It’s a Psychobilly Freakout! -Pt1

Surgery went well. Was success. Incredibly painful. I'm in loads of pain right now actually, but I really wanted this comic pushed out. Hate for you guys to wait, and the story certainly wasn't at an easy, 'talking heads' point in terms of drawing. lol They only gave me enough pain pills for a week, and I've got 5 more weeks to persevere through this. I can sit, but I get super uncomfortable after a few hours. It's getting a bit easier each day fortunately, so you probably wont hear much more on it. The hydrocodone they gave me had me wired for over 48 hours, then after a few days, it continuously knocked me out. My last 2-3 doses felt like they did virtually nothing. So I guess it makes sense.  During the initial insomnia, I drew this 11x17 picture of Ellie. I'll make it one of the Patreon giveaways for December.  The last year+ of Patreon drawings have gone unannounced on the site. I've just been sending out old sketches to anywhere from 3-10 people a month.  One reason was the striking contrast of the old comic art I drew on paper, to the new art. I actually felt slightly guilty sending them the longer time went on because they didn't look nearly as good as the new stuff. Silly I know. Those dark times no one need be reminded of. But I'm practically out of stuff now. Just a few sketchbooks I'll send as-is. The sketch cards I did for the plush Fatfats got a ton of inquiry/compliments in messages and emails (as did this big Ellie sketch in the few circles I shared it in.) So things of this nature will be what I do going forward with the drawings, as is getting Claire to help me with them. I actually bought one of her plushies to give away:

  She'll have the winners listed below for these, as well as the mini-Fatfats she's giving away herself from the survey. Thanks everyone :) (And here's the background before anyone asks.) -Chris   Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Okay folks, it's the moment you've been waiting for--giveaway time! The winners of the December Patreon Giveaway are: William H. from Georgia: 11x17 Ellie Sketch Tim R. from Colorado: Fullsize Fatfat Plush + Juniper Sketch Card And for those who filled out the web design survey, THANK YOU! The winners of the two mini Fatfat plushies are: HB C. James - you didn't leave your last name, so to avoid any confusion, this is the James who suggested "Rap Battles" as a new feature on the site :D  Congratulations to all of the winners, and we'll be in touch shortly via email! - Claire UPDATE 12/21/18: Chris is working on something special for the next update, so keep your eyes peeled for that--it will be up before Christmas!  - Claire

57 thoughts on “It’s a Psychobilly Freakout! -Pt1

    1. Oh yeah. We always get concerned when there are long unexplained absences. Though this time we had explanations which totally helped.

  1. Is it time that Summer is finally over? Will Tarragon hustle in Winter?
    Be the first to find out next time on, SHOTGUN SHUFFLE

    Same place in the shuffled deck,
    Same time in the Twilight Zone.

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      1. True, but maybe the gentle reminder. Or maybe…

        Mr. Fatty McFatfat made real.
        Or perhaps,

        You don’t think…

        NEW READERS?


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  3. All I hear that last panel is “Justice, Rains from Above!!” – (Pharahs ULT line from Overwatch for those of you non-players of said game.)
    Like to see how Summer escapes this if she does.

    1. All I hear is “Whaddya MEAN I’m not covered? Some idiot on a robot panther fired MISSILES AT MY APARTMENT! …acts of BUCKINGHAM?? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN???”

      1. “Sir, when you moved to this state did you not read the fine, fine, Fine print of your renters insurance?”
        “It’s under section 5 of your policy under the ‘We hope you know what you’re getting into’ section on the back page.”
        “You didn’t read the back page, did you sir?”

        1. “The BACK PAGE?? What do you MEAN ‘the back page’?”

          *sounds of paper shuffling shotgun-style in the background*

          “….will not be held liable for acts of Buckingham, which here means any destructive act committed by a member of the Buckingham family in Lakeland, Florida…except where found pursuant to Cinnamon’s Law…

          “…this is illegal. This HAS to be illegal. You cannot declare a family to be an act of God! I’ll see you in COURT, Cut-Rate Rental Insurance, Inc.!”

  4. Take it from someone who had post-op pain (exploded infected appendix) I learned that one of the best painkillers is the combination of asprin and acetaminophen, for some reason they amplify each others’ effect, so if you can tolerate them, once the pain gets more manageable you should try them together. In fact they do make a “migraine” version that has both in the same tablet. Ibuprofen can be your friend, too. Get well!

    1. I remember when my gall bladder was necrotic. It was either that or when my back went out on state property. They gave me a button to administer the morphine myself. Each time I pushed it, I reminded myself to not get used to it, but I enjoyed the feeling.

  5. While I didn’t have a surgery that took out my ability to sit, I did have my gallbladder removed, and I found out during the events leading up to that that hydrocodone and morphine might a well be fairy dust for all the good it did me. I ended up just using acetaminophen for my pain management, and it worked out fine. At least THAT’s not something I’m resistant to.

  6. The artwork is incredible and I am probably going to be in the minority but I find that I Feel Indifferent Regarding Stories Tarragon figures prominently in. Not sure why but I consider her the least interesting sister.

    1. I was going to defend Tarra here despite not liking her, but she really isn’t all that fun compared to her sisters so far. She may have a flair for cinema fight scenes but she’s got little else to offer other than her obnoxious attitude. At least it looks like that is going to change in this arc, even if it’s shaping up to take her ‘interesting’ traits into a decidedly negative direction and will probably be building her into an antagonist. It could be interesting to see how low she can go when she feels like her place on the pedestal is threatened.

  7. Huh. I wonder what Summer’s power is. Maybe we’re about to find out. She’s called “The Serious” and I wonder what that means, as so far all the names given to the 52’s have at least some small connection to what they’re capable of. Although that connection can definitely be vague. Nena is The Doomsayer and can predict how long someone has to live. That connection is obvious. Mandalay being The Brick sort of alludes to his super strength, but it’s not exactly on the nose.

    In order for this fight to be suitably badass, Summer has got to have a power that lets her contend (at least a little) with Tarra somehow. A power that lets her avoid or not be hurt by a barrage of missiles. Then again this comic is unpredictable, Summer might just get shitcanned without a struggle. Still, my shot in the dark guess based on her title and the dramatic situation: I think Summer has the power to succeed (or at least perform super humanly well) in any physical act she puts all of her will and/or emotion into. That is, an act she is taking intensely serious. Such as taking a shot with a gun, her accuracy is super human. I predict she will display super human agility in avoiding the missiles, but her power is conditional and not always ‘on’. If her will falters or she’s caught unaware, she’s just a normal frail human. Pure speculation. Anyone else have guesses?

    1. Pure speculation, but here I go – Summer is going to get off at least one more shot. Maybe she shoots one of the incoming rockets and the resultant explosion takes out the other five. She also takes Zenobia out of the fight possibly by shooting one of the unlaunched rockets (looks like Z’s capacity is greater than the 6 she’s already fired). Since Take a Bullet Bot is now out of the equation, Summer manages to injure Tarra. Slowed down by the injury whether it be gunshot or proximity to the Zenobiasplosion, Tarra is forced to resort to Tarraforming to kill or further maim her, pushing Tarra further down the road to evilness and double mastectomy.

  8. The woman is literally firing missiles at what I can guess is an occupied apartment building.

    The phrase “collateral damage” apparently does not exist in Tarra’s head.

    But Juniper is WORSE THAN THIS??

    …is…is she EATING her babies?

  9. Good to hear that things went well, hopefully the recovery goes ok. I have to ask, what was the point of locking down the apartment if she was just going to punch a whole through it. Also, I like the ridiculously long barrel on that sniper rifle.

  10. I would point out that missiles are overkill, but this is Tarra we’re talking about…
    Also hope you recover from that surgery soon.

  11. Grateful the author’s OK, also grateful he chose to not let us think “Maybe he died, or something” and instead gave us an update. :)

  12. WOO!! Rap Battles!! I would be down for participating if you ever open that beast up.
    We hope you’re feeling better soon! Take your time getting healthy, we love your comic and the story and the characters and everything, and thank you for bringing us this joy, but you come first. get healthy!! Thank you for everything you do!

  13. I am sure the dozens of pedestrians maimed and potentially killed by first the razor sharp glass raining down on them from on high, followed by the blast damage etc will all be saying how “Super Doopee” it was. Arrogant blonde needs taking down a peg or 50 hopefully with a full auto 50 calibre from Summer. More I see of Tarragon the more I dislike the character.

      1. Maybe the descriptions are getting a little out of date. I think we have some clues as to what’s going on with Pumpkin, for example….

  14. Update 12/21/18: Chris is working on something special for the next update. Youse guys will like it. Look for it sometime before Christmas!

      1. Sure, why not?
        A Christmas Carol (the version with Alistair Sim as Scrooge), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the original Chuck Jones version), Home Alone
        I still have a (half-rotten) soft spot in my heart for the Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer Rankin Bass special. Soooo cheesy but also still a crack-up about the dentist and the prospector, and how much it looks to modern eyes like a twink and a bear (and a bigger bear)..

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