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It’s a Psychobilly Freakout! -Pt3

Shouldn't show your cards, Tarragon. Next comic just needs to be colored. Up Tuesday. :) I also want to thank everyone religiously voting for us on Top Webcomics. I'm really undeserving of this, and super humbled by it. Absolutely appreciate it, guys, thank you.

55 thoughts on “It’s a Psychobilly Freakout! -Pt3

    1. Yeah, she has gone from the prodigal child to Bitchface McGee.

      The only person who could rein her in at this point is Ginger, considering she scared her and Ginger apart when they merged.

      Also am I the only one wondering what is going to happen when the organization realizes that Tarragon and Ellie are sisters?

        1. Thank you, but the awarding of firsts has not been met in a while. And since there is a motion on the floor from the previous strip, any ok, I’m lost. There was a first time?

      1. Pretty sure they’ve known since she moved in with Quinn. They have her entire family’s photos mapped out in Terms and Conditions part 6, they just didn’t connect the dots between Tarra and “teen superhero” until someone looked past the boobs.

    2. “I’m already super bored and have a date suffocating back at my apartment. Why am I even wasting time monologuing? I should just kill you now.”

  1. Is she actually monologueing like a silver age super villain? Doesn’t she know what happens every time you monologue in a fight?

      1. Syndrome was going to hold a conference on the Importance of Keeping it Short and Sweet – Don’t Monologue, but then he mysteriously disappeared around the same times a house was destroyed in the suburbs.

        1. I heard through the supervillain grapevine a baby was involved somehow? I think Doctor Trepidation had been working without a fume hood again that day.

  2. Yeah, what’s a leg between people? You know, if Tarragon can do all of these things she could grow Summer a new leg or give her a cybernetic one. Just look at Water Bottle Head Mech Ninja! Unfortunately, Tarragon don’t care! While I’m still thinking ab about it, I call FIRST!

        1. Thank you, but the awarding of firsts has not been met in a while. And since there is a motion on the floor from the previous strip, any and all acknowledgement of new business in any shape and form is instantly tabled.

          Besides, it was agreed upon ages ago, pretty Black Friday i think that an individual can no call firsts for themselves.

        2. No. That’s an outdated concept that doesn’t fit withing the framework of the style on the comic. But then, since almost everyone laughs at me, who cares. I’m just going to try and get a “Spaceballs” thread going on here.

          Hell, no one even seconded the motion to grant rights to second to anyone who even suggests BACON on here.

        1. I’d watch that if it was on youtube.

          But the fun part would be seeing someone who could and does pull off a Summer cosplay. I think that there are white contact lenses.

    1. Given the demonstrated narcissism, haughty attitude, manipulative behavior, robot servants, genius intellect, collection of former suitor parts, among other thing; I am pretty sure she IS the super villain…

  3. Even with the colored word balloons (that I had trouble differentiating) I found the dialog a little hard to Follow. It Really Seemed To me at first that psychobilly was the one saying Tarra was petty and Tarra was the one threatening to end her problems. It made a lot more sense once I figured it out.

  4. Crud, Chris actually finished a page on time. I was planning on this being buried on the old comment section, so apologies for being off topic, but I need to vent. Anyway…

    Razza frazzin’ useless, worthless, stupid bunch of hidebound, narrow-minded, tunnel-visioned lemmings. I swear that pack of card draw addicted ninnies wouldn’t know strategic innovation if it shoved a foot and a half of bladed steel into their bellies and bashed them over the head with a spiked iron club. And getting an original though into thought into their thick skulls is harder than it would be to pull out their eye teeth with nothing but a pair of tweezers and elbow grease.

    At this rate it feels like I could win Worlds and they’d still write it off as a fluke.Getting my accomplishments dismissed, getting my play style criticized… I almost prefer getting the knife pulled on me, at least in hindsight that makes it seem like he took my opinions seriously.


      1. The tournament itself was fine. The problem is that now that I finally have some documented evidence of my prowess all I’m getting is grief that no one could possibly attain any success playing the game the way I play. After all everyone has always do x, therefore people with tournament wins have done x, therefore no consideration should be given to any alternative methods of play.

        1. So, wait…you WON, but not by the usual methods, so everyone’s giving you grief over not winning right?

          I’d say it’s time to put down a few big bets on yourself and retire young because everyone out there has a mental candlepower in the crustacean range, as Dave Barry once put it.

        2. Well, no I didn’t win, but I did place 9th out of 39 and considering that my only losses were against the gentlemen who end up placing 2nd and 3rd I think I made a respectable showing for myself.

          Also, using crustacean as an insult in this context is problematic since I play the Crab Clan.

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  6. Oh so this is the idea of what a “heroine” really is. A self absorbed, stuck up brat who thinks she is above everyone else, accuses a guy of trying to be a sex pest because she couldn’t remember agreeing to something, and now this. Blow a bit off her, see how she thinks its funny. Sorry but I seriously cannot find anything what so ever to like about Tarragon and haven’t from the start. Oooh look how perfect I am you lesser mortals. Urgh!

    1. Aw, cheer up, Tobyjug. Remember Sister X. That’s her comeuppance coming up.

      Besides, Tarra’s not completely to blame here. You take a kid who’s a hard-charging type A in your standard high school and it’s easy for them to get an overinflated sense of their own brilliance. Would have probably happened to me except for this class I took in eighth grade with a bunch of other smart kids.

      Big fish in a small pond is a real thing, yo.

      1. Agreed. This arc is shaping up to be Tarra’s fall from grace. She’s off her groove, and chances are it’s just going to get worse and my money remains on there being a real ugly fight between sisters at Pumpkin’s birthday party that ends with her being exposed and disgraced, leading her to her Start of Darkness because she can’t accept being anything but the Top Dog of the family. Think Bakugo’s meltdown in My Hero Academia, expect less sympathetic.

  7. Okay, I just realized that Summer’s leg bears a remarkable resemblance to Vader’s at the end of Gump Wars.

    So did Tarra abandon Summer at the edge of a river of lava and this is their meeting up on the Death Star moment?

    Strike Tarra down and she’ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine and all that.

  8. does that look like a bitch slap walk to anyone else? I feel like a bitch slap is coming. possibly with the butt of the sniper rifle.

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