It’s a Psychobilly Freakout! -Pt10

Yeah, I see you commenting... Also spoilers, the comic you just read may need a slight content warning. You've been warned. See you Friday.

72 thoughts on “It’s a Psychobilly Freakout! -Pt10

    1. You say “WUBBLE” and I say “WHERE?”…as in where did her nipples go?

      Between what wasn’t covered in front, and what wasn’t covered on the side, there should have been one at least partially in view.

      Did the hack that inflated her to ridiculous volume also misplaced her nipples. If so, she should really sue. Or at least tattoo some on. She does have that power.

      Actually, considering what she does for a living, she is remarkably ink-free.

      1. Actually, considering what she does for a living, she is remarkably ink-free.

        In an earlier comic, we found out that whenever she can’t find a piece of note paper (which is ALWAYS) she just tattoos herself with the note. So she should be covered in phone numbers, grocery lists, etc.

        Now, some people would say this is a continuity error. But given the other stuff in the comic, I think her blood or something just eats the ink leaving her skin clear. Why shouldn’t she keep putting notes on her skin? They just fade away!

        Alternate theory: it used to be popular in some places to get tattoos in invisible ink, but which glow under ultraviolet light. So you could be a very normal-looking person during the day, and then go to a rave and have wild glowing tattoos. Maybe she has a bunch of old invisible ink and has been using that for most of her self-inks. And then to see her shopping list she has to find a rave and go to it.

        1. I’d been thinking Tarra’s Christmas present might’ve been something to clear her tattoos.

  1. Seeing Anise like that, and knowing that she picked upgrades over art school, I’m reminded of the old knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: She chose [her cups] wisely…

    1. The Good Samaritans who also are part of one of Tarra’s various groups (as they were at Love-con too)

      I keep forgetting this is like literally the next day (maybe a couple days, but still definitely within the same week) because of how much happens (backstory, date night/morning, apartment issues, giant fight, MORE giant fight, etc)

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    Seriously, I’ve had a lot of fun reading this arc. I seem to be immune to the nastiest strains, so I find “cough-and-cold” season really annoying.. I remind myself of the last time I was really sick, and admonish myself to have patience.. wishing you the best on your recovery and VITAMIN C! VITAMIN C! VITAMIN C!

    And lots of electrolytes and B-vitamins.

  4. Alas, late content warning was late. I may be traumatized here. Scarred, I tell.

    I need someone to hold me.

    Against their “wubbles.”

      1. I kinda noticed it, too, when I glanced at the .com portion of the name and the dot is not regular shaped.

        Then again, this comic has taught me to look for that kind of thing.

    1. First you wubble, then you wubble. It’s a complete wubble wubble new modality!

      …just hope there are no boxing gloves involved.

  5. I admit, I’m wondering what exactly he sees in that room that prompted the “weird stuff” comment. I kind of expected… maybe a full size refrigerator in her bedroom, or (arguably pain in the butt to render) mostly black movie or band posters or something in the room that would prompt that (a Santa suit for him to wear?). It looks like a pretty normal room, unless that window has a bunch of spectators with video cameras outside it.

        1. Maybe she asked him to drink her blood, and he’s like, “Ew.” So now he’s on the ceiling to stay away from her.

      1. Except – he’s casting a shadow on the ceiling, so he’s not exactly out of the light.

        Unless the light is coming from her wibbly bits.

    1. I figured it was the open shades and direct sunlight streaming in that he was trying to get out of.

      I mean, he does burn easily, right?

  6. Nah, no content warning needed, because when Anise had her boob job she also got a nipple-ectomy.

    And it’s the showing of those arbitrary spots that requires the content warning, right? With no nipples it’s rated G and just considered really a lot of cleavage.

    I wonder if that’s part of what shocked them at the mall.

      1. Between all three angles, I’m pretty sure Rusche just decided not to draw them.

        Really I just find the dividing line as to what’s “naughty” or not regarding boobs to be ridiculous and kinda’ entertaining because of it.

  7. Will we be seeing any more of The Dumbest Guy We Could Find? He looks like he could be fun. Set him up with Loose Cannon! :D

        1. To be fair, Loose Cannon does give birth in litters after the glowing chemicals she drank last week, so that’s a lot fewer pregnancies than you’d expect.

          Also I like that the dumbest guy they could find has his glasses on the back of his head and is squinting. I didn’t notice that on my first pass.

  8. Is he a vampire, or a dark elf?

    I mean, they share a lot of the same properties (they hate sunlight, bright lights hurt their eyes, etc). The ears more or less make me think elf, though.

  9. Glad I didn’t check this at work. Quality as fantastic as always… but holy crap, glad I didn’t check this at work.

    Not sure if Anise is resting her hands or covering up nothing in that last wide panel.

    1. One of the match 3 games I play has pillows that jiggle in baskets. Since Tuesday, they make Wubble Wubble sounds in my head.

    1. Sister X said Anise did it because Anise thought it would be funny. Nothing to do with revenge, really. But who knows how the timeline has changed so far?

    1. I don’t remember if I noticed on my own or noticed someone else’s comments back at LoveCon.

      I think I would’ve noticed when she called Mike, since the “call Mike” was one of the old jokes from her hand tattoos when they first were shown, but I don’t remember specifically.

  10. How many other people went straight to the Patreon to see if there was a less obscured patron’-only version?
    …just me?

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