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It’s a Psychobilly Freakout! -Pt4

So yeah, Summer is the anti-Tarragon of the comic. Like Cinnamon is the anti-Ellie. If any other anti-sisters appear in the comic, I guess their hair will have to be black at this point. Summer's here to make Tarra pay for her sins. And also prey on them. Tarragon's deadly sin was always intended to be envy, not pride, and Summer will exploit that. I plotted out the rest of this vignette, and it may be around 8-10 more comics. I have to pace myself with some of them, since they're grandiose concepts with ridiculous detail. There are certain points I have to hit in this episode since it will be crucial to the next arc, and it won't work at a later date. When I first started the comic I planned out some of the events not just based on story, but the idea my art would improve past the first 100 strips. So when I get to the 'FLCL Alchemist: Sisterhood' part where a giant gun is on a roof, I can go "Yup this is doable now." And it was. Took two solid days to do that one panel, but I'm super happy with it. I have no problem telling you how much I toil trying to get the comic to look as pro as I can. Versus, you know...all those 'Did a quick sketch' artists on Facebook and Twitter. Post some masterpiece, then say they did it during their morning sit on the toilet... Yeah, ok... - Chris

Hey all, Claire here! This story* isn't related to the comic--but it might give you some insight into the occasionally off-the-wall sense of humor you find here at SS. Chris and I were chatting online with some friends recently, sharing silly photos and other things**. On this night, the rest of us were discussing the merits of fighting 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck*** in a death match. Meanwhile, Chris was secretly struggling with one of those "tip of your tongue" moments about a music video he'd seen years ago. He scoured and eventually struck gold. He sent the video link to me in a private message--with absolutely no context. * only slightly embellished, I promise. ** Chris often makes absolutely hilarious sketches and memes during these chats. This comes into play later, so stay with me to the end, folks. *** or something equally ridiculous. My memories are foggy, because I spent a good part of that night consumed by fits of laughter. I'm a total sap, so Chris sometimes sends me music videos for songs he knows I will enjoy. So when I got his link, I automatically clicked it--just like he knew I would. But this video wasn't like the others. No, this...this was entirely unexpected, amazing, and hilarious. When I was done watching (and choking back tears/uncontrollable giggles), I told him that we had to show it our friends. So Chris did the same thing to them, randomly dropping the link in our group chat. They didn't know what they were in for. You've already gotten 1000% more context than anyone else we've shown it to, so before I continue any further, it's very important that you watch this RIGHT NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X9tBHX_Fl4 Now, if you're anything like our friends, you may have reacted to this fascinating example of poetry in motion with: 1. Side-splitting, pants-peeing laughter. 2. An uncontrollable urge to watch it again. (I totally don't have it pinned it to my bookmarks bar.) Feel free to indulge in the replay button. Personally, I don't understand how Life at the Outpost has only 248,000 views, while cringey and unoriginal compilations can rack up millions in a few days. It's a travesty. This video is pure comedy gold, and the song has got a great hook, too. So I've made it my mission to bring the Skatt Brothers to the masses. Since then, I've sprung it on countless unsuspecting friends, family members, and strangers. I even managed to have it played live for thousands of viewers on my favorite streamer's channel. PaymoneyWubby streams games and casual hangouts on his Twitch channel, and he's made several viral YouTube videos recently. I like his irreverent, silly, and sometimes vulgar sense of humor, and I thought this video would be perfect for his stream and fans. You can watch their hilarious reactions below (contains some "not safe for work" language): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVqIibsB8Kc Afterwards, I received dozens of messages from his fans who wanted the link so they could share it, too. I'm so glad that Chris found this video and sent it to me. Life at the Outpost is already legendary among our friends, and now we're doing our part to share it with you and the rest of the world. Oh, and remember how I mentioned that Chris likes to make sketches and memes sometimes? Well, he thought you guys might like this: She's gonna love you hard as she can Now go forth and spread the masculine charm, people! - Claire

86 thoughts on “It’s a Psychobilly Freakout! -Pt4

    1. I wouldn’t. The complimentary magazine subscription, “Mister Kingdom’s Holy Armory and Ammunition Dump” is the size of a city block. I used my free issue for a tent for years until it burned down for reasons still unexplained.

      1. To subscribe you have to say:

        Mister Kingdom, help me please …

        And if you can complete that sentence on your own, you win a free GOD like weapon.

        1. The Pennsylvanian period? I don’t recall that one at all. I remember they went to Washington DC for a bit.

  1. Quick draw, indeed.

    I think… are those guys Australian? Because that’s the only explanation I have for that. OK, I can come up with another, but I’m not into dudes.

    1. Yes, and no! The band was actually from Los Angeles, and was supposed to compete with the Village People–except they actually played their own instruments, etc. The Australian branch of their record label really wanted a video for this song, but couldn’t ever get the band’s reps to respond to them. So the label financed this video themselves, hiring Aussie actors that somewhat resemble the original members to lip-sync and dance for the video. It became a top 10 hit in Australia, but nowhere else. I was kind of stunned to learn it wasn’t the actual band, they put on a convincing performance.

      1. To be fair, the reason it probably doesn’t have a billion likes is that while it’s very entertaining to myself, all my YOUNGER friends (which like 70% are DJ’s) were all “Meh, not great” when I showed them. It might be a generation thing, or a jaded thing.

        They also don’t like Electric Six (Danger! High Voltage) and Gogol Bordello (Start Wearing Purple), so already I knew they had bad taste or just hate unique music.

        1. No no, first the sardines, THEN the entire hog. For him. Then right back to bed. No gluttony there! :D

  2. That’s REEEEEAL impressive.

    Now walk on over to the other building’s rooftop and pull the trigger. Don’t worry, I’m sure the Terragon will wait.

  3. Ellie has some poor trigger control. Outside of that great comic as usual. One question, what city does tarragon live in because that city is huge.

    1. You know, it’s funny you mention that.

      A friend of mine does acting, and he was recently in an Old West themed thing. He posted a picture to his IG of him and two other guys on set posing, and I commented that he needed to get his booger picker off the bang lever.

      According to him, they were told to put their fingers on their triggers, as it was period-appropriate. For one (said the guy on set), trigger discipline didn’t develop until much later, (maybe around WW1, I think).

      Alternately, as I thought about it more, revolvers can have a much heavier trigger pull than a semi-automatic, especially if the hammer on the revolver is still forward. (And since I was talking about my friend’s photo shoot, I’m thinking more of the Colt 45 Cavalry style rather than something like a modern Taurus.)

      In Ellie’s case, above, the hammers are clearly forward, requiring a much heavier trigger pull. Now, she does need to move her left index finger so the trigger isn’t in the joint but instead on the pad of her finger, (her right index finger looks less like the trigger is in the joint), but beyond that, I think she’s mostly okay.

      1. Well, I’m not sure, but weren’t most of those revolvers double action, single shot weapons? Meaning that the hammers had to be cocked into a ready to fire position and then the trigger releases the hammer, thus firing the weapon?

        1. Single action. Double action means you can pull the trigger and the hammer would follow. A single action one require the opperator the pull back the hammer each time to fire the weapon. Anyway, while it was accurate for the old west, Ellie is not XD. Her outfit shows off more skin then period underwear or what the saloon can can girl would wear and would give her a terrible sun burn in just a few hours. Also, her guns are way too modern looking. Guessing it modeled off a Smith and Wesson .357. Besides she her daddy is a cop so he should of taught her better. Criticism aside it a cool pin-up and hope the whole spice rack gets a sexy, armed pin up soon XD.

        2. Probably just reversing object. Single vs double action is the number of actions the trigger pull does (either pulling the hammer back and dropping it, or just dropping it). If you were instead thinking it was named for the number of actions required by the operator to perform then it would’ve been reversed.

      2. >trigger discipline didn’t develop until much later, (maybe around WW1, I think).

        “Trigger discipline” wasn’t a thing till way after World War II.

  4. Here’s an original first challenge.

    To get first, for the next 30 consecutive days starting January 21st, 2019 through to midnight of February 20th, 2019. Get the largest cities newspaper for your state or the USA Today on 1/19/2019.

    To get first for the period mentioned, irregardless of people posting a minimum of ten words with a first relating to content in the current posting of SHOTGUN SHUFFLE. For example, “Wow, this is the first time anyone’s mentioned Mr. Kingdom or his weapons.”

    Ok. Get the paper, get a camera, put the camera on the front page of the paper. Point out the following 5 items:
    1. The date
    2. The name of the paper
    3&4. Point out two separate headlines on the front page
    5. Point out the weather. If there is no weather on the front page point to the smallest picture on the front page.

    While pointing out these five things, you must meet the following criteria:
    Video these 5 points, with a clear and distinct pronunciation of “BROBDINGNAGIAN” with each item pointed out and within 20 seconds start to finish. This is on the honor system, you can practice all you want until 5 p.m. EST. But between 5 and 5:15 p.m. those attempting to obtain this, must only do one take, upload or livestream that take on YouTube and then post that link over here as a child thread to this post by 5:30 p.m. 1/19/19. The posting with the most likes by midnight 1/20/2019 wins. But if there is one mispronounced “BROBDINGNAGIAN“, then the attempt is disqualified.

    1. I tried to pronounce it phonetically and broke my jaw while causing some slight brain damage.

      Yeah, when your brain is as small as mine, slight is the most damage you can cause to it.

      1. Nah, 72″/6′ is actually bigger than it is. You can compare Summer fairly easy to the barrel diameter. She appeared tall for a woman in previous comics, so probably 5’9″+ but I’ll round to 6′ for convenience. While angle makes diameter a bit shaky, it’s roughly the height from her head to her knee so maybe subtract ~18″, so ~4’6″/54″ diameter (or maybe 48″-56″ if adding a fudge factor).

  5. While that is wildly impressive, unless Tarra went to the Prometheus School of Running Away From Things, she just kinda has to take a few steps to either side and she’s good.

    She could also flip or cartwheel or some other equally gymnastically impressive movement to one side or the other. I’m not picky.

  6. “You’re on the Morning Zoo With Tammy and the Muskrat! Go ahead!”

    “So I was driving to work down Main and all of a sudden there’s a TAURUS REVOLVER THE SIZE OF A CITY BUS FLOATING ABOVE ONE OF THE BUILDINGS ON MY WAY THERE!”

    “Whoa-ho, buddy, are you sure you should have been driving?”

    “Yeah, sounds like maybe you should have called in sick today!”

    *whahp-whaaaaaa sound effect*

    “I’m SERIOUS! There’s a gigantic revolver floating above town and it’s pointed at the roof of one of the buildings! Alert the army! SOMEBODY!”

    “Yeah, okay, pal. Maybe just go home and sleep off your apparent Monday night bender.”

    1. The next five callers are all asking where to buy a floating revolver the size of a bus the previous caller reported.

  7. It’s hot floating, as you can see the heel of the hand grip is clearly damaging the building roof. Now The next thing is the building owner calling her insurance company to report the damage to the roof, and getting a “that’s not a covered loss” response, que in a scene of the building owner asking summer to summon the revolver pointing at her insurance agent.

  8. I am grateful for that tagline included because otherwise I never would have noticed Tarra’s sad excuse for a “Ion God Cann-“.

  9. Now see, Summer, as impressive as that is, why didn’t you lead with this ace in the first place? Why did you fool around with the sniper approach when you had this?
    Actually, I wouldn’t lead with an ace either, but these stakes are a wee bit higher than a pinochle kitty.

    1. I know a lot of people who are “dead” who aren’t really dead. They are like “dead to the world” but still alive as far as breathing goes.

      So either he’s dead and he gave her access before he kicked it, or he is pretending to be dead, or he knew a great necromancer.

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      1. Mundane dating convention? Only the part up to one woman to umpteen men, it got a wee bit less mundane when the sexy female assassin teams showed up. They never bothered putting on their “Hi, My Name is…………………” nametags, even.

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