flipping” over Black Friday sales, but this is a bit ridiculous.

  8. With prices dropping as they are on 3D printers, and businesses starting to open up 3D printing on demand, I’d bet you’ll get the action figure wish before the TV show, unless you’d count a YouTube video (such as someone making an Anise “Hot for Santa” tribute video, as Mr. Blue suggested a few strips ago).

    I’m not sure I have a good guess for all the “action” figure’s actions, though:
    * Ginger – ??? not sure how to lay down the law in action figure form
    * Tarra – braid twirl (as breaking the laws of time and space is hard to do in plastic)
    * Anise – either eat or backhand justice delivery
    * Juniper – hurl
    * Ellie – go from standing pert and perky to slouched and sitting faster than any other character motion
    * Cinn – ??? maybe almost blink over soulless eyes
    * Pumpkin – wig replacement (comes with several cosplay wigs)
    * Quinn – ??? I’d say glare but that’s her rest state

    1. Quinn would come with the ability to either hold McFatfat on her lap or cock her arms back and throw him into a basketball hoop.

      1. Either that or “now with Kung-Fu Crotch Kick!”

        Cinn would have a pull-string and a voice chip that simply says the most passive aggressively insulting statements possible.

        1. I like it.

          I can also see, “Ha you little pervert, these clothes are painted on.” if marketed to boys, or “Oh…….you’re really gonna’ go out like that? What, no, no, never mind. You pull it off now that I think about it, don’t worry about it” if marketed to girls.

        2. Better than the Juniper doll’s voice chip.

          “So, uh, have any Ken dolls lying around? It’s okay, I have 70 points of articulation.”

  9. Y’know, funny you should mention a TV show, because sometime in the distant future, I was considering doing a faux-trailer for shotgun shuffle in flash. I will need to hone my skills considerably to do it justice though. So not anytime soon but the idea is on the backburner.

    1. That is so frickin awesome dude. I had mad 3d skills, I’d just have to buff them up, and then slave away to make 3d models of the girls and stuff.

      The only bad part is the gaps left with the 3d printing process. It’s not as fluid as you’d think. Kind of like 8-bit graphics compared to the stuff we’ve got up there. So, there’d be bondo, filing, sanding, filling, and other stuff. So, I’d guess unless someone were to come up with models from scratch or clay, then the molds would extend from that. Either that, or just raid squall mart for discount barbies, cut them up and rip off the heads to put suitable replaicements on em. Ken would be flabergasted to the max, ya know. Like totally gag me with a spoon.. spork.

      OH CRAP. … brb.

      1. I’ve gotten my feet wet with a 3D printer so I sort of know what you’re talking about. I have a contact in DC that runs a 3D print company if ever anything comes of this.

      2. http://www.geek.com/news/harvard-creates-software-for-3d-printing-articulated-action-figures-1506969/ and http://www.instructables.com/id/Turn-Yourself-into-a-3D-Printed-Action-Figure/ were items five and three respectively when I googled “3d printer action figure models”. Unfortunately Harvard is monetizing instead of releasing their tool (which I generally expect out of Harvard, to be honest), and the other one isn’t one with articulation, just a solid chunk.

        I’d think best strategy would be to use a generic female action figure frame (possibly pre-bought as something else, possibly from an online repository with some rough adjustments for proportions) and then do the Shotgun Shuffle character head separately and attach.

        1. It depends on the printer that you purchase, and the number of threads being fed to the item being made, and if one of those threads thermoforms into a support for the main item and can be removed through some sort of wash later on.

  10. I am sure that Anise could even give Tarra a run for her money if she had the right motivation – like making it to a stall on time or being first in line to sit on Santas lap or defending her third or fourth to go plate…quite the dark horse…

  11. Holy crap, when did the wiki thumbnail go up? I wasn’t expecting to see it until tomorrow at the earliest and just happened to notice it. Awesome =) Now any errors in the wiki can be blamed on Juniper’s drunken oversight and not my typing skills :D Thanks to those who have already helped out. Like yesterday morning after reading this comic I went straight to the wiki to document the fact Anise has I.B.S. and someone had already done it! Rock on guys.

    1. And of course you realize that you just unlocked the “must score achievements” part of my brain. I’m going to be sitting up at night wondering what other milestones may trigger a new sister thumbnail. Gotta get ’em all!

        1. Ha! I’d just be worried about how many NRA promoters would try to set up booths.

          Of course, you’d probably get big money by offering a tour of the area if it was held down there. “Okay, and on your left is IHOP. I get a gratuity by bringing you all here, so let’s all go get a Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity Breakfast, shall we?”

        2. Y’know… Since he features a not-IHOP IHOP and a not-McDonalds McDonalds, he could potentially offer them to set up food stands and stuff when the webcomic eventually hits con-level.

        3. I don’t know about IHOP, but I doubt McDonald’s has the sense of humor, or PR savvy, to laugh at themselves by setting themselves up as a fake O’Jack’s.

          It’d be easier for IHOP, though, as they could just put pictures of pancakes in various different traditional or stereotypical outfits for different parts of the world (“But Mom!!! I don’t want the pancake in lederhosen! Dad just wants the beer and you want me to have more protein from the sausage! I want the one in a fur parka, because they use pudding for the fake whale blubber!”)

        4. Or you could get someone like me who loves to cook willing to set up a booth with the fake company’s name. Fresh pancakes or grilled burgers if other people are willing to chip in towards ingredients (though the cost would probably go into the ShotgunCon ticket).

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